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Nelly Furtado - Promiscuous ft. Timbaland

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Music video by Nelly Furtado performing Promiscuous. (C) 2006 Geffen Records
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Text Comments (37572)
hkittyEve (6 hours ago)
Nov.2018!!! Middle school memories lol
Frank G (11 hours ago)
Nelly Furtado could have been a model she is beautiful !
Juliana Menezes (12 hours ago)
Gosto de prestar atencao nos celulares que aparecem nos clipes...
Diz Boy (13 hours ago)
They don’t make this kind of music no more ;^;
Alemao ZO (14 hours ago)
Lokwutor Sunday (16 hours ago)
Am from Nigeria and this song was always played on MTV BASE and I cant tell how madly I was and am still in love with this song
kellyann noble (18 hours ago)
Still amazing 😫🔥who’s still listening
vih _san (19 hours ago)
the hell is Justin doing here?
Maik Hpunkt (1 day ago)
She was so hot😍
Ramirez Moretto (1 day ago)
Vou é só no pelo, muito gostosa, 😂😂😂
Atthaphol Siriwan (1 day ago)
always one of my favorite songs ^____^
NinjaKiller999 (1 day ago)
Anyone else just opened one song and let the playlist automatically take care of the rest? Mid 2000s nostalgia day
Martha Jones (1 day ago)
one of my favorite songs! loved dancing to it!😉
Emmerich Aubameyang (1 day ago)
Miriam Sousa (1 day ago)
Novembro 2018 😍😍😍😍😍😍❤
aniya ortiz (1 day ago)
November 2018?
Kevin Craft (1 day ago)
Muié linda do Krai man
Grace Ash (1 day ago)
Why does she look like Sophia Bush AKA Brooke Davis off one tree hill in this video ? 😂
Bruno Edilson (1 day ago)
2018 alguém?
DnsNunes22 (1 day ago)
2006... Tô ficando velho memo... 🤣
pornhubhatesme (1 day ago)
When the nerdy kid tries to dance at prom
Dayno Kirkness (1 day ago)
everybody talking about Justin timberlake but nobody peepin Keri Hilson?
Vandalyn Oden (1 day ago)
I just switched back to trackphone and im going outside
TimonTrial (1 day ago)
Aaron Creagh (1 day ago)
I'm still in a 90's time warp.... (more about the sound, than the message)
India S (2 days ago)
Its funny cus as i get older i realize i sang most of the lyrics wrong when this type of music was in
India S (2 days ago)
Ain’t it crazy how music changes over time
Natasha Gomes-George (2 days ago)
Memories. Love this collaboration between Nelly Furtado and Timbaland ! Classic timeless Club music !
Kookie Krumble (2 days ago)
Back when hoe anthems were actually clean and fun 😂😭😁😅
Michael Thompson (1 hour ago)
Name two dirty "hoe anthems".
Tam K (1 day ago)
Kookie Krumble haha my thoughts everyday 🤦🏻‍♀️😪🤧😂
Sylvester Banini (2 days ago)
When I was younger I thought they were saying Mr. Whiskers
Siddharth Sharma (2 days ago)
This is so catchy.
Salima Belaid (2 days ago)
Its 2018 still❤❤
t100base (2 days ago)
I miss when girls were straight up like this.
Heartskateboards16 (2 days ago)
Use to listen to this song when i was 7-9 and now im 14 and i still think this song is hella firee🔥❤
Kayla (2 days ago)
When I was little and used to play just dance 3 i would always dance to this song😂
CAN.D LANDIE (2 days ago)
I honestly thought that one “I want you on my team so does everyone else” was from a Disney show 😐
Eber França (2 days ago)
Ambev 2007! Saudades!
Anderson Martins (2 days ago)
12 anos se passaram que sdd dessa época ❤
Brace face Eri (2 days ago)
I’m still in love with this dam song
Bartexx 12 (2 days ago)
Ale fajnie kręci dupą ;O
Ovelha Nigga (2 days ago)
Roc_Iron (2 days ago)
2019 just saying it earlier so i dont have to come back later
Julia I. (3 days ago)
Sasuke Uchiha (3 days ago)
The perfect song to dance with your partner 💜
Christina Knott (3 days ago)
Still loving this
head Jordan (3 days ago)
Game mvp like Steve Nash
Andrew Diestler (3 days ago)
Oh god, marry me!
Marc Spector (3 days ago)
song is melodic but not crazy about the video, no
Izza Landig (3 days ago)
swampflower2 (3 days ago)
Keri looked like scarecrow there, that's sad, stylist or who hated her.
hewlett packard (3 days ago)
Sequoya B (4 days ago)
A timeless bop !!!
Dimitri (4 days ago)
Adriano Fernandes (4 days ago)
steven cellugi (4 days ago)
Timbaland's quality of music are so smouth saop would slip and sue Mr T.
Chicken Nuggets (4 days ago)
A whole bop this came out after a year I was born LMFKSJDJD old music is the best
Smol Geesus (4 days ago)
Still a bop?!?!
Willian Bispoasevedo (4 days ago)
Saudades dessa época, as músicas de hoje nao chegam aos pés
Diedönerrevulotion (4 days ago)
wait why is jt here lol
sHaRiL 8729 (4 days ago)
Best song for ever..who still listening in 2018???..
Lmgf2004 Marcos (4 days ago)
big-bro-LITTLE-BRO (4 days ago)
Nelly f was do hot in this music video
Lily Campbell (4 days ago)
Still a bop
soti alizjulia (5 days ago)
timbaland has muscles :O i always thought he is fat ^^
michelleG (5 days ago)
Mexico 2018 😍😍??
daniel dominguez (5 days ago)
I have sex to this song lol
AnimeWhisperer18 (5 days ago)
well now i know where the famous "NOPE" came from lmao!
AnimeWhisperer18 (5 days ago)
oh god flip phones!!!!! no! im getting old! lol!!
Debbie Haywood (5 days ago)
Great hook Yo. Timbaland getting mo sexy and Nelly fly more.
ButtercupG76 (5 days ago)
This used to be my ringtone on my Motorola phone! Good times!
Ichiezhel Salinas (5 days ago)
11 years ago when this song was a big hit. Nostalgic as ever!
Muhammad Ismail (5 days ago)
Marii Varela (5 days ago)
2018? Yeah me right here 🙋
Noah Fike (5 days ago)
2018 still don't know what promiscuous means?
DrMashedpotato (5 days ago)
What a prostitute 0:54
Steve11 (5 days ago)
MAGIC SUMMER 2006👍🏽🙌🏽💪🏽🍾
Yorick Daniel (5 days ago)
Need a time machine! Damn almost 10 yrs
GamerzDailyFix (5 days ago)
0:23 wow. We just gonna ignore that?
21018 Brasil ?
Andylan Silva (5 days ago)
Musica linda ❤👏👏👏👏👍
nelly furtado es la mejor cantante del mundo viva el pop : )
mundo legal (5 days ago)
[yew swim] (6 days ago)
play this over and over again and see what happens. 0:00 to 0:02 rinse and repeat.
Kelsey Rose (6 days ago)
I used to dance to this song on just dance 3 memories...
Bel Souza (6 days ago)
Criança eu delirando c essa musica..saudade ano 2005 💚💛💙
wilmer condori (6 days ago)
i like
João Cezar Oliveira (6 days ago)
2018 caminhado pra 2019???? Alguém na linha? rsrsrsrsrsrsrs
Breno Barreto (1 day ago)
Continua top até hj!!
STEEZUS CHRIST (7 days ago)
Been singing to this since I was six, all grown up now I realize how dirty the lyrics are LMAO
Cinare Bayramova (7 days ago)
I was too young back in there 😂😂😂
ORÇUN (7 days ago)
yılların efsanesi
Ioakimo Soo choon (7 days ago)
Mean to pump this in the club rip it up!!! Going off.
Rudy Durrel (7 days ago)
Ouai furtado
Roark [Rocket] (7 days ago)
3:46 - 4:03 my God that beat 🙏
Marcos Jordan (7 days ago)
You don't need anyone to make you happy. Happiness is for everyone.
Samantha Burch (7 days ago)
This is my mom's favorite song. Shes 43
Never mind (7 days ago)
Everything was so different back then. I didn't even realise how things were changing... But suddenlyy - whoops - it was 2018. When the fuck did that happen?!
Daniel moloney (7 days ago)
November 2018 mothatuckers

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