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EMPORIO ARMANI Woman Collection Spring Summer 2016 Full Fashion Show Filmed at Milan Fashion Week on Sept 2015
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Phuong Anh Tran (1 year ago)
The collections are perfect. But I hate the cameraman
Chitu Mihai (2 years ago)
Aru Kadir (3 years ago)
Diane Alden (3 years ago)
Nice..very elegant, not a clinker in the collection.
Katerina Bisvoudis (3 years ago)
One more time.I LOVE HIM.H e is the epitomy of class and elegance!
Mohsen Mechi (2 years ago)
who is the model of 01:08 and 02:15 please!!!
Alexander Aquarius (3 years ago)
Tako Nats <3
Rogelia Watkins (3 years ago)
I love this collection, but I would like to see for old people better.
Jose C ferro (3 years ago)
Modelos lindas - uma coleção comfecsionadas com tecidos requintados e lindos peças com corte e modelagem com design lindas composição de peças harmóniosas com caimento lindas sobretudo lindos Cazaquinhos com mangas 3/4 lindos peças com caimento assimétrico lindas uma coleção LUXUOZA E LINDA
Jer Respeto (3 years ago)
but the owner is not good to helper just paying gor small amount it called stealing
Frances Riddiough (3 years ago)
oh no! not baggy bloomers! Is that what the shops will be selling? eek!

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