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This Is Development // Pixel Ripped
Ana Ribeiro makes games about games within games...confused? You shouldn't be. It all makes sense when you're having this much fun. // This is Pixel Ripped. This is Development. This is Windows. https://twitter.com/pixelripped
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The new Windows Terminal
We are so excited to announce Windows Terminal! Windows Terminal is a new, modern, fast, efficient, powerful, and productive terminal application for users of command-line tools and shells like Command Prompt, PowerShell, and WSL. Blog post: http://devblogs.microsoft.com/commandline/introducing-windows-terminal/ GitHub: https://github.com/microsoft/terminal
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#DevQuest – Episode 2: Growing Pains
Join Adriaan de Jongh (Hidden Folks) on his world-wide tour to talk with indie devs and find out why they make games. Adriaan’s second stop is Montreal, where he visits Compulsion Games, KO_OP Mode, and Kitfox Games to see what it takes to create their art. It isn’t always easy, but a legacy of game development and a tight-knit community make Montreal one of the biggest (and coldest) indie hubs in the world. For more information about game development on Windows 10, head to: http://wndw.ms/RQH7Fl
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#DevQuest – Episode 1: The Hard Way
The four-part series begins in Amsterdam as Adriaan de Jongh (Hidden Folks) prepares to travel the globe and find out what drives indie developers to make their games, their way. First stop: Prague. Adriaan meets up with Amanita Design—makers of Samorost 3 and Machinarium—and learns about the dedication and detail that goes into their unique style. For more information about game development on Windows 10, head to: http://wndw.ms/C7yoF8
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Microsoft Build 2017 // Demo: How Services Work Across Contexts and Devices
At Microsoft Build 2017, Microsoft Senior Product Marketing Manager Laura Jones demos the use of services like Cortana across devices and contexts.
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#DevQuest – Episode 4: Underdogs
In a quest to explore the world of game development, Adriaan de Jongh (Hidden Folks) chats up indie studios on three continents to find out why they do it. The Arcade is a collaborative workspace in Melbourne that’s home to 30+ indie studios. In his fourth and final stop, Adriaan discovers that it sometimes takes a village (and good coffee) to overcome the hurdles of game development. For more information about game development on Windows 10, head to: http://wndw.ms/HXT12y
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Microsoft Build 2017 // Project Rome
See more: http://wndw.ms/wAfGqV
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Microsoft Build 2017 // Demo: Device Intelligence with Microsoft Graph
At Microsoft Build 2017, Microsoft Senior Product Marketing Manager Laura Jones showcases how developers can leverage Microsoft Graph to build intelligence into their apps.
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Visualizing medical treatments with mixed reality: MedApp & Windows
Gaming company turned medical application, MedApp and its telemedicine system Carna Life is saving lives with mixed reality technology.
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Microsoft Build 2018 – Announcing Microsoft Launcher for Enterprise
Shilpa Ranganathan announces Microsoft Launcher for Enterprise, Timeline on Phone and Your Phone during Day 2 of#MSBuild. Learn more about the updates here: http://wndw.ms/W0itZP.
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#BuildMC - Q&A with David Rousset & David Catuhe, Microsoft - Mixed Reality Developer
Build MC for Mixed Reality Devs, Lucas Rizzotto discusses Babylon.JS, and how WebVR is helping developers create multiplatform VR applications. #MSBuild Follow Lucas: http://wndw.ms/X8CpsO
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Windows Bridge for iOS brings award-winning audio mixing app djay Pro to Windows 10
djay Pro combines Windows’ streamlined user interface and advanced Microsoft hardware to bring beginner and pro-level DJs alike a complete and easy-to-use audio toolkit.
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#WindowsDevDay -  Fluent Design
Read more about the updates here: http://wndw.ms/O5NfgZ
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#BuildMC - Q&A with Dian Hartono & Sharla Akers, Microsoft - Commercial Developer
Ginny talks with Dian & Sharla, Program Managers at Microsoft, following the MSIX Customization technology sneak peak. #MSBuild Follow Ginny: http://wndw.ms/w6Mrzg
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#HowfastISfast - The Desktop Bridge for Windows
Learn more about the Desktop Bridge here: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/projects/campaigns/application-development?utm_campaign=appdev17&utm_medium=web&utm_source=cle&utm_content=h2redirect The Desktop Bridge for Windows is the fastest way to convert your apps and gain access to a ton of new Windows 10 features.
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Desktop Bridge unlocks Evernote's functionality
Evernote’s Desktop Bridge conversion enabled impressive Universal Windows Platform features and Windows Store support.
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FluidMath and inking transform the way we teach and learn math
FluidMath, created by Fluidity Software, Inc., is an efficient and engaging platform that creates a seamless pencil and paper experience. Go to the Windows Store now and try out the FluidMath app. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/fluidmath/9wzdncrdxbv4 The future of inking is limitless. What will you create next?
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#DevQuest – Episode 3: Gemütlich
Adriaan de Jongh (Hidden Folks) travels the globe to see what drives indie game developers. Moving from snowy Montreal to sunny Los Angeles, Adriaan chats with Night School Studio, the team behind Oxenfree. Blending narrative storytelling and unique mechanics, Night School sets out to make an emotional connection with their players—much like Adriaan tries to connect players physically with his own games. For more information about game development on Windows 10, head to: http://wndw.ms/hHPr5Q
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Microsoft Build 2018 – Fluent Design System Evolution
Keep up to date with the latest Fluent Design System updates at Microsoft Build 2018. #MSBuild Learn more about the updates here: http://wndw.ms/W0itZP.
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Microsoft Build 2018 – Updates to Hyper-V and Notepad
Kevin Gallo, CVP, Windows Developer Experience, announces updates to Hyper-V, including integration with Android Emulator and a time-saving fix for Notepad. #MSBuild Learn more about the updates here: http://wndw.ms/W0itZP
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Bringing the classroom to life with Lifeliqe and Windows 10
See how developers and teachers are harnessing the power of Windows 10 to engage a whole new generation of students. Learn more about Lifeliqe here: https://www.lifeliqe.com/
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#BuildMC - Introduction - Microsoft Build 2018, Build MC Program
Meet the developers driving the Build MC Program. They’ll be bringing you a behind the scenes look at the keynotes, sessions, events and overall excitement coming out of Microsoft Build 2018. Learn more about the developers: http://wndw.ms/u3O941
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Microsoft Build 2018 – An Introduction to Microsoft Graph
Power your own app experiences. See how Microsoft Graph lets you connect to data and intelligence in Microsoft 365. Learn more about the updates here: http://wndw.ms/W0itZP.
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Microsoft Build 2018 – Siemens Healthineers and Windows
Ten million lines of code across a broad range of deployments. See how Siemens Healthineers creates a cohesive experience with #MSBuild. Learn more about the updates here: http://wndw.ms/W0itZP.
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Empowering everyday artists with Pixiv Sketch & Windows Ink
One of the most important moments in an illustrator's life is showing off his or her work. See why illustrator Takayama Toshiaki and Kawada Hiroshi, Pixiv Sketch, say Windows Ink allows artists to show full expression in their drawings.
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Adventist Health System - Upgrading health systems with Windows 10
Learn more here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/features
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Announcing UWP Community Toolkit Update Version 1.1
Today we are releasing the first update to the UWP Community Toolkit. Read more here at the Building Apps for Windows Blog.
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#BuildMC - Q&A with Kevin Gallo, Microsoft - Consumer Developer
Build MC for Consumer Devs, Iris Classon, gets an exclusive interview with Windows Developer Platform CVP, Kevin Gallo, at #MSBuild. Follow Iris: http://wndw.ms/O0iYQt
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Debugging and testing at lightspeed: Digital Guardian and Windows
Partnering with Windows, data protection platform Digital Guardian is able to debug and test new technologies faster and easier than ever before. For more information, visit: https://developer.microsoft.com/windows/projects/campaigns/windows-compatibility?utm_campaign=windowscompatibility&utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video&utm_content=digitalguardian Learn more about Digital Guardian here: https://digitalguardian.com/
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Introducing the Windows Desktop Bridge
Learn more: https://aka.ms/converter
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Building Apps for Xbox: Media Playback Sample App
South Ridge is a sample app that demonstrates media playback in your UWP app for desktop, mobile, and Xbox One. Learn more about UWP apps on Xbox at http://aka.ms/XboxAppDev.
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Build 2016: Scaling UWP Apps to Surface Hub
Tim Huckaby talks about creating UWP applications for large screen devices like Surface Hub Go here to get started creating UWP apps today: http://wndw.ms/vSsV6e And go here to learn more about creating UWP apps for Surface Hub: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/surfacehub
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Insider Dev Tour 2018 recap
Insider Dev Tour: a world series event for developers interested in building Microsoft 365 experiences today using the latest developer technologies, as well as for those who want a peek into the future. Check out the highlights from the 2018 tour.
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Microsoft Build 2018 – Utilizing Microsoft Graph to Collect Data & Insights
See how Microsoft Graph can connect your data and power insights in this Contoso clinic demo. Learn more about the updates here: http://wndw.ms/W0itZP.
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Microsoft Build 2018 – Fluent Design System Demo
Kevin Gallo demonstrates how Fluent Design works with XAML Islands and Windows Desktop Applications at Microsoft Build 2018. #MSBuild Learn more about the updates here: http://wndw.ms/W0itZP.
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#WindowsDevDay - Microsoft Store
Read more about the updates here: http://wndw.ms/O5NfgZ
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Microsoft Build 2018 – Sets: Blending Web and App
Ready. Set(s). Go. Here's everything you need to know about Sets from today's #MSBuild keynote. Learn more about the updates here: http://wndw.ms/W0itZP.
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#BuildMC - Q&A with Clint Rutkas, Microsoft  - Mobile Developer
In an interview with Senior Technical Product Manager, Clint Rutkas, Neil learns how Template Studio is getting devs up and running faster than ever. #MSBuild Follow Neil: http://wndw.ms/YUgJ38
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Case Study: Microsoft Windows 10 Application Compatibility in Health Care
Adventist Health System is upgrading 55,000 devices to Microsoft Windows 10, citing strong Windows 10 application compatibility as key enabler. Learn more: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/projects/stories/microsoft-windows-10-application-compatibility-in-health-care
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Visualizing a Pagani Supercar with ZeroLight and Windows 10
Automotive visualization specialist ZeroLight uses Windows 10 to create meticulously designed and detailed models for the world's most exciting automotive and technology brands. For more information on ZeroLight, visit: https://zerolight.com/ Learn more here: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/projects/campaigns/application-development?utm_campaign=appdev17&utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=social&utm_content=zerolight_video
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Build 2016: Parking Lot Demo with Windows IoT Core
Daniel Lang, CTO of Toradex, demos his IoT parking lot project and explains the opportunities that the world of connected devices brings to Windows developers. Learn more about Windows IoT Core here: http://wndw.ms/8qBdoY
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Visualizing customer solutions with HoloLens: CDM Smith and Windows
Using HoloLens and the Universal Windows Platform, CDM Smith is able to create applications for one environment, that work everywhere. Learn more here: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/projects/campaigns/windows-compatibility
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#BuildMC - Q&A Oren Novotny, BlueMetal Architects - Commercial Developer
Ginny talks with Oren Novotny, winner of the Ninja Cat of the Year award for his contributions to the Windows community at the 2018 Windows Developer Awards. #MSBuild Follow Ginny: http://wndw.ms/w6Mrzg
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Microsoft Build 2018 – Introducing Adaptive Cards
Charles Morris, Principal Group Program Manager, talks about building Adaptive Cards for Outlook. #MSBuild Learn more about the updates here: http://wndw.ms/W0itZP
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Microsoft Store listing
The Store listings section of the app submission process is where you provide text and images that customers will see when viewing your app's listing in the Microsoft Store. Learn more here: https://aka.ms/wdcugs-storelisting
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Build 2016: Understanding your Users Better with Swrve
Alex Gray speaks about how his app Swrve simplifies integrated A/B testing, personalized in-app campaigns, and more.
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#BuildMC - Q&A with Carl Schweitzer, MS Dev Show -  Mobile Developer
Neil Turner, Build MC for Mobile Devs, talks to Carl Schweitzer, host of the MS Dev podcast about all the announcements from Day 2 at #MSBuild. Follow Neil: http://wndw.ms/YUgJ38
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Windows Dev Center Dashboard Navigation
Learn how to easily navigate the Windows Dev Center dashboard. The dashboard allows you to manage and submit all of your apps and games for Microsoft Store in one place. Learn more here: https://aka.ms/wdcugs-dashboardnavigation
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