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The long awaited big budget movie in disguise of a music video, a piece of not just brilliant Art but also an out standing performance. The number of hands, heads and talent that went into making this video is an example of what happens when we work together. I couldn’t have done it without all my friends and many talented professionals all amazing in their respective fields, from pilots to, drone operators, actor/actresses that helped this mega dream a reality. thank you!!! My directors, D.O.Ps, camera operators. The entire TBS production crew, iRockPro, Keshy Video labs, Magic Touch, JahliveFilms. i thank you! To my witnesses, thank you, thank you for accompanying me on this journey as i realize my dream, doing bigger and better things together!! This is my gift to you! Happy 2018!!! The ghetto terrorist!!
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byawills robib (1 year ago)
whoa you really No 1. & I really do love this song thx for the good work, keep the fire burning🔥🙏
Jarid Swart (1 year ago)
This is gold🔥🔥 well done, and congratulations
Kasimire Acleo (1 year ago)
A hit

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