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New Mystery Wheel of Fortnite Dance Challenge! https://youtu.be/kdGKeg3mJAI Check out Mr Bee's Channel ►http://youtube.com/mrbee Click Here To Join The Family! ► http://bit.ly/ehbeefamily Buy Our Merch ► https://shop.spreadshirt.com/ehbee/ Check us out at http://www.EhBeeFamily.com *******Follow Us******* TWITTER - http://twitter.com/EhBeeFamily FACEBOOK - http://facebook.com/EhBeeFamily INSTAGRAM - http://instagram.com/EhBeeFamily YOUTUBE - http://YouTube.com/EhBeeFamily SNAPCHAT - EhBeeFamily TWITCH - http://twitch.tv/ehbeefamily Intro and graphics by Andrew Adame: http://Twitter.com/ChicoEsLoco ------------------------------------- The Eh Bee Family is a family of 4 starring Mama Bee, Papa Bee, Mr. Monkey and Miss Monkey! We post new videos 4-5 times a week! We love posting family friendly comedy skits, compilation videos, pancake challenges, squishy videos, slime videos, house vlogs, Amazing Vacations and Road Trips! We also post funny baking and cooking videos. In the past we've made play-doh videos, unboxing videos and even cosplay videos. We love spending time together as a family and our goal is to make as many people as possible....smile. Please subscribe to our channel and we promise you'll have a great time with us!
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Text Comments (165624)
Eh Bee Family (7 months ago)
Thanks for watching Bee Fam!! Who won today's dance challenge? #MrBee #MissBee or dad the 3 Time dance champion!
MATIKAWAii (3 months ago)
Miss bee win
Jdjjd Mfkf (4 months ago)
Eh Bee Family pouty
Carlos Lopez (4 months ago)
The girl won
B a p o r W a v e (4 months ago)
Eh Bee Family this is bad
blacky venner (4 months ago)
Chintapally Srikanth (32 minutes ago)
You should look at the side of which moves at the top in hype
John Winters (48 minutes ago)
DRX Art's (2 hours ago)
MURILLO HENRIQUE (4 hours ago)
Miss Bin
dennis Tey Soh En (4 hours ago)
miss bee won
Siti Maisarah (8 hours ago)
miss bee
Hi Hi (10 hours ago)
Your sister again she always one he's so good at
Hi Hi (10 hours ago)
Is your sister
Hi Hi (10 hours ago)
It was your sister
Judy Robinson (12 hours ago)
Miss B definitely is the best in won the challenge
Round 2girl
Round 1 girl
Bridget Vidaurre (14 hours ago)
The daughter is a VERY good dancer 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌👍👍👍🏻👍👋👋👋👋
O B (15 hours ago)
"Yao cabrera jace experimentos sociales " 0:07
Nina Flores (15 hours ago)
Girls win
HypezNightm3reYT (15 hours ago)
You guys are great
Nahia juega Pires (16 hours ago)
Bailee Schultz (16 hours ago)
The girl for the hole time
Isabella Hayes (16 hours ago)
the girl won all💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
Evelyn Morales (19 hours ago)
Round 1 is the girl
Jessica Aldridge (19 hours ago)
The girl
Krazy Kaylee's World (20 hours ago)
Pls like if u think Miss bee won the whole challenge
Keegan Lockaby (21 hours ago)
The girl won all
Amon_40l Lores (22 hours ago)
Nice video yeah new sub + 😯😢😢😢
Lidesi Paz (23 hours ago)
I think that the girl won for the best the dad for the funniest and the brother for not knowing the moves only some
Noura Rikabi (1 day ago)
All of the dances that who won the entire challenge is mrs bee because she knows lot more dances than you know and mrs bee did win the challenge and mrs bee is the best girl ever mrs bee brother was the 2nd and mrs bee dad was the last of the entire challenge and mrs bee is the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssttttttttttt ever in the entire challenge and mrs bee is the best dancer in the entire whole wide world
Jersie Studioz (1 day ago)
Miss Monkey definitely won. EVERY ROUND! Not going to lie the guys did pretty good also. (Better than mah)
Tasmeena Rahman (1 day ago)
The girl wins all the dance challenge
Angel Ship (1 day ago)
Hype:Miss Bee Orange Justice: Miss Bee Tidy: Miss Bee Groove Jam: Miss Bee Disco Fever: Miss Bee The Robot: Miss Bee
Shevanique Campbell (1 day ago)
the girl
Hype da sister nehehehehehep
Natalie Anthony (1 day ago)
Miss bee
Richard Glenn Roxas (1 day ago)
Force Full Gaming (1 day ago)
En yetenekli kiz
lacey bear (1 day ago)
I would have to say the goal because well she nailed all the dances because you never did all of the moves that is amazing with no problem I just can't believe it helps you get I haven't even know how she did I can't even know all
Jermonie Weight (1 day ago)
I have a crush on ms b
Contanza Rodríguez (1 day ago)
Esa pendeja kla me cae mal
Jennifer Shapcott (1 day ago)
Miss bee is a fortnite master
Nyan KitKat (1 day ago)
Edrea Burgos (1 day ago)
1 Miss Bee 2 miss Bee 3 miss Bee 4 miss Bee 5 miss bee 6 miss bee
Santiago Estrada (1 day ago)
Gril love you
Cuticorn :3 (1 day ago)
Ms. Monkey won!!!
Jose Luis (1 day ago)
Megista esa niña
SavgeAiga Edits (1 day ago)
Miss bee is the best and monkey bee
Marcus Dogs (1 day ago)
Ms Bee is a godess
Linda King (1 day ago)
No one
Lina Peters (1 day ago)
The girl did all the way!
Inaya Kawar (1 day ago)
The girl is best one in fort night dance challenge
Osha Hossam (1 day ago)
Miss bee
Osha Hossam (1 day ago)
😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚 miss bee
асса брос (1 day ago)
ASMS (2 days ago)
Girls win
mów Kacper (2 days ago)
Kto z Polski daje line
mów Kacper (2 days ago)
Thiago Cuevas (2 days ago)
El mitai es le nood
MOBILE GAMER (2 days ago)
Il bambino sembra ritardato
Hailie Smith (2 days ago)
L think the girl winning
Rozalia Vasile (2 days ago)
Un bacio. E non è una delle due squadre. La mia mail. Per il momento aposto. La mia mail. Per il momento aposto. E poi. Il mondo di oggi è stata la mia ragazza. E poi. Il mondo è pieno il mio primo post, e non solo per la prima volta che ci sono, ma non ho mai avuto problemi. Il mondo è bello, ma non ho mai avuto una relazione di un vostro amico, che ha un po di c si vede che sei in ferie e non mi piace, non è che NOlavoro di un suo cortese e
SlowChannel (2 days ago)
And the dad
SlowChannel (2 days ago)
Mr bee is a beginner
Lupe Barranday (2 days ago)
B. girl
Hajar Nessati (2 days ago)
Miss b
Kalyah Mcdonald (2 days ago)
May I please have a shoutout I’m one of your fans
Kalyah Mcdonald (2 days ago)
Alexis Noguera (2 days ago)
La nena baila mejor
Susie La Pradd (2 days ago)
Susie La Pradd (2 days ago)
ms bee won all rounds
Chrystal Nelson (2 days ago)
All the round the girl won all the challenge 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄
Carl Keyes (2 days ago)
The girl
daniel keohane (2 days ago)
Miss monkey won the hole thing 🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵
Armani Smith (2 days ago)
Miss Bee 🐝
Ernandes Souza (2 days ago)
and if Gong Bao was he would win everything even me
Ernandes Souza (2 days ago)
and I know how to do the worm and orange justice
Ernandes Souza (2 days ago)
but miss bee still good :)
Ernandes Souza (2 days ago)
if I was there I would always win because I know how to do one of the hardest dances of fortnite that is squat kick
Josue Garcia (2 days ago)
Y'all can't dance
Felipe Pacheco (2 days ago)
Ariana Alessi (2 days ago)
Miss Bee
Matej Križan (2 days ago)
Matej Križan (2 days ago)
Brooke w (2 days ago)
What did you do ?
Zahra Mahmood (2 days ago)
The girl 💙💝💖
Zahra Mahmood (2 days ago)
The girl 💙💝💖
bax 007 (2 days ago)
bax 007 (2 days ago)
bax 007 (2 days ago)
bax 007 (2 days ago)
bax 007 (2 days ago)
bax 007 (2 days ago)
bax 007 (2 days ago)
bax 007 (2 days ago)
Is it bad
Stevie Richards (2 days ago)
miss eh bee
Egemen 123456789123 (2 days ago)
Çok iyi ya
Les Roketeur (3 days ago)
C'est le père est la fille qui le font mieux
Alexia Megan (3 days ago)
Miss Bee Won By Far!
ahmed mohamed (3 days ago)
The girl is winner
benja gamer (3 days ago)
Ms b justicie orange
Magic_Gabriel (3 days ago)
1° Girl 2° The Dad 3° Boy
Professional Gamer (3 days ago)
MissB is the winner
Arron Raffield (3 days ago)
Ms b

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