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starfox snes rom audio effects - isolated
I couldn't find these sound effects absolutely anywhere on the internet nor were they easy to simply extract, so I isolated them via some timing hacks and channel isolation through a snes emulator. Download link below as ripped rom wav samples. Order; Burst laser - single laser - nova bomb - deflect - damage - impact - boost (isolated) - boost - coast - brake - boss death - player death. Use however you want before this gets axed, What can I say except, you're welcome! http://www.mediafire.com/file/u6w8tid7vtldu98/starfox.zip
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SFC Ion Storm
No one ever sees it so I decided to add it, kinda cool DX8 thing you can find in a 15 year old game!
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REAL ENG DUB InuYasha Movie 3 SoaHR
Since no one could find it, I uploaded my own. Take care! Don't vote it up too much.
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