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Little Miss Lover - Jimi Hendrix Experience (Rare)
Recorded 1st October 1967 at Olympic Studios this is an alternate take with a wolfwhistle at the beginning of the track. Watch, rate and comment my other video's.
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Dream - The Jimi Hendrix Experience ( rare)
Recorded 20th December 1967 at Omlypic Studios featuring Mitch Mitchell on vocals. I guess Hendrix used this riff a couple of years later for Ezy Rider.
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Kapriol'! Trailer
Kapriol'! is a Dutch folkband, playing traditional music, songs and dances. Please visit www.kapriol.org
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Spanish Castle Magic - Jimi Hendrix Experience Rare
Recorded 27th October 1967 at Olympic Studios. Please watch, rate and comment my other video's
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Stone Free - Rutger Dijkstra
I've always wanted this backing track! Enjoy this Hendrix classic!
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Voodoo Chile blues - Rutger Dijkstra
A jam on Voodoo Chile, the slow blues version from electric lady land. I use my stratocaster'81 neck/ '84 body on this one. It has texas specials.
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Castles made of sand - Rutger Dijkstra
Another attempt on singin. The voice might be a little to loud but I guess it was good enough to upload.
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Electric Church Music #6- Rutger Dijkstra
An instrumental this time. It should have lyrics but for some reason I couldn't come up with a vocal line. If you feel like singing leave a message and I send you the mp3. The pictures are taken during the National Guitar Awards 2008. Have Fun!
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Straight Ahead/ Freedom stratocaster demo.
Testing my new stratocaster. have fun!
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Message of love - Rutger Dijkstra
My rendition. Watch, rate and comment my other video's too.
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Testing my Hendrix setup
Enjoy! Just a quick demo
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testing my heavy relic stratocaster
This is my new strat. It's a very heavy relic with a 69 style neck. Sorry about the light.
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Voodoo Child - Rutger Dijkstra
Gear: Marshall Reverb V00193, Session Bass-amp Fender '62 Reissue Strat, Digitech Jimi Hendrix Pedal
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Drivin' South - Rutger Dijkstra
Jammin'and also a little trick..
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Wait until tomorrow - Rutger Dijkstra
My version from the Jimi Hendrix album Axis Bold as Love
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Hear my train a comin' - Rutger Dijkstra
My first video with singing. For some reason audio and video aren't matched well together. I used my 12 string on this one.
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Electric Church Music #2 - Rutger Dijkstra
My second rirarutger original. I tried to give you a glimpse of what it would sound during a concert. There will be more songs in the future wich I will put together on a cd. For now, have fun watching!
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Little Wing - Rutger Dijkstra
Little Wing
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Killing floor - Rutger Dijkstra
Another one I like to play...
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Jimi Hendrix Hey Joe intro - Rutger Dijkstra
A rough overview. First played slowly and than at speed with some fuzz. Have fun
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Hey baby Jam - Rutger Dijkstra
Jammin'on Hey Baby, Villa Nova Junction and Castles made of sand. Have fun!
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Foxy Lady - Rutger Dijkstra
Here I come,
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Fire - Rutger Dijkstra
With a little Sunshine of your love like Hendrix sometimes did live.
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Blue Noize Competition Entry - Rutger Dijkstra
My entry to the competition, have fun!
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Purple Haze - Rutger Dijkstra
Jammin' on purple haze, a Jimi Hendrix classic. There's some Hey Baby in the end. Have fun
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Little wing jam - Rutger Dijkstra
A little Stevie, Jimi and Rutger. Some cstles made of snad in the end.
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Jammin' with the Experience- Spanish Castle Magic
All guitars by Rutger Dijkstra. I've edited some footage from the '69 Stockholm concert. have fun!
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born under a bad sign - Rutger Dijkstra
A late night session... Same gear as my other video. Some villa nova junction as well.
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Electric Church Music _ Rutger Dijkstra
Turn up the volume!I proudly present my first track I put together by myself. I play all guitars and bass. The drumtrack are samples. Since I ran out of backingtracks I 've decided to make my own electric church, Jimi Hendrix style, music. So from now on it will be me on public saxophone......
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Jam Changes - Rutger Dijkstra
A jam on Them changes.
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third stone from the sun - Rutger Dijkstra
A jam on third stone from the sun. I've used the JHE pedal with my Jim Dunlop JH1 wah pedal. You can get an argessive sound with this setting!
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Electric Church Music #4 - Rutger Dijkstra
Thanks for waiting. Enjoy
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Hey Joe - Rutger Dijkstra
I had some tuning problems but I guess it's ok.
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Power of Soul - Rutger Dijkstra
A few mistakes but still worth listening I guess...
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spanish castle magic- by Rutger Dijkstra
Another Hendrix tune
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C# blues jam - Rutger Dijkstra
A blues jam on the backingtrack of Bleeding Heart. Have fun
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Machine Gun - Rutger Dijkstra
A jam on the machine gun theme. One of Hendrix best songs.
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Electric Church Music #5- Rutger Dijkstra
Instead of a music video here's some of my gear. The song is a sort of slow blues.
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Improvisation - Rutger Dijkstra
Here's a thing I made up myself. Hope you like it. Peace
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Electric Church Music #3 - Rutger Dijkstra
My third video, a ballad this time. Thanks fot waiting.
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