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What Plus-Size Clothing Looks Like On Plus-Size Women

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Text Comments (20358)
Izzy Stelling (1 day ago)
Sadly it's not only plus size people who have problems shopping and the world of clothes will never be perfect. But plus size people do have the most problems, i am not denying that but others do to.
louise Reyes (2 days ago)
Tess looks so pretty✨✨
Scarlett Evans (2 days ago)
I mean.. Kristen is one of the most fashionable women at buzzfeed and she always wears plus size clothes...isn't that an example of plus size clothing on a plus size woman? What about Jazz? All her clothing is plis size. When does she not look like a queen? Just like regular clothes, mabye if you but clothes from a good store, you can dress well in plus size clothes.
They all would be ten times prettier if they lost maybe 50-100 lbs. They should love themselves, of course, but being obese should never be encouraged, not because it's not "attractive" but it's very unhealthy. They should not define themselves by their weight.
Miss Sallylyi (3 days ago)
Omg the top kristin is wearing is sooo beautiful on her
Jolie Dyer (4 days ago)
Not to be rude but this ks wear Kristen is been smaller
Mandolin Brown (5 days ago)
When I first saw Tess, I literally gasped like she is so gorgeous no wonder she’s a model
pahrahinc (5 days ago)
the Mrs. says; wear extra long shirt jackets, you can buy these garments from Roamans, they have a site for up to 5x, you will find something to wear that looks better then that crap you are wearing. You have to learn how to dress big, not clothes you used to wear before you became fat. Also another site is Woman Within, learn to dress big and you will learn to just cover it all up.
Charlotte Rose (8 days ago)
if a 3x can't even fit over your legs you need to take serious action to try and fix your health
lizzyda (9 days ago)
Tess is obviously unhealthy, i mean she can't move her arms as much as she could if she would be a just a bit "less plus size" if you ppl understand what i mean. She does not have to get skinny and stuff just get healthy its for her good uk. But that's her life and i'm not trying to hate her or something..
Scarlet Moonlight (10 days ago)
Hard to find plus size clothes? Give me a break , every time I’ve sorted threw clothes at Walmart they ARE ALL PLUS SIZE
Miranda Carpenter (11 days ago)
Read is not a 3x more like 5x!
Aleks Xxx (13 days ago)
Tess is ummm
tinystorm (14 days ago)
Tess isn't plus size... SHE'S FREAKING OBESE
Lioness Swain (15 days ago)
Saggy crouch syndrome 😍😘😆
Sad Kazoo (16 days ago)
Tess is obese she isn’t plus size
Johanne Darice (16 days ago)
2015 -2018 Kristin & Sheridan gained some weight
hannah rose (16 days ago)
To me I feel like they should sell bigger sizes in the mall like American eagle and Hollister I feel like it would give them better business and also help other women like the clothes they wear.
A bowl of salad (19 days ago)
The other girls are okay... but TESS! Dear lord unhealthy?
Nicolas Jensen (19 days ago)
Fat aceptance is not healthy.
Sugar Twist (19 days ago)
I always hated the plus size section. Most brands never consider that plus size women are shaped differently and either the clothes end up being too tight or too baggy. It never looks flattering 😢
Victoria Martin (19 days ago)
I would love to see "clothing hacks" on a plus size person. Like those videos turning a guys button up shirt into a dress. Or guys underwear into a tank top
YT Girly (19 days ago)
Why are all of these plus sized women sooo beautiful???
Beatriz Hyuga (22 days ago)
Tess is just super pretty ♥️♥️♥️
Poppy Yates (23 days ago)
I really love the dress 😁
nymphadora hufflepuff (23 days ago)
I saw this a while back, and I got kind of mad at the comments because a lot of them were saying Tess wasn’t healthy, she was obese, etc. I wondered why they all seemed to think that they were qualified doctors😂 Anyway, I saw Tess on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine in a bunch of shops recently. She was a model already at the time of this video, but she’s definitely gained a lot more recognition now. So, to all those people making this comments, there you go.😇
Melissa Jongste (23 days ago)
KRISTIN is really pretty but... I think she lost weight. But she is still pretty and she is just like my friend😂😂😂 but i like weight under the 50... Like korean or japanese models. Thats how i like it but these women are soo prettyyyy😍
Maddie (24 days ago)
The fact that they are all confident enough just to do this entire video is inspiring enough...
zoran popovic (25 days ago)
Nice clip
AG fireworks (25 days ago)
Tess holiday has a pretty face, yes. But she is disgustingly fat. Jeesus
Mat Tucker (25 days ago)
It fits well on Kristen and Sheridan because they’re not that overweight. Sheridan is 5’11 and therefore is generally a taller, bigger, person. Kristin is short and seems to have a belly. That’s not that bad. Tess is morbidly obese and clearly unhealthy and somehow she is a model? Explain to me how this is acceptable over someone like, I dont know, Sheridan or Jasmine advocating for plus size women?
Cecilia Fisher (28 days ago)
Tess is clearly lying about her sizes. She is beautiful but i had lost a loy of weight and there is nooooo way shes usually a 22 and 3x. No way at all. She is beautiful but I wish people who try to convey a confident attitude actually showed it.
Amy No (29 days ago)
Tess a size 22? Please..
Nerd Bird (29 days ago)
Uuuuhhhhh yeah quick question: Why do clothing brands and stores need to accommodate for you making yourself obese?
Drippy Mischa (1 month ago)
1:43 she is so pretty reminds me of Marilyn Monroe🤤💕
Believe in Yourself (1 month ago)
Babydollxx (1 month ago)
I’m sorry but Tess is disgustingly obese, and saying anything other than that isn’t the truth. Funny how she’s a “model” but short women with fantastic bodies can’t be
Violet Sagat (1 month ago)
i really don't understand the comments about tess i am seeing, she could be a size 22 because everybody's body is so different her weight is distributed unevenly throughout her body, tess is really pretty and i don't see why she is getting hate. not everybody is the same size, and people should not be ashamed of their body. people should not change their body or themselves for someone else ,if they are comfortable where they are. please stop the hate on her.
BlowItOutYourCunt (1 month ago)
100 years ago it was common knowledge that if you were going to buy a piece of clothing in a shop that you would have to tailor it to your self! But this knowledge along with the sewing skills have been sorely neglected and thus forgotten. I'm not plus size but petite and finding clothes off the rack that fits just doesn't happen, whip out your sewing machine and learn how to use it ladies! W a sewing machine and a YouTube tutorial you can make it fit fabulous!
Elsie Swart (1 month ago)
Amen!!! Thumbs up from a chunky girl!!!!
chantal edgar-brunjes (1 month ago)
"She is an unhealthy weight" yeah, and thats your problem, why? "If they lost weight they wouldnt have these issues" uhuh, good one, but what to wear till we actually lose the weight huh? I still wanna look good while im trying, thanks for your unwarranted opinion, though. "She is in denial of she thinks she's a 22" no, no she isnt actually. Did you take note of their heights at all? A tall alender 18 can look skinner than a short 18 who looks twice as big, but they still fit the same size clothes. Ya know, just FYI and all. Shout out to my curvy girls who know they are drop dead gorgeous!
I died when Tess said she’s size 22🤣 now u just learned ur a 28 🤣
Marin Himes (1 month ago)
i hate seeing all these comments about how these amazing women need to lose weight. focus on yourself and don’t judge these people. tess is so so pretty and i wish i was half as confident as she is. please stop. it’s so rude
Javi Silva (1 month ago)
This issue about clothing not being made for more plus sized women/men really needs to be fixed. I went to the mall with my best friend and she was upset because nothing fit. This made me so mad that designers only focus on making clothes for skinny people.
Danny Gentry (1 month ago)
1 this isnt fair to designers. These women are shaped oddly
Arek Arkadiusz (1 month ago)
If you struggle to find clothes in your size... change your size? We body shame people, who are too thin, because it's unhealthy, so we are we supposed to be ok, with people, who are too fat? It's also unhealthy.
Miss Fandomless (1 month ago)
The girl with the tats is SO gorgeous! Same with the others, too!!
Kady Dowling Hamilton (1 month ago)
Kristin in gorgeous xx
_just.mad_ (1 month ago)
Lmao I honestly don't understand why they're so mad just go to the store and try stuff on yourself dont buy it online theres an entire clothing line for plus size people tf
Gabriel Reyes (1 month ago)
BEING FAT IS NOT HEALTHY the other girls are fine, they could use a healthier lifestyle but tess..girl it's unhealthy. I'm not trying to be mean but this whole "embrace the fat" Thing is getting out of hand.
The Jurassic Builder (1 month ago)
Are you kidding?
Anna Cain (1 month ago)
and then there's me who's a size xxxxxxxxxxxsmall
Tartsia (1 month ago)
Ok we get it. Tess is obviously unhealthy. But we don’t have to point it out every 5 seconds. Just because her career sends a bad message, doesn’t mean she’s not human. She has feelings and the doctors have probably told her that time and time again. She’s obviously not going to change, so just be kind to her because she has feelings too. She wants to stay that way. It’s her choice and I bet she’s sick of hearing everyone’s opinions on her body, even if they are right.
alexiavader (1 month ago)
I REALLY want Kristen's dress
Ava Ava (1 month ago)
Kristin and Sheridan are fine but Tess is obviously not and don’t go telling us that there at 3x Tess is 3x not them
Lucie_ X3 (1 month ago)
This Model is like soo pretty, cant believe 😱😍❤
Elizabeth Nunez (1 month ago)
Ok wow, all the comments on here. As far as I see it, the only acceptable responses here are some form of “I feel you” (I.e. I relate), “I hear you” (I can’t relate, but I can understand to some degree what your life is like), and “help me understand” (I don’t get it, but I want to understand your reality). Are we really that lacking in empathy?
wuddafxuppp (1 month ago)
I get that it's frustrating bc I've been obese before, however, we need to realize that the human body isn't supposed to get that big; hence why excess weight causes so many health problems. You can't blame clothing brands for not being able to "fit your body perfectly" when your body is so over it's weight limit, the fat can deposit in any way. There's no "typical fat body type" there's only "body types" for normal weights of different builds
Hey here’s a crazy idea if you’re too fat to find clothes in a store maybe put down the fork and spoon and go exercise. And in the ideal world you wouldn’t be that big because you’d understand how unhealthy you are.
Mecanotech (1 month ago)
If you want the fat to be equally distributed... Do sumo TRAINING...
This close (1 month ago)
Sleepy Panda (1 month ago)
Tess looked beautiful in the blush colored dress
lostinthelookingglas (1 month ago)
Tess has such an old hollywood glam look
adoule89 (1 month ago)
ughhh why don't stores carry large sizes in store, drives me insane!
lou bear (1 month ago)
Tess really is so beautiful but she is huge
Meme God (1 month ago)
“Below your foopa” I LOVE THIS GIRL
Rachel Miles (1 month ago)
They so prettyyyyyy
K H (1 month ago)
Fat women should be genocided
pastelpurpledeathbed (1 month ago)
Can't fit into clothes? Lose weight. Not hard.
Kenzie and Maddie (20 days ago)
pastelpurpledeathbed Actually some people find it difficult to lose weight because of some natural born genetics, some people, like Kristen, find it hard to lose weight because of something she was born with, all of her fat gathers around her stomach, and some people just gain weight naturally no matter how little they eat or how much they exercise
Christy T (1 month ago)
They wouldn't have these issues if they lost the weight.
Madelyne (1 month ago)
in what world is Tess plus sized, she is obese which, news flash, isn't healthy
suziscool (1 month ago)
It sucks how big stores have taken plus size clothes out of retail and moved them to shipping only. If I had the $ I'd buy clothes from Target that are "online exclusive" and return it just to have it there for others to try it or buy it!
Tess is so beautiful curvy. I sure wish I had her body.
swifie-emma -13 (1 month ago)
just remember, you cannot fix what you don't acknowledge .
swifie-emma -13 (1 month ago)
1:31 you shouldn't be making excuses for being obese. Its not possible for that kind of fat to be distributed evenly. Society these days thinks its okay to be unhealthy ugh their mind...
swifie-emma -13 (1 month ago)
I get that girls all go up and down in weight, I'm a young girl myself and I learned that pretty fast and our bodies change and are all a little different. But we shouldn't be praising people and making young people who may not know, think that its healthy and okay to look like that. Being unhealthy isn't okay either.
S. Boseman (1 month ago)
Does anyone know where Kristin got the blue dress she was wearing at the beginning of the video?
Sandra Hernandez (1 month ago)
Oh yes! When I was a size 20 it was very hard to find clothes my size. Thank goodness for Lane Bryant. Kind of pricey but I found my size. Now I am wearing a size 14! A big difference in finding better styles and sizes.
undercurrent (1 month ago)
Is it because people store fat differently that its hard to find clothes for obese people?
Fat_as_a_ king (1 month ago)
Nah....they are all too fat.
Bill Cipher (1 month ago)
everyone: why did they buy all the same size for all three girls, theyre different sizes!! 3x is the maximum size.......... thats why they couldnt go bigger for tess.....
There are + sized clothes in stores. I mean idk how it is in America but here in Europe, there are different sizes. L , XL , XXL , XXXL and even XXXXL but those are few because there are not many people that are 300kg
jillian (1 month ago)
I will WATCH KRISTIN IN ANY VIDEO!! just love the sh!t outta her
nigga (1 month ago)
I can wear M, L
Verbs describe us (1 month ago)
just because it fits the measurements doesn t mean they look good on us... good point! valid for any sizes!
Anna (1 month ago)
okay but kristen has lost weight i swear
Jazzy Draws (1 month ago)
Why is there so much hate on Tess? 💔 She is do beautiful
Serena McGarret (1 month ago)
Great video you are all beautiful women
Ava Grace (1 month ago)
omg sheridan looked so nice in the pink dress!
UnicornMangler (1 month ago)
I'm about Tess's size while my mom is around the size of the smaller women shown. We can both wear 3X so it is possible.
Katie Turner (1 month ago)
Tess! Damn that woman is stunning!!! I looove her hair!
Brandie Hicks (1 month ago)
The video is not about whether or not they are fat or obese. This has already been established. It's about plus sized clothing. Plus size clothing encompasses sizes 12 and above. No one asked your opinion on their body or weight. Health is not just about body type/weight. I know plenty of size 8 girls who eat awfully bad but no one questions their "health" because they aren't overweight. The video is about the clothing so focus on that or just go watch another freaking video.
Emma Knox (1 month ago)
I hate skirts so much
pinkpenguin1031 (1 month ago)
Stop putting hate at Tess she is a beautiful young lady if you were her you would know how she feels because MOST of you are FAT shaming and it’s horrible. Put yourself in her shoes.
dolantwinzzz love (1 month ago)
Tess is really big but she looks soooo beautiful and i think that that fat fits her well and that it makes her beautiful other too are cute
Jazzy422 (1 month ago)
Do people understand that being fat distorts your natural/ original shape
Laura Kroon (1 month ago)
I can sew and make my own patterns and since I’m fat myself I know it’s hard to draw them with the ways I’ve been taught! It’s VERY different from ‘normal’ (4-14) sized people. I think that’s because when you’re bigger, the fat will ‘grow’ in different and weird directions. But because it’s there, it still has to fit in the clothes.
c'est moi (1 month ago)
That Tess girl is not plus sized. She is MORBIDLY OBESE. she's HUGE!!!!!!
Luscious Liwe (1 month ago)
I love Tess in the F21 dress
rhywnn (1 month ago)
Look at why we have clothing sizes. Back when they made them, it was generic sizes of uniforms. Anyone that falls out of the generic size struggles. I am small and tall so nothing fits.

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