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Ezra Miller In ‘Playboy’

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Ezra Miller, the fashion-forward star of “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald”, is in the pages of Playboy, posing in bunny ears and fishnets as he opens up about self-expression and non-conformity. #EzraMiller #FantasticBeasts SUBSCRIBE to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ETCanadaOfficial FOLLOW us here: http://www.etcanada.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/etcanada Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/etcanada Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/etcanada
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Text Comments (186)
JayTeeOnYT (21 days ago)
I used to like the flash.. _used to_ ...
Ryan Moodley (1 month ago)
That jaw can cut me 😍
Random Ness (2 months ago)
Ezra Miller please do anything and everything to m 😩
french fry (2 months ago)
I feel like he should be in a season of AHS 🙌
lone wolf (2 months ago)
marry me already
Erika (2 months ago)
I saw a wobble in those heels! 😂 I can barely walk in them myself lol It’ll be really interesting to see if the magazine sells well 🤔
jean taylor (28 days ago)
Think you're correct. Personally being an older fan I think playboy belongs in the toxic realm, being able to remember the sexism of the magazine its so shocking. The photos are quite amazing though. Ezra is a talent not yet released on the world yet!!!
Silvia Perez (2 months ago)
Se parece a Pablito Ruiz
Silent Refusal (2 months ago)
Wait a minute! Is Warner Brothers still betting on this gauy as the best option to play "The Flash"??
ni bee (2 months ago)
He is ideal man.
Anik Beckan (2 months ago)
Is he a gay?
gulmina khan (2 months ago)
What happened to this guy. He tried so hard to be cool but is not. His accent is so cringy it hurts ears.
rohver (2 months ago)
God he’s an absolute icon
Plato Quemado (2 months ago)
Lemme smash
Emily McCoy (2 months ago)
Well... Credence sure has come a long way since he met Grindwald!
Official Filmilen (2 months ago)
Ezra Miller must be bisexual
Soo Lee (5 days ago)
He's queer
Milena R (2 months ago)
He is
miliboy0522 (2 months ago)
Why not playgirl?
hey_there (2 months ago)
mjguz (2 months ago)
Thought jawline though.
As novas cristal gems (2 months ago)
Jonathan Vazquez (3 months ago)
Who reads playboy anymore?
David R. Nelson (3 months ago)
He is so weirdly wonderful
jose pablo vidal (3 months ago)
jajajajajaja is so ugly
salvadoroars (3 months ago)
Ezra is not that gorgeous but is so weirdly hot. Which makes it strange cause I want him to make me babies. Which makes it even more strange because I don't even have a womb
Lex Luthor (3 months ago)
Just like that i hate the flash
Alrrruun Oda (3 months ago)
Handsome! ❤️
DJ 95 (3 months ago)
I'm an Idiot (3 months ago)
my spirit animal
G2 GO G2 (3 months ago)
July's Bunny
toshi amiyumi (3 months ago)
I can't imagine a lot of dudes that just wanna see hot women will pick up this issue.. Im gay and this is just satire imo, I don't want to be shamed for liking the male form... so I kinda feel bad for dudes that just wanna stare at titties lol.
Beta Cross (3 months ago)
Love this guy.
Alfian Prabowo (3 months ago)
So this is what happen to credence after he is running away from macusa
alealejo78 (3 months ago)
Love Ezra!
your statement is smart (3 months ago)
He got jaws for days
Especial 2X1 (3 months ago)
Conceited bitch.
Carissa RK (3 months ago)
can him and eugene lee meet pretty please
David Albrecht (3 months ago)
Wow, i think i'am in love with him.
Rzejdi (3 months ago)
Hugh Hefner is turning in his grave
Keiron Kyelo (3 months ago)
Pansexual Fashion
Armand Kautsar (3 months ago)
I think his very very GAY!!!!
Armand Kautsar (3 months ago)
Ezra Miller is a girl/boy?
I aM (3 months ago)
BabyCake Nightcore (3 months ago)
Finn Lahey (3 months ago)
The left is making men weak, ridiculous, and absurd.
I aM (3 months ago)
Ezra isn't a man
jc Rodriguez (3 months ago)
That jawline can cut air! jawline for days! 😍
rhymeandreasoning (3 months ago)
His face is perfection.
Seren Ahn (3 months ago)
Huuuuh he's sooooo ICONIC
Connor MacLachlan (3 months ago)
Playboy has been struggling for awhile now and this shit is just them putting the nail in their coffin. Has Playboy completely forgotten who their readers are? Have been a longtime subscriber, but not if they keep pulling shit like this.
Jeanette Martinez (3 months ago)
I fucking love him...i know im not unique in that but i don't care, he has that effect on people
Kelvyn farias (3 months ago)
That red lips are so kisseble!
jd Mendoza (3 months ago)
Gosh! He’s soo gorgeous! I want him
honey splash (4 months ago)
hes actually the love of my life
Anggie Maharani Putri (4 months ago)
oh this needs to be longer
Emma Barton (4 months ago)
God he’s beautiful 😍
jane haviland (4 months ago)
an absolute ICON
The BlueDodo (4 months ago)
I love Ezra.....I dislike the hair.
wheein's height (4 months ago)
+The BlueDodo probably
The BlueDodo (4 months ago)
+wheein's height I think it's probably just a fashion statement. You know, Ezra being Ezra.
wheein's height (4 months ago)
+The BlueDodo yeah, no he doesn't. He had a bowl cut right and his stylist fixed his bowl cut into a better hairstyle for a WHILE till his hair grows out cause he needed a better hairstyle than just a bowl cut to promote his movie
The BlueDodo (4 months ago)
+wheein's height yeah, but credence does not have this haircut.
wheein's height (4 months ago)
+The BlueDodo Credence or Creadence was his character name, I also am seeing the movie newly tomorrow but I don't know too much
Richa Sigotia (4 months ago)
Ezra breaking all stereotypes
Dadtooterkahoot (4 months ago)
What an icon!!!
A nerd called Fallon (4 months ago)
I'm 14... *how did I even find this*
aly (4 months ago)
he's so beautiful
MH Al Bahri (4 months ago)
I love him
I love his eyes! Does anyone know any other celebs with Asian looking eyes? I have a thing for non-Asian Asian looking men/women and men/wen with the zodiac sign cancer yummy
I aM (3 months ago)
Sam R (4 months ago)
Hey that’s pretty gay
Frank Medina (2 months ago)
+Khush Joshi yeah its pretty gay for us heterosexual guys. Nnothing more nothing less champ 😉
hey_there (2 months ago)
+Khush Joshi whoosh
Khush Joshi (4 months ago)
is something wrong with that ?
Scemo Person (4 months ago)
We Stan a man who can do it ALL
RoseMarie21 (5 months ago)
Hailey Hopkins (5 months ago)
W-why is he so beautiful??
CatBoy 666 (5 months ago)
Okay i am gay now
Neon Helix (5 months ago)
Justin Price (5 months ago)
UGGGGG love him so much HHH!!!!!!
cami cabala (5 months ago)
Miss. Maverick (5 months ago)
So much love and respect for Ezra 💕
Vivi Kim (5 months ago)
He's so baby but yet so daddy at the same time
Michael C (2 months ago)
How I’m tryna be
rosie Lin (3 months ago)
You described so accurately
franziska (5 months ago)
사뷔트리데뷔 that describes him so well
kim garyung (5 months ago)
와 ㅇㅈ
2016imhere (5 months ago)
I thought playboy was gone ?
dodo basuki (4 months ago)
Yeah...pretty much.... he's putting it back in every headline ; him being on Playboy
Angel Carroll (5 months ago)
He is such a wonderful person I was very fortunate to meet him last Summer he was so kind and sweet to me Ezra is amazing actor and a gifted musician keep being yourself Ezra your inspiring so many along the way including myself.
Queen Queen (4 months ago)
Angel Carroll oh my god.. Really..?? I m so happy for u.. Nd jelly of course... ☺☺☺
Senpai Toby5 (5 months ago)
Why did god create someone so fucking hot! We really don’t deserve this blessing
Thayane Pinheiro (5 months ago)
AMIみろリい (5 months ago)
He is so hot I mean cute....
AMIみろリい (4 months ago)
+B T S 😍😍😍🔥 yeesss
B T S (4 months ago)
Machi Giceb (4 months ago)
definitely both
Cheynapple Da pineapple (5 months ago)
AMIみろリい nah, you mean hot 👌
DUTT REACTS (5 months ago)
Richard Zavala (5 months ago)
Congratulations, the Left. In one person, you have made one of comic's greatest heroes a joke. Youve made an iconic magazine for female loving men a joke. Ezra, you have every right to do what u want to do. With that said, thank u the Left for ruining 2 more aspects of western culture.
Finn Lahey (3 months ago)
Richard Zavala (4 months ago)
+tobias ! he is horrible as flash. U r just a leftist who thinks whatever he does is "brave." Spoiler alert. Hes not brave because hes surrounded by yes-men/women
Richard Zavala (4 months ago)
+cly 1018 im not at the man being gay. Ive seen bohemian rhapsody and loved it for crying out loud and plan to see the movie about elton john. All im saying is being a supet hero which young boys/girls shouldnt be dressing up like a sexy bunny.
86upsmaya (4 months ago)
Playboy? Iconic magazine?
Kira K (5 months ago)
He was good as Barry though.
Marisol Garcia (5 months ago)
Only Ezra can put this looks off
Asiel WinterHood (5 months ago)
Q mala onda q el sea la imagen de flash.... decepcionante.
aveuch (5 months ago)
Retrograda, subnormal, tercermundista. Educaté.
Maria M. (5 months ago)
Que decepción la gente retrograda como tú, mejor dicho.
Fe García (5 months ago)
Jajajj no mames
Icek N (5 months ago)
Florencia solange (5 months ago)
I love him so much
S. Tagerius (5 months ago)
Ezra Miller did a great job! 👍
Sharfina (5 months ago)
Definition of Kween
Honey Gold (1 month ago)
Cristina Carella (5 months ago)
Nor Priest is not gay
Nor Priest (5 months ago)
Ok So he gay Not bi
Bard Main (5 months ago)
tobias ! (5 months ago)
Nor Priest hes queer
Nor Priest (5 months ago)
+pineappleagent1 He gay?
pineappleagent1 (5 months ago)
Bard Main He’s the Flash and Credence from Fantastic Beasts. He was in Perks of Being a Wallflower too but I haven’t seen that.
Ezgi Arslan (5 months ago)
i am in love 😍
David Ciofre (5 months ago)
When he was younger, I thought he reminded me of Bjork but as he gets older he's looking more and more like a young Keanu Reeves. Very good actor and quite interesting to see him challenge gender norms when most leading men try to conform.
dodo basuki (4 months ago)
Very interesting thought and explanation.....
2D (4 months ago)
That's true!
KellerNinja (5 months ago)
I love Ezra Miller so much! He is amazing!
S. Tagerius (5 months ago)
I agree.
Ms Peacock (5 months ago)
tobias ! (5 months ago)
pineappleagent1 (5 months ago)
Are you kidding? He’s hot and not afraid of how people see him. His confidence is inspiring.
S. Tagerius (5 months ago)
No it's not.
Ananya Neralla (5 months ago)
+Ezgi Arslan 😂😂epic!
Ezgi Arslan (5 months ago)
Yes that is exactly what you are ☺
Squall (5 months ago)
No ...
Kira K (5 months ago)
shannon ko Yeah mainly the one with the bunny ears, but I think that’s also kind of a joke, because it’s a playboy shooting lol I liked him as Barry Allen& mainly know him from that movie.
shannon ko (5 months ago)
Kira K yeah seems like a liiittle bit pretentious but i still love my bb
Kira K (5 months ago)
Some outfits look stupid though.
pussycrank s (5 months ago)
oh? is the big bad gender challenging norms energy too scary for you? too bad :(
pineappleagent1 (5 months ago)
He looks good tho
squirrelnuts! (5 months ago)
when the forumla for non-conforming has itself become conforming: oh wow, stockings and lipstick, how incredibly original.
gisforgary (3 months ago)
+Malin R Adam Rippon's Moschino tux at the Oscars was considerably more editorial, this was just bland, there was a onesie trend last spring, its not even on trend.
gisforgary (3 months ago)
+ABCDEFG T United States male gender stereotypes, for the rest of the world there is nothing to see here.
Malin R (5 months ago)
I think there's only so much you can do that would be considered "revolutionary", but it's still a big step in this very gender-binary world to blur the line and be yourself, without trying to conform.
Kyoumi masu (5 months ago)
+aveuch why does it have to 'push the envelope'? Why can't he just be himself and wear what wants. He looks good and is happy that is all that matters! People still wear punk today even though it's already been done. Some people just like it and don't need to go over the top.
aveuch (5 months ago)
It's been done. This isn't transgressive any more. It its't punk, it isn't pushing the envelope, it isn't gender fing.
Chris - Sol Mon (5 months ago)
This is bordering satire.
gisforgary (3 months ago)
+S. Tagerius Ezra was doing a lot of promotion to sell tickets to Crimes because it wasn't doing very well, and I am quite sure he is self aware enough to know he is monkey on a leash.
jane haviland (4 months ago)
fuck no it’s not
Lee M (5 months ago)
Everything he does it seems is, it's just who he is
S. Tagerius (5 months ago)
How is it?
Vilja S (5 months ago)
he's so beautiful, talented, bold and smart. an icon.
Aidan Morgan (20 days ago)
Just Dance Tube (5 months ago)
I love ET

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