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Relaxing 3 Hour Video of A Tropical Beach with Blue Sky White Sand and Palm Tree
Please SUBSCRIBE by clicking here: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Hansende To see my entire playlist click here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlH3f5WW7DCsEsc3OPStPuSqPPBnSvala My website: http://OutstandingVideos.com Relaxing 3 Hour Video of A tropical beach with clear torquoise water and gentle waves. Use as background while meditation, sleeping, studying, or entertaining. Why turn off your expensive big screen TV when you are not watching it? Turn it into a window to the world in high definition using videos like this and hardware like the Apple TV, Roku, Tivo, Boxee, XBox PS3, or Google TV, Ideal for homes, offices, waiting rooms, rest homes, home, office, restaurant, spa center, hospitals, and home confinement. Check out my playlist of similar videos: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlH3f5WW7DCsEsc3OPStPuSqPPBnSvala Do not download this. I purchased this video clip from LoungeV Creative Studio for "commercial purposes on unlimited basis. Please note that the license will not permit resale as stock footage".
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Putting More Sand on Carlsbad's Beaches
The City of Carlsbad is doing its part to make sure there's plenty of sand on local beaches. Beaches are replenished with sand through three different partnerships the City of Carlsbad has established with local and regional agencies. From September to December, the region's shoreline will be enhanced with more than 1.4 million cubic yards of high-quality sand, equal to about 120,000 truckloads. The San Diego Association of Governments, known as SANDAG is coordinating the $28.5 million Regional Beach Sand Project with support from community leaders in the coastal areas. Funding comes from the cities of Carlsbad, Encinitas, Imperial Beach, Oceanside, and Solana Beach, as well as the California Department of Boating and Waterways. Coastal erosion is the wearing away of land and the removal of beach or dune sediments by wave action, tidal currents, wave currents, or drainage. Changes in the surrounding landscape have reduced the amount of sand that makes it to our beaches naturally. Sand on beaches is also lost during winter storms when waves carry much of the sand back out to the ocean floor. That means sand needs to be added to keep up with beach erosion. In Carlsbad, about every two years, the Agua Hedionda Lagoon is dredged to replenish the beach sand. A large dredging vessel will collect sand by dredging the bottom of the lagoon mouth and pumping the sand to the beach. This dredging project could add up to about a half million cubic yards of sand to Carlsbad beaches. The Batiquitos Lagoon is also dredged every few years as needed to ensure the lagoon is healthy for fish and wildlife, and this provides sand for south Carlsbad beaches. The process includes dredging the bottom of the lagoon basin west of Interstate-5 to keep it deep enough to allow for the tides to keep the lagoon free from silt. Another benefit of the dredging is that it improves natural nesting areas for many endangered bird and fish species. The City of Carlsbad works on this project with the California Department of Fish and Game, which pays for this project. The goal of these partnership projects is to restore eroded beaches, support local tourism, and preserve recreational opportunities. So the next time you visit a Carlsbad beach, you'll know the beach sand is there in part because of Mother Nature and in part because of the strong partnerships between the City of Carlsbad and other agencies committed to preserving this essential part of the quality of life in Carlsbad.
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Relax | 5 minutes of Sand and Sea | Sounds of Nature | Sleep Sounds
Relax to 5 minutes of sounds of nature by the sea. Post Office Rock. Recorded near Rivoli Bay, Beachport, South Australia., http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beachport,_South_Australia http://au.totaltravel.yahoo.com/destinations/destination/australia/sa/limestonecoast/mountgambier/beachport-1/ http://www.southaustralia.com/info.aspx?id=9005260 http://www.whereis.com/sa/beachport#session=MTE= GoJo Media Links GoJo Media PO Box 411 Cockatoo 3781 Australia Instagram: http://instagram.com/gojomedia Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoJoMedia Twitter: https://twitter.com/GoJoMedia Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/gojomedia Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+GoJoMediaGeoff Merchandise: http://gojomedia.spreadshirt.com/ Vine: https://vine.co/u/1161895078147805184 You Tube Main Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/GeoffJennyOliver You Tube Vlogs: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3TH5l0Q9Lky1RnR9xMkIXg You Tube Relax: https://www.youtube.com/user/GoJoMedia You Tube Kids: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLSB7Ge8_sb_oEEUZy-55Lw You Tube Music: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZNYCx0wcoO4SN8vN_XrUlg You Tube Birds: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEjRy2pRKBzcL4sdymxooVg
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How to build a sandcastle, Jenny theSandCastle Girl_YT.mp4
How to make a sand castle for the family tips tricks and ideas for making a cool sand castle on the beach. Jennifer Rossen http://www.jennyrossen.com and http://www.sculptingsand.com shows you how to make sand stand, Sand Master, Australian Champion, Sand Sculptor and carver of sand jenny and her family make a quick castle on the shores of Dubai UAE. Turrets, windows, stairs and crenellations are all made for the cool sand sculpture to be made with friends, The volcano method the bucket pound up and soft and hard pack sand, come on join the fun make your perfect castle after watching this video.
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Sand Dollars: Its Alive!
Sand dollars are amazing creatures that are in fact alive despite seeming like they do not move. This video shows that sand dollars do move, as well as the difference between a live and a dead sand dollar.
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Scenic flight over Namib Desert and Sossusvlei Part I - UNESCO World Heritage Site
Namib Sand Sea - World Heritage Site http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/1430
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White Sands Beach Resort - Ghana
A compilation of videos I took at White Sands beach resort, one of the best resorts in Ghana. Don't forget to comment, like and subscribe!
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Hurricane Sandy Beach Cleanup with Beach Cleaning Machine
This video depicts how the SURF RAKE was used to help clean a beach in Connecticut after Hurricane Sandy had ruined the eastern coast line. Using a tractor equiped with a rock rake and a Barber SURF RAKE 600HD, the beach was cleaned, graded, and restored to its previous condition. Using Hurricane Sandy as an example, the video depicts the methodology for how to clean a beach following a hurricane. Once the sand has been put back on the beach following a hurricane, the beach cleanup process can begin to purify the beach sand, which has often been filled with new contaminants. When using the Barber SURF RAKE depicted in this video, the beach cleanup process also restores the natural grade of the beach for even cleaning. http://www.hbarber.com/Cleaners/SurfRake/Default.html
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Great Wall Of Lagos
The Great Wall of Lagos is formidable in its design and already does a magnificent job of protecting the coastline, even though it's not yet finished. Over the last 100 years, pounding waves from the Atlantic Ocean have eroded the land off Lagos, bringing the sea closer to the financial centre of Victoria Island. The threat of serious flooding was a major concern. Before the Great Wall, tidal surges used to regularly cause water and debris to spill over onto the main coastal highway -- Ahmadu Bello Way. Today the highway is clear from flooding, already protected, thanks to the development of Eko Atlantic. Testing the Great Wall Before the first of the giant concrete armoured blocks for the Great Wall of Lagos was lowered into position, its ability to withstand the worst of the Atlantic tidal surges was put to the test. Urban engineers at DHI, the world-renowned Danish hydraulic research centre, carried out extensive scale model trials. Data analysis by computer models showed that the Great Wall would keep Lagos safe from the worst tidal surges that can be expected. Facts and Figures on the Great Wall of Lagos When it's complete, the Great Wall of Lagos will be over 8 kilometres long. It is made from tens of thousands of concrete blocks (accropodes) weighing 5 tons each which interlock loosely to form an effective barrier that dispels the force of the waves and provides the primary armoured sea defence. Beneath the accropodes are various layers of rock that function as the secondary armour and core. In the first quarter of 2012 the Great Wall of Lagos was already well over 3 kilometres long and is growing at the rate of about 6 metres a day. In its completed form it will protect not only Eko Atlantic, but the whole of the Atlantic coastline off Victoria Island and Lagos. Creating the Foundations of Eko Atlantic The Great Wall of Lagos is already so substantial that it has created calm waters between it and the coastline off Bar Beach. The beach is getting bigger with each passing week as sand is dredged from the ocean floor beyond the wall and is pumped in to raise the land level. An area of more than three million square metres of land has already been reclaimed. The Belgian company, Dredging International, a leader in this field of engineering, is fast-tracking the sand-filling work. Dredging is operational around the clock. This massive operation is being done with great care and efficiency to reclaim land that our grandparents walked on as children. By the time the work is completed, they will have moved 140 million tons of sand -- that's 95 million cubic metres. This massive foundation will form the solid platform on which Eko Atlantic city will stand.
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Pattaya Sea Sand Sun Resort & Spa 5★ Hotel Pattaya Thailand
Learn more about Pattaya Sea Sand Sun Resort & Spa 5★ Hotel Pattaya Thailand at http://angelonyx.com/hotels/pattaya-sea-sand-sun-resort-spa/ All videos has shooting on the same scenario for ease of comparison. Video catalog has a handy advanced search to select hotels by type of service. The main thing for catalog is a tourist and his individual needs. Leave a response, your response is necessary the Internet to community! © Video catalog of hotels http://angelonyx.com
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Natural sand clock on the beach, visual meditation
Full lenght and more relaxing videos at http://www.zenvision.tv In this video you can see tiny movements of the sand in a beach caused by small streams of sea water. It might be helpfull for some kind of visual meditation. Mas videos relajantes y completos en http://www.zenvision.tv Video relajante en el que vemos un arroyo formado a la orilla del mar que dibuja caprichosas formas en la arena.
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Bangkok - Koh Chang White Sand Beach Lonely Beach
Bangkok - Lumpini park, Baiyoke tower 00:00 - 1:01 Koh Chang - Ferry 1:01 - 1:38 White sand beach - White sand beach resort / first beach resort 1:38 - 2:25 Lonely beach (Siam beach resort) and boat trip around Chang 2:45 - 4:11 Music: Walk among the clouds. License soundtaxi.net. Attention copyright Camera: Sony cybershot HD
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Quick Tip from the BEACH - Tips for taking photos on the beach
http://froknowsphoto.com/qt-beach-photos/ I just landed from my trip to Ft Lauderdale Florida where I got to spend some time on the beach. While I was out there sitting on the beach getting stressed out that I was just sitting around, I decided to make a video. The Quick Tip I decided to focus on was taking pictures on the beach and a few do's and dont's. Now I know I only gave a few tips but I think they are tips that should be kept in your mind for when you may have to shoot on the beach. The first tip has to do with when to shoot and when not to. There are times where the spray from the ocean is thick and is sticking to everything. This is not the best time to take your gear out as the misty wet sand will end up not only on your lenses but possibly in your camera. If you really need to shoot in this type of environment my suggestion would be to use one of those ThinkTank Photo Hydrophobias and to put a UV or CP filter on your lens. The Hydrophobia will protect your camera from the fine sand particles and sticky mist that is flying around. The UV or CP filter will protect the front element of your lens and take the brunt of the sticky sand for you. The idea is to protect your camera and lenses at all costs on the beach. I personally do not use a UV filter on any of my lenses. But in a situation where there is a chance of something happening to my lens, I rather risk a $75 filter over a $2,000 Lens. Another tip I brought up was to use a circular polarizer when you are on the beach. This will make the sky and water really pop before you ever take your images into the computer. Remember this if you have a UV filter on your lens and you want to use the CP be sure to remove the UV first. It is never a good thing to stack filters as it will start to one cut down on light and two cut down on the quality of your images. The last quick tip form the video is for those who go from a very cold climate right outside into a humid hot day. What is going to happen is you will get instant condensation on your lens and possibly inside your camera. There is no way to stop this once it starts, your lens will fog up and its possible that your camera will as well. My recommendation is you leave your camera and lenses outside to acclimated to the outside temperate. You want to leave yourself enough time for this equalization to occur because you will not be able to shoot images with a foggy camera or lens. Do not attempt to wipe away the condensation as it will just come right back until it matches the outside temperature. One final though is if you do end up getting sand on your lens you want to be very careful how you clean it. You will not want to try and rub a lens cloth across the front element as there is a possibility that the fine particles of sand will scratch your lens. I think the best think to do is use a rocket air once the same dries. This way you will remove all the particles before you try to physically wipe the lens. All and all be very careful on the beach, sand and sea water are a killer even in small doses. Be sure to clean your gear after being on the beach so it does not have a chance to eat away at it. To connect with FroKnowsPhoto please follow below http://store.froknowsphoto.com/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/froknowsphoto Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/froknowsphoto Google + : https://plus.google.com/u/0/116504838384158630416/ Please Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=jaredpolin
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Finding Seashells at Little Hickory Bonita Beach
Finding Seashells at Little Hickory Bonita Beach
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Alcudia Beach View Majorca (Mallorca) Spain Sand Sea View Night Time Summer August
Alcudia Beach Majorca Beach Sand Sea View Summer Night Time View
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Dune Jewelry Design - Custom Beach Sand Jewelry
http://www.thegrommet.com/dune-jewelry-island-collection-18-necklace-icn18 The Grommet team discovers Dune Jewelry Design; stylish jewelry showcasing sand from your favorite beach.
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I'll Take The Beach and the Sand and the Sea- Ray Miner (Original)
To purchase, click below- cdbaby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/rayminer itunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/old-dog-new-tricks/id6285068 amazon: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=ntt_srch_drd_B0014809AS?ie=UTF8&field-keywords=Ray%20Miner&index=digital-music&search-type=ss written by Ray Miner; recorded at Pogo Studio, Champaign, IL, Mark Rubel, engineer RDSE Records, Miner Family Band Music Publishing (ASCAP); Brian Wilkie, guitar, Dave Madden, steel drums (D) I gotta run to get to work on time (A) spend the day behind this desk of mine (G) A stack of work that never goes away (A) tomorrow turns into another (D) today I watch the daylight slowly slip away (A) I see the moonlight shinin over a bay (G) I'm bein carried where my heart wants to go (A) out to the waters where the (D) sea rollers roll I'll take the beach and the sand and the sea (A7) no more land lubbin livin for me (G+D) If you need me well you'll know where I'll be (A7) in the sun by the (D) surf at the sea I just can't help it thoughts are crossin my mind morning afternoon and all other times Like a riptide they keep pullin on me from the office all the way to the sea It's gotten easy to be gettin away I hear a crashin then I'm feelin the spray And then I'm carried where my heart needs to go out to the waters where the sea rollers roll Ray Miner RDSE Records Miner Family Band Music Publishing (ASCAP)
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DIY Seashell, seaglass and sand Candles
Please vote for my channel to be featured on youtube's home page! the competition ends Tuesday Feb 19th 2013 The competition is really close and every vote is needed! vote for my channel user name shesellsseashellscom here, https://www.google.com/moderator/#15/e=1fe067&t=1fe067.44 thanks so much! for more info visit http://debisdesigndiary.blogspot.com or http://www.facebook.com/pages/Debis-Design-Diary/294627757255973?sk=wall http://themermaidsmercantile.blogspot.com Debi's design diary, a fun DIY craft video, how to make a seashell candles, using seashells, starfish beach sand and a heat gun. These candles are afordable , quick and easy to make! They are great for a beach wedding, beach party or as a gift or party favor, to bring the coastal, beach house feel into your home or office.. For more information visit, debisdesigndiary.blogspot.com
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Sand and sea: Walk to the beach
Montauk creative retreat
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Sand Dunes In Sea Line Beach Qatar
Nissan Patrol
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Walk from Sand Sea Resort to West Railay Beach
http://www.khonkaen.ws Walk from Sand Sea Resort to West Railay Beach Krabi Thailand
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Sand Dunes In Sea Line Beach Qatar
Nissan Patrol, Jeep Cherokee, Nissan X-Terra
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Sand Dunes In Sea Line Beach Qatar
ATV Pinay Driver & Foreign Lover
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Annenberg Sand & Sea Room.mp4
Beach Ceremony area and The Sand & Sea Room at the Annenberg Beach/Pool house in Santa Monica. www.heymisterdj.com
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Sea & Sand 2012 [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
Das Ambient-Music-Event in Kühlungsborn im Sommer 2012. Video: Henrik Alm. Music: VIELMEER Vol. 3 "SAX ON THE BEACH"
Sand Dunes In Sea Line Beach Qatar
Hummer H2
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Incredible Dolphin Rescue - 30 Dolphins Stranded and Saved
A school of dolphins gets stuck on the beach in Brazil and they get rescued by a group of upstanding citizens. http://CutiesNFuzzies.com http://Facebook.com/CutiesNFuzzies http://Twitter.com/CutiesNFuzzies
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subaru outback 3.6 off road, on the beach, sand and small sea :)
continental conti premium contact 2
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Sand Dunes In Sea Line Beach Qatar
Hummer H2
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Sand Dunes In Sea Line Beach Qatar
Range Rover Land Rover, Nissan Patrol
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How to Grow Strawberries in Beach Sand
My attempt at using beach sand to extend my strawberry bed. no top soil used & i used only compost, sand & river rock to build a raised bed.
Sand Dunes In Sea Line Beach Qatar
Nissan Patrol
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Waikiki Beach Sand Replenishment Widening Project 2012
The Waikiki Beach Sand Replenishment project began in January of 2012 to widen eroding beaches in Waikiki. An off shore barge pumps in sand to the beach that has been washed out to sea over the years. The sand is pumped to one section of the beach that is closed off. Once pumped in, it is "dewatered" and piled high with heavy equipment, preparing it to be moved further down the beach where the erosion has occured. This video shows the beginning of moving the enormous mountains of sand via dump trucks down the beach to it's final destination. This project will widen the beaches from the famous Duke Kahanamoku statue to the famed pink hotel, The Royal Hawaiian. This project is paid for with state and private (the hotels) funds at a cost of about 2.2 million dollars.
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Fishing & Sand Dunes In Sea Line Beach Qatar
Fishing & Sand Dunes - Land Cruiser, Jeep Cherokee
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Sand Sea Resort West Railay Beach Krabi Thailand
http://www.khonkaen.ws Sand Sea Resort West Railay Beach Krabi Thailand
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Sea & Sand Inn - Santa Cruz, CA - An ocean view from every room...
At the Sea & Sand Inn, enjoy peaceful, private lodging on the cliffs overlooking Monterey Bay, Santa Cruz Wharf and the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Visit our site to to learn more: http://santacruzmotels.com/sea_and_sand.html
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Collecting Bar Beach Water & Sand For Rituals
Visit http://naijanedu.com Official Twitter @9jaHipHopVille Inquiries: [email protected]
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from sand to sea distance - strong blur scene - free HD 1080p stock footage - cutestockfootage.com
Scene with a lot of blur from focusing camera from beach sand to sea distance. Download video here: http://www.cutestockfootage.com/content/from-sand-to-sea-distance-strong-blur-scene ------------------------------------------ Feel free to download and use this video in your project and don't forget to comment and follow us at Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/cutefootage Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/443135729051173 All videos is Royalty Free and in high quality HD 1920x1080p .mov h.264 format. Footages can be ideal for nature, movies, shorts and backgrounds in your projects. ------------------------------------------ http://www.cutestockfootage.com Main idea of project is to deliver video/sound/photo material for any video/sound/photo enthusiast, professional and amateur filmmaker, video editor, 3d artist, musician, mixer, sampler for free or for a small fee.
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Summer Sea and sand Holidays in Cornwall
Beach, sea, surf and sand in North Cornwall
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What Color to Use on a Beach Scene for Sand Using Acrylic Paint : Painting Tips
Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=EHowArtsandCrafts Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/EHowArtsandCrafts When painting a beach scene, it may be helpful to look at real life examples to get an accurate gauge of what the colors should look like. Learn what color to use on a beach scene for sand with help from a graduate of the Maine College of Art in this free video clip. Expert: Elizabeth Russell Filmmaker: Patrick Russell Series Description: Painting is a beautiful, effective way to express yourself and your personality in a really fun, creative and evocative way. Get tips on painting and learn a few tricks that you may not know with help from a graduate of the Maine College of Art in this free video series.
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Punaluu (a Black Sand Beach In Hawaii).
Punaluu , a black sand beach on the big island of Hawaii with green sea turtles. Also staring Craig and Deb Swan and Lisa Basham.
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How to dye sand with food coloring
READ ME: I kept forgetting to put this up but when I use this sand with acrylic , the acrylic seems to get really warm . Ive never used this sand on my real nails and I don't recommend for anyone to use it there nails because I don't want y'all to get hurt !! I just use this for crafts now and designs on my practice fingers only .
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Sea turtles sunning on black sand beach
Hawaii, big island
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Plumb beach sand pumping
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How To Paint a Realistic Watercolor Beach Scene
In this video, I show you the steps necessary to create a watercolor beach landscape scene from scratch using water color paints and ink pens. ================================================== Follow me! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tylersartshack Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/TylersArtShack Google+: https://plus.google.com/115405344518849808905/posts =-================================================= In this drawing I used the following Supplies: Blick Watercolor Paint in various colors Blick Watercolor Brushes Copic Inking Pens Basic pencil for sketch 14 x 17 Bristol Paper This painting started out with a basic pencil sketch just to get all the object placement arranged and situated to my liking. After which I used a Copic inking pen to put in the darkest darks into the painting. The copic markers dry fast and the watercolor will not disturb them once they are dry. Soon after the ink is all dried, I then apply the layer of watercolor paint. You have to work fast with watercolor because it dries very fast unlike oil paint. It is also very transparent so you have to have all the placement of colors pre determined because it will be very difficult to fix mistakes if one should arise. I always start with the furthest object in the background when I paint or draw landscapes. So I usually start with the sky. I left areas white to be the clouds later on. I fill the areas around them with a light blue color. Once the clouds and sky are finished, ill move to the next object. This is usually the middle ground of the drawing. In this case it is the furthest rocks and distant horizon line ocean water. The rocks were rather simple because I had already applied the darkest darks to them with the markers and all i had to do was add some color to them. The water was created using a variety of blue colors as well as mixing colors. When I draw or paint water, showing a variety of color helps to show the light and moment of the water without getting too detailed with it. The same applies for when painting in the waves. I try to vary the colors to show a 3 dimensional object at work. It helps to show the curves and form. the sand was just a very light wash of light brown sandy colored paint mix. Thank you for watching, I hope you all enjoyed watching! Make sure you Subscribe for future tutorials to come! ================================================== Music by Danosongs.com Song is called Wait For the Dawn. Check the link for the song http://www.danosongs.com/music/danosongs.com-waitforthedawn-instr.mp3
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Sand, Sea & Palms at Big Beach / Maui
Nov 2012
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"Beach Walks in December -- The Sea, The Sand, The Sky"
Walks along Panama City Beach -- mostly from Grand Panama Beach Resort to Pier Point. Relaxing Music and Views. Comments appreciated. Enjoy.
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