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Getting Started with WorkflowFirst
In this introductory video we'll go through the basics of creating a new application and adding a workflow.
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WorkflowFirst: Create an Expense Claims App in 2 Minutes
See how we use WorkflowFirst to create a fully functional expense claims manager, with multi-level approval, in under 2 minutes. WorkflowFirst automates company workflow in record time. Download it for free and try it out today from http://www.workflowfirst.com.
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WorkflowFirst: Workflow Options
In the third part of the video we go over the different workflow options available when creating workflow
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Create a Help Desk App with WorkflowFirst, in 2 Minutes
In this video we create a Help Desk application in just a couple of minutes using WorkflowFirst. Imagine what you could create in a day! Try the free version at http://www.workflowfirst.com.
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Sharing Excel & Adding Workflow Using dbFramework
Here we connect together two Excel spreadsheets and a web application in real-time, all over a network using dbFramework. We also add approval workflow and email alerts to our spreadsheets. Try out dbFramework yourself at http://dbframework.com .
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QR Workflow: Bridging Workflow and the World Around Us, With QR Codes and NFC
This video demonstrates the new QR Workflow features of WorkflowFirst, that let you use QR Codes and NFC tags on walls, machines, documents - any kind of object, to enter forms and start workflow from your phone - precisely when and where you need it. Go to http://workflowfirst.com to learn more.
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WorkflowFirst: Editing Fields
In this video we go into editing some of the more useful features of a field definition that's used in workflow.
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WorkflowFirst: Creating Linked Dropdowns
Here we create a three-level deep hierarchy of categories using www.workflowfirst.com, and show how easily we can add three fields that link to each level of that hierarchy in a form.
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WorkflowFirst: Vacation Request Workflow Tutorial
See how easy it is to create workflow databases using WorkflowFirst, free for small teams. Here we create a simple leave request workflow, with management approval. Learn more at http://workflowfirst.com!
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AssetChief - Facility Management: For Security, Reliability & Customizability
AssetChief is a cutting edge, fully customizable asset and facility management system that focuses on enhancing the reliability and security of your organization. For more information, and a free trial, visit us at http://assetchief.com. Security: Visitor Management: 0:38 Security Camera Integration: 1:18 Tracking Beacons: 1:56 Guard Tours (With Checklists): 2:25 Cyber Threats: 3:03 Policies & Procedures: 3:45 Shared Assets: 4:14 Asset Registry: 4:45 Incident Reporting: 5:25 Risk Reporting: 5:48 Reliability: Service Requests: 6:46 Work Orders: 7:10 Workflow / Dashboard: 7:41 Floor Plans: 8:12 Instrumentation: 8:41 Inspection Tours: 9:10 Preventive/Scheduled Maintenance: 9:40 Project Planning: 10:09 Time & Attendance: 10:37 Mobile Access: 10:57
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WorkflowFirst: Form Layout Customization Part 2
In the second video on form layout customization we cover size constraints on fields, masking, calculated fields, hide if unset, admin-only fields, enabled conditions, format codes and conditional coloring on fields.
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WorkflowFirst: Creating a Script Library
In this video we'll show you how to create a DbfScript function library that you can use from any action, event or workflow script.
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WorkflowFirst: Setting Up Back Links In Your Application
Backlinks let you easily create a list under a record that shows all the places throughout the application that link to that record. In this video we'll show you how to set this up for yourself.
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WorkflowFirst: Create Forms and Approval Workflow
Use WorkflowFirst to create forms, send those forms for approval, and store the forms in a database that can easily be searched and integrated into Excel. See how simple it is to create a new form and approval route. Visit http://workflowfirst.com to download or sign up.
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MongoRAD: Create Workflow Apps with MongoDB
Use MongoRAD to build workflow apps without any programming, running on the power and scalability of MongoDB. Download a free copy today from http://www.mongorad.com.
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WorkflowFirst: Purchase Requisition Workflow
In this demo we'll install the Purchase Request sample form and then add some simple approval workflow. Try it yourself at http://workflowfirst.com.
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WorkflowFirst: Adding a Dropdown to Existing Workflow
In this video we'll show you how to add a simple dropdown field to an existing workflow.
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Onboarding Workflow with WorkflowFirst
See how we create and customize an employee onboarding workflow in just a few minutes using Workflowfirst. To learn more and try it yourself, visit http://workflowfirst.com.
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WorkflowFirst: Editing Workflow, Adding Fields, Conditional Stages
Continuing on in the tutorial series, in this video we show you how to edit existing workflow, add fields to a form at a particular stage in the workflow, and also how to add conditional stages to workflow.
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Leave Request Workflow with WorkflowFirst
In this video we look at the Leave Request sample form, which can be used as a starting point for implementing vacation request approvals. To learn more or try it out yourself, visit http://workflowfirst.com.
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Change Request form and workflow with WorkflowFirst
In this video we try out the sample Change Request form for product management workflow. We also add a tab and dropdown link, and show an example of customizing assignments with script. For more info, visit http://workflowfirst.com.
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WorkflowFirst: Creating Workflow Reports
In this video we go over how easy it is to create reports using WorkflowFirst, with an overview of how the built-in workflow report functions.
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WorkflowFirst: Due Dates and Reminders
Just by adding a Due Date field, WorkflowFirst will give you tons of free features: reports, calendars, emails, and Outlook integration. In this video we'll show you how to set this up.
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Adding Workflow Stages
In the second part of the introductory video, we'll be adding some more stages to our help desk workflow and discussing some of the features of the workflow.
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WorkflowFirst: Creating Quick Reports
Here we go over the basics of creating Quick Reports using WorkflowFirst
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WorkflowFirst: Customizing Your Application Styling
Here we cover changing the colors of your application, adding a logo, changing the font size and width of the application screen, and we cover hiding tabs. We also briefly talk about skining.
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WorkflowFirst: Form Layout Customization Part 1
Here we go over various form layout features, such as setting title fields, adding help tooltips, grouping fields, adding collapsible groups, and the new spanning feature to have ultimate control of the field layout in your forms.
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AssetChief Mobile Inspections Demo
Learn more about how inspections can be used in AssetChief, with an example based on restroom/toilet inspections. AssetChief is an app that provides many reliability and security features for Facility Management. Learn more at http://assetchief.com. Try it yourself: https://goo.gl/lIzigh (toilet inspection) https://goo.gl/vvckmM (guard tour)
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AssetChief: Entering a work order from a smartphone
Here we show an inspector scanning a QR code on a damaged car and entering in a work order, assigning the job to two different engineers, and attaching a photo of the damage.
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WorkflowFirst: Automating Business Workflow
WorkflowFirst automates business workflow. Use the built-in workflows such as timesheets, expense claims, leave (vacation/sick) approval, employee performance review, or project management - or create your own workflow using our intuitive graphical designer.
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WorkflowFirst: List Layout Customization
Here we discuss the features in WorkflowFirst for customizing the layout of lists, including changing the number of columns, adding preview text, changing which fields show in the list, updating the font size, page size, setting up conditional coloring and finally adding filters.
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WorkflowFirst: Adding Calculated Fields to Workflow
Here we demonstrate how to add calculated fields to workflow stages, so that fields on forms can be calculated on the fly.
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