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Ryan Star - Brand New Day
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Live Visuals (VJ) montage - Trevor Hall - Brand New Day
Trevor Hall Brand New Day (LIVE) Live Visuals by Wil Crombie A montage of some of my visuals from the night.
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Rest In Fear - Brand New Day
Brand New Day from RIF's debut album "Insert Yourself" Lyrics: Once more I'm staring directly at the exit, guarded by my mind. There's no way out, I always tried to break it. No one told me what's behind. But I can hear a melody calling me, telling me of the world outside. Then I just lay my head back down, close my eyes and try to hide. I hate this isolation, I'm longing for some space I'm fixed in this rotation, but I know I'm out of place... If I could unlock my cage today, I'd take my heart and throw my mind away. I'd fly right into a brand new day, Never said that I was here to stay Too many times I knelt and felt exhausted, I just can't stand another day. I know the world behind this gate, so reachable, it's just one heartbeat away. Nothing to lose and nothing to fear, again I hear this melody. I open my eyes and realise, this cage, it is just me... check out our myspace and facebook pages!!! www.facebook.com/restinfear www.myspace.com/restinfear www.restinfear.at/ stay frosty!
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Ryan Star - Brand New Day
Ryan Star / all rights reserved ®
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It's A New Day At New Life
2012 promotion
Arthur Brand new day 5-6-11 by Van Morrison at McDilda
Arthur singin "Brand new day" on 5-6-11 at McDilda's in Roanoke VA. This song is originally by Van Morrison. Taped by Amanda Teer.
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Brand New Day
Track 3 from the record "Blue", originally released in 2002 http://www.michaeljmusic.com
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A Brand New Day (Original Song)
Here's a new song I recoreded on my lap top (The quality's not-so-great because I need a recording system--Hint, hint! Santa (Mom)! Christmas is coming up soon! ;D). It's an original, and you can ask for the lyrics if you can't understand what I'm saying (which happens a lot). XD Oh! And if you can think of anything better to name this song, please please tell me! And can I have some helpful critiscism please? Nothing mean! ;) (God's) Peace and love! ;)
Ryan Star - "Brand New Day" - Cover By Corven
Vocals By CORVEN Music By CORVEN
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Brand New Day
This song is for all those who feel Jesse Lacey has changed your life in some way or another. Cooper-ation: myspace.com/slavetothemonkey Jesse Lacey: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jesse-Lacey/54336516188 Nathaniel Cooper: http://www.facebook.com/ofmemoriesandmore
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Ryan Star - Brand New Day Guitar Cover (Rock Interpretation)
Ryan Star Brand New Day Rock Guitar Cover. Made just for fun... On pc the video is not upside down...dont know..
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Brand New Day: Moondance Promo
Promotional video recording of Brand New Day covering the Van Morrison song, Moondance. Video by Jan Nixon.
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Brand new Day - Fireflight - Tribute
Não está lá essas coisas, mas ficou legalzim!
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November - Brand New Day
hope you like it add us on facebook please: https://www.facebook.com/NovemberOfficial
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New World ....New Start ... New Day ... Here I am !!!
http://club71gigacenter.blogspot.com/ http://club71social.blogspot.com/ http://www.youtube.com/user/SuperClub71 http://twitter.com/Club71tweet http://friendfeed.com/club71 https://www.pinterest.com/club71blog/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/CLUB71/283576191365
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Trevor Hall Instructional Video Brand New Day **New**
www.trevorhallmusic.com, Chords Below Beginning,- C#m,G#(major),A,E(power Chord) to Eb/E(power chord) Chorus(-B,A, E,B,A) Bridge-(G#,A,F#,,, G#,A,B) End- (E,B,A www.trevorhallmusic.com My own interpretation of Trevor hall Brand new day. C#m,(X,4,6,6,5,4) G#, (4,6,6,5,4,4) A, (5,7,7,6,5,5) E,(X,7,9,9,X or 0,X or 0,X or 0) Eb/E (X,6,9,9,X,X,X) B (7,9,9,8,7,7) F# (2,4,4,3,2,2)
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Brand New Day (Collaboration with Herty140)
When Herty140 found out that I could sing, he told me he was looking for someone who could sing his original compositions. I took a look at the three songs he made and decided that the best song I could sing was Brand New Day (see watch?v=mC10WwIBhJ4). So I took to rearranging the song and singing it - and MY, DID IT REALLY TAKE A LONG TIME ! Music sequenced on FL Studio 9 (demo version). Time taken : Approximately 1 1/2 days. Music and lyrics by Herty140. Vocals and rearrangement by TroisNyxÉtienne. The author does not claim ownership of this song. ——————————————————————— LYRICS : I brush my teeth, eat breakfast, go to school It seems to be the same routine, day, in, day, out (I go through the same routine, day in, day out) I'm kinda bored But now there's something in me that wants to shout It's a different state of mind Pumping like a heartbeat 'cause there's something I'm eager to do (I don't know) Think what I may: It's time to start a brand new day CHORUS : This is the one millionth time in a row, And for some reason I have to go go go! Despite the repetition I wanna say, It's time to start a brand new day, yeah yeah, yeah yeah... I wake up in the mornin', feelin' bright; (So bright) I have great confidence that this day will go right! (This day will go so right) Take each moment as it comes And step in time with the drums! And if you are down come and talk to me (Take it slow) Science told me positive and negative work like a charm! (Go your own pace) Note what I say: It's time to start a brand new day! (TO CHORUS) BRIDGE : An all time high, I feel like I can fly Mentally I could if I could try Ready to go, I don't wanna be slow This may just be another day but I'll make the most of it anyway................! ———————————————————————— Download the instrumental file here: mediafire.com/?d0sazf4vmzah9c9
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Forty Foot Echo- Brand New Day (Jacky)
My Photos- 04/03/2011
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Brand New Day (acoustic) - Ryan Star at Petapalooza, Clearwater FL 3/13/11
Ryan opened this acoustic set with Brand New Day. Dallin Applebaum on background vocals and keyboard
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Ryan Star - Brand New Day.wmv
download- http://f2h.nana10.co.il/gw5qrsqm4ik2 (F2H) Lyrics: Dream Send me a sign Turn back the clock Give me some time I need to break out And make a new name Let's open our eyes To the brand new day It's a brand new day
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Bryan Adams - I'm Ready
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Its a brand new day
Robert James Starr. Its a Brand New Day.
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Brand New Day (Forty Foot Echo cover)
Originally by Forty Foot Echo. I own no rights to this song. This was recorded in 2009.
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Brand New Day (cover) - Chip Colon
Brand New Day by Ryan Star at Mayfest in Tulsa Oklahoma on May 21st 2011.
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~Tomorrow's brand new day~
I dont own the music! (Forty foot echo-brand new day)
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Brand New Day - Demi Lovato Acoustic Cover by me
My first 2011 cover . enjoy .
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Sting - Brand New Day
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KINGSLEY - Brand New Day.flv
See the brand new day just open your eyes let the light shine through that's buried inside it has so much to say just breathe and let it go the past has gone away wake up to your brand new day -- the time has come its now or never I know this won't last forever break through... break through... -- See the brand new day just open your heart love will mend the pieces broken apart the time will heal today just breathe and you will see that life will find a way wake up to your brand new day -- the time has come its now or never I know this won't last forever break through... break through... and everyhng you ever needed will find a way if you believe it break through... break through... -- wake up to your brand new day wake up to your brand new day -- the time has come its now or never I know this won't last forever break through... break through... and everyhng you ever needed will find a way if you believe it break through... break through... -- Members: Brandon Sweeney (vocal, guitar, stephen Limbaugh (keys), Ian Schaeffer (bass), Nadir Maraschin (drums)
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Brand New Day (Remix) ft. Skeme- (Dub) Coolidge
Download at http://soundcloud.com/dubcoolidge/brand-new-day-remix-ft-skeme
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Trevor hall Brand New Day (Live Your Life oh oh oh) HD HQ!
I in no way claim credit for this song, all credit goes to the artist I am simply replaying the song for anyone wanting to listen to enjoy!
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Robert -  Tomorrow is a brand new day
Tomorrow is a brand new day(8) Beetje kut opgenomen .. Maargoed HERE IT IS !...
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LoverushUK ft Bryan Adams-Tonight In Babylon
Available now on iTunes: http://bit.ly/BryanLoverushUK Music video by Loverush UK performing Tonight In Babylon. (C) 2011 Badman Ltd., under exclusive licence to Polydor Ltd. (UK) Best of Bryan Adams: https://goo.gl/ZevZ9f Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/wTdSXo
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Bryan Adams - This Side Of Paradise
From the album Room Service released in 2004.
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Elise&Badger|The sun is shining; It's a brand new day
Badger's doing really well atm. Im really happy with him but just need to work on getting him to slow his canter down cause he gallops around at full speed xD Freckals is a new addition to the yard. He is so cute and lovely to ride! He's a 8yr old connemara :)
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Jacob's Brand New Day
***DISCLAIMER*** I own NOTHING Dr. Horrible meets Twilight. I think it fits :) Bella=Penny Edward=Captain Hammer Jacob=Dr. Horrible
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Tim Hawkins - Pretty Pink Tractor - Official Music Video
This video has everything: Cletus, line dancing, french onion dip, puppets, hay bales... What more do you want, people? From Tim's new "Pretty Pink Tractor" CD which also includes The Government Can + Homeschool Blues + 14 more new and classic comedy songs. Get Pretty Pink Tractor @ https://timhawkins.brushfireapp.com/store/products http://www.timhawkins.net Intro music provided by http://www.royaltyfreemusiclibrary.com
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Gogo Cola "A brand new taste for a brand new day"
Pacific Industries Ltd, a well-established PNG based company for the past 60 years and the well renowned manufacturer of the famous Rabaul Coca-Cola has finally launched their own PNG made GoGo Cola. Pacific Industries has spent years developing a Cola that embodies their signature flavour and the taste of the nation, which many people now compare to the once hailed Rabaul Coke. GoGo Cola is produced in Rabaul, where it is specially formulated with key ingredients that add to its award winning flavour and refreshing taste. The launch of GoGo Cola has seen a dramatic response from the Papua New Guinean people sweeping the nation with a hunger for GoGo Cola.
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'It's A New Day', by D.Parker, a Live Performance at The Ebenezer Chapter Sessions..04/11/2011.
Dave Parker,accompanied by Paul deMarco and Ben Parker,perform the song,'It's A New Day', written by Dave Parker,live from The Ebenezer Chapter Sessions,at Blue Sky Cafe,on Friday, the 4th November,2011.The Song is featured on the debut EP, called,It's A New Day, by Dave Parker and is available for download.
Michael Jackson - A Brand new Day - Flat Out - 't Slik - Bergen op Zoom
Flat Out tijdens een try out in café 't Slik in Bergen op Zoom die het nummer A Brand New Day brengen. Flat Out during a Try Out in Café 't Slik in Bergen op Zoom (Netherlands) which bring the number A Brand New Day which was originated from The Wizard of Oz and was sung originally by Michael Jackson(may he rest in peace) and Diana Ross
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A Whole New World - Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle
Copyrights 1992 Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, Inc. Entity: Warner Chappell Content Type: Sound Recording No copyrights infringement. All rights belong to it's rightful owners. I don't own this video. "A Whole New World" is the Oscar winning featured pop single from the soundtrack to the 1992 Disney film Aladdin. It was composed by Alan Menken with lyrics by Tim Rice and was released on 5th of November,1992. The song is a ballad between the primary characters Aladdin and Jasmine about the new world they are going to discover together. The original version was sung by Brad Kane and Lea Salonga during the film. They also performed the song in their characters at the 65th Academy Awards, where it won Best Song." "A single version of the song was later released that year and was performed by Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle. As the biggest pop hit for each artist, this version peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart on March 6, 1993, knocking off Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You", which had spent a then record fourteen weeks at the top of the chart. The track peaked at #9 in the UK Singles Chart in 1992."
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