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Anthem ViP demo Difficulties
I've been anticipating this demo for a few weeks, now for the past 30 minutes I haven't been able to get anywhere. Well done EA, 3 days of access yet with server issues and constant crashing will I get even an hour in?
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Pimple popping on wife.
Pimple popping. Straight up.
Views: 794 Jesse Lee
A Message from Ubisoft - Assassin's Creed Unity
At least they decided to be honest and apologetic at the start.
Views: 132 Jesse Lee
Metallica - One (Live Saskatoon 9/15/018)
An awesome rendition of their classic hit
Views: 203 Jesse Lee
Father & Son. Canada Day Fireworks 2017
Some moments in time can be absolutely perfect. This was one of those magical moments, that will never be forgotten.
Views: 11 Jesse Lee
Sneaking into the house
All sneaky
Views: 69 Jesse Lee
You're somewhere out there
Sometimes you just gotta sing.
Views: 2 Jesse Lee
Scare my wife
Scaring my wife
Views: 17 Jesse Lee
Obedient Obedience v
This track was created on #MusicMakerJAM. Enjoy the full experience - get the app for Android and iOS now: http://bit.ly/JAM_web
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Where is your Faith?
2 Peter 1:5-7 shows a dynamic truth. As read by my Wife, Chelsea Lee
Views: 8 Jesse Lee
Happy Easter!
Views: 5 Jesse Lee
You're worth it - freestyle
I just wanted to sing about how my wife is worth it. So I started recording and started singing. Whatever came out is here in this video. And some gentle advice following.
Views: 1 Jesse Lee
The Secret to Women
Here's how you get a woman to like you.
Views: 5 Jesse Lee
Christian Revelation Revolution
A challenge to the Christians and believers who profess to live and serve Jesus. We are the rebels, the others, the people who go against the grain. This world tells us how to live, how to act, how to deal with stress, what's right & wrong, what we accept, chetish, and tolerate.... Well this world should not dictate that any longer. Our God and his word dictate. We are strangers in a strange land. obeying laws written in Heaven not earth. We follow rules of God and he says all things are possible. Escape from the fabric of this reality and open your mind to a Godly reality of possability, impossibility, and faith in the unseen.
Views: 5 Jesse Lee
A Father & Son Story - Shadow of the Day
A story about me learning to be a father, set to the backdrop of my earnest but not pristine rendition of Shadow of the day by Linkin park
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Rugged Cross
This track was created on #MusicMakerJAM. Enjoy the full experience - get the app for Android and iOS now: http://bit.ly/JAM_web
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An Encounter with God
on Saturday April 25th 2015, i invited God into my apartment through worship..... He decided to Stop by. And i am Forever Changed because of it.
Views: 20 Jesse Lee
Eurofase 19489-018
Non working
Views: 2 Jesse Lee
Sam Smith - Writing's on the Wall
Me doing Sam Smith Writings on the Wall
Views: 14 Jesse Lee
Lip synch Amy Winehouse back to black
I lip synched while my wife sang Back to black
Views: 12 Jesse Lee
A song I wrote and set to some awesome music... it is written and sung from the perspective of Jesus as he goes from being a trusted & loving friend and saviour... to a silent observer as we stop hearing him and go further into sin. And how having to see us live that pains him as he pleads to God on our behalf...
Views: 12 Jesse Lee
Unique Lighting - the beginning 2
Construction(destruction) begins for our planned 2016 expansion
Views: 4 Jesse Lee
Father & Son Day July 28th 2018
A day of fun with my Son and I. So many activities!
Views: 1 Jesse Lee
I quit smoking accidentally thanks to a vaporizer
Three weeks no cigarettes. I never thought it would happen but on a whim I tried calling and hey. It worked! Is it completely safe? No... Safer then smoking cigarettes? Oh my yes!
Views: 13 Jesse Lee
Father & Son - Original & The Remix
A better description of us could not be found!
Views: 8 Jesse Lee
Eurofase 19489-018
Views: 9 Jesse Lee
Driving to 711
Views: 19 Jesse Lee

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