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Man Captures Mountain Side Collapsing in Malibu

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To use this video in a commercial player or broadcast, contact [email protected] Source: Facebook/Lloyd Eric Cotsen Original video: https://www.facebook.com/Eric.Cotsen/videos/10156052242509546
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Text Comments (1544)
Santino Frasca (8 hours ago)
anyone else see the small table fall from the top?
DK Z (1 day ago)
Crazy Nights (4 days ago)
Go to see if are people in the cars Cunt!!!!!
Aaron Willoughby (13 days ago)
Holy fucking goddamn sugar?
L J (13 days ago)
It’s all happening because your giving it energy...the power of the mind is incredible, especially more than one person giving it energy....xoxo
George Arogeti (13 days ago)
Where ????
CB Bikes UK (15 days ago)
they love a bit of god damn holy crap the yanks ! Lol
Wild Haggis (18 days ago)
The world is nigh
G M Knight (18 days ago)
Lame, seen worst in La Salva.
dungoist (21 days ago)
1:27 fat roasted pig proceeds to block the guy backing up to show how brave he is by standing with arms on hips and joking. Fuck outta there gut!
Air Crew (22 days ago)
Preview of California sliding into the Pacific.
D H (26 days ago)
Guy was kinda fem huh. Speaks like a women.
Terry Bonnell (29 days ago)
Somebody grab some shovels,I saw a bunch of illegal immigrants hiding on that bluff just before it collapsed.
Jon Moore (1 month ago)
As Red Webster from Road House would say," you got insurance dont ya"
Dee Dva Hayes (1 month ago)
It’s just a matter of time before Las Vegas and Arizona start collapsing and all of us over here dry up and blow away 😂
Drew Shourd (1 month ago)
Mountain?...are you from Kansas bro...that is a very small HILL...please change your overly dramatic title...oh ya, 'click bait'....
Scottscage (1 month ago)
Is that “the big one” everyone says California is waiting for?! 😂🥺
Aiyun Zhen (1 month ago)
Victor Bermudez (1 month ago)
“Holy sugar”....yea seems about white
Holy Sugar! What made you to hold that camera📷 steady on that 🏔hillside? Even before the rocks started sliding. That's a phenomenon.🆒
Awkward Moments (1 month ago)
It was doing that when we was out in the water yeah hope your insurance hears that lol
Jack Da Money (1 month ago)
Don't worry, Liberals are going to tackle Erosion right after they get control of Climate Change.
Kurt N (1 month ago)
Meh... as far as landslides go, this is a 1 or 1.5...
Adopt Colorado (1 month ago)
I parked and slept there back when casinos closed at 2 am. To get up and return to cripple creek the next morning. What a trip. Nice catch with the camera
Glen McKone (1 month ago)
Fucking Trump!!
Jondavid Bristow (1 month ago)
To bad it was just a little hillside and not the whole State
Chris Coleman (1 month ago)
Wow..thats all i can say...WOW
Genesis Dynamics (1 month ago)
G$8605 (1 month ago)
I blame the lawn chairs; the straws that broke the camel's back. 🤣
Yah Saves (1 month ago)
Damn global warming.
Lewis Karr (1 month ago)
U won't be entertained, laughing when the whole world comes down on u idiots 😝
Vie Scotty (1 month ago)
Sorry for your loss (to owner of pretty red car).
Regina Souza (1 month ago)
São sádicos e malvados deveriam avisar aos donos dos carros p tirarem os carros ao invés de gravar e ainda achando graça meu Deus tenha misericórdia
Santosh kumari (1 month ago)
why so happy dis ppl
docmatt31765 (1 month ago)
that tan db just stood right in the way of that guy backing up
Alvis Lancaster (1 month ago)
That one guy needs to put his shirt on....he thinks he's on Baywatch....
margie pelcman (1 month ago)
He was at the beach😅
Karol Polska (1 month ago)
Wowwwwww ale debile, podniecenie na Maxa, jakby był koniec świata, takie coś można nogą zrobić, grawitacja itp.
البرز سدر (1 month ago)
564markis (1 month ago)
Talk about an overexaggeration though
juan r (1 month ago)
Ok. And where’s the mountain or mountains collapsing?????
Greg Shuffield (1 month ago)
I wish the Kardashians were at the Bottom.
Taka Smaka (1 month ago)
Gnoxxx (1 month ago)
You could use a wind filter mr. Nice movie.
Frank McMiller, Jr. (1 month ago)
I wouldn't have parked on that side in the first place.
Rich Mandrill (1 month ago)
White people humor and curse words are the lamest
Eb Benar (1 month ago)
Americans! Wow!
GWR4079 (1 month ago)
His pullout game is strong.
JBird117 (1 month ago)
Too bad the rest of California wont crumble and fall into the ocean
Chango leon (1 month ago)
Wow wow wow...creí que era un video de perros
seannootherway (1 month ago)
It almost hit our car! Shut up little one. I'm trying to get a new car through insurance
Trip Thyme (1 month ago)
That is a hill not a mountain ....
Raider 818r (1 month ago)
Holy sugar!🤣
American Dreams (1 month ago)
Ross Hurst (1 month ago)
Holy sugar
peter charles (1 month ago)
Where can you obtain "Holy shit" and "Holy moley"?
Bruce D (1 month ago)
Show me the whale.
Concerned American (1 month ago)
Fortunately no one was hurt. But typical in America to stand around and film until disaster hits and you're in the middle.
Brandon Marchetti (1 month ago)
All those wows, better call Owen Wilson
Dinesh Adhikari (1 month ago)
“ I appreciate it’s happening on my video” what a rude statement. Could have called out people to move away their cars.
Howard Mcgoldrick (1 month ago)
Totally tubular dude!!
john lopes (1 month ago)
Eire Saoirse (1 month ago)
Move ur dam car...
Steven Cooper (1 month ago)
Wow, next,wow um. Wow wait for it wow.
Ernest Matthews (1 month ago)
Day after day People move to LA What they dont know is The whole place shaking away
Stanley Mitchell (1 month ago)
1:45 everybody took turns saying wow 😂
Mike Brown (1 month ago)
Well, there goes my clean car.
Francis Ramp (1 month ago)
Zeppelin: "Going to California when mountains crumble to the sea."
Chango leon (1 month ago)
Someguy8047 (1 month ago)
Baron Von Schneider (1 month ago)
Cow farts caused this.
Baron Von Schneider (1 month ago)
+Taka Smaka Global warming
Taka Smaka (1 month ago)
Danie Roos (1 month ago)
O come on guys please???? It's only God that's holy, there's no such thing as HOLY SHIT ... or ... HOLY SUGAR ... or ... HOLY F### ext. Practice to concentrate on your language to correct it?
K RC (1 month ago)
Uh oh. Better get Maaco.
Adnan lexus (1 month ago)
Holly Sugar
Damian Ketcham (1 month ago)
Ok!! Well.... how long before the rest of California goes???? We’re all patiently waiting.
Ash The Dash (1 month ago)
Imazombie1 (1 month ago)
... Wow
Damon Hockey (1 month ago)
Incredible, the world's smallest "mountain side". Maybe sand hill is more appropriate.
Mallhall85 (1 month ago)
Thats New landscape??? Whut?!
walter hicks (1 month ago)
What fucking morons.
Salvatore Ignoti (1 month ago)
It was a wonder nobody was there in that moment.
Valerie A. (1 month ago)
"Holy sugar" 😂😂
Cynthia Ayers (1 month ago)
Mountain? What mountain? I see a parking lot Hillside no mountain.
Kurt N (1 month ago)
A medium sized sand embankment.... I think a few grains of sand got on the white car
diane sturlin (1 month ago)
I'm from Jackson Hole Wyoming so that was my thought too! that's just a tiny little hill
👽s (1 month ago)
Wow ....Wow ... wOw .... woW ....WOW ... wow ....WOW ... did anyone count how many "wows were said on this video ?" 🤣😂
Brandon Wright (1 month ago)
Wow wow wow wow lol hahahahaha.
Alois Leon (1 month ago)
Those gringos are so.funny buddys.
West Side (1 month ago)
holy sugar lol white people
Kram Sivad (1 month ago)
Andy Brooks (1 month ago)
Mountain? This is either click bait or somebody needs a dictionary. 🤔
Official DeerFire (1 month ago)
The world changes all around us. New mountains forming, new islands mornings, etc.
Meymes (1 month ago)
I'm always surprised when I hear American people actually using phrases like "Holy Sugar!!!".
Mother of Solomon (18 days ago)
+Brian Rodriguez hey now! We learn something new every day, Lol😉!
Brian Rodriguez (19 days ago)
+Mother of Solomon omg!! You have enlightened me on a phrase I had heard even in songs but never knew what they meant!
Mother of Solomon (1 month ago)
+GLB Woodsbum 256 it would always make me giggle when I was a little girl (even then I knew she wanted to curse, Lol😂)!
Michelle Charlton (1 month ago)
My grandma used to yell Sugar tit.
GLB Woodsbum 256 (1 month ago)
+Mother of Solomon lol, thats great
R J (1 month ago)
What the dog says? 1:46 😂
xavis Miranda (1 month ago)
Viva México kabrones!!!
Dan Stevens (1 month ago)
Cliff's sick man. He had the dry heaves, and then he puked his guts out
smokeGR20 (1 month ago)
Some ass people reaction..I'd would be like oh shit...WTF....
Kody Alcorn (1 month ago)
Kauai Hawaii (1 month ago)
That should happen to ALL of California
G K (1 month ago)
Don't know why while watching this video on the YouTube at home in another continent, I feel as if the dust is in the air and I am breathing it.
Brandon Lee (1 month ago)
Holy sugar!!!!
Joshua W (1 month ago)
Video starts at 1:17
Roberts.inc (1 month ago)
Holy sugar. That was crazy!!!!
Bojan Bojovic (1 month ago)
Wow... Wow... Wow... Wow... Wow...

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