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Spin Doctors - Spanish Castle Magic

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Stone Free: A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix
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Heki Kahni (2 months ago)
Whoever was playing the solo, they should have let him play it longer.
Heki Kahni (2 months ago)
And he is a child of Hendrix, for sure.
Philip B. (2 months ago)
Anyone knows how to get the album in digital form?
Manolis Skopianos (2 months ago)
kick ass
MG Grant (10 months ago)
When I got this album, I did not expect The Spin Doctors to have the best song.
ploperator (11 months ago)
one of the best versions.
spannamatronic (1 year ago)
This was easily the best cover on the Stone Free album. My Hendrix loving brother played it to me and I was a 13 year old Spin Doctors fan who was converted to Hendrix after this.
r3trobox (1 year ago)
Really really awesome, repeated it 3 times
christschinwon (1 year ago)
I never knew about this. The Spin Doctors were always a bit of an embarrassment because of 2 Princes but this cover redeams them beyond any doubt!
FlumpsyBumps (1 year ago)
I taped off the radio years ago but only managed to catch it part way through because I had to find a tape worth taping over first, sorry Frank Sinatra. It was worth it though.
Aitor Tilla (2 years ago)
Great album. Priceless.
mrbrockpeters (2 years ago)
This the only other Spin Doctor song that I know (and yes I know it's a Hendrix cover). Gotta say it's pretty fucking good. Has a hard rock flair.
Nicco Mirtilo (2 years ago)
Yeahhh 1000%
sharktroubles (3 years ago)
Spin Doctors are severely underappreciated.
Heki Kahni (2 months ago)
+Philip B. Without an Acoustic Audience?
Philip B. (3 years ago)
+sharktroubles Spin Doctors are a great funky band. Great songs without an acoustic audience i think.
gareth aston (3 years ago)
Well this is just Awesome. Enough said
M L (3 years ago)
kick ss vs
gerthie (3 years ago)
jimi would love it
david Schmid (3 years ago)
Great covers off this song!
Mid Brain (4 years ago)
fucking awesome!!!!
rex racer (5 years ago)
Eric Schenkman absolutely kicks ass on this song ,the tone is SO friggin cool !!! The Buddy Guy track is amazing as well..
Lincoln Adams (5 years ago)
One of the best cuts on the disk!! I too wore out the cassette during my first year of college!
mrbrockpeters (6 years ago)
I loved this cover !!!
Catlicker101 (6 years ago)
Thank you! =^.^=
Doobie Groover (6 years ago)
fucking awesome!!!
Aaron Fenn (6 years ago)
naw i love this singer. his inflectoin is so unique it is almost mesmerizing to listen to him. personaly he is one of my fav vocalists .

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