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$1 Poppin Lip Gloss💛// Beauty supply gem 💎// Clear Lip Gloss Review❤️
Hey guys it’s Tiffany, and in today’s video I’m just telling you about my favorite clear lipgloss that’s only $1. I have it in mint oil, coconut oil and rosehip oil. I’m completely obsessed with these clear glosses and here’s why⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️. Welcome to my world, ENJOY✨😘
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We don’t have to take our clothes off- Ella Eyre COVER✨🎤 Highschool Talent Show ❤️🥇DANCE ROUTINE
Hey guys, Today I’m uploading a different video. I’m sorry for the angle and clarity of the video but I still wanted to upload. My friends and I decided to do our high schools talent show. Last minute we put this routine together and just went for it. We got first place which is great but we also did it together which made another great memory to add to our senior year. Thank you guys for watching✨✨. I DO NOT OWN RIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC Welcome To My World. ENJOY💗 SONG: Ella eyre- We don’t have to take out clothes off Instagram: T.Nicole23
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Maintaining Your Confidence As A Model📸😊// MODELING TIPS !!!
Welcome to my world 💗 I’ve been modeling for about two and a half years now, and just wanted to share a few tips on how I stay confident as a model. With modeling being a field where you’re basically on display just as much as whatever you’re modeling, it can be hard to be confident but here’s how I do it. 💗REMINDER 💗 Only You Can Be You 😘😘😘 INSTAGRAM: T.nicole23
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Rainbow Haul// SUNGLASS TRY ON• ACCESSORY HAUL// Ballin On A Budget 🤑 fashion nova dupes ?
Today’s video is just a rainbow shops accessories try on haul. I’ve been obsessed with sunglasses and bags lately and I love everything 💗😍. If you want a part 2 for the clothing like this video, comment, and subscribe 😘. Welcome to my world, ENJOY🧡
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All About High Heels😍// How To Walk In Heels
Hey guys welcome back, and if you’re new here why not take a peek into my world and watch my other videos 😆😆. I’ve been doing modeling for about 2 1/2 years now, and I never was taught how to walk in heels it just came naturally so I figured I’d help you guys out. This was requested so I hope this teaches you a few things and answers some questions about heels. thank you for watching 😘 Instagram: T.Nicole23
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RAINBOW CLOTHING HAUL ✨ I spent over $100// back to school TRY ON haul☀️ fashion nova dupes
Hey guys today’s video is just a try on haul from rainbow shops, I’ve spent quite a bit there but I’m positive I love everything 😭😭💛✨, thank you for watching 😘
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My Little Sister Picks My Outfits CHALLENGE🤔💖// Sis Got Me Together 🤪 my sister styles me
Hey guys welcome to my world, in today’s video I let my little sister pick out three outfits for me: 1)an everyday school outfit 2)a outfit for a photoshoot 3)a date night outfit 💛. She’s just the cutest little thing, so show her some love. Leia and her will be eating the outfits 1-10 based of of how it looks and how likely I am to wear them, she did great. 🌻ADD MY SOCIALS🌻 Instagram: T.Nicole23 Twitter: TNicoleWorld23 Snap: Babytiff23
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❤️Affordable Boots Haul// AMI CLUBWEAR Shoe Haul😍🥰 TRY ON // 1st impressions 2018
Hey guys, in today’s video I’ll be sharing with you guys an AMI CLUBWEAR try onHaul!!! Comment down below if you wanna see more videos from them and your thoughts on what you got if you ordered from them before. Thanks For Watching Welcome To My World 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
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Hey guys it’s Tiffany and today’s video is just a taste test ft. Asian candy, snacks and drinks. Disclaimer: NOTHING IN THIS VIDEO IS MEANT TO BE OFFENSIVE, these were just our opinions and real reactions to candy we aren’t use to. Hope you guys got some laughs out of video, Thank you for watching ❤️. 🧡Our Socials🧡 @T.Nicole23🌸 @__QueenLeia🌻 @C.Nicole5🌺
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Two uploads in a row because I love filming💗, hey guys it’s Tiffany in today’s video I decided to do a diy faux fur heels video because I’ve been seeing these all over for crazy prices. All the supplies are from Joann fabrics, I ended up spending under $10 for the glue gun, feather boa, and the gems/rhinestones. I love have these came out💗💗. Thank you guys for watching✨✨✨ welcome to my world💟 ENJOY😘 Instagram: T.Nicole23
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LIFE UPDATE: Where Have I Been// Life After Graduation 🎓
I’m finally doing a life update and telling you guys where I’ve been 🙂. Hope you enjoy and I can’t wait to upload more 💞.
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Spicy Noodle Challenge🔥🔥
hey guys, I am back on Youtube … I have explaining to do but I also have videos to create! I hope everyone enjoys the challenge... if you have more challenge ideas or video ideas in general comment them down below. Thank you for all the support... Love tiff. Leia's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZGlJG2s6V-ZUmEn3Yp2npQ
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Hey guys today I’m sharing my skincare routine, I am always getting asked what products I use for my skin and here it is! Tell me if you’ve ever tried this and always let me know if you do and it works for you, thanks for watching 😘. 🧡ADD MY SOCIALS🧡 •Instagram• T.Nicole23 •Twitter• TNicoleWorld23
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DIY HEADBOARD 💞 How to: build your own upholstered wingback headboard💘 Ft. VLOG📸
Hey guys just a heads up, the tutorial starts at 2:05! I vlogged a bit 🤩🤩! Here’s what you’ll need: plywood (could use card board) Wood screws (based on boards thickness) Screw driver Staple gun Mattress topper Fabric of your choice Spray adhesive Hot glue gun Scissors
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Two uploads in one day🤩, in this video I’m just showing you guys how I made my marble desk top. Everything was just under $30, and everything came out well. Like this video if you found it helpful and subscribe if you think I’m cool or whatever 😋. Thanks for watching, WELCOME TO MY WORLD 😘.
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COLLECTIVE CLOTHING HAUL❤️ fashion nova, forever21, rainbow, zumiez & more🛍💘 TRY ON HAUL💋
Here’s a new upload and some new pieces I’ve gotten! Hope you enjoy, welcome to my world 😘
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FASHION NOVA DUPES😨 The Tea: is rainbow better than fashion nova? THE TRUTH 🗣
Hey guys in today’s video I decided to share my opinion on the whole fashion nova and rainbow having the same teams thing I’ve been seeing about. I decided to check out both websites and find items that were identical to compare to one another in the video. I’m not bashing fashion nova I love their clothing but I just thought I’d share the truth about what I believe is going on. Wanted to help you guys save a few coins on certain items, hope this video was helpful. WELCOME TO MY WORLD, ENJOY 😘 🌸add my socials🌸 •Instagram- T.Nicole23 •Twitter- TNicoleWorld23
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Senior Banquet/ Formal GRWM💄I won best dressed 😱• MINI VLOG📹• COLLAB W/ BLACKBEAUTY94
Hey guys it’s the tiffany in this video I’m just showing you how I got ready and taking you along with me on my banquet. I have a few clips from the event, and decided to do a mini-vlog. This is a collab video with my friend Nicole, who is here on YouTube as BLACKBEAUTY94, I’ll link her video and channel below! Nicoles’s Video: https://youtu.be/BBoC3vCc7Ok Nicole’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCFvF2315EwoJjS06ai0x8w Thank you guys for watching, WELCOME TO MY WORLD💛 •Add My Socials• Instagram: T.Nicole23 Twitter: TNicoleWorld23 I do not own rights to this music .
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Hot Cheetos & Takis Challenge 🔥😵
Hot Cheetos and Takis Challenge With Leia❤️🔥🔥. Hope you guys like this video because our stomachs didn’t 😭. Instagram: T.Nicole23
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LIFE... Chitchat// How to deal with negativity|Goals for 2018😆
Hey guys it’s Tiffany and welcome to my world ✨✨, Todays Video is a bit more relaxed and just me speaking about my recent thoughts. Over the past few months I’ve lost people, I’ve gotten rid or negativity, and realized loving yourself is key when trying to be truly happy. I hope you guys learn something for this video or do a little self reflecting abs figure out what you’re holding on to that isn’t bringing you joy. HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOYED, THANKS FOR WATCHING 😘😘😘. Instagram: T.Nicole23
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DIY  CROP TOPS✂️❤️ How to: crop sweatshirts & tees💛 Fashion Nova & Forever 21 dupes ??
Hey guys in this video I’m just showing you guys how to maybe crop tops & cropped sweatshirts 🧡🧡
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Drugstore Skincare Routine 💘// HOW TO MAINTAIN CLEAR SKIN😍
Hey guys, 4 uploads 4 Days in a row😍 I’ll try to keep uploading as much as possible. Today I decided to show you guys my skin care routine. I have very sensitive dry skin and these are the products I use to keep my skin clear and glowing. I hope this helped some people with similar skin become more familiar with products for sensitive dry skin. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING 😘😘 Welcome to my world, Subscribe 💘. Instagram: T.Nicole23
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Hey guys in this video I am showing you how I made my own inexpensive background for my videos. All items are from Walmart INCLUDING the fabric. The curtain rod itself is $4.88 and the fabric was under $6 for up to 3 yards I only got two because I don't plan on having it go all onto the floor. the other items like a drill and hot glue gun were found at home but you can for sure find these items in a Walmart for a low price. Thank you for watching, Comment if you want to see more videos related to a Youtube setup or how I film on my iPhone. Add my bestie and I on our socials!!! ~INSTAGRAM~ T.nicole23 C.nicole5
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PONYTAIL W/ BRAIDING HAIR 💁🏽‍♀️// crisscross designs & braids on natural hair❤️💋
Hey guys it’s Tiffany, welcome to my world! In this video I show you guys how I create my ponytails yawing braiding hair bc I don’t put heat in my hair , so hair textures don’t ever match mine, here’s how I get my kinda textured hair to match a pony 🧡 COMMENT BELOW WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE NEXT 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
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Hey guys this is my first very own camera and I love it! This is a great beginner friendly camera, if you guys would let an updatet and review just let me bc I have lots to share !!!💘 Thank you for watching, welcome to to my world, ENJOY 💘
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Get ready with me for work// WORK MORNING ROUTINE 💘
Today I’m showing you my usual routine for the days I work mornings and how I am in the morning. ❤️❤️
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Bh Cosmetics Take Me Back To Brazil Eyeshadow Palette First Impressions😱
Hey guys I’m finally back, this is a palette I’ve been dying to get my hands on, and I’ve finally found it. This is the bh cosmetics take me back to Brazil Eyeshadow Palette and I am in love 😍😍. In this video I just tell you guys my first impressions and do a simple eyelook, I hope you enjoy😘💛.
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Brow Pencil First Impression❣️// $2 Brow Pencil Review ELF COSMETICS
Hey guys welcome back to my channel, in today’s video I’m just testing out this $2 brow pencil from elf cosmetics. I usually go for a pomade and thought why not try a pencil. In my opinion it wouldn’t hurt to try it, after all it’s very reasonably priced and has a decent shade selection
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My First Video 😬😬// DIY Shiny Glitter Lip Gloss
Hey guys I just wanted to post something to finally stop saying I’d make a YouTube channel and start filming so here s my first video 😆😆 nothing to serious for my first video but here’s it is, DIY shiny glitter lipgloss in under 2 minutes. Welcome to my world☺️💕 Instagram: T.nicole23
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In todays video, Leia and I filmed a retro makeup look. Leia went for more vintage glam, where I went for more of a pin-up style. Hope you guys enjoyed💋, Thank you for watching 😘😘😘. Instagram: T.Nicole23
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How To: TWIST OUT💕 Short Natural hair styles 😘
Hey guys thanks for all the support decided to share how I get my twist out/ curly fro. If you want to see hair videos, comment down below. Thanks for watching ❤️ ENJOY 😊
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Profusion Contour Palette Review/First Impression 🤭 $6 DRUGSTORE CONTOUR PALETTE 🤩
Hey guys in this video I’m reviewing this contour pallet I picked up from target for $6 I love profusion and I love how affordable it is. I have looks coming with some of their holiday eyeshadow palettes❤️.
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How To Apply False Lashes // BEGINNER FRIENDLY 😊
This is how I prefer to do My lashes, for me it work I don’t like using tweezers and I’m more comfortable using my hands.
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No foundation makeup look GRWM // Cut Crease ✨
This is my first makeup video and it’s not the best but it’s just what works for me, I love makeup and want learn how to improve makeup skills. I don’t ever wear foundation just to wear it so I will usually do highlighter, brows, and eye makeup and consider it a look. Comment video ideas you have💕 Welcome to my world 🌎💜 Instagram: T.nicole23
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Golden Berry Eyelook🍓✨// HOW TO: Gold Cut Crease🤩🔪
Hey guys, Welcome to my world💗✨, I decided it was okay to film at 1:00 a.m. so if this is a mess I’m sorry, BUT... I hope you enjoyed wactching me attempt to be a beauty guru😂. I wanted to glow and I did, this is only my 6th video but I’ve been progressing, Let’s keep growing and glowing THANK YOU FOR WATCHING💋. Instagram: T.nciole23
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MY FIRST VLOG ✨🙈|| Mall Day With My Bestfriend💗💫
Hey guys!!! I filmed my first vlog 😆😆. It’s tiffany and in today’s video I decided to film my first vlog. my bestie and I spent the day at the mall filling out apps and just eating. Hope you guys like, thanks for watching ❤️❤️. Instagram: T.Nicole23
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TATYANA ALI style steal//😍😍Beginner friendly foundation look
Okay because we’re going to just accept the fact that I was laying my hair with my scarf😂😂 ANYWAYSSSS Hey guys, I’m by no means amazing at makeup but this is just what works for me and my skin. I like old school style and fashion so I wanted to recreate this look of “Ashley banks”. Hope you enjoyed watching, WELCOME TO MY WORLD ✨ Instagram: t.nicole23
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10 Things Guys Do That Girls Hate 🤯 Turn offs👎🏽
Hey guys, it’s Tiffany 😛 In this video I decided to do something not so much beauty related but instead life related. I have friends that are guys who watch my videos so here’s a video for you guys. My girls can relate and I just hope this makes you laugh and if you do any of these STOP! Please and Thank You💕 Welcome to my world ✨💗 ENJOY Instagram: T.Nicole23
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•💋Date Night💋•//valentine’s day makeup ❤️😘
Hey guys it’s Tiffany and welcome to my world, I decided to do a date night look. I’m not going out but it’s a cute thought😂, also Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so this would work for that as well. Help you liked this quick little video. I decided late at night to get done up but I hope you enjoyed. Add My Socials: Instagram: T.Nicole23 Twitter: TNicoleWorld23
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Natural Eyebrow Routine 🌻||✨How to clean up your brows at home
Welcome to my world💗😅🤣☀️, In this video I wanted to share with you guys how I do my brows at home. I’ve never got them done by anyone, and I don’t care about getting them done professionally. I just keep my brows neat and clean from home and here’s how. Hope this was helpful 😁. Instagram: T.Nicole23 Twitter: TNicoleWorld23
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STORYTIME🤣 I GOT MY FIRST JOB😱 EVER!!! • I’m quite the character😆• Working Fast Food🍟🍔•
Hey guys it’s Tiffany and welcome to my world, along with other things I post that happen in my life I thought why not post about me getting my first job. I went straight to the interview Thursday after school (yes I actually dress up for school and look like this on the daily)😂, and it went very well, and I got the job. In this video I’m just telling you guys about it. Hope you enjoy watching❣️❣️. ADD MY SOCIALS: Instagram: T.Nicole23 Twitter: TNicoleWorld23
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💓 DRUGSTORE EDITION PINK HALO EYE💕 // how to create a halo eye look
Today I decided to film a makeup video. I did a full face using mostly Elf cosmetics makeup products. I went for a very simple and easy Halo eye look. If you liked this video go check out my other videos. Thank you for watching, welcome to my world ENJOY💜💞 Instagram: T.Nicole23
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E.L.F opposites attract palette 🤩😍 REVIEW ❤️SWATCH🧡 TUTORIAL💙 Better Than Morphe?🙉🤭
Hey Guys🧡 in this video I’m reviewing this elf newer drugstore palette and I’m so in loveeee😍 Here’s the link to the palette: https://www.elfcosmetics.com/opposites-attract-eyeshadow-palette/81150.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIhNrFvOek4AIVCySGCh0u-wVsEAQYAiABEgIEDvD_BwE Welcome to my world, ENJOY😘
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PROFUSION COSMETICS 💞 Profusion Mixed Metals Eye Palette Review + Look|| VALENTINES DAY MAKEUP 😍
Hey guys this is just me creating a makeup look using only this profusion I got around the holiday season, comment below if you use their brand and also more products from them I should check out 💗. This palette is $10 and I haven’t seen them in stores since the Holliday season but they do have a website I’ll like here : https://profusioncosmetics.com/collections/eyeshadow/products/mixed-metals-gold-sparkle-7254b Welcome to my world ... ENJOY😘
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2x Spicy Ramen Challenge🤯// Nuclear Fire Noodle Challenge😵 (DAD vs. DAUGHTER) MUST WATCH
Hey guys, it’s Tiffany I’m on a roll, two vids in a row ✨. In today’s video my dad and I did the 2x spicy nuclear fire noodle challenge 😢. If you want to see us suffer enjoy this video😰😰😰. Instagram: T.Nicole23
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2018 High School Morning Routine😛 WINTER EDITION ❄️ GRWM SENIOR YEAR
Hey guys, it’s ... whoelse😂, This has been requested quite a bit so here it is. I’m a very organized put together person who needs a routine and schedule to follow for everything so this is how I manage my morning. this is as real as it gets. WELCOME TO MY WORLD, ENJOY✨✨ Instagram: T.nicole23
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NEW YOUTUBER TAG 😝😅 2018 // Tips on starting a YouTube channel 💓
Hey guys❤️ Today I decided to do the New YouTuber Tag☺️☺️. I seen a few of these tags on YouTube and thought why not do it myself, here are the questions: 1. What’s your name? 2. Where are you from? 3. How tall are you? 4. How many siblings do you have? 5. Is this your first channel? 6. What is your channel about? 7. Why should anyone subscribe to you? 8. Where do you see yourself and your channel in 5 years? 9. What inspired you to start making videos? 10. Who are some of your favorite YouTubers? 11. What does your username mean? 12. What is the best thing about YouTube? 13. What is the worst thing about YouTube? 14. What are your goals as far as YouTube? 15. Do you have any advice for new YouTubers? Hope you enjoyed💗😘 Instagram: T.nicole23
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VLOG: Come shopping with us💫 // WE MADE VISION BOARDS❣️
Hey guys it’s Tiffany, in today’s video Leia and I decided to make vision boards and also go on a little shopping adventure for things for my room. This Is Just a small video but thank you for watching✨.
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CLOTHING HAUL !!! Collective Fall Haul🧡🍁! What Have I Been Buying 🤔❤️??
In today’s video I did a collective fall haul, from forever21,h&m, rue21, and rainbowshops. if you like this video give it a thumbs up and if youre interested in seeing more content SUBSCRIBE!!! Welcome To My World, ENJOY 😘❤️ 🌸ADD MY SOCIALS🌸 INSTAGRAM💋: T. Nicole23 TWITTER💋: TNicoleWorld23
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What’s In My Bag/Purse?💗 February 2018❄️
Hey guys it’s Tiffany and welcome back to my channel💫. In today’s video I’m just showing you what’s in my bag because it was requested. Hope you enjoyed the video see you guys next time☀️. Instagram: T.nicole23
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