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5 Ways to Naturally Feminize Yourself
Today I wanted to go over a few ways to naturally feminize yourself subtly, that will help out when you want to get all dressed up in drag. Hopefully there is something useful to be said here...
Is Passing Really Necessary?
as a crossdresser, I know most of us are trying our hardest to look feminine enough that everyone thinks we are a girl, but maybe there is another way...
How to Keep your Crossdressing Hidden
I know a lot of you have to keep your crossdressing a secret, so I am going to show off how I keep my room organized, and hopefully give you some ideas.
Why Do People Crossdress?
Ever wonder why people decide to crossdress? well hopefully I can shed some light with my perspective...
How I got into Crossdressing
Today I go over the story of how I got started when I first started to crossdress... Sorry for all the weird cuts, had to cut out all the coughing. I've had a bad cold for a while, and wasnt able to upload again till now. hopefully I can be more consistent from now on...
Womens Clothing You Can Wear In Guy Mode - Part 1
Today I talk about the concept of casual crossdressing, and go over some of my favorite pieces of womens clothing that you can often pass off in guy mode.
Will I Ever Transition?
This is my opinion on transitioning, and explaining the reasons that I have no intention of doing so. No offense is intended to anyone who is, or has done so...
Ease yourself into Crossdressing
Crossdressing can be a lot less awkward if you get yourself to take it slow, and ease your way into it. try more casual clothing, and then work your way up to full drag! let me know if any of you have tried this method, and how it went for you!
Halloween, a Crossdressers favorite Holiday
Happy Halloween to all my Crossdresser friends! Let me know what you went with for Halloween...
How to Find a Girlfriend as a Crossdresser
Today I went over some of my experiences in meeting girls as a crossdresser. The main point I wanted to make is to just present yourself as one, and don't hide it for later...
How to shop for Womens Clothing
I know its a little vague, but I share my thoughts on good places to shop as a crossdresser.
What is Laser Hair Removal like?
Today I decided to share my experience with laser hair removal. One thing I forgot to mention was that when they are using the laser on you, the machine is also blowing cold air on you, so its a weird freezing/burning mix. They will always change the power of the laser or the cooling, depending on how you feel.
My Favorite Crossdressing Outfits 2 - Dresses
Here are some of my favorite dresses... This channel will finally be taking a shift after this
Crossdressing Q&A
Time to answer a few questions I've been having recently. thanks to all who have been leaving comments and watching all of my videos!
1000 Sub Special - Crossdressing in Public!
This video is pretty boring. dont watch it.
Where to publicly Crossdress
I talked last time about going out in public when you feel comfortable enough while dressed up. Now I talk about good places to go where you can gain some confidence and feel natural.
My Favorite Crossdressing Outfits
It's finally time for an outfit video! Here are some outfits that demonstrate the kind of style that I like to wear. Does anyone else have a similar style? if not, what do you like to wear?
Confidence will make your life a lot better
Being more confident in your crossdressing will make everything better!
My Crossdressing Confession
I have to come out and say that I am a basic girl when it comes to dressing up...
The Casual Crossdresser
Welcome to my new channel! I will be talking about all things crossdressing. where to shop, what to wear, how to look natural, how to blend in, and much more!