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Why Did Muhammad Wear Women's Clothing?

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Support Acts 17 videos on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3615911 For the sources cited in this video, visit the following link: http://www.answeringmuslims.com/2012/10/why-did-muhammad-wear-womens-clothing.html According to Islam's most trusted historical sources, Muhammad used to dress up in his wives' clothing. Indeed, Muhammad even received revelations while dressed in his child bride Aisha's garments, making him the world's first and only cross-dressing prophet. Can this really be God's last messenger? Can we trust the Qur'an when parts of it came to Muhammad when he was cross-dressing?
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Love christ (1 day ago)
Gregory Gomes (1 month ago)
Why are we comparing our Christ the King of Peace! To a evil practitioner and devil himself called Mohammad.
Earth Man (2 months ago)
I thank you for your work in showing the abuse of Islam. Thank you. You would call me an atheist. I am not Christian in a theoretical seance. I suppose I am socialized as a seculad chtistian. Are we in agreement as far as the abuse that we both know that is Islam? Or do you also hate atheists? I want to support you. Do you support me?
Barry Connor (2 months ago)
These comments are pretty old BUT nothing has changed its actually got worse for Christians. The Wolf has been invited into the Garden of Eden by weak sheppards that feel sorry for them. Bloodbath has ensued surprise surprise Sheppards follow Jesus and only look after your own sheep.
mega lodon (2 months ago)
Muhammad was a pervert on loan from hell
adonaiinfidel (2 months ago)
"Why Did Muhammad Wear Women's Clothing?" Posting the correct spelling of "Ayesha Brulee" would have been nice.
Dr. Morteza Delroba (3 months ago)
that translation is incorrect, it meant to say in closeness ,in intimacy with Aisha, as if in the same garment, not actually dressing in her clothes.....I expected you guys to be smarter than this.!
Dr. Morteza Delroba (3 months ago)
I can't stop laughing at this video ! watching these "religious " BS ers accusing others of being creepy .
PRandC Team (3 months ago)
It’s no wonder the Left defends Islam - cross dressing, homosexual prophet...
The Astronomer (3 months ago)
You have to be extremely stupid for you to believe in Islam. No wonder Islam kills you if you choose to leave coz if they don't scare you, everybody would have left Islam and burned the quran.
Better One (3 months ago)
Is it that lots of Muslims aren't reading the Quaran?
Tobias (3 months ago)
You need to bring up EVERYTHING that involves the perversions of Mohammad and Islam. This needs to be brought out and disseminated far and wide.
Phiona Adoko (3 months ago)
For d sake of truth, if dis Mohammed was truly a prophet of God d fatherYAHUA? Bcos he did not even carry any nature of Gods servants pliz I beg our father is holy.
Phiona Adoko (3 months ago)
Am just dying of laffing, 4 d love of God, if dis Allah was 1n only true creatures as dey claim, wud God truly b involved in dat stupidity.
max m (3 months ago)
Nobody dared to call in they are smart lol
EXTOL ZEBULON (3 months ago)
I'm gonna throw this out there maybe why Moe concentrated on his child bride is because Moe "was not endowed" I'm just saying. So, Moe was a lesbian ?
Romans 14 KJV (3 months ago)
That poor baby girl was so stressed and traumatized by that sicko and by being forced into that awful situation. She literally fell apart, mentally, physically, and psychologically, her mind and body just couldn't handle it and her hair literally fell out.. My heart & spirit aches for her..
martin ramsbottom (4 months ago)
You danced around the message waaaaay too much . Just deliver the message please. God bless.
AlexTremo DelNorte (4 months ago)
He abused a 9 year old, he made little boys suck on his tongue, now it turns out he also cross dressed and had intercourse with a corpse.... Muhammad (may he be accursed) was indeed a total degenerate who should have been stoned to death for it..........
Gabriel Bermudez (4 months ago)
Easy choice Jesus. Muhammad ain't got a shot.
Island sea I lve (5 months ago)
Did you see him to what he wearing david your devil such a fool personality you have
Goodtree (5 months ago)
Maybe the proper translation is "sheets". That qualifies as clothing and bedding in the Islamic world.
Goodtree (5 months ago)
He practiced ritual Sex Magic on a child in exchange for demonic revelation. That goes along perfectly with the rest of the Quran
ISRAEL OMOTAYO (5 months ago)
xenia xenia (6 months ago)
xenia xenia (6 months ago)
xenia xenia (6 months ago)
xenia xenia (6 months ago)
xenia xenia (6 months ago)
xenia xenia (6 months ago)
AISHA= the meaning = beautiful , smart, intelligent girl,,,girl....girl....girl....girl...... +18[sex time baby]
xenia xenia (6 months ago)
behind you... there are 3 crosses ....JESUS [the son of GOD] and 2-criminals..THEY ARE VERY LUCKY TO DIE EVEN THEY WERE CRIMINAL.... WITH JESUS.... THE KING OF THE KINGS//// -THIS IS CHRISTIANITY .......
Usurper Naderly (6 months ago)
I'm a catholic and can't stand the muslims. This book of theirs is so stupid, aweful and horrendous...I can't believe they sell it in the western world. Just ban that Qur'An all together
dinku mannely (6 months ago)
Hi, would be much appreciated if you could please put some reference number verses when you quote these verses.
bindare dundat (6 months ago)
JasonPalmer (6 months ago)
A nine year old? Apparently while there was no compulsion in religion, there WAS compulsion in sex. Nine year olds are incapable of giving consent.
bindare dundat (6 months ago)
Patrick Parker (6 months ago)
Everything's an " issue "
Charles Clements (7 months ago)
David Wood made a interesting point. If Isia's garments were so powerful then why were they not preserved? There again, it would mean that the word of Allah did not come from Allah but from her garments.
Mwiine Resty (7 months ago)
glory to GOD the most high. besides the topic.do u mind telling me about seventh day advertist beliefs. otherwise, thanx for the enlightment of all the videos you make. i appreciate. almighty GOD reigns.
Majd Patou Fathallah (7 months ago)
So if your agenda is to shock here's some from the Bible and i wont bother w the Torah, as you must, know is riddled w examples that can be 'misunderstood' cuz they are - St Paul's advice in 1 Timothy 2:12, in which the saint says: "I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man, she must be silent." The extract is often used to justify opposition to women priests. - The worrying verse endorsing genocide, from 1 Samuel 15:3: "This is what the Lord Almighty says ... 'Now go and strike Amalek and devote to destruction all that they have. Do not spare them, but kill both man and woman, child and infant, ox and sheep, camel and donkey.' " Third was Moses's call to kill witches, in Exodus 22:18: "Do not allow a sorceress to live." Another gruesome verse to make the list was Psalm 137, which celebrates this terrible revenge: "Happy is he who repays you for what you have done to us / He who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks." A more controversial inclusion was that of St Paul's thoughts on homosexuality, from Romans 1:27, currently an extremely divisive matter with the Anglican church: "In the same way also the men, giving up natural intercourse with women, were consumed with passion for one another. Men committed shameless acts with men and received in their own persons the due penalty for their error." Others on the list included God's test of Abraham in Genesis 22, in which Abraham is made to offer his son Isaac as a sacrifice; this endorsement of female subservience in Ephesians 5:22, "Wives, submit to you husbands as to the Lord"; and similar advice for slaves in 1 Peter 2:18: "Slaves, submit yourselves to your masters with all respect, not only to the good and gentle but also to the cruel." Simon Jenkins, editor of shipoffools.com, said the idea behind the web poll was to make people think about the dangers of selectively quoting from the bible. I think you get my point
Majd Patou Fathallah (7 months ago)
With all due respect..You both obviously do not understand the concept of : Symbolism. Symbolism is prevalent in ALL religions..Taking these stories literally just shows that You are the ones that missed the point ;) and did not get the symbolism/message intended ! The 3 religions, Jewish, Christian and Muslim are littered with symbolism..that is meant to be deciphered as one goes on a spiritual path to enlightenment..mocking religious symbolism if one is to follow your approach (of any religion, and maybe you know ? or not ! there would be alot to mock) ..only make you seem ignorant . maybe you should study more theology . That is what is really apparent . You'd be of more use if your 'show' was called Jesus & Mohamed& other prophets too ( that would make it richer in knowledge) and try to find spiritual Similarities in all. No one should be angry or call you haters..but you do sound a tad like the extremists you are trying to 'convert'..So do study more about religious symbolism and stop your cherry picking. And try to go back to the Source..you know, that place where all our religions sprang from ? Then many more would spend time listening.
JasonPalmer (6 months ago)
Anna S (7 months ago)
God bless you guys, I will be so ignorant without you, but with you I'm ready for discussions with Muslims, I hope I can help somebody to see the true
bindare dundat (7 months ago)
bindare dundat (6 months ago)
JasonPalmer (6 months ago)
I'm sure the LGBQT community thanks you sir
Wskitobgs76x (7 months ago)
Watching/listening to Christian Prince's videos is a must.
Rechel Valdez (8 months ago)
I do respect that religion before,but i think thos religion is just for men not for woman. Is this a religion we want on this earth.? To trait women like animals. Omg.
bindare dundat (6 months ago)
L B (8 months ago)
Because he was a ginger beer.
Rina Taufan (8 months ago)
So sickening.
nassos nassos (8 months ago)
God bless you - Jesus said be were of the foulse prophets
ZAINAL JADI (8 months ago)
ZAINAL JADI (8 months ago)
ZAINAL JADI (8 months ago)
And wonder why more and more convert to Islam dispite all these lies. AllahuAkbar.
Josdamale (8 months ago)
thxzbs t49cnh (9 months ago)
Jesus is Lord
ergle lergle (9 months ago)
One does not have sex with a 9 year old girl, one rapes a 9 year old girl.
bindare dundat (6 months ago)
JasonPalmer (6 months ago)
Yes, while it seems there was no compulsion in two religion, there most certainly WAS compulsion in sex ! Nine year olds are incapable of giving consent.
George Lee (9 months ago)
If i am a Muslim, I would ask my Imam how to answer these and weight everything.
Y M (9 months ago)
muhammad only thought about women and his testicles
ManBearPig (9 months ago)
Muhammad the tranny hahahahah
Gonzales Frederic (9 months ago)
Muhammad was a prophet: the prophet of Satan. Who would send a rapist, mass murderer, thief, pedophile, slaver,... ? God or Satan?
Ralph Harrison (9 months ago)
I think he was in her garments aka dress aka vagina
Ralph Harrison (9 months ago)
Umm garments to me means sex. He's in her skirt, get it. Like I got the draws, he was in her garments;sex.
Native America (10 months ago)
The passage that I found pertaining to Muhammad was Matthew 24:11 🙏
Bhavesh bhai (10 months ago)
what islam.....and moh....md
booger face (10 months ago)
I think sadly muhumed getting in women's clothes is a lot better then him being in a child's bed
Karen Burton (10 months ago)
The muslims rejects anything close to humanity by claiming it is western culture. No way you uneducated folks, humanity is universal so is human rights and morals. That's why your women run away in large number seeking freedom to these western countries you hate their culture very much.
Bird brings the Word (10 months ago)
Brother Sam, your speech habits remind me of my own and inspires me to continue to do as I have been. All praises of All to the Most High in Christ Jesus by the Spirit; Amen!
Jules MORO (10 months ago)
Muhammed is a liar and antichrist.
shridhar gautam (10 months ago)
Prophet Muhammad ( PSUH ) ( pig shit upon him ).
Anitha Rameshnaik (10 months ago)
zakir naik is saying Mohammed is a comforter because jesus said I am sending you comforter who will abide in us . they think holy spirit is Mohammad he came to abide in us.but holy spirit came on Pentecost day.soon after jesus gone to heaven. jesus said I am the Alfa and omega beginning and the end. no prophet will come after me. they have misunderstanding about this.
Allyson Farrell (10 months ago)
I have learned so much from your videos, thank you so much for all the research you have done to exspose Islam. It's satanic in nature and appeals to the lust of a mans flesh. what kind of god would reward one in Heaven with sex? Really, the prize of life is how many virgins you can have sex with for all eterity?! Are the virgins suppose to feel as equally honored by this too? Oh sorry, I forgot, women are nothing and only made by Allah for man's sexual pleasure! This idea is so repulsive that it makes me want to vomit! I am so thankful that the true God is nothing like this and that He, and He alone, is all the reward we will ever need. My heart does go out to those who have been raised to believe and follow Mohammed's false teachings and threatened with death if they should believe or say otherwise. So keep up the "GOD" work! I am sure, and will be praying, that God will bless and use these videos to bring many Muslims to CHRIST-- Who is blessed Forever! AMEN!!!
Thorus Zwolf (10 months ago)
Hey David :D I know this video has been out for a while, and someone else may have had this idea, but the passage where it says Muhammed was in the Tho of his child bride, this could be a slang term like the american one where someone says "I want to get into her pants" which of course means a desire to engage in intercourse, not to literally wear her pants, and the reference to her bed, well, taking someone to bed is another term for intercourse "man, i'd like to take her to bed" ... obviously these are somewhat perverted sayings, but Muhammed was a pretty perverted and immature guy, always telling about his sexual exploits, so I feel this fits... what do you think?
Vijay Vardhan Kudari (10 months ago)
Macca....Muhammad...and his Moon-god!
d r (10 months ago)
Aala hu fuckbar.. Hahah
brian rud (10 months ago)
please correct me if I am wrong didnt the dude go to his wife and tell her that he was going crazy and she corected him and said that god was talking to him,pretty crazy if you ask me,the guy believed that woman were only half as smart as men,maby she was wiser than him and maby he was rite and he was a nut,oh and a petofile liar,check it out its in the books,9 year old sex,admiting that he wrote things that god never told him.....this guy is in a verry hotttt place.....
Lekir H (10 months ago)
David Lakatos (10 months ago)
Kneel before the Big Tech Giants commie algorithmic AI God and his lufierrian microchip.
Angie Butt (10 months ago)
hi Sir can you give me sahih bukhari references where these verses are mentioned ..thanks
john carlos vallejo (10 months ago)
Ofcoure jesus,, without sins while muhammad 11wives.. aisha is engaged 6 years old and married aisha 9 years old because of PUBERTY!,,
Acid Trip (10 months ago)
Because he was a fay pedo asshole mother fuker
numero umero (10 months ago)
d r (10 months ago)
Fuck allah.. N fck mohammad the pedophile
numero umero (10 months ago)
This is complete bullshit. Hell awaits the disbelievers and trust me you aren't coming back
numero umero (10 months ago)
If you don't have knowledge of something then you should be quiet. Funny I know the truth is that you people can't wash your asses after taking a dump .islam does not say anything about terrorism and you spread lies and twist things.
SjS BH (10 months ago)
LOL! Muhammad was a drag queen?
David and Sam are most stronger than imams 💪💪💪💪💪👆👆👆
Anand Joshi (11 months ago)
you are doing a good job for humanity !!
nitesh shetty (11 months ago)
People love discipline They love a strong leader They loved to be said what to be done and what should not be done They are like a goat blindly follow what ever the leader says Even though they will see that their leader is taking them to hell It's not only in religion Even in politics or any field A strong witty smart leader will take a bunch of goats to the slaughter at will That's what smart uneducated Mohamad did He made sure these goats are trained at a early stage of 5 to 6 years , once these peoples subconscious mind is trained to follow quran they will do it But educating women will ruin it for islams Once they are educated and aware they will question why they are given secondary status Once they get a job they will take their rights of equality I appreciate lot of muslims in india who educate their girl child The next generation will be sensible In india in cities 90 % women are educated and sensible and there has been a reduction in guys marrying 2 or 3 wives
Amanda Souhi (11 months ago)
you know what funny back in they day that is what everyone wears.... even the bible wears that... and you guys call your self Christian ? how are you following in Jesus foot steps? he was about love.. and if you pick up the Quran than you will know what it said... since all you guys dress like whores i would rattler cover up... and i wouldn't talk about child molester if i was you.... because if you notices that is what catholic and christian do... i hear white men being child molester... Mary was 12 and her husband was 90 years old... case is closed
Gregorian (10 months ago)
No where does it state Mary's age in the bible, nor Joseph's. Try actually fact checking these thing Muslims are telling you.
Amanda Souhi (11 months ago)
well wake up and open your eyes....
Amanda Souhi (11 months ago)
omg who told you he wears women clothes... you guys needs a different hobby
d r (10 months ago)
Hhh worshiping a pedophile
Animo (11 months ago)
Hmmm. something dont seem right bout these two. They spread hate....Should read the quran for yourselves guys. Christian and muslim are brothers!
Tom Butthurt (11 months ago)
Why did Jefferson Davis
superfluous pastry (11 months ago)
Mohommad must've had a slight build. My shoulders wouldn't fit into any women's clothing, even a tunic.
superfluous pastry (11 months ago)
Ok, I'm not a Muslim and I think Mohommed was a gangster scumbag but perhaps the phrase was used somewhat the way we say "I'm going to get in her pants"? I know that interpretation isn't as funny or shocking but it makes the most sense to me. The part about him wearing his wife's robe was quite clear though. Mohommed was a freak.
naomi ali (11 months ago)
He likes lusting over young girls
Andre Sabio (11 months ago)
Taqiyaa-very pathetic thing.
Doctor Music (11 months ago)
Mental problems.....very deep mental problems....straitjacket stuff....
zambia123 (11 months ago)
Cross dresser 😂😂😂😂😂😂
nitesh shetty (11 months ago)
Marrying a 6 year old and having sex at 9 was protested and disagreed by the locals even at that time Another incidence when he married his sons wife was also protested by the locals But suddenly both the times allah came to the victims help and recited new lines Every time he wanted something allah recited a new verse It was even mentioned by ayesha Amazing how God seems to love thim to have all his fantasies fulfilled especially sex
Emmanuel Noel (11 months ago)
Hey david are u sure its not an undergarment. Im saying this coz may be this lady translator was shocked to mention the right translation meaning like the initial literature the man claims he mentions bed by lying or by coveringup. Kindly check
Benard Lukongo (11 months ago)
Wooi wooi my heart is so sick that these man has destroyed, misled GOD'S people with his fake prophesy.Thanks a lot Brother David and your friend for your information giving us -us to why Moslems put on women's garments.
club4ghz (11 months ago)
Muhammad was a tranny child molester necrophile
YesWeCantaloupe (11 months ago)
The question was never answered. Why did he do this? Was this an old Nabatean religious ritual to dress as a woman?

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