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My First Earring
My earring is first I wear. It worth the pain... I was struggle with it when I tried to press them through my ear. There was pain in my ear.
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Stephen Impersonated Paris Hilton
Just fun... I do know I look stupid, but someone got to like me! I made this statement. It is "Hi. My name is Stephen Tong. I just acts like Paris Hilton. Just Fun."
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My hideous face
Here's Stephen... I look stupid because the camera hate me. That's why it made me look bad. You can insult me as much as you can... Please feel free to make comments to me. Be nice if you know it.
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"Tie with a Bow"
It is about Romance. There has 4 different stories. Do you like it? Go to www.bookamillion.com. Unfortunately, this is not gay book. It is straight theme.
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Long Surprise!
Please be patient while watch my video... Smile! Or be happy! This is for anti-Stephen people only...
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Kiss you air
Hi! Here's Stephen. I did something very strange... Just Fun.
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What the hell?!
Just fun... My mouth was dry so I need to make it better...
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In a Shock or Angriness
Just act... Did I blow your mind away or what? Lame, isn't it?
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