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When Momma Dog wants to eat but so do her puppies.
Clutch was cleaning up food the little ones didn't finish and they wanted to eat too. NO RUNNING!
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VP Does Aion
Virtual Progression is a Oceanic Legion that wants to push the contents of the game and experience the encounters players dream about. We have those dreams, and we have the players to do it. Our members are talented, well-researched, mature and dedicated players. We strive to maintain a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere since few people want to screw around when they come home, progression or other wise. We're not necessarily the most politically correct group of people and having a thick skin is a must. The majority of our players have been together for a long time and have formed great friendships. We are not looking for a player who logs on at raid time and logs off right after. Taking part in community activities such as pvp, instances (alts included), or just chatting away endlessly in community chat should be among your usual activities. To join, you must be patient, very good at your class, very experienced with raids and able to attend raids 3-4 days a week during times of progress. You must be able to follow directions and have the capacity to think quickly and react accordingly. You must also be a go-getter, and strive to better your character as much as you can, be it through rep rewards, professions or raid buffs. Your gear should reflect your desire to play this game and raid, with every spot being filled with the best items available to you in your current situation. Our raid invites are based on recent performance and attendance, not who has been in the community the longest, or who is someone's friend. Showing up consistently and performing well will always earn you a spot in raids. Being available outside an instance is a plus, and it is possible you may have to sit there the entire raid. If you expect to raid with us, your main must be parked outside the entrance or close enough that a hearth will not hold us up. You can be on an alt, but if it takes more than 5 minutes for you to switch over, we will fill your the spot with someone who is ready. We raid for four hours a night, this means you need to be available for that time. We have a ZERO tolerance policy toward community drama. If you start it, if you take part in it, if you perpetuate it, don't expect to have a home in Virtual Progression. We don't care how much time you commit to the game, we don't care if you are an amazing player - if you disrespect your mates or misrepresent the Virtual Progression name, you will be removed from the Legion. If we're interested in your application we'll contact you. We will give our best efforts to answer any questions you may have regarding your application on our forums.
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Gracie - An inspiration to us all.
She's afraid of the hard floor so her getting items from the kitchen floor can be entertaining sometimes :)
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Backyard Tour
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Puppies 02
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Leaky valve
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bubble bug2
Double Bubble is worthless. Second bubble should be set with a focus script and utilize that if you are the only Hic on the field.
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Booting up cold
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Almost Perfect Janna Game
Climbing the ladder. Bronze is rough sometimes... -- Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/zagdul
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Gracie fire trucks.
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Puppies 01
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Password Security Part 2 - Password Safe
There are other password managers out there, this one is decent for a Windows desktop and one I use.
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These bitches
Gracie and ThizZlze playing.
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Depressed Gracie
Tonight I went to see Thizzle without Gracie and now she's depressed and won't eat.
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EVE New Missile Effects
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ExeFile 2013 01 28 02 07 04 94
Double Bubble is worthless. Second bubble should be set with a focus script and utilize that if you are the only Hic on the field.
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See, water
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Bad Gracie
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thiz and gracie
This entire interaction went on for about a half hour. I caught it at it's best part. These two don't quit.
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Katrina's PC: Windows Install
Demonstrating how fast her PC loads Windows. No OC only 'optimized' (disabled unnecessary options in bios such as I/O and security features. Disabled spread spectrum, etc. ) Intel i5-6600k 16GB HyperX Fury 2666 500GB 960 Samsung EVO M.2 SSD Gigabyte GA-Z170-HD3P (rev. 1.0)
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