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Timeless Wardrobe | Men's Essentials | Shirts

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Invest in a better more sustainable wardrobe, start today with shirts! Instagram: @hueguh T-Shirt/Oxford - www.asket.com Shot With: Canon 6DII - https://tinyurl.com/ya3vh49p Canon 24-70 - https://tinyurl.com/ydelczqr C-Stand - https://tinyurl.com/ycwvruo7 Tripod - https://tinyurl.com/ybhugfdt Drone - https://tinyurl.com/yb8xbhum
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Text Comments (74)
Ugh I like listening to your voice
A fading no one. (1 month ago)
Please leave the links for the shirts/t-shirts (and the jeans.)
Hueguh (20 days ago)
Shirts and T-Shirts: Asket.com; Uniqlo.com(budget) Denim: apc-us.com
Michael Yates (1 month ago)
what mic are you using in this video?
Hueguh (20 days ago)
Rode USB Mic
Diyar Dashti M.S. (2 months ago)
you got mad youtube and video skills. But, dont like the low quality sound
Hueguh (20 days ago)
Rookie mistake overlooked sound, trying to remedy it with the latest uploads.
Brock Lewis (2 months ago)
Now how do I do this on a crazy tight budget ? XD
GBD Covers (3 months ago)
I'vs seen so many men fashion channels, but yours is just so good, i love how you focus on minimalist versatile wardrobe that always looks fresh and stylish !!
Robbie Gordon (3 months ago)
Where did you get that shirt rack st the start?
Prime Goalkeeper Time (4 months ago)
What song is this?
calicuts909 (5 months ago)
What length in t-shirt did you go with sir
Hermès Alcazar (5 months ago)
Where did you get those jeans, I have to know please
Hermès Alcazar (5 months ago)
Hueguh saw the price and I don’t like them anymore lol
Hueguh (5 months ago)
APC Petite New Standards
Tobimaru Mori (6 months ago)
You filipinos are really awesome 😎
Hueguh (5 months ago)
The Herbivore (7 months ago)
Do you ever experience your dark blue jeans bleeding onto your white clothing?
Hueguh (7 months ago)
No, but I try to avoid wearing a white T-Shirt until I wash new denim at least once.
Radiantkid (8 months ago)
Love this Channel 🔥🔥🔥
Hueguh (8 months ago)
Thank you!
Tristan Claude (8 months ago)
Great recs! I definitely have to second what another commenter suggested. Check out the wool options out there. I got a couple long sleeve icebreaker t shirts and they've become the staple of my wardrobe. Now I'm planning on switching most of shirts to wool and just keeping a few nice cotton pieces.
Hueguh (8 months ago)
On the list, been learning more and more about the benefits of wool. I'll be honest always thought they were only good for the cooler weather! Appreciate the suggestion may be a video in the near future!
Sam K (9 months ago)
Great video, I like how you focused just on couple things and gave more details instead of just listing many items
Hueguh (9 months ago)
Thanks! My goal is to show details to help people see how something really wears or fits.
Shaun Kamakea-Young (9 months ago)
Just discovered this channel and am absolutely in love. LOVE LOVE LOVE your aesthetic of clothing and videography!
Hueguh (9 months ago)
Thank you!
77Mrmister (9 months ago)
Nice video but ohh I'm getting anxiety from your socks, we use the very same ones in the Finnish army.
TimDo409 (9 months ago)
it makes me mad how you say wardrobe. Its WAR-DROBE not WARD-ROBE.
Uncle Betty (1 month ago)
And please pronounce the letter T cortectly in words like button. Thank you.
Hueguh (9 months ago)
Honestly, it made me mad too, couldn't figure out why I couldn't say it right. Thanks for the phonetic break down, I'll be sure to pronounce it right from now on.!
Andy B (10 months ago)
Timeless Wardrobe: Coats & Jackets coming soon?
Andy B (10 months ago)
I just saw your Insta post today! Good to hear you're feeling better!
Hueguh (10 months ago)
They're in the queue haven't had a chance to work on them yet though, eventually!
trench lim (10 months ago)
What’s your height hueguh?
Hueguh (10 months ago)
Hi, I'm 5'10 .
gonefishingapodaca (11 months ago)
One of my new favorite channels. I feel most Mens style channels are Bro’d out muscle heads. You have a great cadence and relaxed feel. Awesome video work, thank you for putting these together. I started making the cold oatmeal for breakfast and now I’m hooked!
Hueguh (11 months ago)
Thank you!
Jay Jackson (11 months ago)
What size did you get?
Hueguh (11 months ago)
Hi for T-Shirts I got Medium/Regular. For oxford button downs I get Medium/Short, I chose short for the sleeve length, pretty much perfect for my arms and I don't need to go to a tailor.
Manuel Avendaño (11 months ago)
Dude, I've seen so many YouTubers with such a consumer mind telling every season what to purchase. I always preferred to be minimalist, however I like to be dressed fresh and clean. Your wardrobe philosophy is just as mine. Hope the best for you mate. Greetings from CDMX.
Hueguh (11 months ago)
Thank you!
Moira S (11 months ago)
I love your videos I wish there was something similar for girls which are as well done as yours- present voice good editing and not too long or noisy
humming bird (7 months ago)
I know what you mean.
Moira S (11 months ago)
thank you
Hueguh (11 months ago)
One girl I really like to watch and draw inspiration from is @useless_dk; you can check out her channel here https://tinyurl.com/yajqdlmk
flycaptain585 (11 months ago)
Any chance of you doing a sock video? What sock colors or where to get them
Hueguh (11 months ago)
hmmm, yes a sock video can be made, I will add it to the queue!
Jeff J (11 months ago)
You should look at merino wool button downs and T-shirts. They wear beautifully, keep their shape wash after wash, are antibacterial and are naturally temperature regulating and wicking. Wool and Prince is a great US brand, but their are others.
Hueguh (11 months ago)
Thanks for the recommendation, I'll have to look into it!
jackie wong (11 months ago)
I like uniqlo tshirts they Are Cheap But good quality.
hamusic (11 months ago)
I have just one remark I don't want to sound bitchy but that is not an Oxford but an button down shirt an Oxford is dressier and have no buttons at the collar Love your classic clean design though :) Oh I just saw that in english speaking countries it is called oxford
Hueguh (11 months ago)
Yeah we call it oxford since it’s made out of oxford cloth. I am all for conventional naming, thanks for the history lesson, I love technical stuff like that!
Martin (1 year ago)
So inspirational! Glad i found your Instagram profile!
Martin (1 year ago)
I am a "navy guy", and sometimes it gets so boring... I do try to bring some grey color in my palette, but it is hard.. An outfit with clean layering is something I would love to see! (Do you have an alternative to the Common Projects? They are really nice however, a bit pricy..)
Hueguh (1 year ago)
I have one video coming out, but I think this will be the next one! I'll try to find the best bang for the buck! Anything, in particular, you have struggled to find a budget version of?
Martin (1 year ago)
How about a cheap option for minimal clothing? Say a limited amount of money to an outfit you would wear.
Hueguh (1 year ago)
Thank you so much! Let me know if theres anything specific you'd like to see on the gram!
Jan (1 year ago)
Asket is great. Why did you go for a blue shirt? Is there any other Asket colors you liked and are versatile? I own their tees and sweatshirts and I will definitely go for oxford soon.
Jan (1 year ago)
Thanks man, I just ordered the grey striped one since my wardrobe is a bit more monochrome than yours. Great content, man.
Hueguh (1 year ago)
I actually have their oxford in multiple colors, I just chose one shirt to do the lookbook with. I defintely wear the blue one the most as im very clumsy and my white oxford doesn't stay white very long lol!
Praise Media (1 year ago)
Now I want an oxford...
Hueguh (1 year ago)
You need one.
Ben Schroeder (1 year ago)
i hope that you can eventually be featured by asket! keep the good work, love the editing style. i'd say music was maybe a litttttle loud but that's personal
Hueguh (1 year ago)
No, please keep the constructive criticism coming. Was definitely on the fence on the music volume, I'll try to mix it better in the next video, as always thanks for watching!
Jase C. (1 year ago)
Damn what a great channel. Those common projects and no date submariner are spot on 👌👌
Hueguh (1 year ago)
Those were actually the two things that inspired the channel!
Oleg Oleg (1 year ago)
Thank you! Please make a video about denim and chinos please.
Hueguh (1 year ago)
You read my mind, that's Pt. 2 and it is on its way!
thibaut kelleher (1 year ago)
Great video my man! Very informative.
Danielle Taljaard (1 year ago)
Absolutely love your channel. One of my most favourites. Keep the good work going, soon you’ll reach limits. ❤️
Hueguh (1 year ago)
@Hueguh, but you already knew that. Thanks again for the suppourt!
Danielle Taljaard (1 year ago)
Hueguh do you have any sort of social media? Like Instagram?
Hueguh (1 year ago)
Danielle Taljaard thank you!

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