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Stuck in mud compilation #105

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Text Comments (32)
LuckyStriker (20 days ago)
Well done, Danny, you nana. Next time deflate your tyres
NatKingRules (4 months ago)
I think the first one with black kia was trying to get stuck
Georgia (6 months ago)
Oh i hate getting stuck
Randy E (6 months ago)
Сборище дебилов и произнести больше нечего.
blud work (9 months ago)
I wonder what the first guy was thinking
Maxime Ethier (2 months ago)
Son cerveau s'est échappé, à travers le toit ouvrant, dès que le gars a roulé un pneu sur le sable. Cerveau: ah! Merde! fais le tout seul!
Shoegum (9 months ago)
Why not cut out the beach scene....they didn't even get pulled out, why show it?
jeremy wang (11 months ago)
the first one, so idiot! he could get out many time, but he stop trying .
Jake Browne (11 months ago)
Somebody buy that girl a jeep
429 soup (11 months ago)
china thailand (1 year ago)
sports cars don't belong on the beaches. da
JAGUARGUARD (1 year ago)
The first one had greek plates yay
Jakob Fyren (1 year ago)
He is a idiot
Jakob Fyren (1 year ago)
The frist one for a idiot
Marco Marghinese (1 year ago)
Io li lascerei li!!
BlackFalcon 231 (1 year ago)
can i do this?
Jhon knoll (1 year ago)
The civic driver was an idiot
Hazardbone (1 year ago)
number 1 rule the best way to get unstuck is to just keep accelerating even if your not moving eventually the tyers will find hard ground and you'll break free it may take minutes or hours but it will trust me
jsh 2608 (1 year ago)
Hazardbone not true, the wheels can just dig deeper and deeper till the weight of the car is just sitting on the axles, then you wont be going anywhere
NICK GREEK (1 year ago)
Ποιο μ@λ@κ@ς πεθαίνεις.
fleet tech (2 years ago)
Don't ever go off road with a Kia
Redneck199312 (1 year ago)
fleet tech I had a 2007 Kia Sorrento that was amazing off road.
4x4Scout (2 years ago)
hahahaha. when you find out your traction control of your all wheel drive is crap. :)
Intrepid Milotic (1 year ago)
so many videos about Kia awd, they show how bad the system.
Matías Jara (2 years ago)
Kia noob
Akulb3k Duda3v (2 years ago)
и не лишь бабушка может завязнуть на ровненьком месте
ThatOneVideo (2 years ago)
the first one, is that salt water? Oh well, it's only a kia.
Jake Browne (11 months ago)
Should have just backed it out into the water and left it there
BlackFalcon 231 (1 year ago)
did is just for as lolz
Keni Nyorak (2 years ago)
the first video, I think if the driver was a male, he should hang himself for he is a spot to manhood.
Нельзя баб за руль усаживать. На ровненьком месте застрянет.

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