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RiceGum - Its EveryNight Sis feat. Alissa Violet (Official Music Video)

2704748 ratings | 168537365 views
MY NEW SONG GOD CHURCH - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKnoOdDLy4o iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/its-every-night-sis-feat-alissa-violet-single/id1246985139 SPOTIFY- https://open.spotify.com/track/ Edited by TeaWap contact: [email protected] Go subscribe to ALISSA- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK1cdF6-oYMrrfPkGfXwTmQ Filmed by @gioespino
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Text Comments (597676)
faze god (1 minute ago)
Thats four floors
Lillian Seitz (2025) (12 minutes ago)
you are stupid Bitch
John chhangte (1 hour ago)
jake paul is the winer
Hayden's Podcasts (1 hour ago)
Nice rental,car rice u should of not shown it man
natalija (1 hour ago)
i cant believe this was in 2017 woah time flies
king coolit (1 hour ago)
Way too much autotune if you can't sing then don't bitcch
Irtiza Sajid (2 hours ago)
Who do you think you are pec of bread
like for everyday bro reply for everynight sis
swim.shady (4 hours ago)
bro i still remember all the lyrics💀
sf_z (4 hours ago)
0:22 why is that so true
Marcus Kreutzberger (5 hours ago)
It sucks
Mariel Mati (5 hours ago)
*jake paul left the group
Tera Baap (6 hours ago)
Allissa u stupid Hoe.
Lunic William (6 hours ago)
For now we have Tfue and FaZe Clan What’s next?
Monkey (7 hours ago)
Is Rice Dutch?
Trapnz (7 hours ago)
Who else look at this after the tfue and faze drama
Anthony Yammine (7 hours ago)
She did it 9 times
Anthony Yammine (7 hours ago)
She did to
YouTube mate (9 hours ago)
So in all of this ,Alissa is the cheapest, she was with Jake then with logang and when they got together she came to rice gum,,,,good strategy.......
avis brewer (9 hours ago)
rice gum ducks look at u u look ugly rice Gay dude
avis brewer (9 hours ago)
avis brewer (9 hours ago)
worst song ever
mystery person (9 hours ago)
the amount of likes i have is the amount of times alissa puled up her crop top/bra ;)
Ivan majić (10 hours ago)
Who da fuck listen to this??!
Eshaan Thakral (11 hours ago)
all the dislikes are from jake paul fans
Eshaan Thakral (11 hours ago)
holy shit ricegum, this is god damn fire
Layzee Mads (11 hours ago)
Honestly I only saw four floors
TFL GOD (12 hours ago)
Alissa killed it
j kidd2k (12 hours ago)
Banks over tfue
Velvan Clinton (12 hours ago)
Your music suck L your music sucks your music
niko.r. socool (12 hours ago)
How much did you rent for he house and car
Maria Samira G. (13 hours ago)
I am a fan of jake paul But i like this song better than its everyday bro
ME_BOSS_IT (13 hours ago)
Why does this have likes?
Pepper Films (13 hours ago)
came to this video after watching Cody ko and Jake Paul
Dylan Beaver (13 hours ago)
I showed this to my rice.. Now its gum.
Phúc Giang (13 hours ago)
Next video: *Content Cop: Jake Paul*
atheist atheist. (13 hours ago)
Alisa voice 🔥👌🏻
Daniel Delgado (14 hours ago)
He sounds congested
Tiny Gameing (14 hours ago)
I had rice and chewed gum at the same time then I choked it in the rice cuz this music video
Dwight Mcclary (14 hours ago)
Alissa was far better than u in this one.
Ian (15 hours ago)
Music is dead.
Kenzie Smith (15 hours ago)
There's more people who knows his shows then your scribers
Muhsin 0113 (15 hours ago)
This boutta be Tfue vs Faze 🤣🤣🤣
Get Ya Money (15 hours ago)
Wtf is this, I hate the internet because this shit is able to exist!!!
Tammy Peach (15 hours ago)
your dum
Pastel Pink (16 hours ago)
Uhm are you sure no one heard about his ex disney show because uhm its one of the most famous ones
Jeremy Medina (16 hours ago)
Epic Chill Gamer (16 hours ago)
He looks like james charles and i bet he would get cancelled like james
Popie Killi (16 hours ago)
Diss God
William Birchfield (16 hours ago)
When rice gum has nothing to say 2:26
Jay (17 hours ago)
this hits differently at 1.25x speed
Brown Dusky (17 hours ago)
back when ricegum was actually cool
King Johnnie (17 hours ago)
2019 🍿🍿
Underdog Animations (17 hours ago)
And how can he bully his bro ??? Do u need therapy
Underdog Animations (17 hours ago)
Ass holes jakes Disney shows first episode made more money than that lil hoe has ever seen
MiiSTiC (17 hours ago)
Diss: Yeh its alright... wait theres fidget spinners
Underdog Animations (17 hours ago)
I’d rather watch another Logan Paul suicide vid than listen to these to hoes rap
Underdog Animations (17 hours ago)
PUSSY u pay ur friends to stay with u
Henry Rodriguez (17 hours ago)
This is how much times Alissa Violet pulled her braw up ⬇️
MGF_Mew (18 hours ago)
And there spining fidget spiners
Gordon Sundström (18 hours ago)
Its 4 floors not 8
Sophia Heimberg (18 hours ago)
At least RiceCum isn't an actual rapper, the way he moves for one I can't watch seriously for more than 10 seconds without laughing. He just looks like he doesn't know how to move to not look awkward and lengthy. I'm so glad youtubers didn't actually turn in to rappers thru this trend, flood this market with more shit.
Orestas Kazlauskas (19 hours ago)
2017 - Jake Paul And Alissa Violet 2018 - PewDiePie And TSeries 2019 - James Charles And Tati
Steven Reyes (13 hours ago)
No no -_-
Josh Case (19 hours ago)
Ik this old but like every other diss track ghostwriter and you know danm well you fucking alissa yo dick the size of rice nigga ass then now 😂😆😤
I swear it's haram to listen to music In Ramadan fuck it
The Demon (21 hours ago)
this is ..... kill me
Madison Taylor (21 hours ago)
2017-diss tracks 2018-boxing 2019-drama Can we pls go back to 2017
Laneys story (22 hours ago)
168mil views GOOD ON YOU ALISSA
Fly Master (23 hours ago)
She cant count theres 4 floors there
Grace Oliver (1 day ago)
If you ever get kidnapped keep singing its everyday bro and they will let you go 🙃
John chhangte (1 day ago)
i hate you
ItsMarkosPlays YT (1 day ago)
ItsMarkosPlays YT (1 day ago)
Alot of this is lies😂
Gesha (1 day ago)
Here's to 2017. A list of the current YouTube dramas(will get updated): *1.Etika's gone insane* *2.Tati and James Charles* *3.Tfue sues FaZe Clan*
Itz narwhal (1 day ago)
Never liked rice gum but how can u not think this is so fire
Nicholas Challenger (1 day ago)
Hate the sinner, love the sin
ExoticPizza _ (1 day ago)
I come back to this song and I see I liked it 1 second later I disliked it.
RycolsOnHold - (1 day ago)
If only I could go back to 2017 when this stuff was relevant
Chanse Padilla (1 day ago)
This is retarted
tap (1 day ago)
salty jake pauler dul ar shaighdiúirí na Breataine sa bhaile dul ar bhaile a fuair tú aon bhaile fucking de do chuid féin
ItsSophieBOI (1 day ago)
2019 anyone
TrullaMafia Dee (1 day ago)
Wert (1 day ago)
2017 drama was fun to watch during the summer.
The Girlies (1 day ago)
Love that the girl what ever her name is has to keep pulling her shirt up. at least we know she ain't tryin to slip
Ana Ramirez (1 day ago)
Your trash
tap (1 day ago)
omg thats so offencive
Twifo (1 day ago)
1:42 The way Alissa walks reminds me of the characters in gta 5
Payton Doty (1 day ago)
I mean I like u gum but this was harsh😂
tater tot (1 day ago)
Gamin.g J (1 day ago)
I love his dance moves😂😂
lilripie (1 day ago)
Can we make this the most liked comment
Xbox Glitch (1 day ago)
2017 The year of Diss tracks
I can’t take this song seriously from Alissa's noises lol
Dallas Altman (1 day ago)
but you still have 10 million Logan Paul have18 million and jake paul have 18million your not close to Logan Paul and Jake Paul' fans
Loy Patrick (1 day ago)
Alisa f off
TTV_ IcrazyBryan (1 day ago)
Ricegum fell off I think?
Misty Anderson (1 day ago)
I'm loyol I would never sleep around. One and one only I'm married I got with my man a long time ago 13 years ago tell this day I'm still madly in love truly. There's to many nasty girls.
PotatoSoRuthless (1 day ago)
2017 was such a great year now all we have is FoRtNiTe BaTtLe RoYaLe
Lil Vacationland (1 day ago)
Jesus they cannot rap ...
tap (1 day ago)
and ypur profile is ugly as shit
XxXmemesxXx (1 day ago)
yea youtube rap is not the best
travis mavidis (1 day ago)
tap (1 day ago)
this is coming from someone with a spongebob profile
XxXmemesxXx (1 day ago)
i think everyday bro is the cancer this is aids
Tazanna Eilish (1 day ago)
can we go back to the days when diss track were still a thing? like yooo, back then YT fights were still exciting coz that means another diss track is also coming ;(( who’s with me?
hulk blu (1 day ago)
I'm from vietnam
Trey Pelletier (1 day ago)
Come on Asians eat Dogs don’t Gucci

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