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PLENTY OF FISH MESSAGES: 3 Openers & Text Examples To Get More Girls

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28 Plenty Of Fish (POF) Openers That Work ► http://premiumlife.tv/pof-openers DATES! Online Dating Program ► http://premiumlife.tv/dates-program PLENTY OF FISH OPENERS THAT WORK + 3 PLENTY OF FISH (POF) FIRST MESSAGE TEMPLATES In this video we going to show you how to Plenty of Fish (POF) Messages lines that work and give you free Plenty of Fish openers (POF). You can use every Plenty of Fish opener (POF) not only as your Plenty of fish opening (POF) line also in your second or third tinder messages. We tell you what kind of Plenty of Fish secrets (POF) lines work and what kind of Plenty of Fish openers (POF) or Plenty of Fish opening (POF) lines doesn't work. Show you some common mistakes in Plenty of Fish messages (POF) and what you have to do in your plenty of Fish opening (POF) lines to get all the girls to reply to you. What’s the number one Plenty of Fish opener (POF) , Plenty of Fisch secrets (POF) line, Plenty of Fish message (POF) to get a hundred percent response not only from one Tinder match you have - from all your matches? 0:28 PLENTY OF FISH SECRETS NO 1: You gotta be different on Plenty of Fish openers (POF) and you can't sound like everybody else in the Plenty of Fish secrets (POF) inbox of a girl. Don’t send dull openers to your Plenty of Fish messages match or How to Plenty of Fish (POF) girl as your first Plenty of Fish Messages (POF) lines. Dull openers are for example: Hi, hey, how are you, hi hey how's it going, morning, evening, afternoon and so on. 2:03 PLENTY OF FISH SECRETS NO 2: The first Plenty of Fish message (POF) and every Plenty of Fish openers are based on 5 elements: Make it personell, questions, spelling and grammar. 2:36 THREE PLENTY OF FISH SECRETS (POF) EXAMPLES FOR YOUR POF OPENING LINE You’ll get in this video three How to Plenty of Fish (POF) lines to open any girl on Plenty of Fish Secrets (POF) Our sample Plenty of Fish openers (POF) are based on the body height of a girl, assumptions and the obvious. 3:38 28 PLENTY OF FISH SECRETS (POF) LINES THAT WORK – GUARANTEED! We know that a PLENTY OF FISH MESSAGES (POF) profile won't always be obvious, you can’t create assumptions for any a Plenty of Fish messages (POF) profile and the body height is also not visible in every How to Plenty of Fish (POF) bio. But don't worry we have a set of Plenty of Fish openers (POF) from our website that will work for any How to Plenty of Fish (POF) situation, any Plenty of Fish messages (POF) profile, any How to Plenty of Fish (POF) match and any Plenty of Fish Messages (POF) girl you can download right here: https://www.apremiumlife.com/plenty-of-fish-openers/ My recommendations for other Plenty of Fish (POF) videos I like about Plenty of Fish openers, Plenty of Fish messages and Plenty of Fish secrets are: - Reading Old Plenty of Fish Messages/POF Messages by AsToldByAllie - Plenty of Fish Secrets: Messaging Women Online by ItOffishul's channel - What Women Like On An Online Dating Profile (And What They Laugh At) by jlaix -Why plenty of fish (POF) is a waste of time for men by Che Morpheus -Over 50 Dating | Dating Tips for Older Women by Lisa Copeland Sixty and Me - She's Lying – MGTOW by Sandman -TIPS FOR PEOPLE ON "PLENTY OF FISH" by MillieStylz -Leon's Plenty Of Fish Online Dating Advice Pof by Leon Norris -PlentyOfFish (POF) Advice Series for Men - How-to Improve your - Houston HOODRAT Jailed After Robbery Setup Using "Plenty Of Fish" Dating Website! By JMillerSPEAKSOuT -Plenty of fish search without registering by Zonabits - Plenty of Fish – MGTOW by Sandman -Plenty of Fish dating Site is Bullshit! By Steve Sanders -Plenty of Fish Dating Tips: "Online Now" Messages by ItOffishul's channel - Why Plenty of Fish is Terrible by Lisa Concepcion - POF'S NASTY SECRET by 4THOSEnotEFFECTED Plenty Of Fish Secrets Review by AttractingGirls's channel For more great dating advice take a look at these YouTube channels: AskMen, Real Men Real Style, Dating And Confidence Coach Stephan Erdman | Authentic Game, Ministry of Attraction - Men's Dating Advice, SquattinCassanova, Charisma on Command, RSD Sam, He Spoke Style, Sexy Confidence, Coach Corey Wayne, RSD Luke, Art of Manliness, RSD Madison, Adam Lyons, SimpleSexyStupid, Dating & Relationship Advice For Men - David DeAngelo, i am alpha m., Michael Valmont, Pickup Uncut, SchoolOfAttraction, Findsocialflow, Daygame.com, The Natural Lifestyles, Valentino Kohen, Daniel Blake, WayneDatingLifestyle - hidden cam pickup, JulienHimself, TrippAdvice.com, jlaix from Real Social Dynamics, Tom Torero, Johnny Berba Coaching, Street Attraction, Sasha Daygame , Kezia noble, Richard LaRuina, Julien Free Tour, rsdfreetour, Simple Pickup, Honest Signalz, Wayne Dating, RSDTyler, willy beck, Simple Pickup, RSDMax, RSDBrad, Julien Blanc alpha m.
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Text Comments (212)
Premium Life (3 months ago)
28 Plenty Of Fish (POF) Openers That Work ► http://premiumlife.tv/pof-openers
Corrado Conrad (11 days ago)
my opener is: HOW IS THE COCK CAROUSEL TREATING YOU? try it. works.
yeah uhuh (19 days ago)
This is your late night tip? Read other guys stuff and tell you not to be like them. Fn Gold!
Brenton Gandy (23 days ago)
How to get messages/replies... Look like and make money like Channing Tatum. The end.
MrSihrus (26 days ago)
very few videos have I thumbs down. This is one of the few
Ronnie (1 month ago)
Total B.S. Want to get chicks off POF? Don't be ugly. That's it. People couldn't care less what you have to say. Most don't even read the profile. 99% of messages you will get are because of your pictures. Nothing else.
Premium Life (1 month ago)
This is what we claim too. Pictures ate the most important factor when it comes to online dating
Ryan Scherbluk (1 month ago)
I learned that a lot of girls are just stuck up bitches that think they run the universe and half the time don't wanna message you they just want messages too feel like there popular or to boost there ego. Why wouldn't you say hello how are you your not going to walk up to someone on the street and say hello the weather is nice today so you live in California I love those shoes you got on hey nice outfit like fuck that's a lot to process at once a simple hello should do. These girls on these Dating sites are not girls there bitches and I'm tired of trying to message them and I get nothing or they tex a couple lines and then silent dose no one know how to talk. You shouldn't have to come up with a bunch of bulshit you should just be able to say hello and carry on a conversation from there. No wonder why more men are staying single girls now a days are just completely stupid.
Ezra The Goat (2 months ago)
I just send heart eyes 😍 and have a 60% reply rate... Go figure 🤷🏽‍♂️
Bricklinsv1970 (2 months ago)
Just give it up unless your exceptionally Handsome or have tons of money.
Speedy Gonzalez (2 months ago)
Did not work for me they other did work
Ira Success (2 months ago)
These only work because you are above average looking/guild build/ low body fat around the face and neck. There have been many tests on reddit with dudes literally using nazi tattooed pedophiles who look like super models that say sick stuff and still get a ton of messages.
buddy ryan (19 days ago)
Are you serious wow
TheBestFighter (2 months ago)
They're all stuck up bitches. Acting like they're so perfect. They leave everyone on opened acting like their shit Don't stink
Jelani Toure (2 months ago)
Best opener. Im rich.
A Jackson (2 months ago)
I'm a woman who gets a lot of messages on POF - where men go wrong a lot of the time is they assume women are motivated by the same things that motivate men. Men are attracted to women mainly based on how they LOOK (just from seeing pics of a woman, a man will say 'omg you're stunning, lets have dinner' - well... why would she want to have dinner with you? Just because you think she's stunning, when she hears that all the time?) A man has to GENERATE HER INTEREST instead of sending a lazy 'hi how are u' or asking silly questions then taking it personally when there's no reply. A lot of guys put unflattering pics of themselves up, don't fill in their profile and open with a boring 'hi sexy, lets meet' - without giving the woman any reason to be interested in YOU. I would suggest 1. Select 4-5 pics of yourself that show you as confident, happy with your life (if you're bald, don't crop off the top of your head...if you're overweight, stand tall - some women, like myself, don't mind a fatty), 2. COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE... don't be lazy... share some things that would make a woman want to get to know you - share some things that you do, have interesting interests, find a funny or interesting way to say what you are looking for in a mate 3. message her with something that picks up on what she's say in her profile. If your message is decent and not boring AND you look decent (like someone who can get a woman) in your pics, you will get replies. Of course you will be rejected because you won't be everyone's type - but it's a number's game... there's someone out there for everyone. good luck!
A Jackson (1 month ago)
Personally no. I'm 5'3 myself and I can't see myself going for someone as small as me. My exes were all 6'6, 6'5, 6'3.2 and 6'3. But there's someone out there for everyone. I would suggest you focus on approaching women who are a fair bit shorter than you - 4'11-5'2.
A Jackson (1 month ago)
Don't assume that - unless a woman has told you she only wants an ego boost (I'm a woman and I've only ever heard men who can't get a woman say that). Give it time. If it hasn't worked yet, keep improving your profile till you get better results... improve the pics... improve your description...
Vinny Vendetta (1 month ago)
What if the man that messages you said all the right things but when you see his height 5”03 would you still write back ? Or leave him the dark
Ryan Scherbluk (1 month ago)
I did everything you mentioned still nothing most girls on there are stupid they just there for an ego boost I'm trying a different site
Sir Brucie (2 months ago)
I got a nice girl off of it, guess I'm not as ugly as I thought lol. I left her a nice message and she replied with her phone number instantly. Very nice girl and she is super tall, I love tall curvy (not fat) women. She is 6'3" and I'm 6'4".
Jeddia Jones (2 months ago)
This guy is kind of funny, but just another YouTube shill hocking a paid program. $14.90 for pickup lines. Eric Weber would be so proud.
j par (2 months ago)
What about the black haired girls....
Kiran Mehta (3 months ago)
Or how about we send them webcam requests. So many fake accounts out there anyway
Ryan Scherbluk (1 month ago)
Kiran Mehta thank you yes so annoying
Revemupman (4 months ago)
It doesn't matter what you say. Your pics and profile speak for itself. If you got your shit in order they'll hit you up with a lousy hi with the smiley face. I keep telling guys if she likes you, you can do and say whatever. You can be awkward as fuck. If she made the decision that she wants you she will let it be easy as pie to gain access to her. If you have to jump through hoops, wine and dine her then she is not interested in you. Let her go find the guy she wants. Life is too short to waste time pining after someone who doesn't want you. Move on...
John Sizemore (4 months ago)
Plenty of fish is bullshit , just an ego boost for women
BIGGUS DICKUS (4 months ago)
Oi you making this video. You know full well this dating shit doesn't work & the girls are ignorant skanks with baggage. This is just click bate because you know all men that use online dating are desperate & will try anything. Shame on you
BIGGUS DICKUS (4 months ago)
Just write "Sup" or even better, don't bother messaging the cunts. You aint going to get a decent woman online, only pig girls with baggage
Craigsweeting Sweeting (5 months ago)
Where are the women not this shit all sexy women text me please xx
Pineapple Express (5 months ago)
Here’s the best line you can use on a female........ Why read my message and not reply................ Bitch.
justin steele (5 months ago)
Just copy and paste, done nice and quick haha
Hidney Young (6 months ago)
Im hooked !!!!!! signing up now
Premium Life (5 months ago)
Hey Hidney! We received your email last night. Have you received our emails now with the correct guides? Haven't heard from you today. Best regards, Sebastian
Hidney Young (6 months ago)
Lou M (6 months ago)
I dont have time for all this bullshit.i just be myself say what i want to say and if they reply cool if they dont fuck em go on to the next.the problem with some dudes nowadays is that you put woman on a pedestal.chicks like it when you be yourself and somewhat act like you dont give a shit doesnt make sense but its true but me ,i dont have to act i really am that way lol
gabrielernesto66 (6 months ago)
My theory is this dude is good looking it makes it easier fucking dumb ass
Kong David (6 months ago)
Just ask bj or anal:) them whores will respond
Bigmeat Time (1 month ago)
Phillip Duncan (6 months ago)
I tell them they have the prettiest eyes and smile
Chris Lawson (7 months ago)
Usually I don't add comments but all you have to do it just be a dick!!! Lol
Fullrusher (7 months ago)
Is it me or have women become way too difficult?
Brenton Gandy (23 days ago)
Ever since the feminist movement it has got worse.
Ryan Scherbluk (1 month ago)
A Jackson maybe it's you too
Ryan Scherbluk (1 month ago)
Fullrusher they've become so difficult they confuse them selfs
A Jackson (2 months ago)
it's you.
Owen Ltd (7 months ago)
I find the ladies on pof, thick as shit
Jason Hitch (8 months ago)
David. I took your advice on the texting the girls name!:-) ... it worked with 4 of 10.
Okidoke (8 months ago)
POF, like many other dating sites, is rife with spammers and scammers. So many of the legit ones are single mothers looking for a daddy for their kids, while so many of the guys are just looking for a place to park their dicks. If you read their profiles, most of the women are looking for guys that just don't exist in the real world and the reason they're looking is because they didn't know how to keep their original men. Dammit women, put out more and you'll keep your guys. It's no wonder the guys are looking for more booty. I know I'm generalising, but it's bloody true.
BluesNBrews (9 months ago)
This is some corny advice..be your god damn self, if the bitch don't respond or like you FUCK HER
KevinRuddthestud Rudd007 (9 months ago)
I think people need to get over themselves...
Hmm Interesting (9 months ago)
TIP #1 coming from a woman One liners: '''hey there'' definitely means they are NOT interested (I use it all the time). Just read it and gracefully move on, maybe block her so you don't message her again by mistake.
sprescav (9 months ago)
Hey prettg good!!!
BubbaCrane (10 months ago)
Fuck you for saying you have 3 great openers, then at the end of the video, saying go download my openers.
Premium Life (10 months ago)
There are 3 great openers in the video.
MR.SINISTER (10 months ago)
POF= PLENTY of FAKES!! bitches ain't nothn' but hoes n tricks!!
Jenn Red (10 months ago)
I wouldn't give him any play he's corny AF
Free World227 (4 months ago)
Willie G Laboy (10 months ago)
I wasted my time on POF, don't join it! Woman's just looking for a free dinner!
buddy ryan (19 days ago)
Ronnie (1 month ago)
So don't take them for dinner then.
Ryan Scherbluk (1 month ago)
Willie G Laboy yep or girls there that just want you to join there cam shows so annoying
Sir Brucie (2 months ago)
I meet a nice girl on it actually, 3 but I choose her because she was such a sweetheart.
TheBestFighter (2 months ago)
william11724 Straight facts
Victor Mcvic (10 months ago)
my usually line his ......hey trouble, then ask them how their week or w/e's treated them.... you get a lot of woman biting to that one, try it.
Jay Sprezz (10 months ago)
POF is all about height. If you're not above 6' you can forget about it.
Brenton Gandy (23 days ago)
+MichiganMan you must be loaded with alot of money.
MichiganMan (25 days ago)
That's not really true I'm 5 7 and I slept with women on pof on the first date
AD Zero (29 days ago)
you just said you were 6'4" on the message directly above in "A Jackson's" replies.
Reemis 53 (2 months ago)
Height does not define you as a person
Sir Brucie (2 months ago)
This is True, the girl I'm talking to now is 6'3" and I'm 6'2". I met her on pof.
stack dollas (10 months ago)
The homie who say your pics and hi is right. If they like your pictures youre good.
Giovanni Masi (11 months ago)
Hey There, hi, how you doing, hello, what's up, wow, your hot, hi sexy...these won't work because they get a million of these a day.
Brenton Gandy (23 days ago)
When most people meet someone in public they usually say "hi" or "hello" to break the ice. It should be the same way for online dating. I'd bet if they didn't get any messages at all they would be complaining. Personally I don't mind if a woman messaged me with something simple as a "hello". I don't know who these women think they are. But I really suggest that they get off their high horse.
Repent and Believe (2 months ago)
Giovanni Masi what are you 1950supposed to say then
Wigan Bin Mon (11 months ago)
It does'nt matter what message you send someone on pof if they like the look of you they'll reply through interest being there, if they don't like the look of you they'll probably just reply with a thanks or not reply at all, that's what pof is like in the UK anyway, it might be different in the States or any other country
Quamain Gibbs (9 months ago)
Nope it's the same in America unless you have money.
tonio dollas (11 months ago)
Yo pretty boys all ways acting like they got game 😂 nigga u a pretty boy they gonna look at ya pic and decide if they wanna respond 😂
ParisAvenue2005 (11 months ago)
Women don't respond to any guys who don't resemble Magic Mike. It doesn't matter what you write, I've tried it all in the past. Until I realised what a load of garbage the women are on these sites anyway. Delusional, stuck-up bitches. 60% are single mothers, others are fat, ugly, skanky, have hit the wall, nut jobs etc etc. Looking for a genuine, vibrant woman?? Then AVOID PoF at all costs, guys. And by the way, want to know what women think is a good opening message? It's usually " hey there :) ". I set up a fake profile of a model-looking guy and his inbox is full of "hey there's"
Mark Jacob (1 year ago)
POF sucks, controls your search and ages of who you look for..im mature guy who does enjoy younger woman and don't listen to others judging...i know what I like
Ryan Hale (1 year ago)
This was just terrible
AztlanIslam (2 months ago)
Ryan Hale 😂😂😂
Henry Smith (1 year ago)
one thing pof need to do is let you know if a women only excepts messages from upgraded profiles would save us guys a lot of time. nice video
truHipHopTv (1 year ago)
you didn't say girl cheesy one liners "Hey there" I hat that shit
Yaddahay smarmalite (1 year ago)
Tip #1 "Call her name": Um nope doesn't work since usually their name isn't indicated anywhere on their profile....
Premium Life (1 year ago)
Or by her nickname / username ;)
MostEnigmatic (1 year ago)
too many rules, this should come naturally. Why should we jump through so many hoops? Then when you're rejected it's back to the drawing board on dating tips. Huge waste of time.
Caleb Henderson (13 days ago)
Ryan Scherbluk amen! I agree with both of you. If a girl cannot accept hey or hello then that is a filter not to pursue her
Ryan Scherbluk (1 month ago)
MostEnigmatic cause girls now a days are just stupid. People say hello cause it's respectful you should be able to carry on a conversation from there it's not hard.
Tom (1 year ago)
You talk about using spell check but that girls message.. She sounds like a fucking air head lol
James Muller (1 year ago)
This is horseshit. I said better stuff than that and still got no where.
Pineapple Express (5 months ago)
James Muller .....loser!!!!!!!!
Charles Thompson (1 year ago)
and there is that retarded height stadard
Cleveland Hulk (1 year ago)
I just say what that mouth do fuck what hoes think most girls that message guys they like have nothing to say but heyy, or how's it going
WolfPsx (1 year ago)
If "Hi" isn't good enough, then I'm not interested either. It's a good filter.
Diverse0725 (6 months ago)
Hi only works for women that are extremely interested in you. If she's extremely interested in you, there's a very good chance that she's very easy to get, just wants attention, or very undesirable. The woman that you really want, may be a little difficult in the beginning, but it should get easier as time goes on.
orbitaldildo (1 year ago)
Don't waste your time writing well thought out witty messages, it doesn't matter, only your pictures matter. "Hey what's up" is good enough.
Lontay187 (1 month ago)
I used to write thought out messages but I get more replies from a simple "Hey Bae 😍" lol..
Yao Don (4 months ago)
Exactly I've meet up with girl on there by just saying hey
E-Live Da God (5 months ago)
Exactly. Women always answer in 3 or 5 word sentences. No full paragraph at all. If her profile reads what hobbies she's passionate about, make sure some of them are uni-sex. Then just hit her up with a 3 to 10 word sentence saying you are you going to a nearby event that involves one of her hobbies.
orbitaldildo (7 months ago)
If she's attracted to you physically she will reply to any message. Women are superficial and only care about your looks. I don't want a reply from a girl who's not really attracted to me and only responding because my message is witty.
WuYen OF The North Star (8 months ago)
Premium Life stop giving these girls power. At the end of the day I'm the prise
Robin Culot (1 year ago)
je suis le 100ème like
ronniezzzz (1 year ago)
hi im going give it a try
SWTXCowboy11 (1 year ago)
Guys, this is the bare bones truth. It is purely a numbers game. I've been on and off POF for many years. Probably going back as far as 2009. I am by no means bragging. I'm just listing some personal details just to give you an idea of my profile. I'm Hispanic, 5'5, athletic, and based on many women's comments, "very handsome". I'll admit, being a Marine surely helped, but the rest was mostly personality and knowing how to create attraction. Depending on the mood or occasion, I've had anywhere from 5's and 6's, to 7's and total 10's. Having a steady rotation of women that you've established contact and rapport with helps to be more selective. Sometimes the well runs dry and it becomes feast or famine. That's where the 5's and 6's come into play until you can replenish your well and set up a new roster. Since '09, I would estimate I've banged at least close to 500 chicks literally by just simply opening with generic messages like "hello Miss [user name123], how are you?". I would send between 15-25 messages like this every Sunday. Out of those, I'd receive at least between 3-5 messages. Out of those, I would at least get 1-2 dates for the next few days for that week. Within a month I would have a steady rotation of anywhere between 5-10 women in my "bull pen", which most would turn into sex within first date to second meet.  As many guys notice, women become egotistical princesses online because of the hundreds of messages from lame ass wussy boys that shower them with compliments and offers to take them out. First, you must break any tendency or habit of doing this. DO NOT complement women. I'm not saying never, just don't do it. Definitely don't complement them in any way with your first message. By the way, I have gotten a few of my buddies who would be considered "average Joes" on POF with decent success using about the same formula. Again, it's a numbers game. Anyone who is in sales understands this is the same concept. Just as an example, one routine me and my room mate had going on back in 2012 was getting a girl from initial contact on POF to a first date/meet to our place. Usually, we would plan out something exciting like go shoot. We were in the Marine Corps stationed out in the desert in 29 Palms. After shooting, we'd come back to the house, fire up the grill, and break out some steaks and some liquor or alcohol of some sort. You set the tone, set the mood, get a little liquored up and some food in their belly, and voila! 9 times out of 10, they were staying to get sex. This became a standard routine and our house was a revolving door of new POF chicks every weekend. This went on for almost a year.
Kwel News (1 year ago)
SWTXCowboy11 hope you had that in your profile "casual dating, nothing serious"
rebeldann ! (1 year ago)
your message was too long. they don't wanna read a book. keep it short and sweet
Attila709 (1 year ago)
I once tried the holding a furry animal idea. All that happened was I got more messages from animal looking women.
Henry Smith (1 year ago)
I thought most men did this already, the truth is some women will get 25 plus message a day and if they get a few or so messages in a row that are a bit smutty or rude, etc and then your perfectly polite and good message is next it does not matter what you say it will just be deleted with the others or simply ignored. Some other tips would be go on a different times, rotate your profile pic and try to make your profile stand out," but no telling fibs" But then again sometimes it is just down to a bit of luck and if you do not get many replies never take personally.
EPSGplayer (1 year ago)
This is retarded. Girls won't reply because they are stupid and stuck up.
rebeldann ! (1 year ago)
EPSGplayer there you go. treatem like that. if they wanna be a bitch treat them like a bitch. thats just the more they will want you.
Crypto Chan (1 year ago)
It's still a race thing.
jessa abraham (1 year ago)
See a simple hi will work. Make sure you are saying hi to someone of your caliber. Most people do not complete their profile. Many leave with 'just ask' or profession as vague or I have a job or something like that. This is a dating site. You need to open up and be clear. Else why are you here. Many are just looking for time pass. Or one said to me "I am bum looking for that extra ordinary as I have no interest to work anymore". I was shocked. Have you seen those pictures and profiles? Yet they complain. Dating sites are generally an ego checker that's all. Sometimes it clicks sometimes it don't. That's the name of the game. There is no magic that works. It's a human thing.
T. Thompson (8 days ago)
How long have you been playing piano?
rebeldann ! (1 year ago)
jessa abraham hi
ted loyd (1 year ago)
this dude's got hitch on repeat
Ali Rizvi (1 year ago)
ted loyd LOL!!
ted loyd (1 year ago)
just deal with women on the street or deal with the woman in the past that you've been with let nature take its course.. it's all bullshit
Jamie Lyons (1 year ago)
Nice video bud, Nice simple tips :D
Steed Blackman (1 year ago)
He's an EMPLOYEE. WHY? Paid To Chat With You Yes you heard correctly they actually employ people to interact with you on the site. Once again it all boils down to money. If they use real people to chat with you then you're much more willing to purchase a paid monthly membership. So what they do is they have employees that get paid to string you along and keep you paying your monthly membership for as long as possible. Of course you will never ever meet these women in person because of course they are employees of the site and their job is to basically to keep you paying the monthly membership as long as possible.
Premium Life (1 year ago)
Who's an EMPLOYEE? I agree with you that on some dating services and dating apps employees / algorithms / bots are common to fake female profiles. Especially on casual dating sites. Not sure how common that is on POF. But Dave is an employee of Premium Life (www.premiumlife.tv) and not of POF. We have nothing to do with POF except of these few tips on YouTube. Best regards, Sebastian (CEO - Premium Life)
Waseem Mughal (1 year ago)
Hi David please help me. I never got any response back from a woman on POF. Thanks, Waseem
Waseem Mughal (1 year ago)
I've decided to pay some money to a Professional Photographer and take him to outside. However I just know if someone is on a big position and financially stable or a famous personality he will get straight away response.
Waseem Mughal (1 year ago)
I upgraded my account and will you believe I've requested already a refund. You know the only reason I'm a Muslim and they from Pakistani background. Most of them they blocked me. I think they are racist.
Premium Life (1 year ago)
Hi Waseem! The reason of no reponse on POF or any other dating site is a.) because of wrong or bad photos in your profile or / and b.) a bad first message. First I recommend to fix your photos and upload at least 3-4 great photos of you. In the next step optimize your first message. What kind of opener to you use usually?
Imy Kay (1 year ago)
Im ugly, I dont have no chance lmao
Yaddahay smarmalite (1 year ago)
95% of humanity is ugly but somehow they all keep breeding.
Mario Sanon (1 year ago)
rebel dann yep i agree man
rebeldann ! (1 year ago)
imran khan and that's why you have no chance. don't ever call yourself ugly cause that shit will definitely get you NOT laid. be confident. they like that shit
D H (1 year ago)
i want a girl with class, but all i see are kardashian mini me's, ill die alone before i waste my time with that kind of subhuman devolute moron. im happy alone to be honest, just need to get my leg over once n a while, to keep me from fucking a hole in the ground.
Mighty Eye (1 year ago)
Brian Jones I think style can compensate, a well dressed, clean ugly fuck can get girls trust me lol
Chowboy Email (1 year ago)
POF.com ROBS money from you even if you have cancelled your POF account prior to renewal of your one time upgrade! Please check for automatic two year recurring payment registered by POF on you Paypal account, bank account or credit card. THERE WILL BE NO WAY YOU WOULD GET YOUR MONEY BACK. Comparing to other dating site, POF.COM is like a con man. I will never use POF.COM and nobody should. My bad experience in summer, 2016... When I chose the one time payment at POF.com for a 2-month upgrade option for $37+ using credit card via Paypal or any other means. POF made you believe that you would only be charged for that amount once and be able to cancel your Prfofiel in POF and their service to you anytime without further financial obligation. In my case, after I authorized the payment,  Plentyoffish (POF) actually put in a two year automatic recurring payment onto my account in Paypal but I won't know about it (as you thought POF only charges you once for the upgrade as said in their website). POF didn't inform you at all about  the recurring charges in the invoice or in your profile in POF. I cancelled my upgrade two weeks before it expired and closed my account (actually, POF never really deleted your account). So, you thought you were done with POF... WRONG, When it comes to renewal, Paypal or any other means you used would automatically send another $37+ to POF. Paypal won't stop the payment because they said I authorized a two recurring payment to POF.com. POF.com replied my email once to say they won't refund even thought they lied about the payment option at its website. After the first email, POF.com won't reply my subsequent emails. I hope this helps the person who plans to buy the one-time two month upgrade.. DON'T use POF.COM! There are other honest dating site. If you are current user of POF.COM, I will suggest you to check for 2 year automatic recurring payment registered against your method of payment right now!
wickedcivic1 (1 year ago)
Chowboy Email and that is why I will never pay into these dating sites
in4fit (2 years ago)
sub 4 sub! =) https://goo.gl/s1uPaz
hahaumad (2 years ago)
Usually I just read their bio and make a comment or a question about it. It works mostly every time
Brenton Gandy (23 days ago)
That happens about 2 out of 10 times.
Pineapple Express (5 months ago)
Andrew Smith ....lmao fucking loser!!!!!!!
TerroriStS702 (5 months ago)
Repent and Believe (8 months ago)
hahaumad it dosent for me I tried that lol
Andrew Smith (2 years ago)
+Premium Life - English I have clear head shots of myself. I've tried talking about what I have in common with them, I've tried compliments, I've tried humour and I've tried generic openers. I have a 0% success rate. I can't even get one of them to talk to me on the phone, let alone meet me.

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