Videos uploaded by user “Fashion Photographer Los Angeles & Orange County Video Production”
Microsoft Corporate Video
Produced by VRset.com - Microsoft corporate video for re-branding of downtown Los Angeles Nokia theater at AEG L.A. Live. I filmed the aerial footage of the world's largest Microsoft emblem designed and built by Signtech on top of the Microsoft Theater using a handheld camera shooting in HD 1080 24P aboard the R44 Raven II helicopter piloted by motion picture chief pilot Robin Petgrave . VRset produced this Microsoft corporate video with the cooperation of: L.A. Live - Gensler - Jones Lang La Salle
Aspen Mansion Real Estate
One of the finest examples of real estate video, the Aspen Mansion website project produced in HD on location in Colorado by VRset helped sell this dream property. Production included HDR photography of the property grounds and adjacent areas to give the viewer an immersive tour, several videos dedicated to different aspects of the property appear on the site
fUnfold Playsquare Baby Mat Promotion Video
fUnfold baby mat is designed by Dr. Alvin May MD Overzealous llc to help moms on the go take better care of their babies by providing a quick folding-unfolding mat which is washable, soft and easy to carry & store. http://www.vrset.com/videos/Promo/slides/fUnfold-Playsquare-Baby-Mat.html
LG shampoo
Korean shampoo commercial produced by VRset in Hollywood
Shahrum Kashani Dorooghe Music Video
VRset music video production of singer Shahram Kashani
Koyo Mahalo Water
The Koyo USA marketing video filmed at their Kona plant in Hawaii by VRset. This marketing video in Orange County details the production and benefits of MaHalo bottled water pumped from 3000 feet below the ocean surface. Virtual set sequences were filmed on the VRset stage in Hollywood. VRset utilized Robotic concert lighting inside the Kona bottling plant. Aerial shots on board Eurocopter AS-355 Twinstar helicopter
Hamilton Real Estate Development, Catalina Island, Los Angeles
The developer of the exclusive gated community in Catalina island in Los Angeles requested VRset to produce this real estate property tour of the villas by the ocean.
Amada Japan AIFG Corporate Video Marketing OC & LA
One of the most comprehensive corporate video marketing productions ever attempted by any company, VRset produced the latest AMADA AIFG project with one goal in mind, excellence. This seven minute corporate marketing video produced in Orange County & Los Angeles features custom virtual set plus custom music and sound fx scoring. VRset hired special cast & crew and employed the latest equipment for Hollywood style 3D and graphics.
David Victory Real Estate demo video for Los Angeles and Orange County
Real Estate demo video for Los Angeles and Orange County luxury homes and mansions, filmed by helicopters and drones. Watch HD video of real estate in Golden Triangle, Beverly Hills and Malibu. Also shots of the Microsoft theater building filmed from helicopter by VRset producer David Victory.
Fashion Designer Alexandre Dorriz Video Promo By Top Fashion Photographer Los Angeles David Victory
Fashion designer Alexandre Dorriz candid promo video by Top Fashion Photographer Los-Angeles & Orange County Video Production David Victory VRset.com
Menopause Commercial
A combination of 2D and 3D graphics along with location filming tells the story of this antiaging menopause supplement TV Ad for Los Angeles and OC local cable, Director's cut
Amada Japan SilkyCut Corporate Video OC & LA
The AMADA Group of 80 companies is one of the world's largest manufacturers of metal processing equipment with centers in OC and LA, VRset has produced many media communications corporate videos in Orange County for AMADA using state of the art graphics and virtual set technology. Silky Cut is one of the latest technologies AMADA has introduced to the metal fabrication market.
Koyo Mahalo Corp
A corporate industrial video VRset filmed in Hawaii for the launch of a very novel deep sea water showroom in Waikiki
Dorriz Fashion
The Iconic couture fashion designer Dorriz asked VRset LA & OC Fashion Photographer to produce this Beverly Hills runway show presentation, the video features her signature Rumi fashion collection.
EI Makeup School
The world's first makeup school, Elegance International in Hollywood secured VRset to tell their story in this 30 second regional Ad
Dynasty Real Estate Video
To bring this three tower project adjacent to Bellagio Las Vegas to life, the developer contacted VRset with CAD drawings in hand. VRset filmed HD aerial still and motion background plates of the empty land from an R4 helicopter. Using advanced Hollywood technology the towers came to life in an aerial moving shot where the structure is reflecting the background while the helicopter is arcing around the virtual building, a real estate visual first
Furniture Factory
Nationwide furniture store sale Ad for Orange County and Los Angeles
Amada Japanese
Produced in Japanese language by VRset for AMADA a group of 80 companies and one of world's largest manufacturers of stamping press processing equipment, displayed at JIMTOF Japan International Machine Tool Fair
Flame Restaurant
Another cable TV restaurant Ad displaying yummy fares which VRset produced in Los Angeles for a California chain
Chiropractic TV Commercial
Los Angeles Chiropractic TV commercial featuring the statue of David, director's cut
Dr Hoban, Mark Interview
Get ready to forget everything you know about nutrition. Dr. Hoban in Los Angeles challenges many mainstream beliefs regarding health and well-being in multiple marketing videos produced by VRset for his YouTube channel
Lorna Jane Orange County LA Fashion Photographer YouTube
My recent fashion photographer assignment was Lorna Jane Active Living which is high quality designer gym wear for women who live the active lifestyle. I had a great crew for this fashion shoot in Southern California, with the talented Annabella Gutman modeling Lorna Jane Active fashions for my camera, it was a really hot summer day and Annabella made it even hotter with a lot of running, action, makeup and outfit changes in the star waggon. Fashion photographer is very different than lifestyle photographer or portrait photographer, as a busy LA & Orange County fashion photographer I often do not have time to reflect on how I got here, which I can best describe as a combination of timing, dedication and luck, after all most photographers dream of my job and work very hard at getting here too. I know, because I have been there and done that, to be a fashion photographer in Orange County and Los Angeles takes a lot of effort, for instance ranking on page one of google (organic) is nearly impossible due to digital fortifications by all concerned....just google "orange county fashion photographer" there are 7 paying photographers for a page with 10 results. Why orange county you wonder? Because the fashion industry is growing rapidly in Orange County and it's the next fashion designer's playground. The secret factor which has helped my career as the LA & OC fashion photographer is duality: I am a fashion photographer and I produce fashion videos, this is what keeps me on page one of google and in demand by fashion designers. My career as a video producer took off in the 90s, with national, international and multinational credits including abc, YP, Good Morning America, Microsoft, LG, MTV, Sci-Fi, AMADA Japan, KOYO, EMPC, Epson and now the fashion videos.
Smania Furniture
Italian furniture showroom Los Angeles TV spot produced by VRset, Director's cut. Los Angeles video production
VRset Demo
VRset demo reel, showcasing virtual reality set sequences and corporate videos produced in Orange County and Los Angeles
Beauty Cream Motion Graphics
VRset produced this motion graphics flash banner for a Beverly Hills beauty product line based on sketched prototypes
Personna Shave
Shaving cream commercial for Persian Gulf markets filmed in LA with a touch of comedy. Los Angeles TV Commercial
Hospital Corporate Video
VRset produced this foreign market video presentation for the Tri-State's most advanced hospital system. The project aired on International Satellite TV, VRset filmed on location in New Jersey, aerials were accomplished onboard the Bell Jet Ranger 206B
Georgina House Real Estate Videography
VRset produced the property tour real estate video for this ultra modern house in Los Angeles California, a special photographic technique captured every nuance
One of the largest Los Angeles rug stores Cable TV Ad. Los Angeles TV Commercial
VRset was contracted to put together this spec promo for a famous American brand in LA
PatchLink Software
VRset produced this industry video for the leading provider of proactive security software solutions in Scottsdale Arizona.
When this Los Angeles HVAC company wanted to explain various services to their market, VRset produced this industrial video on time and below budget
Investor PR Corporate Video Marketing Orange County
Choose which commercials you watch and get paid. VRset produced this public relations corporate video marketing for a young startup company in Orange County & Los Angeles to explain the concept in full.
Motor 3D Animation
VRset produced several 3D animations based on prototype CAD drawings for an Orange County based corporation, hi-tech manufacturer of access control equipment, including this one
Spazio Banquet
Banquet video presentation produced by VRset for an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles. Los Angeles video marketing
Skin care commercial for Middle East markets, all model shots are synthesized on a green screen stage by VRset. Los Angeles TV Commercial
Dr Hoban Promo
Dr. Hoban asked VRset to produce a promo video featuring highlights of on-going VRset productions in Los Angeles for YouTube, Here is the result
New age artist instrumental music video. VRset lensed the project in OC and on a Hollywood green screen sound stage, location sequences filmed at the sand dunes of Pismo beach in California
YoungYou Promo Corporate Video Marketing in OC & LA
Beauty line corporate video marketing for a well known California supplier in Orange County & Los Angeles, VRset lensed this segment on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills for YoungYou's video marketing in Orange County
Orange County Real Estate
For one of the most coveted addresses on the orange county coast, VRset produced not only this HD real estate video using a camera crane, but a complete marketing website and HDR photography. The production took several days in order to take advantage of best light for each section of this opulent mansion. Color grading and post production was completed on Avid HD
Oakwood Housing Real Estate
The worldwide leader in temporary real estate housing came to VRset to produce this property tour, filmed on location in one of their West Los Angeles properties.
Amaha Animation
3D animated logo designed by VRset for a Beverly Hills medical clinic
Las Vegas Furniture
A 60 second Ad produced by VRset in Las Vegas for an Art Gallery
VRset awards reel accumulated under VIP brand
Health Kitchen TV Promo
A good example of 3D motion graphics VRset produced for a Holistic Dr. Kitchen show in Los Angeles
YellowPages Promo
How do you time travel in visual technology, that was the challenge for this yellow pages 3D animated promo. VRset filmed the cuneiform stamping shot and the rest in-house at the Los Angeles studios
Scape Bumper 3
TV bumper for 'Scape real estate magazine's TV show in Los Angeles
PureBody Supplement
VRset produced a series of supplement 3D promos in Los Angeles, here is one

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