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What Other Operating Systems Are There Besides Windows or Mac?

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Check Out Squarespace ▻ http://squarespace.com/thiojoe (Offer code THIOJOE) More Tech Discussions ➤ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFr3c472Vstwe0Yk43UDnpqib5ReTwaJ- Subscribe Here ➤ https://www.youtube.com/user/ThioJoe?sub_confirmation=1 Most people are familiar with Windows, Mac, or both, and probably use only one operating system most of their lives. You might be aware of others out there, such as versions of Linux, but probably don't know much about them. This video will go over all sorts of other options for free operating systems, how they relate to each other, and how you might pick a new operating system for your computer. ~~~ ⇨ http://Twitter.com/ThioJoe ⇨ http://Instagram.com/ThioJoe ⇨ http://Facebook.com/ThioJoeTV ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
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Text Comments (1825)
Jake Jake (1 hour ago)
Android x86. Is a OS and reactor is a OS. It's like windows 98. Mx linux is a OS too.
Burke Okrainec (2 days ago)
I ran across this the other day. MAC OS also has an open source distro. Keep up the good work - love your channel.
005 AGIMA (2 days ago)
KX Light booting straight into Amiga Workbench 3.x. I thank you.
Helmy Yun (4 days ago)
Don't forget about openSUSE. A linux distro still family with fedora. It's lightweight for old computer, and just like ubuntu, it's easy to use for beginner.
Tyler Newlin (7 days ago)
7:04 "Disk Usage Anal..." That is all...
Game Boy (8 days ago)
Windows always easy 🔥
Joel Berry (8 days ago)
Hows about AmigaOS, MorphOS, Haiku, Aros, TempleOS, ReactOS?
Niya Blake (8 days ago)
True OS came from PC BSD
Niya Blake (8 days ago)
BSD is UNIX. The code base merged
Tor (9 days ago)
Left out Haiku a derivative of the old BeOS
Ahmad Fadhli (10 days ago)
BTW i'm using minix..😅😅😅
xamarmm (10 days ago)
What other OSes are there besides those you mentioned? Well, as I assume you meant "for the PC or similar computer" you essentially covered most of them and you did mention that DOS or MS-DOS is history as to why you skipped it and similarly can skip the old MACos that was used on macs before they came with iOS. However, if you go beyond those machines there are tons of other OSes out there in history - If you work on IBM 360 style machine you will encounter VM/CMS which is actually two OSes, one runs on the hardware and create virtual machines and then CMS runs as an OS on that virtual machine. On pdp-10's you had Tops-10 and Tops-20 and then on Tandem machines you had Tandem OS and so on - typically, in the old days each machine had its own OS. The idea that an OS can run on multiple hardware basically started with unix and spread from there. However, one reason why each machine had its own OS in the old days was also that they all had their own proprietary specifications, some machines was 36 bits or 60 bits computers and some were 8 bit or 16 bit computers. However, as machines appeared to standardize on 32 bit word length in the 80s and 90s and you got standard protocols to access disks and so on (SCSI and SATA) it was easier to create an OS that could run on multiple platforms. That trend has continued even though they also widened the word length to 64 bits which most modern machines now handles and actually start looking at 128 bit and beyond - such as the PC with the AVX-512 which means you have registers that are 612 bits in length to process vectorized data. Also, coming from Norway I will have to mention the old Norsk Data machine ND-100 and ND-500 running the SINTRAN operating system, just to throw that out there as well. Other OSes for desktop is of course old AmigaOS and so on. SO yeah, there are lots of OSes out there - especially in the past but you are right in that Unix essentially dominates these days - even to the extent that windows itself has features that are approaching unix such as the unix subsystem which can run under windows since windows NT. Similarly, you had the OS/2 from IBM which were originally meant to be a competitor to MS-DOS but lost but it is where you got those PS/2 cables for keyboard and mouse pre-USB days and windows NT also had a OS/2 subsystem back in the day, not sure if it is still there.
Derek (11 days ago)
With Windows 7 support soon to end, I've been transitioning to Ubuntu Mate and I like it quite a bit.
Derek (11 days ago)
What's this DEEbian you speak of?
Kenny G (12 days ago)
Great video. I'm currently learning how to program and I want to turn my old windows Vista laptop into a Linux laptop to practice and program on. This video has given me a lot to think about in regards to which distro to choose. I'll probably try Linux mint first. Thanks again.
Visi (13 days ago)
Dude u forgot to blink
Xaviel2ul2u (16 days ago)
Android x86, Prime OS, Phoenix OS.
Xran569 GMD (17 days ago)
The 458 dislikes are linux users.
Cake_progress (18 days ago)
*A N D R O I D* I know it's Linux but just HAD to answer the name of the video
Gus Mueller (18 days ago)
feeling stupider with ever OS mentioned
PixelkingLiam (18 days ago)
32 bit ubuntu?
weebster trash (20 days ago)
I use Linux because terminals
bzzerc (20 days ago)
What No mention of Chrome OS??
Taylan Horrigan (20 days ago)
there is linux mint published by the creator of linux
Supernaut (20 days ago)
Windows 3.1 works great!
CuBeRJAN3 (21 days ago)
Linux and BSD
James Lewis (25 days ago)
Mac is too locked down, Windows spies on you as does Android and Linux is just way too complicated for most users. By the way, as a Windows user who has tried Linux, Ubuntu is really not a good introduction to Linux. I found it impossible to understand and I could not get any sort of graphics acceleration working (it failed to run a 14 year old game that has Linux support). It was also terrible for trying to configure surround sound which from a Windows user stand point is a matter of about 6 clicks of the mouse as compaired to 2 days of trying to find the relevent command line options for my new settings to be wiped out by an update the next day. After that I went back to Windows. It may spy on me but at least I can understand how it works.
Anthøny Salazαr (25 days ago)
UBUNTU 👨🏻‍💻🙋🏻‍♂️ better than windows and Mac always.....
Not Entitled Mom (25 days ago)
I like PLAYSTATION 2's operating system
Calder Johnson (26 days ago)
Any manjaro users here?
Ben Dorsi-Todaro (27 days ago)
What about us Arch and Gentoo users?
ursula hutere (1 month ago)
I have used UNIXWARE, OSF - ALPHA UNIX, UBUNTU. I settled on Linux Mint 19.1. An excellent OS that works for all levels of knowledge . Cheers.
Very High Wire (1 month ago)
Is Solaris a Unix OS? if not is it a Unix-Like operating system?
Glitter Bloke (1 month ago)
Great video, very informative. You're very cute too! x
Gamer Gang (1 month ago)
What about chrome os
morten dybdal (1 month ago)
i use Phoenix OS" android x86 build"
abdellatif abdo (1 month ago)
شكرا لك على الشريح المفيد .. أستخدم يوميا توزيعة Ubuntu ، ثم Ubuntu Studio ، و حاليا أضفت FreeBSD 12 . كما استخدمت كثيرا من التوزيعات مثل Fedora-openSuSE-Debian-Linux Mint ....
Christian S (1 month ago)
1:49 lol
George Trepas (1 month ago)
You forgot openSUSE and Arch, i am an openSUSE user myself
Charles H. O'Brien (1 month ago)
What about Chrome?
Redblast (1 month ago)
i hope you're joking
Allen S (1 month ago)
Debian's name derives from Debra and Ian. Ian Murdock was the creator, and his girlfriend's (at the time) name was Debra. The name is pronounced Deb-Ian, not De-bian.
RayRexDex (1 month ago)
Michael Timpson (1 month ago)
ChromeOS, ChromiumOS, Android, (even iOS).
presh xd (1 month ago)
For mac users looking to switch to Linux I'd suggest regular ubuntu and for the Windows users looking to switch I'd suggest kubuntu.
Aaron Spielman (1 month ago)
Feh, y'didn't even mention Multics.
16pide (1 month ago)
You forgot I think: Chrome OS (Android based from Google) ReactOS (open source Windows clone) Haiku (object oriented, following BeOS) And probably others
Digital Expl0it (1 month ago)
went over DEB and RPM distros but not tar, portage, pacman or any of the others.
Phalanxia Theroan (1 month ago)
Video summary. Hi, do you only know about Windows? Well here's a list of... Uh, Just keep using Windows, everything else is a waste of your time. (if you were in the it/business field you'd already know about this)
Cyle Davis (1 month ago)
I hate to say it but, Chrome OS.
paul .a larner (1 month ago)
sick of hearing this asshole push shit,theres enough adverts without this prick!
Mikhail Mikhailov (1 month ago)
chill out retard
Saboor Patel (1 month ago)
There is also the bsd family. But i prefer linux.
Jerry Beard (1 month ago)
any opinions on ReactOS?
Bryan Lee (1 month ago)
“Linux” isn’t an operating system, it’s the kernel. GNU is the os, but why bother with facts when ignorance is bliss. 🙄
thatguyalpha YT (1 month ago)
roblox gamer6794 (1 month ago)
Does nobody not recognize chrome os LoL
ArKay (2 months ago)
Android also uses the Linux Kernel.
In the most countries Linux is more popular than a Mac but Windows is almost everywhere number one.
Sniff Heinkel (2 months ago)
Linux is garbage.
Redblast (13 days ago)
+Sniff Heinkel "no one uses it" 2% of the universe does.
Sniff Heinkel (1 month ago)
+Redblast In reality. It has never lived up to its hype. No one uses it. It's not supported by anyone.
Redblast (1 month ago)
in your opinion
Mikhail Mikhailov (1 month ago)
+Sniff Heinkel dont care about your doubts, debian is used on the international space station. "no one uses linux" - wrong, people who arent brainlets use linux. there are also more than enough music players for linux, made by great programmers for absulotely free. its not a minority that hates furries, your fandom is the most obnoxious and cancerous one out there. it appeals to the least brightest people and you are proof, cant even install a program lmao.
Sniff Heinkel (1 month ago)
+Mikhail Mikhailov The "Internet" doesn't hate furries. A small group of haters do not speak for the Internet. Opinion isn't fact. Many people like furries. The fandom is more popular than it's ever been.
St4zBl0od (2 months ago)
FreeBSD is actually the base of apple's opensource darvin-os, which is the base of Mac OS.
St4zBl0od (2 months ago)
+Bullfrog's Workshop indeed
Bullfrog's Workshop (2 months ago)
And FreeBSD is directly based on BSD. So, Mac/Darwin is based on BSD.
yvrelna (2 months ago)
amd64 and i386 are literally your regular desktop machines' architectures. Toasters don't use those, they're too bloated for those devices.
yvrelna (2 months ago)
4:30 Linus didn't name Linux. Someone else calls it that and it stuck with everyone ever since.
masum ahmed (2 months ago)
Mark Bunds (2 months ago)
Wasn’t MS/PC DOS supposed to be a simplistic “Unix-like” OS? Thanks for another great production! BTW, thanks also for the rundown on the major differences between Linux distros.
Bullfrog's Workshop (2 months ago)
Yeah. Bill Gates was a master marketroid. DOS was rather oversimplified. I grew up using Apple and MS DOS in the 80s and 90s, then for the last 20 years I've come to prefer Unix-like systems. They really aren't much more complicated, yet light-years more powerful. I even think they're actually easier to use. Pretty much the only similarity is being command line driven, with configuration/scripting files, as you noted.
Mark Bunds (2 months ago)
+Bullfrog's Workshop Sorry, I wasn't quite to the point of my thread when my wife called me for dinner... I was told in the early 1980's that the new operating systems were supposed to be "Unix-like", I suppose mainly in the way the user interface (command line) was presented, and that the DOS batch-file system was analogous to Unix/Xenix "shell scripting", but was very simplified. Having no Unix experience at the time, I accepted this until I learned a bit more later on. There was a lot of mis-information floating around in the 80's, and even more after DOS was replaced by Windows, so when I finally got some (very little) experience using an actual Unix OS, I noticed that it didn't "resemble" DOS at all, but I was still left wondering why so many people told me that they were designed to be "similar" since this wasn't lining up with the truth. That is why it is great to have a channel like yours to go to to get the straight scoop and leave the mis-information behind. So, thanks again!.
Bullfrog's Workshop (2 months ago)
+Mark Bunds I seem to remember mentioning that DOS was a **poorly** implemented clone of CP/M. Neither DOS, nor CP/M are UNIX like to speak of.
Mark Bunds (2 months ago)
+Bullfrog's Workshop Um, I didn't find DOS to be CP/M-like at all. CP/M on my Kaypro and other Z80 machines would boot from a 5 1/4" DSDD (401KB for Kaypro CP/M, if I remember correctly, the IBM PC would only format 5 1/4" DSDD's to 360KB) floppy in maybe 8 seconds after closing the door. The Kaypro 10 took almost as long, having to load drivers for its (LOL) huge 5 MB "Winchester" !
Peter Jones (2 months ago)
Did I actually learn something from this guy
Uber. Why man (2 months ago)
Looks like you don't fool any more good for you
Uber. Why man (1 month ago)
+Mikhail Mikhailov Joe did do fake videos at one time
Mikhail Mikhailov (1 month ago)
Aakash Changwani (2 months ago)
Kali Linux ?
Muzafar Seyed (2 months ago)
what about darwin and Solaris ?
Yewbdar Petros (2 months ago)
Thanks I learn through story, that helped a lot. I lost you at the end. A lots good info.
DSC mino (2 months ago)
DSC mino (2 months ago)
Lubuntu is my best linux distro
Esoteric Ministry (2 months ago)
If Commodore had continued to make computers we might have a version of GEOS competitive with Windows by now.
Manuzki (2 months ago)
Linus Torvalds was originally from Finland.
Pablo Padillahh (2 months ago)
Linux is shit
Mikhail Mikhailov (1 month ago)
+Pablo Padillahh the problem is in the hardware thats between your chair and your keyboard, if it functioned correctly linux would work just fine.
Pablo Padillahh (1 month ago)
Mikhail Mikhailov doesn’t matter, if it can’t run on my computer then it’s shit for me . Maybe it does some other shit right but can’t be a good kernel for any OS I throw at it
Mikhail Mikhailov (1 month ago)
its the shit thats powering most of the internet ya dang goobus
Mikheil Ghvinianidze (2 months ago)
No mention of Arch. LinuxMint is the same as Ubuntu with different User Environments(Cinnamon, MATE, and Xfce). It is not match harder or easier than Ubuntu. Ubuntu is not as more inspired by Mac OS, as Mac OS is inspired by Ubuntu.
Bullfrog's Workshop (2 months ago)
Arch is just yet another Linux distro in the grand scheme of things. He mentioned that there are many Linux distros that weren't mentioned specifically. If you were to list every Linux distro with a brief description, the video of just Linux distros would be several hours long. That said, Arch is my go-to branch of Linux when I need a Linux. This video is about alternatives to Mac and Windows. It isn't intended to be the end all be all list of Linux distros. That would be extremely boring.
Marcus Thornhill (2 months ago)
Go figure. There's a linux OS called Fedora.
Andrius Pileckis (2 months ago)
Arch linux? Haiko?
The Salty Dog (2 months ago)
gokul balagopal (2 months ago)
I used both redhat and Ubuntu
Fred Schmitt (2 months ago)
I was hoping to hear something new about BeOS or the like. This idiot just talks about his beloved gay Linux. Channel canceled herewith.
Stan Ihesiulo (2 months ago)
So is Unix the kernal of Mac OS?
Er rror (2 months ago)
Where is Kali luinx
Er rror (2 months ago)
+Bullfrog's Workshop yeah
Bullfrog's Workshop (2 months ago)
He mentioned there are many distros based on Linux that he didn't mention. In this roundabout way, he did indeed mention Kali.
PikaLink91 (2 months ago)
Interesting, I never heard of any of these except for Linux. To me Windows was always just.. you know.. standard, so I never even considered using anything else.
litle Kitten (2 months ago)
Not debe-e-an it’s deb-e-an
litle Kitten (2 months ago)
And with code if u have no boot u can make your own os
litle Kitten (2 months ago)
I use ubuntu
GoBadri (2 months ago)
I use Deepin which is based on Debian
Non_savage (2 months ago)
S.Single U.Unix S.Specification
EngelDerVerdammnis (2 months ago)
I think you should have Android mentioned at least as it is used by millions even though if Desktop use might be a bit tricky with it.
Feynstein 100 (2 months ago)
Oh and also, no Kali Linux? Come on. :P
Feynstein 100 (2 months ago)
Nice video. I had no idea the Linux tree was so diverse with so many branches. Now please do a video about different browsers, if you haven't done so already.
beezle1976 (2 months ago)
What no BeOS? No Haiku? No Zeta? No QNX? No AmigaOS? No MorpOS? No AROS? No Plan9? No GeOS? No Wings? No TOS? No GEM? No SyllabeOS ? No NeXT? Heck, you even completely omitted the most used OS on the planet (Android). None of these are BSD or Linux distros (with the arguable exception of Android, which is based on Linux kernel), all quite mature. "What other operating systems are there besides Windows and Mac?" really isnt an apt title. "Here's the 2 most common *nix kernels used and distros that use them" is much more fitting. Also, Mac OS isn't Unix, it's basically BSD with NeXT user land. Perhaps do some research 1st?
Bullfrog's Workshop (2 months ago)
While, I too missed seeing Haiku mentioned, I'll pick a nit. MacOS is a Unix because it is based on BSD, which is technically a true UNIX. The main difference in this regard is that Apple ponied up the cash to call itself a true UNIX, while the budget of BSD, on which Mac/Darwin is based, didn't budget for. FreeBSD is a true UNIX in spirit, MacOS is a true UNIX in both spirit and cash money.
Siddhant Gupta (2 months ago)
You are an awesome youtuber bro U make videos that clear our basics
Adam Boriboun (2 months ago)
I use Windows 11 (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
TheRobloxMinecrafter (2 months ago)
i like linux because you are not restricted too much
Inq V (2 months ago)
I like ubuntu
r4rev2 (2 months ago)
Mac is not an OS. OSX is an OS.
GAMER ON PC (2 months ago)
Best Android system for my pc core i3 2gen 10gb ddr3 1gb vcard 9500gt plz tell me
terry waller (2 months ago)
Mac is a Linux.
hi hi hihi (2 months ago)
How about android
Alex Wielinga (2 months ago)
Where are the Arch Fanboys at?
Nicholas Whitcher (2 months ago)

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