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Lose Love - sub Eng / Full Length Movie

5468 ratings | 3473703 views
Lose Love - story of teen girl - Full Movie sub english, teen subtitles, film pelicula girls story, full movie ------------------- http://www.ghandifilms.blogspot.it and watch full length love movie with subtitles on Playlist New Romance movies for Teenagers - full length movies English Subtitle -------------------- Visit http://www.strangentertainment.com for more great content! -------------------- [advertiser-friendly] Ghandifilms Distribution ©2018 full movie -------------------- also on Ghandifilms Channel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Full movie film sub English / Teenagers / Drama / Romance / subtitled Eng | http://ghandifilms.blogspot.it | Love girl / полный фильм / Thanks for support this Youtube Channel. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx also on playlist -------------------- Time of love sub eng full movie https://youtu.be/N96Y-HX2qTU -------------------- jojo is free: https://youtu.be/-biqq4vCdLU -------------------- The Teen Stalker - Full Movie - sub Eng https://youtu.be/CxssznVXpdo -------------------- Suggest to Watch True | Lesbian Short Film https://youtu.be/9NXCA7wBLYc -------------------- หนังสั้นรักเบา ๆ https://youtu.be/Zy5jhs9sTeM -------------------- [Official] หนังสั้น เพราะรัก..ไม่จำกัดความ (Lesbian Short Film : The Greatest Love) | Eng Sub https://youtu.be/1Pt8zG3Kx1E -------------------- Первая девушка, которую я полюбила (2017) Фильм в HD https://youtu.be/g36pxYAv0_Q -------------------- My First Teen Movie - Full Movie - sub Eng https://youtu.be/Mche6bbg9a4 -------------------- SUMMER IS MAGIC - FULL MOVIE - SUB ENG https://youtu.be/XLJxKG15tyY
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Text Comments (347)
789emerald (3 days ago)
This movie is a must watch!! Loved it!!
Steve Jarvis (3 days ago)
What's with that weird sound in the background of the movie all the way through it?
Ysmn bnm (5 days ago)
god is allah and the perfect religion is the religion of prophet mohamed
Noor Abdullahi (5 days ago)
Just finished watching...such an inspirational movie
Trilochan Gadaba (5 days ago)
Rohit Philips (7 days ago)
Hi How are you there. I have found hope to live in life, if you would like to receive life & hope. I hope you will be blessed reading this prayer out. "Dear God, I know I’m a sinner, and I ask for your forgiveness. I believe Jesus Christ is Your Son. I believe that He died for my sin and that you raised Him to life. I want to trust Him as my Savior and follow Him as Lord, from this day forward. Guide my life and help me to do your will. I pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen." God bless you..If you need more info..please login https://peacewithgod.net/
lilli (8 days ago)
I dont think many women that become prostitute would have such support in such a luxury accommodation
Monique ArthurLang (10 days ago)
Very good 🎥
Koko Jan (11 days ago)
Call me please please please please
Cleuz Carter (3 days ago)
fok u
Beka Narziqulov (12 days ago)
I hate the strange music!!!
The Engineer (10 days ago)
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Mai Giza (13 days ago)
Hot 👅😋
nagendra ch (2 days ago)
Mai Giza hey sexy
Mohan Bansal (6 days ago)
Halima Ugand (13 days ago)
Nice movie "God am here save my soul"
crissy lutchman (13 days ago)
Who told her to run away from home and doh go back she look for that. ..especially trusting a stranger....
Sorensen Robertjay (13 days ago)
Heven Arefu (14 days ago)
beautiful move
Linda Lopez (14 days ago)
What a piece of shit , rotten in hell pastor !
The Engineer (10 days ago)
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Crazy Heart (16 days ago)
Rate 6/10
Nina BR (18 days ago)
The Engineer (10 days ago)
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Elsie Gabriel (18 days ago)
love the song
Md. Sumon Prodhan (18 days ago)
Beautiful movie. School life always enjoyable!!! 😘😍
Amina Henry (19 days ago)
The pastor is evil and why the members of the church keep on attending his church?? I'am very disappointed 😞
Sadia Tabbassum (19 days ago)
So much motivating movie...
The Engineer (10 days ago)
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hassanshehata Mohammed (20 days ago)
الحمد لله الحفيظ الذي آمنا به وعليه توكلنا
Laura W (21 days ago)
What a beautiful story. I think we can all take something from this movie because no ones life is perfect. My heart goes out to the young girls in the world that run away from home because they don’t know any other way out. We all have the ability to help someone in need. It takes just one person to change another’s life. Never lose hope. God Bless!!👍🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸
See Me Entertainment (21 days ago)
....................................nothing hot......... :)
something special (9 days ago)
Hahaha ru hot?
Nayan Ji Rai (22 days ago)
nice movie
awshitwhere the chief (22 days ago)
Jesus lol
Rod Keays (23 days ago)
I'm half way through and most of what I am seeing is angry, abusive men. This kind of anger is associated with powerlessness. Men are discovering new ways to channel this energy into character rather than fists, affairs or disconnection. The dark side of women in this story, which is not really evident is passivity, blind faith and values that limit their freedom of choice. Hard movie to watch but revealing of human difficulties. Question: Being a responsible community member would you say that any crime committed is a direct result of your lack of insight to what the community actually needs to be healthy?
Kadijah Gayle (23 days ago)
Happy she got to finish school
The Engineer (10 days ago)
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Nana Githinji (24 days ago)
Philippians 4:12...
The Engineer (10 days ago)
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Erik Aza (25 days ago)
Girl 2018 ➧➧➧ sites.google.com/view/girl2fullmovieinhd Genres: Action | Crime | Drama | Music | Thriller Quality : 1080P, 720P All Languages | English | Spanish | Franch | German Baby è un giovane e parzialmente ipoacusico che può fare qualsiasi mossa selvaggia mentre è in movimento con la giusta traccia.
cong lao (20 days ago)
Erik Aza m. M m. M M m m m. Mm m. M m m m m m. M.
K Chris (26 days ago)
Great movie 🥇
Amani Siyadi (26 days ago)
Wow tank you gad for apriteng i like this muvei
Sam Habail (26 days ago)
This is really good movie Actually' I am A Muslim But I can related..on this movie... Because. When I was..16 I runaway..I go Overseas... And tell now Now..I didn't go back home Its been 20 years.. Maby its should forgive In forget the past.. Honestly this movie made me cry
Carissa Jane Abernathy (4 hours ago)
Awe I wish the best for you.
Lawal Rashidat Adelola (19 days ago)
Salaam!! You really have to go back to your family. I must say they would definitely have miss you, miss your presence, your memory and what you mean to them. Nothing in this life is in-superable, you have done the wrong but don't wait or procrastinating for the day to do reconcile with, because, then it might be late for you, hence, you would never forgive yourself for doing this to them. Their arms are widely open for you to feel the warmth embrace, plead for the forgiveness from Allah, seek onto him and make the great journey to your parent. Finally, let go of your fear nor being sceptic if they would accept you. With God and love, you will be welcome. Wish you the best.
Celina Chavez (21 days ago)
I’m so sorry, I know in my heart that if you go see your family they will love you and forgive you. I believe this time you been gone they have reflected and they would want to see you ❤️ blessings ❤️
Visiting ur fam should be nice. They will forgive u n forget the past insha Allah
Puja Rai (26 days ago)
Himanshu Rathore (19 days ago)
malik usman (26 days ago)
Queen Mab (28 days ago)
I thought all pastors, vicars and priests were paedophiles. The Vatican's full of them. Protestant churches are just as bad. It's probably compulsory now. Most nuns are lettuce lickers as well. Bunch them all together in convents and priest pads and what do you expect. It's called sexual suppression. Wouldn't let em anywhere near my kids. Perverts. 😭☹😒😣 Religion sucks.
Idiaru Violin (29 days ago)
Nice movie, please anyone know the song at 1:07:30?
Hoan Pham (1 month ago)
i want to marry
Chao Yang (9 days ago)
Hoan Pham why?
Hoan Pham (23 days ago)
+Minenhle Phiwokuhle me
Hoan Pham (23 days ago)
+Samia Gamal ohh but i not enough 18 year old
Minenhle Phiwokuhle (23 days ago)
Samia Gamal (28 days ago)
Hoan Pham you can marry me
Pankaj Sahni (1 month ago)
I like there place looking so clean and green, but i do not like there culture
MyQamarali (1 month ago)
nice, lovely and family movie
zevisa letro (1 month ago)
Lovely movie....much watch.. Great lessons to learn...
Thania Beauty (1 month ago)
Himanshu Rathore (19 days ago)
malik usman (26 days ago)
mohamed asd (1 month ago)
Muslims . i loves All of U .
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MR Cruise (2 months ago)
العرب لايك
Hot Slander (2 months ago)
Good movie but the background noise is annoying. It sounds like aboriginal throat singing.
RunningRiver246 (2 months ago)
The movie started off well and better than a lifetime movie... then it reduced into a lifetime movie. And near the end it finally crumbled into something the 700 Club would have produced... or a high school youth ministry made on one of their retreats.
عاشق اليل (2 months ago)
مين بتحب الجنس تجي خاص اناشب https://youtu.be/addme/XcA_K5ygOxLYQNQCIipgwL_-k5UgFg
baby marshmellow (2 months ago)
Fuck boy af
marki mark (2 months ago)
dafuk did i just watch
Jelena Schulz (2 months ago)
Wow. This movie touched my heard a lot. It's a bit like my life. Thanks for this movie.
de ijazit (14 days ago)
Tuan Zhariq (2 months ago)
No subtiles
Pooja Nayak (2 months ago)
Good movie
Himanshu Rathore (19 days ago)
Ashok Tomer (1 month ago)
hi puja
Gem Miranda (2 months ago)
Beautiful movie. Thank you . I feel so blessed having Jesus in my life.
Formalin Hypocrite (2 months ago)
+Emma Larsson , could you take my email address 😀😀
Emma Larsson (2 months ago)
Yummy I wish you could e mail me to night or this weekend. Have a nice evening
Mamina Chaghab (2 months ago)
Ender41948 H (2 months ago)
I've seen a couple of these same actors recently in Lifetime movies. Just thought I'd point that out for the heck of it. 😊
Ender41948 H (2 months ago)
Why do all pimps have to dress like rejects from the 70's? 😄
Mr.J JOK3R (1 month ago)
Ask your parents
Tiger Tiger (2 months ago)
Girl save my no 9790029650
Dev Singh (2 months ago)
Beautiful movie god bless gays 🙏🏽❤️❤️❤️
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qamar zafar (2 months ago)
Buitfull movie
Kunkhyap Gurung (3 months ago)
Rival Fernandes (3 months ago)
Mamavi Belgold (3 months ago)
Louis Jeandavidson (3 months ago)
Nice movie!!!
Tamar Jomaa (3 months ago)
The most benefit thing in all film that I need to dye my hair blond like the girl in this movie 😁
Doug Gerber (3 months ago)
What's with the Digerie doo noise.. Very anoying
Ender41948 H (2 months ago)
LOL....yeah, I noticed that too. Definitely odd choice for a background sound. I'm trying to tune it out, but it stands out too much.
Mai Yang (3 months ago)
I’m so disappointed that the pastor is still respected after what he had done to his wife and Dawn. I’m also disgusted at those Church members who still attends his church. It’s sad that churches are taught by perverts like him. Only God will judge pastors and priests like him.
BJ Gurung (1 month ago)
Its director's fault
Jasim Jasim (3 months ago)
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Bsbar Masih (3 months ago)
Babar zidi
BIJU P F (3 months ago)
what a beautiful film...A big round of applause for it's crew..(y)
gerald barry (3 months ago)
Beautiful movie
kobo kobo (3 months ago)
Boże jaki flakowaty i nudny film....🙄
Philip Jeff Johnson (6 days ago)
Good movie. Realistic and also hope giving. It shows the difference between fake religion and true belief in God.
Stephs Bisss (3 months ago)
I feel so bad for her
Stephs Bisss (3 months ago)
♡INSHA (3 months ago)
Whatever they may be in public life, whatever their relations with men, in their relations with women, all men are rapists, and that's all theyare. They rape us with their eyes, their laws, and their codes. Marilyn French Hit like if u agreed
Ender41948 H (2 months ago)
+Bill Dim Or nuts. Can't decide which. Maybe both? 😉
Bill Dim (3 months ago)
you are so stupid
bhupen payeng (3 months ago)
Very nice
Nanyonga Diana (3 months ago)
OMG that's great thank you for sharing
Cherkh Baye (2 months ago)
Nanyonga Diana (3 months ago)
+Rehan Ali Thank you sir Allah bless you
Rehan Ali (3 months ago)
Fuck you
sony dhaliwal (3 months ago)
Nanyonga Diana hii whatsapp only chat +918264250581
Nanyonga Diana (3 months ago)
+sony dhaliwal yes
محسن امیری (3 months ago)
خیلیفوقلاده است امیری
Heidi Yeo (3 months ago)
Inspiring !
Hammad Faizan (3 months ago)
Is this is horror
Nirmal Kharal (3 months ago)
Nice Movie!!
Shawneeza Mohamed (3 months ago)
this was a lovely movie and i am christian and i am happy to be one and have Jesus in my life. btw i'm 11 I've had him in my life since i was little.
dedee aminah (1 month ago)
+Shawneeza Mohamed i am alot older then you but i dont even know much about where my country located and which countries reside along lol i surf google everyday and read news not only about fashion lol
Shawneeza Mohamed (1 month ago)
+dedee aminah ikr a lot of ids my age now they swear and act all adult and have phones and where more mature that the generation before us.
dedee aminah (1 month ago)
+Shawneeza Mohamed the way you reply to my comments doesnt sound like someone of 11 years old lol
Shawneeza Mohamed (1 month ago)
+dedee aminah a small country in south america called Guyana, its beside Brazil, Venezuela and Suriname. btw i love ur name Dedee
dedee aminah (1 month ago)
+Shawneeza Mohamed by the way where are you from?
Amin Tenes (3 months ago)
Ripinty Chakma (3 months ago)
If i was homeless and sleeping alone in the streets of India,i would have been raped.
Ripinty Chakma (26 days ago)
In india noone's gonna spare u.
malik usman (26 days ago)
Satish Kappali (2 months ago)
Mara Barnes why is that so?
Mara Barnes (2 months ago)
If i was homeless living on the streets of california i would have been raped... its everywhere
Satish Kappali (3 months ago)
is india
choppa holder biihhh (3 months ago)
boi this movie strong 😭😭
choppa holder biihhh (3 months ago)
I'm only n 54 minutes n I luv the songs that been playing
Sahid Chavda (3 months ago)
Full open sex movies
This movie is very inspiring for the young woman and men out there
hussin hussin (3 months ago)
حسين إبراهيم محمد
Andrew Dock (3 months ago)
One of the nice things about these films is they understand there is a world beyond sex out there if you open your eyes to other kinds of relationships.
Moni Jhuti (3 months ago)
lose love..... very realistic n the situations of all stages of human being....fantastic ....
Renae at Midnight (3 months ago)
Anyone know the song at 39:28?
Anid Frid (3 months ago)
Yura (3 months ago)
If no one noticed but this movie has Subminals on it and its clear why i just think that there's no need
ye yet (4 months ago)
What is that noise looks like insect..
Yanick Bahler (3 months ago)
Miyaan Bhai (4 months ago)
اي وحدة تريد نيج تجي خاص عيري طويلي ويحها وذ تريد كامرة عادي

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