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SHOP WITH ME AT ROSS 2018 Don't forget to grab a snack Subscribe for more! http://bit.ly/juicyjas My socials: https://www.instagram.com/juicyjasofficial/ https://www.twitter.com/juicyyyyjas/ https://www.facebook.com/juicyjasofficial/ For business inquiries: [email protected] ------------------------------------------------------------------ *Some links are affiliate, which means if you decide to purchase through my links I will make a small commission. Feel free to not use them, no hard feelings! But if you do, thank you so much! ------------------------------------------------------ My PO BOX -- Jasmine PO BOX 92 Birdsboro, PA 19508 ---------------------------------------------------------- DISCLAIMER: This video is NOT sponsored GF! ---------------------------------------------------------- 💖Ebates - Get Cash Back when you shop online. Sign up: https://www.ebates.com/r/JUICYY16?eei... Get a $10 welcome bonus when you spend $25+ In order to get Cash Back you have to shop through Ebates website ---------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT ME: Hi! My name is Jasmine I am a 22 year old small town girl :) I am located outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am a Penn State Graduate with a Business Degree! Currently I am a full time YouTuber with a huge passion for all things beauty. I am half Puerto Rican/half Guatemalan & yes I speak fluent Spanish. On my channel you will find a variety of beauty + lifestyle videos. I hope my videos will be not only helpful but relatable as well I want people who watch my videos to feel like we are just friends hanging out, thanks so much for stopping by, your support means the world to me. Xo FAQ'S -- Camera I Use For Beauty Videos: Canon 70D https://amzn.to/2EgrajH -- Lense I Use: Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 https://amzn.to/2pNUfsD -- Vlogging Camera: Sony A5100 https://go.magik.ly/ml/f7oo/ -- Lighting I Use: Ring Light from DVE Store Online https://bit.ly/2eQ3GBk — Mic I Use: Giant Squid Audio Lab Omnidirectional Microphone https://amzn.to/2pOK9Yl -- Editing Program I Use: iMovie -- What's That Ring On Your Finger? I'm not engaged, it's a promise ring from my BF! -- What do you use before applying lip products to keep your lips so hydrated? Mentha Lip Shine From Bath and Body works is all that I use! I swear by these. They aren't sticky & keep my lips sooooo hydrated! https://go.magik.ly/ml/dnij/ xoxo, Jasmine ♡ | JuicyJas
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Rose (9 months ago)
I know this is a weird thing to comment on, but I LOVE how you always say to grab a snack in your intro. It's so cute and comforting. I love how long your videos are & they really are the perfect self-care type of video to watch with a cozy blanket & a cup of tea and a cookie. Thanks for doing what you do, Jas! & Hector too; I see how supportive & helpful he is with your videos!
Brooke Walters (3 months ago)
Someone finally put it in words...
Sierra Meyer (9 months ago)
Agreed so much. Definitely one of my all time favorite youtubers 💙
juicyjas (9 months ago)
This is such a sweet comment! Thank you Rose ❤️
Judith Chavez Badillo (13 days ago)
I always shop there and Burlington and Bealls outlet and forever 21 and Aeropostale
Madison’s Life (15 days ago)
Very ugly jacket 🧥
selena johnson (20 days ago)
Hey girl i aoek at ross lol and the pole is on the cart so it wont go out the door. Hahhha less work for the company love tour channel❤❤
Chloe bao (21 days ago)
um maybe so that when the store about to close and they don't want to look around so they look up to see the stick
Tiffany k (22 days ago)
I like how she's a real person and doesn't think she has to be glammed up with a face full of makeup everytime she walks out the door
Tiffany k (22 days ago)
Who gets tired and overwhelmed within 10 minutes of looking in stores like these
Ariana Boddie (25 days ago)
you're soo pretty <3 great video!
KareBare Aaa (1 month ago)
Skin care routine ? 😍✨
Abigail Sanchez (1 month ago)
A lot of stores has that stick attached to cart so that people don’t take it out or steal it
Evelyn Vega (1 month ago)
Im pretty sure the pole on the cart is so u cant take the cart outside
cecilo barrio (2 months ago)
The pole is so that u can't take them out the store
Angeni Escalera (2 months ago)
Your skinnnn😍
Gogo Abdalla (2 months ago)
Your skin is amazing❤ Also love your videos😘
America Gomez (2 months ago)
So u can’t take it out the store
Lily Marie (2 months ago)
I work at ross and its to prevent people taking the buggies outside
Kathleen Albee (2 months ago)
I work at Ross and it’s to keep the carts from going outside and check the jewelry part display for make up
Ãiyãnă Gärćia (2 months ago)
The long bar on the cart is so people cant take the cart outside of the store and steal it. The bar basically is taller than the door so nobody can take it outside.
Latanya Rucker (2 months ago)
I buy them for myself
Brooke Walters (3 months ago)
omg yesss “Old Friends by Jasmine Thompson-Jonas Blue Remix” was playing in the background! 8:20
juli.edits (2 months ago)
Brooke Walters I work at Ross and I like the music but it’s on repeat over and over since it’s a playlist so it gets annoying after a while
Faith Troublefield (3 months ago)
Do more shop with mes!!!
Alexis Lopez (3 months ago)
I work at Ross and theyre so the basket doesn't go out of the store it stops at the door (:
Ang Roybal (3 months ago)
The homeless be taking the carts here and rolling them down the streets with lots junk in them!!!!
abductedbyaliens8892 (3 months ago)
The pole on the cart is for stopping people leaving the store with the cart.they are scared of getting it stolen
Lexie Bailey (3 months ago)
i don’t work at ross but that stick on the cart is so you can’t take the cart outside
Wendy Devereaux (3 months ago)
The pole on the cart prevent carts exit the store / be stolen
emma 69 (3 months ago)
You should go to Gabe’s it’s like Ross and they have lots of backpack purses
claudia calderon (3 months ago)
You and your boo are literally the cutest 🤧!
marta B (3 months ago)
So you can't take the cart out of the store.
Zpanda M (3 months ago)
Omg lol that Ross looks like the one near me
Anna Massey (4 months ago)
I like to add on the sweater,love the color,Im all for comfort because ,insulation of the material especially in winter,not looks!!!
Elaine Mora (4 months ago)
The pole on the cart is to stop the cart from leaving the store because when you try to walk out with it, the door head would stop it.
Elaine Mora (4 months ago)
2:07 wtf they just set the camera up walked and laughed 💀💀😭😂
Taya’s Production (4 months ago)
It’s so you don’t take the cart outside
brenda rivera (4 months ago)
ross is the best but your videos are the greatest!
Vetteacie (4 months ago)
It’s on the cart so people don’t take the cart outside
l k (4 months ago)
Cringy n weird don’t post more videos like this please
Zara Michelle (4 months ago)
@2:11 LOL peep my bedroom night stand. I got them because they're so adorable! And it was just $40! I love the wicker against the white which is a small theme in my room. Ross is everything. I also used to work there so @7:18 That rod is attached to the cart because Ross doesn't want their carts being taken outside the store. They keep all the carts inside so they aren't littered in the parking lot. They don't have workers who specifically organize carts. Everyone, including cashiers and managers would have to be pushing carts around from outside the store back inside. Opposed to stores like Walmart, where carts can be taken out and left in parking lots. And you see the Walmart workers who specifically handle the carts. It's kind of lame but you basically have to stop at the doors and pick up your heavy bags (and you know they get real heavy when you tend to buy every single thing you like lol). But fortunately, security helps with heavy items!!
Melodey Gall (4 months ago)
Its so people wont steal the carts
brittney kirby (4 months ago)
i don’t work at ross but i’m pretty sure the pole on the cart is like so u can’t take it outside if the store or steal it lol
The first brown jacket is so expensive in the Korean Clothing Apps because it’s a trendy jacket over there.😍
Amanda Reyes (4 months ago)
your beautiful hector is a lucky guy and my dad and brother and cousin and grandfathers name is hector, hectors all around ahaha
SailxrSky (4 months ago)
that's stick thing is on the cart so you cant take the cart outside
Sandy afifi (4 months ago)
Im obsessed with how hector is your shopping buddy and encourages you to buy everything. Thats goals
SupremeQueen MSP (4 months ago)
who else heard hit or miss and thought i guess they never miss huh
Kristine Anne (5 months ago)
I know this video is from 4 months ago, but I had to comment they I love how much your man is in to skin care. You guys are a super cute couple!
olga marroquin (5 months ago)
The long pole in the cart is for you won't take them out
ISABELA REYNOSO (5 months ago)
That stick on the cart is so customers don't take the carts outside
Jenny Nguyen (5 months ago)
Ur skin is glowingggg😍
Cindy Ramirez (5 months ago)
You can film in my Ulta, I work at one in Louisiana
Cindy Ramirez (5 months ago)
The poles are on the carts so employees can see where they are in the store
Alejandra Vasquez (5 months ago)
Love your nails wondering how you asked for them?
Makayla Cokonougher (5 months ago)
Love that fluffy jacket!
Gabriella Urbina (6 months ago)
Oh and they have that stick because, well for where I live, so they don't steel the cart or something like that
Ilaria Flores (7 months ago)
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the the yellow and blue pinned stripes and olive blouses You're going to look so beautiful
laney rain (7 months ago)
when her nails hit that desk I was like *TAP ON IT!1!* asmr freak here, still a piece of garbage 🌚
Raven Elizabeth (7 months ago)
Its on the cart that way you cant take the cart outside the doors
TEFAUY21 (7 months ago)
Recién me entero que Oscar de la renta hace batas.. Wtf 😂
• Shey • (7 months ago)
New subbie! I love Ross! Nice video. It’s crazy how your Ross have vitamins. I guess every Ross is different
Tyra S. (7 months ago)
I asked one of the employees once about the carts and she said it’s so that their carts don’t go outside, for some reason Ross doesn’t want their carts out of the store
Selina (7 months ago)
Ok but how is your skin so perfect? What is your secret, please make a video of your skin care and how you get that nice natural glow!!😍
Carlee Morris (7 months ago)
Love these videos
Lorraine Rodriguez (8 months ago)
Lucila V (8 months ago)
I like how you say, “it’s only $X amount” 🤣😂
Leslie Soriano (8 months ago)
How much was the fluffy jacket ? 😩
Its Honeybunn (8 months ago)
The long stick on the cart is so u cant take the cart outside AND NO I DONT WORK AT ROSS❤️❤️
Shamia Oliver (8 months ago)
Did you see those shirts in the junior or women section?
Alyssa Ramon (8 months ago)
I used to work at ross for a couple years and i loved it! and those bars are on the cart so people don't take them outside haha
sydpowgirl (8 months ago)
That pole is on the cart so the cart doesn’t go out of the store
J DEVINCI (8 months ago)
my favorite place.
Daya Lopez (8 months ago)
I'm addicted to shopping for makeup and this doesn't help but I am gonna watch it lol. These are my favorite videos. Xoxoxo
Kelsey VanDyke (8 months ago)
The poles are there so you can't take the cart out of the store
Felicity Maria (8 months ago)
The pole for the shopping cart is so you can’t take the cart out of the store
Bria Jewell (8 months ago)
The pole is on the cart to prevent ppl from taking them outside and stealing them. Not tryin to be funny but have you ever seen random carts around maybe even around homeless ppl they tend to use them sometimes.
Vanessa Inostroza (8 months ago)
ross doesn’t have bad stuff, it’s pretty similar to tj maxx but i love tj maxx more than anything! it’s one of my favorite places! ross has cute decorations & some cute clothing & boots as well 😋
Synthia Lewis (8 months ago)
Do you have any tips on how to find clothes at ROSS that wont rip?
Lulu Moreno (8 months ago)
I hope you went back for the black shirt the green one looked so great on you! ❤️
Hanan Elsayed (8 months ago)
Your hair is so long 😩 I'm jealous btw I had a dark brown sweater like the "pumpkin sweater" you bought and I absolutely LOVED IT for the fall. I totally regret that I lost it but it's definitely a great buy. Love it
Rebeca Francia (8 months ago)
When I was in high school people used to hate on Ross or thrift stores because it was “cheap.” I would feel embarrassed telling people my shoes were from Payless or my jacket from Ross. Now as an adult these are the only stores I buy everything at!
tiffanyy_n (8 months ago)
I finally went and bought that same orange fuzzy jacket after watching this video a couple weeks ago. I was OBSESSED when I saw you wear it 😍 It’s so cozy & warm, exactly what I was looking for! Once again, THANK YOU JAS 🙏
Mickey Dean (8 months ago)
The pole is there so you dont take the buggy out the store Jas
Brezy Rivas (8 months ago)
Go look at Payless for you neutral backpack. If you text FALL to 747474 they’ll give you 25% via text for next purchase. Just in case. I’m looking this weekend.
E.masha 100 (8 months ago)
Hey sis if you wanna catch the good stuff go early cus they stock up every morning (that’s what they told me)
Krista Piper (8 months ago)
Loved the video! I always enjoy shop with me videos. Do you ask the managers of the store if your can film before you start? I have done a couple shop with me but I always feel sooo strange!
Kristin Ilene (8 months ago)
Check thirtyone ! They have amazing bags right now :)
Myisha Brown (8 months ago)
I know its Ross but hearing you say "only" before every price reminded me that that's my main problem lmaoo its "only" this much and I end up "only" spending way too much money anyways 😂😂
The pole is so the car don’t go outside Ross don’t have workers to collect the shopping 🛒 !
Rosie Rose (8 months ago)
The long blue sticks on the carts are there so that people don't try to take the carts outside... I use to work at Ross....
Nour Al (8 months ago)
They have the thing on the carts so you dont take the carts outside the store! They won’t fit in the door!
Princess Yeci (8 months ago)
I don’t see your nail info 😩 I’m loving that color. Definitely the next store should be Marshall’s
K H (8 months ago)
I realized as you were leaving Ross that it was the Ross I always go to!
Elizabeth Greer (9 months ago)
Shop at Marshalls, kohls, Burlington and forever 21! 🙏😍😍 and ULTA too! Ohhh try five below! That would be fun.
Elizabeth Greer (9 months ago)
I LOVE that burnt orange fuzzy jacket. I need ❤
kaysah74 (9 months ago)
The nude bookbag bag you can find it at burlington for like $30😊
Wendy A. Rodriguez (9 months ago)
*I love your style. So similar to mine. We’re the same foundation shade same jean size🙈😭😂 I went in and got the green off the shoulder and the Pumpkin fluffy sweater 🙌🏼 I fell in love with it when I saw it here. Lol 👏🏼*
Mari Manela (9 months ago)
The pole on carts is so that you can’t take the cart out of the store I believe 😃
Dweelirfghv (9 months ago)
Hey girl!! So I hope you see this comment !! I suggest you tuber dr dray she’s a dermatologist that vlogs she’s awesome! She sais that fragrance, and especially essential oils and scrubbing brushes like Clarisonic are so so bad for the face! Nine watch her videos and she gives things that really work and debunks the gimics it was a real eye opener for me! 💋 xoxo
Marie 93 (9 months ago)
You should have got the rose gold all you had to do was spray paint it sliver !!! -New Subscriber
Marie 93 (9 months ago)
People definitely sleep on Ross I use to love going to Ross for my school clothes and shoes !!!
Katherine Hernandez (9 months ago)
what happened to the nail info ?? :(

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