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How to fill B-12 syringes from a multi dose b-12 large vial
How to fill B-12, fat burner, energy, or b complex vials into 1 cc injections
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How to give B-12 and Lipotropic (Fat Burner) injections on the arm or hip
How to give subcutaneous SQ b12 and fat burner shots on the arm or hip
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How to Use HCG injection syringe on the stomach
Part of Elevation Medical Weight Loss HCG diet program in Pittsburgh
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How to reconstitute (mix) HCG with B-12 and Lipotropic solution
How to mix hcg with b-12 and fat burner for patients' use
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How to pop off botox vial cap
How to pop off botox vial cap and write the reconstitution info on the botox box
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The best way to mop your floors and how to do so
This video demonstrates how I want front end staff to mop the floors before they open for the day. So easy you can do so half asleep. 2 buckets: clean and dirty water. Cleaning solution in the clean water bucket: half bucket of water, 1-2 second of vinegar, 1-2 squirts of dish soap. Dirty water bucket is a full bucket of just plain water for rinsing the mop pads.
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Training 2016-06-26 squat 185 lb at 105 lb bw
Powerlifting training for USAPL Ohio State meet
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Elevation Medical How to Reconstitute (Mix) Botox 100 units
Dawn with Dr. Cooper at Elevation Medical Weight Loss in Weirton
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Easy way to peel hard boiled eggs
Roll the eggs around in a pan with the lid on
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How to give yourself or instruct patients to give subcutaneous HCG injection
How to give yourself or walk patients through administering HCG shots under the skin on the stomach
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How to count and bottle 30 pills (chromium picolinate)
Also apply to counting phentermine, both KVK and Lannett manufacture
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Baby Feeding Mommy Turkey and Chicken Salad
MaiLan is 12 months old. It's her first time using a fork and she thinks it's funny to feed me. Thank you, baby.
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