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Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad
Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad: Melissa Bang-Bang and Courtney Shea
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Bikini Girl Melissa
Sexy Latina Melissa dances by the pool
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Teeth Throat Video III
Same girl, nice mouth!
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Melissa CJs
Clean and Jerks for girls.
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Melissa Midwest | Melissa Midwest Loves Foxy Jacky
http://www.melissa-midwest.info/nude.html Melissa Midwest loves Foxy Jacky and has Foxy Strip down to her underwear
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Jonas Trouble Chapter 1&2
Chapter 1: Jonas Trouble Characters: Joe Jonas: 18 Nick Jonas: 15 Kevin Jonas: 20 Melissa Love 14 Monique Hawkins: 14 Christina Smith: 17 Jasmine Walker: 19 (Melissa Diary) Dear Diary, Hi I'm Melissa but you can call me Mimi and I ran away from home because I thought it would've been the best if I left. My parents fight because of the troubles that I made it is May 29,2008, and my first time writing in my diary that I got from my sister for my birthday, And I Attend I return at the end of summer and while I wait for that day I want an adventure that I will never forget. Right now I'm with my friend Christina but I call her Cici sometimes Both of us are freaks about MUSIC oh and we are going on a cruise with her mom and Jasmine AKA Jessie and her mom for the WHOLE summer and how cool is that well I have to go its like 3:00 in the morning so good night or good morning or whatever BYE! PS they wont call the cops and search for me because I told them I would be back to see if things would change if they didn't have to deal with the trouble I do and caused in this family and I think they would accept that since they keep on saying their house their rules* Love, Melissa Chapter 2: ( Day of her runaway) *yea yea yea I know you're saying 8 DAYS!! But just read and you'll understand PLEASE!* Christina: Hey Melissa WAKE UP! Melissa: (groaning) ughhhh… GO AWAY!! Christina: (Still jumping on Mimi's bed than stopped and than gasped) Well then by the way I just wanted to let you know that we're having breakfast and you won't have none by 7 minutes because it'll be gone. (while she is half way through the door) Melissa: (Jumped up quick oh I forgot she loves FOOD) Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok im awake im awake!! Christina: I knew that would work HA now hurry up breakfast will be in an hour Melissa: UGGHHHHH! IMMA GET YOU CICI!! Christina: You can try but you can't now get your but out of that bed and get ready Melissa: Fine (mumbles) crazy girl trying to wake me up at 10:30 Christina: (Heard what she said) Well at least I'm less crazy than you are Ms.Crazys of the CRAZYNESS!!! Melissa: Whatever WELL AT LEAST.…(Interrupted by Mrs.Smith Cici's mom) Mrs.Smith: OK you two sometimes I don't even know why you are best friends when you guys fight all the time over little things that's not even important Christina: WELL SHE STARTED IT! (saying like a little kid) Mrs.Smith: Christina… Christina: Yes I know ok I'll stop Melissa: (looked at Mrs.Smith and said) Thank you! Mrs.Smith: your welcome hunny anytime (and walked out the door and made breakfast) *Melissa got ready and everything and went downstairs and ate breakfast after that Mrs.Smith told them to get packing if they didn't wanted to be late for the cruise today* Melissa: OMG! Can you believe we are going to travel in a cruise to islands that way I can work on my tan Christina: good cause you need one and I called Jasmine 30 minutes ago and she said she'll be here at 3:25 on the dot but its like 3:47 right now. Melissa: just give her time. You know how long it takes for that girl to get ready you know it's always the bling, make-up, perfume, and style ALWAYS I mean she'll probably be here at like 4:00 or even…(just then the doorbell rang) NOW! Wow that was…Weird Christina: (opened the door and it was Jasmine DUHH!) JESSIE! Jasmine: CHRISSY! (they hugged and did there secret handshake) Melissa!! Melissa: Hey!! It is so nice to see you again!! Jasmine: yea I see you haven't changed a bit did you?? OH and how's the "family problems" turning out Melissa: It's still the same nothing changed but I… I... ran away Jasmine: YOU WHAT!! Melissa: LISTEN! I left them a note telling then that I ran away and I was going on cruise with you guys and that they shouldn't call the police to search for me so the last thing to know is if they will follow what I told them to do or not but I think that did because its been a week and nothing has happened so I think they did so don't worry Jasmine: Oh… ok… well let's just hope cause you know we don't want any drama while trying to relax now do we Chrissy & Mimi: NOO!! Jasmine: Haha ok Mr.Walker: Hey girls (she hugged the girls) Hey Lashonda (Mrs.Smith) Mrs.Smith: Hey girl!! (The girls laughed) Ok ok are you girls ready to have some girl time!!! (The Girls): YES!!! Mrs.Smith: (laughed) Ok let get these things in the car (she kissed Mr.Smith goodbye and left and than Mr.Smith went back to sleep lol I know)
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A Jonas Romance Story;Episode 1
M:Melissa, G:Gina, S:Sarah, J:Joe jonas K:Kevin, N:Nick ENJOY!!!♥♥♥☻ The 3 girls bought tickets online and they went to the concert. M:Wow...That is a big stage! S:Yeah try performing on that.. G:I would...If someone calls 911 before With the boys J:Theres a lot of people out there! N:So, we performed bigger than that. K:Yea, somethings wrong with you today. J:Sorry, I didnt go to sleep until 6:00 am playing my PS2 K:I really need to get one of those but i still like ROCKING AND ROLLING ON GUITAR HERO!!!!!!!! J:Wow... Speaker:You have been waiting for a long time to see them in concert well here they are THE JONAS BROTHERS!! They played: Hello Beautiful SOS When you look me in the eyes Games and a lot more... After the concert the girls were heading their way to the meet and greet M:We're next!!! S:Yeah!!!! G:COOL!!! The order of the Jonas Brothers were Joe,Kevin,Nick and the girls Melissa,Gina,and Sarah. J:Hey Im Joe (gave melissa a hug) M:Hi Joe im the biggest fan.I love you! J:I can tell. M:Well, can you sign my poster.? J:Sure..(joe signs it)And you are ? M:Melissa.. J:(wrote the autograph to melissa) N:Hi, Im nick(hugs sarah) S:Hi nick..can you sign my cd case? N:Sure..(signs to..)Your name? S:Sarah. N:Nice name. S:Thanks N:(signs it) S:Thanks! K:Hi im Kevin. G:Hi im Gina..Can you sign my poster? K:Sure(signs and writes a 5 minute letter) G:Thank you! The girls leave and are in melissa's car. G:Hey Misa? Can you turn on the light i wanna know what kevin wrote to me.. M:Sure but not long.(turns on lights) G:(reads the message)OMG! Kevin gave me his phone number! S:No! G:Yes! S:N- G:Ok shut up! Yes look (hands Sarah the poster) S:wow!It is ! G:should i call him? S:YES!!! Gina calls him.. Will Kevin pick up?Does the boys like the girls? Find Out in "A Jonas Romance;Episode 2'!
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Melissa Cracks instead of cranking
Girl in white [ far right ] cracks finger instead of cranking that soulja boy. PLEASE PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO GIRL ON FAR RIGHT!!
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Sarah McLachlan - Angel [Official Music Video]
"Angel" by Sarah McLachlan from Surfacing, available now. Download on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/angelsurfacingsarah Links: http://www.facebook.com/sarahmclachlan http://www.twitter.com/SarahMcLachlan "Angel" Lyrics: Spend all your time waiting for that second chance for a break that would make it okay there's always some reason to feel not good enough and it's hard at the end of the day I need some distraction oh a beautiful release memory seeps from my veins let me be empty oh and weightless and maybe I'll find some peace tonight In the arms of the angel fly away from here from this dark cold hotel room and the endlessness that you fear you are pulled from the wreckage of your silent reverie you're in the arms of the angel may you find some comfort here So tired of the straight life and everywhere you turn there's vultures and thieves at your back the storm keeps on twisting you keep on building the lies that you make up for all that you lack it don't make no difference escaping one last time it's easier to believe in this sweet madness oh this glorious sadness that brings me to my knees In the arms of the angel fly away from here from this dark cold hotel room and the endlessness that you fear you are pulled from the wreckage of your silent reverie you're in the arms of the angel may you find some comfort here you're in the arms of the angel may you find some comfort here Subscribe to Nettwerk's YouTube channel: http://smarturl.it/nettwerkyoutube
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More Than Words ep 5 section 2
Monti:Ok how about we spent 30 more minutes here and then leave?? Madorie:Ok*goes over and starts kissing Monti* Chris and Carlos:*still have their shirts off(in my mind they are freaking gorgeous) Chris:*is stilll wet(...DAMN)* Amanda:*comes over next to Chris and traces his abs with her fingertips and starts kissing him* Jessica:*walks slowly over to Carlos, starts kissing him, and tangles her hands in his hair* Steph:*gently kisses Emma and lays her head softly on his chest* Melissa:*Puts her hands around Jose's head and starts kissing him* Jose:*puts his hands around her waist as they are kissing* *all of sudden 3 girls approch the cozy bunch* ???:Hi Chris Chris:*stops making out with Amanda and slowly takes his hands off her waist* Um hi Rachael.. Amanda:*whispers in Chris's ear* Whose Rachael?? Carlos:*stops making out with Jessica to say* Chris's ex.. Jose:*stops kissing Melissa and tries to hide behind her* ???:Hi Jose! Jose:Hi Paige*fake smiles at her* Amanda:*leans next to melissa and says* I am not letin this little midget anywhere next to my lil funsized Chris!! Melissa: I agree this Paige girl is kinda creepy.. ???:Hi Carlito.. Carlos:Hi Maia.. Jessica:*leans next to Amanda and Melissa* Oh crap exs!! Steph:Lets just leave now this might get ugly*whispers to Emma* Monti:Yea er um sorry ladies but we gotta jet.. Maia: But we just got here.*winking flirtly at Carlos* Chris:*makes a gagging sound* Amanda:*giggles and kisses Chris* Rachael:Um Chris who is this..um girl? Chris:Rachael this is my gf Amanda Amanda:Hi Rachael*not looking at her* Rachael:Mhm*says it sassy* Jessica:*rolls her eyes at Rachael* Paige:So Josey bear how are you? Jose:Um good but we really have to go now.. *All of them pack up and start to leave* Emma:I say lets run for it*whispering to Chris* Chris:I agree I dont want Rachael going anywhere near me or Amanda*Put his arm around Amanda protecting her* Maia:Oh he.. *The crew race towards the car and jump in before the other girls can say anything else* *They arrive back at the Menudo house* Amanda:What the hell was that Chris!!??*takes his hand off her shoulder* Chris:Just my annoying ex. You know that I will always love you. Carlos:Gosh hate those girls!! Jose:No duh!! Jessica:Ok well enough of them we need to get ready!! Melissa:Yea cz its 5 already!! Steph:Hey can I borrow those earrings..*Steph says as all the girls climb the stairs* Monti:Ok boys lets get ready! Emma:Ok but wat happened to those candies and flowers we were supposed to give the girls?? Carlos:All taken care of they are in the kitchen. I hid them so the girls wouldnt find them. Chris:Good now we better hurry!! *all the boys are ready in an hour* *with the girls* Amanda:Hey can you throw me those black heels Melissa? Melissa:Yea catch! Amanda:*misses it and hits her leg* Ouch! Thanks! Melissa:Sorry.. Jessica:Hey Steph, hand me that necklace will you. Steph:sure here Madorie:Can somebody zip up my dress?? Amanda:I will hold on.*zips it up for Madorie* Madorie:Thanks I think I am ready. Melissa:Ok great cz Im not! Amanda:Me either!! Jessica:Has anyone seen my brush Steph:Under the bed! *half and hour until formal* Madorie:Ok are we all ready? *rest of the 4 girls* Yep! *The girls walk down the stairs in their beautiful dresses and gaze down at their princes* Chris:Wow Amanda You look ...beautiful! Amanda:Thanks you look great too *smiles and takes his hand* Jose:Whose this pretty thing?*points at Melissa and hands her the flowers and chocolate* Melissa:Thanks Jose!! Carlos:*smiles up at Jessica trying to think of something to say* You look wonderful*hands her some flowers and chocolate as well* Jessica:Thanks Carlos! You dont look too bad yourself! Emma:*grabs Steph's hand and kisses it while he pulls out the flowers from the other hand* Steph:Thanks Emma they are beautiful! Monti:*stares at Madorie and hugs her while he gives her some chocolate* Madorie:Thanks Monti!*hugs him back* NOTE:If you were paying attention Chris didnt give Amanda anything yet well that is about to change!! *The limo arrives in the front* Amanda:Wow this is almost like a mini prom! Chris:Oh prom will be much bigger!! Carlos:*Opens the limo door and they all step in* Jose:Ok *Pulls out some sodas from the mini fridge and passes them around* Monti:A toast to winter formal! Emma:And how lucky we are to find the perfect girls! *everyone* To winter formal! Chris:*pulls out something furry from the back and gives a Menudo bear to Amanda*I love you Amanda*and kisses her* Amanda:Omg! Chris I love it and I love you. *after a half an hour of music and talking they arrive at the school* *They all step out and walk into the gym* ???:Amanda!! Amanda:OMG!! Hi Jen!! Jen:Where have you been?? Amanda: Well I was with these nice boys. *points to Menudo* Jen:Holy Crap! MENUDO!! Amanda:Yea *laughs* Oh and meet my date :Chris Moy! Chris:Nice to meet you Jen
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Girls discuss boys night out
There's something really wrong with this convo...
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Jelissa AU: Memories
This is slight AU because Jackson dies during Regrets with that desease he gets. Melissa takes comfort in remembering him and imagining he's around.
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New Moon Parody
Okay, so this is mine and Melissa's first time TRYING to do a New Moon Parody. Please be nice with the comments! Btw, me and melissa love Twilight (YAY ONE MORE DAY TILL BREAKING DAWN). The two other little girls (Edward & Rosalie) never read the books, but i think they did a pretty good job playing their roles! Rate & Comment Please! :)
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2 girls kissing
very nice
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bad boys can be nice chapter 1
Ok this might be boring in the first few chapters, but I promise it will get better, and there will be graphicness (livinginmollywood) lol inside joke between me and marriedtonickjonas anyway to the story Chapter 1... MELISSA’S POV Hi! My name is Melissa I act like everything is perfect and dandy and that I am such a good person! Well guess what im not! No one no’s this yet, and im not gonna tell you yet either, but you will most likely find out, im in 10 grade and there are 2 bad boys in my school, all the girls wanna get fucked by them, well all girls except me. I personally rather not have sex! Anyway I live with my parents, It is the first day of school, and well my mom says I got slimmer, I “grew”, im taller, and I have more curves but in the good way. I was so excited for today (first day of school) until realized I couldn’t tell her Melanie (my best friend) about everything that happened this summer, well I can but, that would involve me going to church and I don’t have the patience to sit in there and wait for signs that she can hear me. Ughhhhh great now im crying, well at least im not wearing any make-up well I don’t need any because I have blueish grayish eyes that glistening in the sun and make the elusion that I am wearing eye liner and mascara which im not. Great, now im at school and I walk in and well, well,well what do we have here it’s ashley all over nick “they are supposable bf and gf” but they both know that hey both cheat on each other, I got my locker number, and great it’s right next to “Ashley’s” ughhh I walk over there (n-nick m-Melissa a-Ashley) a-what happened to melanie m- *this really hurt me inside, cause I knew she was gonna pick on melanie and she knew she died, and ughhhhh, but I tried to ignore her* a-*annoyed that she isn’t getting to Melissa* we all now that she died cause of you, why don’t you just admit it M-* I thought about her words and she was right, so why don’t I just admit it, I didn’t realize I was staring into space, but I did notice I was crying and I knew I had to admit it, I went to the middle of the hallway and I yelled* YES I AM THE REASON MELANIE DIED, OK? ARE YOU FUCKING HAPPY YET?!?!? *and saying those words hurt me more then I thought it would so I ran to the janitors closet, it was me and melanies secret hiding space, so I walked in and I saw joe jonas and Emily brown having sex, I don’t think they heard me because…* Ok not really a big cliffy but I promise it will get better please keep reading, please 2 comments till next one, thanks!!!
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Beautiful girl with nice dancing moves
Just dancing.
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melissa's laughing attack!
i dont even remember why she was laughing
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SMokin HOt Alyssa Milano In Naughty Naked Photos
SMokin HOt Alyssa Milano In Naughty Naked Photos
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Is this for real?? {a jonas brothers love story} ch.9
Melissa: Well, a couple years ago, I was diagnosed with Juvenile diabetes. Joe: Oh, I am soo sorry. I can't imagine how tough it is on Nick and you. But hey, ther's one good thing coming out of all this! Melissa: *looks up* What? Joe: Me! Melissa: *smiles* of course! Joe: And... Melissa: and? Joe: We're introducing you to...OUR AGENT!!! Melissa: *Speechless*... Joe: Well? Aren't you gonna get excited and jump up and down screaming, "OH MY JONAS!!!"? Melissa: *laughs, then jumps up and down yelling oh my jonas, oh my jonas! then she grabs Joe and they both start jumping and yelling. The others hear them making a racket backstage, so they go back there and see the two jumping* Kevin: Ummm, Joe? Joe: OH MY JONAS! IT'S KEIVN JONAS! *Melissa and Joe both fall onto the couch laughing histerically* Ashley: Uhhhh ok...Kevin, is he always like this? Kevin: Unfortunately, yes... Ashley: Then they're perfect for each other! Kevin: It certaintly seems that way... Melissa: *finally recovering* Sorry about that, guys, but Joe just told me some really exciting news!!! Sophia: What? Melissa:He said that he's gonna introduce me to his agent!!! *Ashley and Sophia start jumping up and down and yelling" Oh my jonas!, "which just sets off Melissa and Joe again* Nick: *to Kevin* Are you SURE we're related to him? Kevin: I really hope not. *just then they were inturrupted by a sudden knock on the door* Keivn: I'll get it. *He goes over to the door and greets the person* Kevin: Oh, hello Sandra! Ashley: Who's Sandra? Kevin: our agent. Ashley: *blushes* Oh... Nick: Hello, Sandra, we didn't expect you so soon! We figured you would drop in after the concert to check on things. Sandra: Well, I was going to do that, but I decided to come earlier, to beat the mob of fans. Sophia: Smart Idea... Sandra: And who might you be? Nick: Sandra, this is Sophia- Kevin: This is Ashley- Joe-And THIS*makes hand guesture* is Melissa, your next big thing. Melissa: *blushing* Joe! *to Sandra* Hi, so nice to meet you. joe: But anyway, Sandra, like I was saying, she could totally be your next big thing! She's really good. Wanna hear her? Melissa: *Joe, I'm sure she came herre to talk to you guys, not to be harrassed by nobodies wanting a shot at stardom. Sandra: Nonsence, lets hear you, what can it hurt? Melissa: Well, then I'm Melissa nobody, and here goes nothing: I'm sorry, for breaking all the promises I wasn't around to keep/ It's all me, this time is the last time I will ever ask you to stay/ but you're already on your way... Sandra: That was beautiful! *thinks for a minute* Boys, can I see you inm the other room for a minute? Nick: Yeah, sure. Kevin: Be right back, Ash. Joe: *whispers to Melissa* This might be it!! *all three leave the room, so its just the girls alone* Melissa: I can't believe this is really happening!! Sophia: I know, this has just been too good to be true! Ashley: I know!!! Can you believe that all of us have kissed a jonas brother! Melissa: Hah, not what I was tlaking about, but yeah! Sophia: Well... Ashley: What? Sophia: Nick and I haven't exactly... Melissa: You haven't kissed him yet?? Sophia: I almost did, but both times we were inturrupted before we could! Ashley: Well, that sucks. Don't worry, I'm sure It'll happen soon! Sophia: I hope so... *In the other room* Sandra: So, boys, what do you think of my idea? Joe: I think it's brilliant! Nick: Yeah, it does seem like a good idea, and hey, it might attract more fans! Kevin: Then its set then? Joe: We just have to ask her now, do you think she'll say yes? Nick:... =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= What will Melissa maybe say yes to?? Will Nick and Sophia EVER KISS?!?!? What will happen with Ashley and Kevin?? Will Melissa be able to mange her diabetes correctly? Find out in: Is this for real?? {a Jonas Brothers love story} ch.10 Comment/rate/subscribe!!! I decided I'm not gonna continue till I have 5 comments and 10 subscribers total!!! C'mon, guys, you can do it!!! lots of love, Lissa
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girl pig squeal
girl doing boi boi bree breee sounds :) for anything more contact Brittfaceyo.like giving her multimillion dollar deal.
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Can Dreams Really Come True?: Ch 51
Chapter 51 Hey! Sorry I haven't posted in a while! I had a huge book report and it took FOREVER! But anyways, haha it was funny today some little 7th grader came up to me while I was at me locker and was like "Do I know you?" and I was like "uh, I don't think so..." and he started walking away from me and he was like "Well you lookin good!" and I was like "WHAT?!" It was so creepy! Haha RANDOM! Love you's! ~danielle In the hotel hallway: (Everyone is standing in the hallway in front of the 2 rooms) Nick: That was so good Danielle: Um, Nick, uh, you, have, some uh, chili on your, shirt... again (He looks down at himself and sees it) Nick: Dang it! (He storms into his room) Kevin: See you guys later (He gives Danielle a kiss on the cheek) Kevin: Gotta go take a shower. Danielle, you wanna come with me? Danielle: Kevin! Kevin: What, I was just joking! (He laughs and then goes to his room) The next day: (Danielle is running around the room looking everywhere while Joe watches TV) Danielle: Have you seen my jersey? Joe: Uh, I don't think so Danielle: Crap (She continues looking around) Danielle: Are you sure you haven't seen it? Joe: Danielle, I haven't seen it Danielle: Okay (She walks into the bathroom. Joe looks after her and then, out of the corner of his eye, sees her jersey on a chair) Joe: Uh, Danielle. Come out here (She comes out of the bathroom) Danielle: Did you find it? Joe: Yup (She waits for him to say where it is) Danielle: Well where is it? Joe: Find it Danielle: I've been looking for 15 minutes now! Joe: Turn around (Danielle turns around and looks at the chair where she sees her jersey) Danielle (grabs her jersey and turns to Joe): Oh thanks Joe! (She runs into the bathroom to change) Joe: No problem Later: (The Jonas boys and Danielle are in a rental car driving to Danielles school for her Alumni volleyball game) Joe: Bump! Nick: Set! Joe: Spike! Nick: Can you dig our pass? Joe: Cause if you can't, well kick your... Danielle (yelling; turns around to look into the backseat): Joseph! Joe: What? I was gonna say kick you butt! Did anything else in that rhyme? No! (Danielle sighs and turns back around. When they get to Danielle's school, Joe Nick and Kevin find seats in the stands and Danielle goes over with her team to stretch. The team they are going to play comes in. She sees it's Wyoming and her jaw drops) Danielle: H-h-hey Melissa? Melissa: Yeah? (Danielle points to Wyoming) Danielle: Look who were playing (Melissa looks over and sees Wyoming) Melissa: Oh crap (They both get up and run to Nick Joe and Kevin in the stands) Danielle: Guys, guys, guys, guys, guys. Did you see who were playing? Joe: Um, no. I was watching some hot girl bump the volleyball with her frie... um, I was uh... IN THE BATHROOM! Yeah! That.s it, I was in the bathroom Danielle: Nice try Joe Melissa: Pig Joe: Sorry Kevin: No, I didn.t. But not because I was watching a hot girl bump the ball (He looks at Joe and Joe blushes) Kevin: I was watching some hot girl stretching (He looks at Danielle and she smiles big at him) Joe (raises his hand for a high five): Nice Kevin! Kevin: I was talking about Danielle Joe: Oh... I knew that Nick: Wait, wasn.t Wyoming that really good team? Melissa: Yeah! Joe: Ooh Danielle: Yeah Kevin (shrugs): Well, good luck Danielle (sarcastic): Thanks Coach Baker: Danielle! Melissa! You're captains! Danielle: Oh! Gotta go! Melissa: See ya! Danielle: Cheer for us! (Melissa hugs Joe and Danielle and Kevin kiss before both girls go down to flip the coin. The girls flip the coin and get first serve) Coach Baker: Hey girls, do you have any family or friends who could do the book? Danielle: Um, I think so. Be right back (Danielle and Melissa go up to the boys in the stands) Danielle: Have any of you guys ever worked a book? Joe: What book? Kevin: Work the book? Nick (puts his arm in the air): Ooh! Pick me! Melissa: Come on Nick. We need you Nick: Yeah. These stupid people couldn't do it cause I'm smart like that Danielle: Uh, yeah, well go with that. Come on Nick Nick: I get a front row seat to babes in short shorts!! YES! Melissa: Not you too! Danielle: Kevin better not be next! (Danielle and Melissa shake their heads and pull Nick along) Uh-oh! Will Danielle and Melissa's team be able to beat Wyoming? Or will they lose again? Find out in the next chapter!
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A JB Sister *Season 2* Chapter 7
---Melissa in the living room watching tv--- i'm bored..super bored with nothing to watch on tv. i wonder if Joe and Frankie made up. i flip through some channels when Nick comes in with this girl. ugh don't tell me hes over Ashley that soon Nick- hey sis i want you to meet someone i meet at the park. her names Hayley(played by HAYLEYxLOVE) Hayley- *shy* hi Melissa- hey Nick- well i'm gonna leave so you two can get to know eachother more he leaves and Hayley sits on the couch. wow shes really shy. shes kinda pretty though(not in that way!) she has medium blonde hair with brown lowlights. shes about my height and normal size Melissa- so Hayley..what do you like to do during your free time? Hayley- well i like to dance, sing, play guitar and drums wow shes perfect for Nick. now for my test[ these questions i'm about to ask are probably not true so i hope they don't bother you Hayley] Melissa- how many boyfriends have you had? Hayley- 2 Melissa- why did you guys break up? Hayley- well the first guy was a jerk and he was always mean. the second guy cheated on me Melissa- well i'm pretty sure Nick won't do that to you Hayley- *smiles* Melissa- do you have a job? Hayley- yea i work at Aeropostale Melissa- okay last but not least..are you a virgin?[sorry Hayley] Nick- *yells* okay thats enough!!! i turn around to see my brother standing against the door taping his foot Melissa- uh hey Nick..whats up? Nick- Mel your going too far Melissa- i was only trying to help[its true me and my sisters do the same thing with our brothers when they bring home girls] Nick- i'm glad your looking out for me but you don't need to know that. its for me to know and for you never to find out i just sat here staring at my brother. i can't believe he said that. i mean i know its none of my buisness but hey i gotta look out for him like he does for me. Hayley gets up and walks to the door with Nick Hayley- its nice meeting you Melissa and btw i'm a virgin when she said she was a virgin Nick's face lit up for some reason. oh boy here we go again. i'm gonna get endless nights of sleep if they become bf/gf because i know Nick will drag her to the bed[not really gonna happen] wow Hayley has no idea what shes getting herself into so whats gonna happen between Nick and Hayley? will they become bf/gf? whats with Kevin over at Starbucks? when will Melissa get a boyfriend? find out on the next chapter. hope you enjoyed it Hayley :]
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Vote for Me for Miss Coconuts!
I made this quick little video to promote myself on misscoconuts.com. This is my very first video I have ever made so BE NICE LOL! Remember to stop by misscoconuts.com and vote for me, Melissa Marie! XoXo Melissa Marie
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Hey Sexy Lady-Shaggy
Hey Sexy Lady - Shaggy
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girl vs boy drivers...
5 yr olds racing
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If Only They Knew (Chapter 6) part 1
okay i can't get the videos to save right so the video is just titles sry. Melissas POV- Ever since Nick found out I have kind of kept to myself. Luckily no one has really asked me about what is different. Maybe they were all too busy to notice anyway. Maybe they didnt ask me because they were afraid of the answer. Maybe they didnt say anything because they thought it was for the best. Maybe they didnt- wait. Who is that girl? There is never anyone like her backstage. She looks fun and someone that I would hang out with. Now that is someone I could deal with now. Its usually so boring back here. There are usually just workers and the occasional crazy fan. She was too young to be a worker, she looked about my age. I dont think she was a fan because she seemed pretty calm. I guess the only way to find out is to asker her. I ran down the hall after her. Melissa:*I walked ahead of her and turned around.* Hey, Im Melissa ????: Ohum...Hi, Im Anna. Melissa: Well nice to meet you. I havent seen you backstage before are you usually around here. Anna: Haha I wish. I am never really backstage; this is my first time actually. Melissa: Ohh well Im always back here looking for someone else to hang out with. Anna: Well I think that you have found that someone. Melissa: So what have you been doing for the past hour? Anna: Waiting around for something exciting to happen. Melissa: You know what I saw something that looked really fun, but not for one person. Anna: Alright. Lets go! *Melissa and Anna walked down the hall to the fourth door on the left. It was marked Costume Room. Melissa turned the knob and opened the door revealing a room full of any costume you could imagine. * Anna: Are we allowed in here? Melissa: With me we are. Plus we are already backstage why not? Anna: Iseriouslywow! I dont know what to try on first! (The girls went crazy with boas, crazy glasses, hats, coats dresses, and wigs. They kept putting on different outfits even took pictures. They were having so much fun, more fun than Melissa has had since before tour. In the middle of a picture Melissas phone rang) Melissa: Hold on a second I gotta take this. Hello? In a costume room, why? Yeah. Already? Okay. *She hung up and put her phone away* Anna: Who was that? Melissa: My brother we gotta go. He can I have your number? Maybe we can hang out some time. Anna: Yeah, sure. Can I have yours too? (They walked out of the costume room and squeezed though the large groups of people backstage.) -At the same time- Melissa/Anna: Hey Nick. (The rest of the Jonas clan was near by.) Melissa/Anna: You know Nick? How? Melissa: I am his sister. When I said my brother called earlier I meant Nick Anna: Well I met Nick when- (Melissa cut her off) Melissa: Ohh youre Nicks Anna! Anna: I guess. Melissa: Well, then Nick I approve. (Anna blushed and Nick smiled nervously.) Joe: Awkward! Mrs. Jonas: Melissa where have you been? Melissa: I was hanging out withOhh mom this is Anna. We were together during the concert. Mrs. J: Ohh well nice to meet you. Sorry to cut it short, but we have a long drive so you and the boys have to get your things we have to leave. Melissa: Alright. Kevin: New friend? Melissa: Yeah I hope so. Kevin: Better than Tyler. *I stuck my tongue out at him and was really tempted to flick him off, but I decided now was not the best time.* Melissa: Yeah, yeah. So how was the show? Joe: Alright. I mean I almost got pulled off stage and I fell in the hole for trap door. Otherwise I had fun. Melissa: Not your best night? Joe: No. Melissa: Well then want to make it worse? We can go back to the bus and I can kick your as—butt in video games. Joe: Well I dont think youll be kicking my BUTT at anything. Lets go!
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Desert Ridge All Girl Stunt
AIA State Comp
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Mrs Barbara Nice's Guide to Comedy - Be Yourself
Stockport's favourite housewife and mother of 5 takes us through her guide on how to be a top stand up comedian This episode - the advice from your mother that you always ignored...'Just be yourself....'
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2 Girls 1 Cup Reaction
We sat her down for a nice educational experience.
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Head Over Heels (chapter 4)
Chapter 4 Looks like Melissa’s had her heart broken . What’ll happen next? After school, Adrienne is at her locker when Joe and Kevin walk up to her. Joe- Hey Age- What’s up? Joe- nothing we were just looking for little nick. Have you seen him? He’s about yay tall and has an afro like this one (points to Kevin’s hair) Age- (laughs) no I haven’t seen him since AP history. But Melissa said that they were gonna go to the public library to work on their project. Kevin- oh ok Joe- nice of him to let us know. NOT! Taylor and Josh walk up to them. Taylor- hey guys! Age you ready to go? Age- yea Joe- umm you guys want to come over later to work on a project? Age- yea that sounds cool…but I have to stop at home first! Taylor- me too! I have a piano lesson. Joe- how about you guys come over at 6? Tay and Age- Sure. Josh- LET”S GO! Melissa’s at her locker talking to a friend when Paul walks up. Her friend leaves and Mel glares at Paul and turns to her locker. Paul- can we talk? (She ignores him) please? (continues ignoring him he gets mad and grabs hr to turn her around) Mel- stop your hurting me! (falls down on her knees) Nick was turning the corner into the hall where Melissa’s locker was. He saw them and started running towards them. Melissa starts crying. Paul- Answer Me! Melissa- Leave me alone! Paul- (yelling) NOT UNTIL YOU LISTEN! Nick- she said leave her alone! (Paul leaves) Nick- are you ok? (offers her his hand and helps her up) who was that guy? Mel- yea I’m fine. That was my ex- boyfriend Paul. He wants to get back together. Nick- oh (looks crushed) *thinking* Shoot! I can’t believe this! Why do i always fall for the cute taken girls?* Melissa- I can’t believe that jerk would even think of getting back together after what he did to me! (grabs her bag and closes her locker. They start walking outside and down the block. Melissa’s phone rings) Hello?.....now?.....but I was going to the library to work on a project…..but it’s a group project…..ok fine!....bye. (hangs up) Do you want to come over?
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A pretty girl singing - BLEEDING LOVE
Bleeding love by leona lewis
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Hangin' with the Homies in Newport
Melissa Etheridges talented band .. Mark Browne, Fritz Lewak, and Philip Sayce dunkin down in Newport with Cam and the UK Girls.
Joe Cocker - With a little help from my friends
Joe Cocker - With a little help from my friends
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Melissa and Kassy's Top 2
Me and Melissa's final project for our video class. If you don't like the spice girls, i'd fast forward through that first part.
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every1 was in the livingroom siting on the living room eating pizza. k-so what did I miss? all-a lot! k-well DUH! but what? jess-well,Melissa is pregnate k-*starts chockingzxxxxzzzx* m-*pats her stumack*yep,im carrying 6 lil babies! k-haha*faints*(melissa kinda like what faez did during the 360 we watched 10 times) n-ill wake him*takes his water and dumps it on him* k-huh?what happen?*remembers*O CRAP!!!!! b-but.....you me...and huh?*totaly lost* m-kev,wer kidding k-*smiles*psh....i so knew that all-sure ya did c-so do u wana realy know what you missed? k-that would be nice j-ok well the girls DID NOT get a record deal*winks at the girls* n-and are NOT performing with us tonight*wink* girls-*start freaking out* k-um.......ok so who is then? j-Struck*every1(not kevin) gave him a nasty look* k-but arent the girl's band named Struck? p-um.....*not thinking(as if she ever doz lol sorry paige)*were called ltruck!? k-ltruck? all-yea k-ok
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Melissa's chicken dance #2
Melissa's talents...
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Love Always Finds A Way Ep.7
~the door flies open and two people with ski masks run in and aim the two water guns~ ashley: *aiming at melissa* ready? selena: *aiming at nick* aim? BOT GIRLS: FIRE! *they get melissa and nick..soaking wet!* melissa: UGH! you guys are so! selena: no go ahead finigh what you were sayin! melissa: BITCHES! Selena: funny joke*sarcastic* ashley: were the bitches? ~melissa nods with attitude~ ashley: *pissed off* UGH! WE DID THIS TO GET BACK AT YOU! melissa: WHY?! ashley: YOU MADE NICKS LIFE MISERABLE! ~with demi and Jason~ demi: GO JASON! WOO! ??: hello.. dem: uh hi ??: im stacey*smiles* ~a girl about jasons age with blue eyes and long brown hair~ staceyA: im his girlfriend demi: O! your his girlriend...well nice meeting you! stacey: nice meeting you to! ~demi smiles~ stace: and im a big fan of your music! demi: *giggles*thanx ~with joe and emily~ emily: dad! joe: *wakes up*WOAH! what happend? emily: can i go now? joe: wait, how did you do on the audition emily: good...i think i bombed the acting though joe: you did not! your probably getting the part for the main role! and the only thing that matters is the sining..and you got that from your mother.. emily: *smiles* ok..ill be positive. joe: go..now come on *grabs her hand* ??: emily wait! ~a boy emilys age with brown hair(like joes hairstyle) and green eyes runs up to her~ *emily turns around* emily: yea cody? *this is cody from episode 11..not the sycho killing cody from the kidnapping stuff...* cody: my number *hands it to her nd smiles* joe: *eyeing him* emily: *looks up at her dad* cody: so you can all me and we'll set up that date tommorow joe: *date?! emily: *stomps on his foot* joe: ow! emily: sure ill call you. cody: ok..bye emily...*nods* mr. jonas*walks away* emily: *nervous laugh* hehe hi..daddy joe: i guess were talking to you and jason when we get home emily: fine... ~they head home~ nick: *opens the door* hey guys jason: I MADE THE TEAM! nick: thats awsome! demi: *tired* move.. nick: *sarcastic* o. is someone a wittle tired? demi: shut up before i hurt you*plops down on the couch* ~joe and emily walk in~ joe: sit down ems..JASON! COME HERE! demi: *to emily* what did you o now? emily: nothing..i swear..
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144 Beautiful Faces
144 beautiful women's faces digitally morhed together. --- The following is a list of the names of the 144 women as they appear in this video --- Aishwarya Rai, Alexandra Neldel, Alexis Bledel, Ali Larter, Alicia Silverstone, Alyssa Milano, Alyssa Sutherland, Amanda Detmer, Amber Tamblyn, Amber Valetta, Angelina Joli, Anne Hathaway, Bridget Moynahan, Brooke Burns, Brooke Shields, Calista Flockhart, Catherine Bell, Catherine Zeta Jones, Charlize Theron, China Chow, Claire Danes, Courteney Cox Arquette, Denise Richards, Diane Kruger, Diane Lane, Drew Barrymore, Elisha Cuthbert, Elizabeth Berkey, Elizabeth Mitchell, Elizabeth Shue, Emily Procter, Emma Watson, Emmy Rossum, Eva Habermann, Eva LaRue, Eva Longoria, Evan Rachel Wood, Evangeline Lilly, Famke Janssen, Gina Tognoni, Gwen Stefani, Gwyneth Paltrow, Halle Berry Hayden Panettiere, Heather Graham, Heidi Klum, Hilary Duff, Hilary Swank, Holly Valance, Izabella Scorupco, Jada Pinkett Smith, Jaime Pressly, Jamie Lynn DiScala, January Jones, Jennie Garth, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Ellison, Jennifer Finnigan, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Hawkins, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jeri Ryan, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Jessica Nagle, Jessica Simpson, Joanna Levesque, Jolene Blalock, Josie Maran, Julia Roberts, Julianna Margulies, Julianne Moore, Kate Beckinsale, Kate Bosworth, Kate Hudson, Kate Winslet, Katherine Heigl, Katherine Kelly Long, Katherine McPhee, Kathleen Robertson, Katie Holmes, Keeley Hazell, Kelly Monaco, Kelly Rippa, Kelly Rowan, Keri Russell, Keria Knightley, Kimberly Williams, Kirsten Dunst, Kirsty Gallacher, Kristanna Loken, Kristin Kreuk, Laura Harring, Laura Prepon, Lauren Graham, LeAnn Rimes, Lisa Kudrow, Liv Tyler, Lucy Liu, Marg Helgenberger, Maria Bello, Melissa George, Mena Suvari, Misha Barton, Moon Bloodgood, Naomi Watts, Natalie Imbruglia, Natalie Portman, Natasha Henstridge, Neve Campbell, Nicole Kidman, Nikki Cox, Olivia Munn, Olivia Wilde, Penelope Cruze, Rachel Hunter, Salma Hayek, Sarah Chalke, Sarah Harding, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Sarah Slean, Scarlett Johansson, Sela Ward, Shakira, Shania Twain, Sheryl Crow, Sienna Guillory, Soleil Moon Frye, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Sophie Marceau, Stacy Keibler, Summer Glau, Tatiana Zavialova, Teri Hatcher, Tiffani Amber Thiessen, Tiffany Fallon, Tina Fey, Tyra Banks, Willa Ford, Yunjin Kim, Yvonne Catterfeld
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Teeth Throat Video II
Nice one!
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chelsea handler in tree part 1
this is a skit from girls behaving badly.
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Head Over Heels (chapter 3)
Chapter 3 Looks like Melissa’s got an enemy! Let’s find out the details! A week later in AP history (Tuesday) Dr. Skeen- Alright now before you go I’m going to assign you your groups for the significant event of the 1600’s project. You’ll be working in groups of three. Group 1- Joseph Jonas, Adrienne Hathaway, and Taylor Justice. Group 2- Melissa Santos, Nicholas Jonas, and Samantha Johnson, (continues) I’ll give you the last five minutes of class to discuss your topic with your group members. Remember It’s due Friday. Samantha (comes over and sits in Taylor’s seat.) so who’s Nick Jonas? Nick- (sits in Joe’s seat) uhh I am. Samantha- (stares and smiles. Talks flirtatiously) Oh Hi! I’m Samantha! Nice to meet you! Mel- (annoyed) so anyways what are we going to do our project on? Nick- how about the Salem Witch Trials? Mel- that’s (interrupted) Samantha- OMG! I love that idea! You’re so smart! Nick- uhh thanks. How bout we meet at the library after school? Samantha- I can’t I have cheerleading! Sorry! (Bell rings) Oops! Got To Go! Bye! Mel- we could still go if you want to? Nick- sure (they start walking to gym) I’ll meet you after gym at your locker then we could walk there together. Mel- sure. See you later. (Heads to the girls locker room) In the locker room Age and TJ were already changing. Taylor- Hey where were you? Melissa- I was talking to Nick. We’re going to go to the library to do our project after school. Seeing as Samantha isn’t going to do anything we figured we’d just do it ourselves. Taylor- uh-huh (pause) sooo do u like him? Melissa- he’s nice (interrupted) Adrienne- not to mention cuh-ute! Melissa- ok yea he is. But don’t you remember what happened last time i was in a relationship. --Flashback-- It’s May of last year. Melissa is walking down the hall holding hands with her boyfriend Paul. Paul- sooo umm we need to talk. Mel- ok about what? Paul- uhh well, you see Samantha wants to get back together. Mel- what? (Drops his hand) Paul- I’m sorry but we’ve only been dating for 2 months right? Mel- uhh yea (feels the tears coming) Paul- we cool? Mel- umm (cant hold in the tears anymore) I don’t think so! She runs down the hall and straight into the girls’ bathroom. While she’s in the stall crying silently two girls walk in. Girl 1- so when is Paul going to dump Melissa? Girl 2- Today and it’s about time I can’t go behind her back anymore. I mean we’ve been hooking up for 6 weeks already. He told me he just went out with her because he felt bad for her! Can you believe that Jenny? Girl 1- Oh My Gosh Sam! You are so evil! Girl 2- I know Jen! After they leave Melissa walks out and finds Paul in the hallway and slaps him across the face earning her her first and only detention in her high school career. --End Of Flashback--
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that night- Kevin was waiting in a tux in the living room while melissa was finishing. m-*walks in*hey k-wow m-*giggles* k-you look amazing m-*blushes*thanx you dont look so bad youself k-are you ready? m-yea k-ok,come on*they leave* j-guys guess what? girls-what? n-kevin is gona propose to Melissa girls-what?! p-OMG! WOW, I hope its a nice place,I hope when the guy I marry proposes to me on a moonlight walk along the beach c-wow thats romantic but I dont care where only with WHO! p-WELL DUH! j-*- -gets an idea* n-hey lets watch a movie all-ok Kevin and Melissa- arive at a fancy resturant. m-wow,kev this place is so hard to get resurvations k-uh.......not when your a Jonas Brothers m-hm....true w-what can i get you to? k-well get Pasta and cokes w-ok it will be out in 40 minutes m-ok,thank you 1 hour later-they ate and are now eating desert k-*takes melissa's hand*I love you m-aw,i love you to k-melissa I have to ask you somthing m-what is it? k-*gets up and kneels down and takes out the box*Melissa will you marry me? m-.......*starts crying*
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Fabulous Fashion for Women Over 50 : Shorts & Pants Length for Older Women
Discover the appropriate shorts and pants lengths for older women. Learn how in this free video. Expert: Susan Jacobs Bio: Image consultant, Susan Jacobs has always loved dressing well and all things related. Filmmaker: Melissa Schenk
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The Judds - Rockin' With the Rhythm of the Rain
This is from:"Number One Hits" - the Judds singing: "Rockin' With the Rhythm of the Rain"
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Is this for real?? {A jonas brothers love story} ch.3
*All three girls get out of the car* Sophia: *whispering to ashley* WOW! I can't believe we're really meeting- ????: Hi, I saw some pretty girls over here and I uh...and...uhmmm*looks back* JOE, WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO SAY AGAIN?? *joe comes out behind a bush* Joe: Nice, Frankie. Melissa: Oh my...You're...I'm...but...hahaha *blushes wildly* Ashley: Hahaha I think she's a bit star struck, Here, lemme help. I'm Ashley, this is Sophia, and this *points to Melissa, who can't keep her eyes off of Joe* is Melissa Joe: Well, its nice to meet you, Sophia, Ashley, and Melissa *He looks at all of them, but his gaze falls on Melissa* You are all welcome to come on our bus for a while... Melissa: *finally recovering* I'd love to! Sophia: She means WE would love to. Joe: Cool, come on, follow us! Ashley: Us? Joe: Yup! *he grabs Melissa's hand and starts to run with her in the direction of his bus* Sophia: *whispering to Ashley* I think someone has a crush! Ashley: Well, duhh, She's liked him for a long time! Sophia: I mean Joe! *on the bus* Nick: Kevin, have you seen my socks? Kevin: *playing guitar hero* Nope, can't say I have... Nick: You're wearing them, aren't you? Kevin: Who, me? Noooo, I would never steal my little fro bro's socks!! Nick: Kevin... Kevin: Yeah? Nick: Why do "your" socks say Nick J on them? Kevin: Uh.... Nick:*tackles Kevin (in a playful brotherly way)* Kevin: Dude, you just made me lose my game!!! *By now both brothers are rolling all over the floor of the tour bus play-fighting* *then, Joe walks in with the girls. Nick and Kevin don't realize that they aren't alone anymore, so the girls and Joe just stand there, watching and chuckling* Kevin: Dude, you are SUCH a girl about your socks!!! Nick: Well I don't want Joe and his stinky feet wearing my socks! Kevin: Yeah, his feet smell TERRIBLE! I don't get why, but like, when he takes them off, the whole bus just smells terr- Joe: *coughs* EXCUSE ME, GUYS!!! Melissa: *whispers into his ear* Its okay, I think stinky feet are cute! Joe: *gives her a weird look* Melissa: Okay, my feet stink, too... Joe: *laughs* Seems we were made for each other. Melissa: Huh? *smiling* Joe: *Smiling back* Oh...nothing... Nick: I'd hate to interrupt this little love fest, but why are their 3 gorgeous girls in our tour bus? Sophia: *Blushes* We met your brother outside, and he said that we are welcome in your tour bus. Ashley: Yeah, but we can leave if you want... Kevin: *looking at ashley* Oh, no, please don't leave, you're certaintly wecome here! Ashley: *Returning his gaze* *in a distant voice* Okay...*smiles* *Kevin and Ashley sit on the couch together and start talking to each other* Kevin: So, Ashley, what seats do you have? Ashley: We're like, the 23rd row, or something like that. Kevin: Well, how would you and your friends like to be backstage at our concert tonight? Ashley: Me and the girls would love it!! Thank you so much, Kevin! *She gives him a big hug* Kevin: *blushing* Well, its my pleasure. Ashley: *smiles, and the two continue talking* Nick: Sooo, blue streak, do you have a name? Sophia: Actually, I do. It's Sophia, and I already know who you are. Nick: Is that so? Well, then tell me a little bit about you. Sophia: *playing it cool, but inside she's really excited that Nick JONAS is talking to her* Well, My name's Sophia, I live in Albany, and I love your guys' music. Nick: Really, well what's your favorite song? Sophia: I like Burnin' Up, and Lovebug. *Both of them are starting to lean in casually* Nick: Oh really? Sophia: Yes really. Nick: So, when was the last time you've been bitten by the lovebug? Sophia: Funny, I was just about to ask you the same thing... *At this point, their foreheads are touching, and both of them close their eyes, when all of a sudden Mr. Jonas appears in the doorway* Mr. Jonas: *clears his throat* Ahem *Sophia and Nick jump back and don't look at each other* Joe: Oh, hey, Dad, This is Melissa... Melissa: *shakes Mr. Jonas's hand* So nice to meet you. Kevin: This is Ashley... Ashley:*shakes his hand* Nick: And this is Sophia... Sophia: Pleased to meet you. Mr. Jonas: So nice to meet you girls. Boys, we need you on stage now for a sound check. *to the girls* Will you lovely ladies be joining them backstage? Melissa: We'd love to! Sophia: *looking at Nick* Yeah, we'd love that. Nick: *looking at sophia* Yeah, we sure would... =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= oOo...what will happen backstage at the concert?? Will Nick and Sophia ever finish what they started on the bus? Will Melissa and Joe get together? Do Kevin and Ashley have chemistry?!?!? Find out in: Is This For Real?? {a Jonas brothers love story} ch.4!! comment/rate/subscribe, people, I love hearing your opinions!!! Or, if you wanna give me an idea for the story, I'd like to hear it!!
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I Kissed A Girl - Multi-Fandom
Dedicated to my good friend: Cath And to my sister: Jessa (Thankyou both so much for your help! ILY) Just a fluffy multi-fandom video about all the girl relationships lovers, friends or just plain sexual tension Couples featured: Dialogue pt 1 -- bevin (oth 4x13) Dialogue Pt 2 -- Ashley -- (SON) Dialogue Pt3 -- Logan -- (vmars) Georgina/Serena (Gossip Girl) Lindsey/Brooke (One Tree Hill) Elliot/Carla (Scrubs) Madison/Ashley (South of Nowhere) Brooke/Haley (One Tree Hill) Spencer /Ashley (South of Nowhere) Veronica Mars (veronica mars 3x02) Spencer /Ashley (South of Nowhere) Elliot/Carla (Scrubs) Brooke/Rachel (One Tree Hill) Grace/Karen (Will and Grace) Beth/Kate (JTMD) Elliot (Scrubs) Summer (The OC) Brooke/Peyton (One Tree Hill) Alex/ Paige (Degrassi) Erica/Callie (Grey's) Lucy/Amy (D.E.B.S Short) Peyton/Anna (one tree hill) Marissa/Girls at Party (The OC) Brooke/Haley (One Tree Hill) Beth/Kate (JTMD) Summer/Marisa (The OC) Brooke/Rachel (One Tree Hill) ? Ridley and Vanessa (Nip/Tuck) Alex/Party Girl (The OC) Grace/Karen (Will and Grace) Elliot/ Mrs Kawler (Scrubs) Erica/Brooke (One Tree Hill) Evie/Tracy (Thirteen) Erica/Callie (Grey's) Spencer /Ashley (South of Nowhere) Bevin/Rachel (One Tree Hill) Brooke/Haley (One Tree Hill) Torrance (Bring it on) Brooke Davis (One Tree Hill) Phoebe/Rachel (FRIENDS) Spencer and Ashley (South of Nowhere) Georgina/Serena (Gossip Girl) Brooke Davis (One Tree Hill) Elliot/Carla (Scrubs) Peyton/Anna (One Tree Hill) Beth/Kate (JTMD) Marissa/Alex (The OC) Jessie/Katie (Once & Again) Shelly/Brooke (one tree Hill) Spencer and Ashley (South of Nowhere) Macca/Esther (Hospital Central) Brooke/Peyton (One Tree Hill) Lily/Veronica (Veronica Mars) Torrance/? (Bring it on) Erica/Brooke (One Tree Hill) ? Lou/Jordan (Crossing Jordan) Brooke/Haley (One Tree Hill) Spencer and Ashley (South of Nowhere) Lucy Spiller/? --Jen Aniston-(dirt) Lucy/Amy (D.E.B.S) Haley/Lindsey (One Tree Hill) Brooke/Lindsey (one tree hill) Brooke/Rachel (One Tree Hill) Blair/Jenny (gossip girl) Spencer and Ashley (South of Nowhere) Ridley and Vanessa (Nip/Tuck) Lucy Spiller/? --Jen Aniston-(dirt) Erica/Callie (Grey's) Brooke/Haley (One Tree Hill) Annabel/? (Loving Annabel) Spencer and Ashley (South of Nowhere) Marissa/Alex (The OC) Kati/Is (Gossip Girl) Spencer and Ashley (South of Nowhere) Melissa/Rachel (FRIENDS) Brooke/Haley (One Tree Hill) Grace/Karen (Will and Grace) • Btw there are some names (?) missing is anyone wants to say who there are would be nice thankyou Disclaimer I do not own any of the clips or this music I've used all credit to respected owners no harm intended just a fan!
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melissa dancing on table
here is my friend danceing on a table at the park with guys playing on the basket ball courts which are right next to them lol
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Re: Melissa Joan Hart and Caroline Rhea burp
Burp heard round the world, sorry it took so long...
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The Nu-Sonics "Nice Guys"
Brooklyn band The Nu-Sonics (Alex Sniderman on guitar and vocals, Scott Anthony on bass, and Melissa Houston on drums and vocals) live at Hank's Saloon, March 21, 2008.
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