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Peggy Sue Got Married  - (Buddy Holly cover)
"Peggy Sue Got Married" is a song written and sung by Buddy Holly. It was posthumously released in 1959 as a 45-rpm single with "Crying, Waiting, Hoping". It refers to his song hit "Peggy Sue". It was one of the first sequels of the rock era. Buddy Holly recorded the vocal, accompanying himself on guitar, on December 8, 1958 in apartment 4H of "The Brevoort", Fifth Avenue, Studio musicians recorded backup vocals and instrumentals on June 30, 1959 at Coral Records' Studio A in New York City,
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Brand New Day  -   Bryan Adams (cover)
"Brand New Day" appeared on the last Bryan Adams album 'Get Up'. It was released as a single on September 7, 2015. Bryan Adams has said of the song: "That was the last song written for the record, and it’s about getting motivated, about getting up and do something with yourself. But it’s also about the idea that the grass is always greener on the other side. Or is it? Anyhow, this is my cover version...Hope you like it !
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Pipeline    -    (Ventures) cover
Hi everyone, as my XP computer is getting rather old and my recording software wont run on the newer systems, I've been trying to get used to something else. In this case Mixcraft 7. Originally recorded by The Chantays in 1962,this tune was covered by many artists including the Ventures which this cover is based on. Thanks for listening !
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Shadows Medley
Here is my version of a medley which appeared on The Shadows album 'Reflection', which was released in 1990. Hope you like it !
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I Dreamed There Was No War  -  ( Eagles Cover )
This track was a tribute to the armed forces serving in Afghanistan. This track appears on the Eagles album "Long Road out of Eden"which was released in 2007.. This became the band's sixth No1 album and was the highest selling album of the year. It has since sold 3.5 million copies in the U.S. alone. . THANKS FOR LISTENING !
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The Quartermaster's Store   -   ( Shadows cover )
This track was released in 1969 and appeared on the Shadow's album 'Somethin' Else'. Hope you like it.....Thanks for listening !
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Take It Easy - The Eagles  ( Glenn Frey tribute )
Glenn Lewis Frey 99 November 6, 1948 – January 18, 2016) was an American singer, songwriter, producer and actor, best known as a founding member of rock band the Eagles. During the 1970s, Frey played guitar with the band, as well as piano and keyboards. Alongside Don Henley, Frey was one of the primary singers of the Eagles; he sang lead vocals on songs such as "Take It Easy", "Peaceful Easy Feeling", "Tequila Sunrise", "Already Gone", "Lyin' Eyes", "New Kid in Town" and "Heartache Tonight". As a member of the Eagles, Frey won six Grammy Awards, and five American Music Awards. The Eagles were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998, the first year they were nominated. Consolidating his solo recordings and those with the Eagles, Frey released 24 Top 40 singles on the Billboard Hot 100. This is my personal tribute....thanks for listening !
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'57 Chevrolet  -  (Billie Jo Spears Cover )
Here is my cover of Billie Jo Spears " 57 Chevrolet, Thanks for listening !!
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Gentle On My Mind  -  ( Glen Campbell cover )
This track was recorded using my new kit built Telecaster through a Pod XT live. "Gentle on My Mind" is a song written by John Hartford, which won two 1968 Grammy Awards.Glen Campbell's version has received over 5 million plays on the radio. Campbell used "Gentle on My Mind" as the theme to his television variety show, The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour between 1969 and 1972.
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Take it Easy - Eagles cover
This is my cover version of The Eagles classic "Take It Easy".Hope you like it. If you do please subscribe to my channel and click on the share button. I welcome your comments....Cheers !
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A Whiter Shade Of Pale  -  ( Procol Harum cover )
"A Whiter Shade of Pale" is the debut song by the British rock band Procol Harum, released 12 May 1967. The single reached number one in the UK Singles Chart on 8 June 1967, and stayed there for six weeks. Without much promotion, it reached No. 5 on the US charts, as well. One of the anthems of the 1967 Summer of Love, it is one of fewer than 30 singles to have sold over 10 million copies worldwide.
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City of New Orleans  -  (Willie Nelson cover)
"City of New Orleans" is a folk song written by Steve Goodman (and first recorded for Goodman's self-titled 1971 album), describing a train ride from Chicago to New Orleans via the Illinois Central Railroad in bittersweet and nostalgic terms. Goodman got the idea while traveling on the eponymous train for a visit to his wife's family. The song has also been covered by Willie Nelson, John Denver, Johnny Cash, Judy Collins, Jerry Reed, Chet Atkins, Hank Snow, and others.
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Rave On  -  Buddy Holly cover
"Rave On" is a 1958 song written by Sonny West, Bill Tilghman and Norman Petty, first recorded by Sonny West (released February 1958. It was also recorded by Buddy Holly, and was one of his last hits during his lifetime. The song as sung by Holly is ranked #155 on Rolling Stone magazine's 2004 list of the "500 Greatest Songs of All Time. The song is based on the 1956 Sun Records recording "Dixie Fried" by Carl Perkins and uses the refrain "rave on" from that song.
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Ring of Fire  -  ( Johnny Cash cover )
Ring of Fire is a country music song popularized by Johnny Cash and co-written by June Carter Cash (wife of Johnny Cash) and Merle Kilgore. The single appears on Cash's 1963 album, Ring of Fire: The Best of Johnny Cash. The song was originally recorded by June's sister, Anita Carter, on her Mercury Records album Folk Songs Old and New (1963) as "(Love's) Ring of Fire". The song was recorded on March 25, 1963, and became the biggest hit of Johnny Cash's career, staying at number one on the charts for seven weeks. It was certified Gold on January 21, 2010 by the R.I.A.A. and has also sold over 1.2 million digital downloads
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Have You Ever Seen The Rain (CCR Cover)
Hi, this is my cover version of "Have You Ever Seen The Rain" by CCR. Hope you like it !
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Apache -  The Shadows  ( cover )
The Shadows classic played on Harley Benton ST-59 HM Tribute model. Guitar is original except for P/Ups replaced with a set of Tonerider Pure Vintage. Thanks for listening...... comments welcome.
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Bad Moon Rising    -   CCR  ( cover )
I first posted this tune on YT some 4 or 5 years ago,when it was then blocked in most countries. I have since found out that the copyright issues have been cleared,so thought I'd have another go at it Hope you like it, thanks for listening!
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Let It Be Me -  (Tribute to Phil Everly )
Phil Everly of the popular Grammy-winning duo The Everly Brothers passed away Friday 3rd Jan 2014 in Burbank at age 74. The most popular version of "Let It Be Me" was released in 1960 by The Everly Brothers. It reached 7th position on the Billboard Hot 100,and no 16 in the UK charts. This is my personal tribute, thanks for listening !
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Fairytale of New York
I would like to wish all my Youtube friends and their families a very Happy Xmas and New Year. Due to various reasons I havn't posted too many videos this year. I hope to put this right in 2016. For now though, best wishes to you all, thanks for your support,and I'll see you soon.............Mick ( This is a re-post from 2 years ago...Hope You enjoy! )
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Silver Wings  -  Merle Haggard cover
This track was first released June 1969 and appeared on the album A Portrait of Merle Haggard (September 2, 1969) . This track has been recorded by many other artists over the years. Hope you llike my instrumental cover...Thanks for listening
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If Tomorrow Never Comes  ( Ronan  Keating cover )
Here is my version of "If Tomorrow Never Comes "by Ronan Keating............... Enjoy !
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Hazard  -  (Richard Marx cover)
"Hazard" is a 1991 song performed by Richard Marx. peaking at #9 on the Billboard Hot 100. In addition, It also did very well in the United Kingdom, peaking at #3 on the UK Singles Chart. It was the 14th best-selling single of 1992 in the UK. "Hazard" tells the story of an implied relationship of some kind between Marx's character (usually considered the protagonist) and a woman named Mary. Mary dies in suspicious circumstances, and Marx, shunned by many in the small town since his childhood ("That boy's not right."), is immediately considered the main suspect. Marx, however, maintains his innocence throughout the song, and the question of such is left open to the listener's interpretation.
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I Should Have Known Better - ( Beatles cover )
In the UK, "I Should Have Known Better" appeared on A Hard Day's Night and was released on 10 July 1964. It was not released as a single at that time. In 1976, it was released as a B-side to "Yesterday."The first recording session for the song was on 25 February 1964 at Abbey Road Studios when three takes were attempted, but only one was complete. Take 2 was aborted when Lennon broke into hysterics over his harmonica playing. The song was re-recorded the next day after making some changes to the arrangement
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How Do You Do It    (Gerry and the Pacemakers cover)
Here is my version of How Do You Do It by Gerry and the Pacemakers.....Enjoy !! Note: I really appreciate your comments,but may not beable to reply to them all Individually..........CHEERS,...Mick
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Walk of Life  -  ( DireStraits cover )
Released as a single in November 1985 but had first been available as the B-side of "So Far Away" released in advance of Brothers in Arms. The track peaked at number seven in the US charts and was their biggest commercial hit in the UK, peaking at number two.
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Alone   -  Bee Gees  ( cover )
I've been wanting to cover this great Bee Gees song for a while,and after hearing other versions on YouTube including an excellent one by Phil McGarrick (random275), I thought,what better way to try out my new Strat HH. It was the opening track on the multi-platinum Still Waters album released by the Bee Gees in 1997, and the first single from the album.peaking at number 5 in the UK and dominating the charts in Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia at number 1. Thanks for your time ,Hope you like it !
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Apache .. (The Shadows Cover)
Here is my version of Apache. It was originally recorded in 2005. Although this track is normally played on a Strat, I decided to use my Tele for a slightly different sound.....ENJOY !
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The Shadows  -  ( Round and Round ) cover
Round and Round was a Shadows track which featured in the film Summer Holiday. Here's my rendition,hope you like it.....
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Dance On - Shadows Cover
This is my version of the classic Shadow's track " Dance On" Hope you like it, Please leave any comments,or subscibe to my channel to hear more like this ! THANKS ! Mick
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Ghostriders In the Sky  -  Spotnicks cover
The song was written in 1948 by noted American songwriter, Stan Jones, It tells a folk tale of a cowboy who has a vision of red-eyed, steel-. hooved cattle thundering across the sky, being chased by the spirits of damned cowboys. One warns him that if he does not change his ways, he will be doomed to join them. The Spotnicks, a Swedish instrumental rock band, covered this song on their 1962 album, The Spotnicks in London, Out-a space. Since then it has been covered bu a great many artists This is my cover of The Spotnicks version....Thanks for listening !
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Angels (Robbie Williams cover )
Hi, This is my cover version of Robbie Williams "Angels "...Enjoy !
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Cliff Richard  -  (It'll Be Me cover)
My cover of Cliff Richards "It'll Be Me", played in the style of the Shads, Hope you Like it !
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Theme from "Shane"  - (The Shadows cover")
This is my version of Shane by The Shadows, hope you like it !
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Bad To Me - Billy J Kramer (cover)
"Bad to Me" is a song written by John Lennon (credited to Lennon–McCartney) for Billy J. Kramer and The Dakotas while on holiday in Spain. Billy J. Kramer and The Dakotas released their recording of the song in 1963 and it became their first number 1 in the UK Singles Chart. Paul McCartney was present during the recording session at Abbey Road Studios. The single was released in the US the following year, and become a top-ten hit there, reaching number 9. Thanks for listening, hope you like it !
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End of The Line...(Traveling Wilburys cover )
This is my cover version of "End of the line" by The Traveling Wilburys.............ENJOY !. I appreciate all your comments,although I may not be able to reply to them all individually....Cheers, Mick
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Wipeout (The Surfari's)  -  JoMaLi
Recorded live at The Doghouse ,Guernsey ..Fri 30th Jan 2015. Thanks for watching. Your comments are welcome!
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Leave a Light On  -  (Belinda Carlisle cover)
"Leave a Light On" is a pop song written by Rick Nowels and Ellen Shipley, produced by Nowels for Belinda Carlisle's third solo album Runaway Horses (1989). It was released as the album's first single in the end of 1989 . The song reached within the top ten position in Australia, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Netherland and the UK making it one of her biggest hits to date. In the U.S. it peaked at number 11. "Leave a Light On'" features former Beatle George Harrison on the slide guitar. This track has a Bass and Drums BT with all guitars added by myself. Thanks for watching
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Good Hearted Woman   -   ( Waylon Jennings cover )
Here's my version of the Waylon Jennings hit "Good Hearted Woman".... Enjoy !
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Dance on-  ( The Shadows )
As this track seems to be quite popular at the moment, I thought I'd do a re-post of a previous version. I've added a second harmony to certain parts. Thanks to all my YT friends and musicians for your support, and I hope to see you soon with some new stuff......Cheers everyone
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Mini Pred 3d looping
Mini Pred 3d Looping
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Back Home Again - ( John Denver vocal cover )
Happy New Year everybody,to start off 2014 here's something a little different from me ! This song was written and performed by the American singer-songwriter John Denver. Released as a single from his album of the same name in 1974,it peaked at number five on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in November that year; it was Denver's fifth Top 10 hit on the pop chart.It topped the adult contemporary chart for two weeks.The single was certified a gold record by the RIAA.It also won a CMA Award for Denver in 1975 in the category "Song of the Year".
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Drive - (The Cars cover)
"Drive" is a 1984 song by The Cars, the third single from the band's Heartbeat City album and their biggest international hit. "Drive" was The Cars' highest charting single in the United States, peaking at number three on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. On the Adult Contemporary chart, the song went to number one.[3] It reached number five in the UK Singles Chart on its initial release
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San Francisco    -  Scott McKenzie......(cover)
This song was written by John Phillips of The Mamas & the Papas, and sung by Scott McKenzie. It was produced and released in May 1967 by Phillips and Lou Adler, who used it to promote their Monterey International Pop Music Festival held in June of that year. The single is purported to have sold over seven million copies worldwide.. Thanks for listening, hope you like it !
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Rocky Top Tennessee
This is my version of the classic Rocky Top Tennessee......BT made on a Roland E-15 "Rocky Top" is an American country and bluegrass song written by Felice and Boudleaux Bryant in 1967 and first recorded by the Osborne Brothers later that same year. The Osborne Brothers' 1967 bluegrass version of the song reached number thirty-three on the U.S. Country charts, and country singer Lynn Anderson's 1970 version peaked at number seventeen. In 2005, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution ranked "Rocky Top" number seven on its list of 100 Songs of the South. the song's original sheet music is on display at the Rocky Top Village Inn in downt Twn Gatlinburg.
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Walking In the Air  ....Guitar cover..... ( from the film "The Snowman" )
"Walking in the Air" is a song written by Howard Blake for the 1982 animated film of Raymond Briggs' 1978 children's book The Snowman. In the film the song was performed by St Paul's Cathedral choirboy Peter Auty. For the subsequent single release, which reached number five in the UK pop charts in 1985, the vocals were sung by Welsh chorister Aled Jones. Copyright Courtesy of Demon Music, EMI and IODA
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Massachusetts - ( BeeGees cover) Tribute to Robin Gibb..
This is my cover version of the Bee Gees song "Massachusetts" in tribute to the late Robin Gibb, a great talent who will be missed by many !
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The Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt - ( The Shadows cover )
The Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt was an instrumental by The Shadows. It went to number 5 in the UK. The character Flingel Bunt is an imaginary character invented by the actor Richard O'Sullivan, a friend of The Shadows. The full title was given to the tune after the group had been to see the film The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond.
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I'll Stand By You - Pretenders  (cover)
"I'll Stand by You" is a 1994 song recorded by The Pretenders from their sixth studio album, Last of the Independents. It was written by Chrissie Hynde in collaboration with the songwriting team of Tom Kelly and Billy Steinberg. It was the Pretenders' last successful single in North America. The song pledges love and faithful assistance in times of personal darkness. Since its initial release, "I'll Stand by You" has also become a major hit for British girl group Girls Aloud in 2004 and Carrie Underwood in 2007, both times recorded as a charity single.it reached number 16 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, the top 30 on Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks chart and number 10 in the United Kingdom. ****Thanks for listening ! ****
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Back To You  -  Bryan Adams cover
. I recorded this track back in 2005, using a Midi BT. Hope you like it ! "Back to You" is a rock song written by Bryan Adams and Eliot Kennedy. It was first released in 1997 as a live acoustic version for Adams album MTV Unplugged. It was later included on the compilation albums The Best of Me and Anthology.
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You Wear It Well  - Rod Stewart Cover
Here is my cover version of Rod Stewart's " You Wear It Well ", Hope you like It !
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