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Secret of the Incas - 1954 (Full Movie)

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Secret of the Incas - Synopsis - An Incan legend states that the Inca Empire was destroyed by the gods when a gold and jeweled starburst was stolen from the Temple of the Sun centuries ago, and that the ancient civilization will be reborn once the treasure is returned. Harry Steele (Charlton Heston), an adventurer, is seeking the artifact, as is his nemesis Edward 'Ed' Morgan (Thomas Mitchell), along with Elena Antonescu (Nicole Maurey), an Iron Curtain refugee.
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-Gemberkoekje- (3 days ago)
Slow pacing sometimes and there are a lot of places where a cut to a new camera shot would have been appropriate.
-Gemberkoekje- (3 days ago)
Lol, that guys called Pachacuteq lol, like as in Pachacuteq Inka Yupanqui, the first Sapa Inca XD
nunya beeswax (4 days ago)
I love Charlton Heston movies. Great actor! Thanks for sharing.
Snickersbite (4 days ago)
that fun. Heston was a great ....I love the line ''' do you know of this place ?'' Oh yes senor , '' have you ever been there ?'' No never been , I nearly fell off the couch
Maska Jinzo (8 days ago)
Charlie said boro. I think its buro. Damn that was cringe
Andrew David Boyle (10 days ago)
1:13:20 - 1:15:30 OMG!!
Phil Veburst (10 days ago)
well does not this movie suck my dick and my balls? b's and g's..... this sucks...….. :(
Lady had looks and could whale those pipes...
Daniel Stump (10 days ago)
Like him or hate him, you can't deny that in the prime of life Charlton Heston was a model of manhood.
Jack Booted Hug (2 days ago)
Ghey but true..
altamiradorable (10 days ago)
Indiana Jones before the letter !!
speedsac (13 days ago)
Given the time period made a most fun film. Really strikes a home run for MGTOW, women haters unite! Yet a happy ending.
Victoria (13 days ago)
Wow, what a treat! I had no idea Charlton Heston was in such a film. Reminds me so much of the Indiana Jones films!
tiger7199 (14 days ago)
You can definitely see the influence this movie had on "Raiders Of The Lost Ark". Especially the light beam scene at 1:27 min. that leads him to find the Rosetta. It's very similar to the scene in Raiders in the map room where he uses the light beam to locate the ark. Wow that lady from the tribe can really sing too. Good movie overall.
July 24 Pictures (15 days ago)
A great classic movie, but Raiders of the Lost Ark is a better movie
Wonderful MICHAEL PATE, an Australian actor who could (and Did) play just about every conceivable character part in Hollywood!
Old Seer (21 days ago)
One of the single poorest excuses for a movie ever made.
Frank Sullivan (23 days ago)
Yeah, right... A polished babe like her only has $50!!!
Lottie Ephendah (24 days ago)
Just about an hour into the movie the old lady takes the food offering out to her idol. Then she starts to smile like she took a shot of marijuana (where that possible.) That's where the movie Lost me. Cuz it sounds to me like while this woman is singing she becomes possessed by a dolphin... A dolphin with a six octave range trained in Opera. But still all quite innocuous since Aztecs Mayans and Incas ritualistically sacrifice their children to there Stone gods. (Actually to Baal) The real truth of what went on thousands of years ago in these countries would make a way better movie. like they say truth is stranger than fiction. So while I go back and watch the rest of the movie you should go on YouTube and search: LA Marzulli, Peru, nephilim architecture. The Aztecs did not invent the vacation... They were probably eaten. No kidding check out L A Marzulli. I think you will enjoy having your mind blown.
Tony Vincent (25 days ago)
Yma Sumac .... Stunning voice
Erick Cuelo Fasanando (25 days ago)
1:00:20 AMAZING!!!
Sam Spade (25 days ago)
The opening soundtrack is in the Big Lebowski.
janX9 (26 days ago)
AVGN brough me here.
Mark Miller (26 days ago)
That woman’s voice is incredible
Dolorin (27 days ago)
24:55 "I've seen so many women cry it doesn't impress me anymore" LOL
Katrina McIntyre (1 month ago)
February 23, 2019: These Indians 'frightened' me, but a new culture must be understood and accepted for its unique contributions to society. (Perhaps it was the pagan religious ceremony and the songs....yikes.) My dad's youngest brother Paul molested me as a child, and apparently had some ties to the people of Peru. Incest and rape are common on his side of the family, which consists mostly of Spanish, Mexican and Indian roots. Paul spent many years traveling back and forth between Peru and the States, due to the money my grandfather left him after making his fortune in Mora, New Mexico. (The Sun God has been worshiped there for a century.) Creepy Dad raped my European mother on their 'first' date, but his own mother worshiped the Mexican god Quetzalcoatl. I'm convinced that the ancient pagan practices produced psychopaths and sociopaths! SCARY. Bottom line: I'm glad none of you have had to deal with the crazy relatives who look like these Incas! *Commit your actions to the LORD, and your plans will succeed. Proverbs 16:3
Massimo Squecco (1 month ago)
This film is wonderful and so wrong for contemporary moral, cultural, political, archaeological standards. Better now, much better but we cannot produce such fantasies anymore. A small pity! I tell you once again: better now even if we live in dire straits on many- many levels...
Patrick Leahey (1 month ago)
I have loved Yma since I heard her record of music of the ecuadorian Jivaro head hunters. I was maybe 5. It was 1956. I just found this movie. Good movie but I came for the singing. What singer! Four to 6 octave range. Beautiful strong face, a bit like Anjelica Huston.
Herbert Bielefelder (1 month ago)
Great movie !
Susanna Saffold (1 month ago)
Very good movie.
D. D.D. (1 month ago)
Nicole Maury was SO hot in this movie. Those gorgeous dark brown eyes.......super sultry and super sweet at the same time. Forget the gold.....she's priceless.
smitajky (1 month ago)
Given his support for the NRA I can no longer watch a film with Charlton Heston without cringing under the hypocrisy.
Jack Booted Hug (17 days ago)
Moronic post
A Plicqu (24 days ago)
+Ernesto Ciccarelli If you're calling ME a revolutionary, I proudly carry that banner. I'm gonna accentuate Heston's positives. I decry his ultra right stances on anything. But, he was generally a humanist. ANd ultra left is no better. So moderation. That's truly revolutionary.
Ernesto Ciccarelli (26 days ago)
A Plicqu (27 days ago)
I know you're bummed about his NRA crap. But acknowledge that people are complicated. Heston, a dogged conservative, marched on Washington with King and championed causes that helped minorities. He grew up hunting and fishing and found a paid niche with the gun group. He was liberal about minority equality, rigid about gun ownership and the fact that this country's gun violence was out of control. People can see the big picture about some issues, not others. His roles in a few films are pretty great. He's no Olivier, but those films are still wonderful, despite his politics. His work rises above his personal choices.
Greg Nixon (1 month ago)
"Not many people go to Machu Piccu." Times have certainly changed!
Corvus Crow (1 month ago)
This movie had me in the first 5 MINUTES. GREAT FILM. :>) (but the musical parts are like nails on a chalkboard ...)
Corvus Crow (1 month ago)
This movie was one of the inspirations for "Raiders of the Lost Ark". ;>)
Linda Rocco (1 month ago)
WOW, What a voice Yma Sumac had. Just wonderful. I had never heard of her before. So happy that most of this film was shot on location in Peru. Very beautiful scenery. It honors Peru, it's people and culture. Now Indiana Jones' costume and character definitely come from Charleston Heston. Nicole Maurey was a real knockout too. Thank you Nexus Verbal for posting this wonderful film for the world to enjoy.
Zdzislaw Stefanowski (1 month ago)
Many national treasure was stolen from all countries. Just go visit museums .
Jack Booted Hug (1 month ago)
* spoiler alert * the pagan god wins
trumpsahead (1 month ago)
Raiders of the Lost Ark had more humor. Charlton Heston played it more manly and straight -- those were the times. By the time "Raiders" came around everything was imitation, tongue in cheek, even our effin government is an imitation of what is a real government; ours in name only but a corrupt and controlling whore pimped by tptb with promise of power. Oops, I'm rambling. Charlton Heston was great in this, and I recall it when it first came out. RIP 2nd Amendment lovin' Charlton Heston, "From my cold dead hands".
RalphQ Sjostrom (1 month ago)
No i now what Indiana jones idea came from..
Tibor Mészáros (1 month ago)
A film legnagyobb „érdeme”, hogy itt láthatjuk és hallhatjuk a maga idejében világszenzációnak számító Yma Sumac énekét.
lynda renaud (1 month ago)
@4:19........I can't believe that she actually believed that she would not have to pay for the tour because she was a woman! Take money from a woman!? What gall! She gives a bad name to women by her actions and words.
mirrormundo (1 month ago)
Yma Sumac - Taita Inty: https://youtu.be/20TAGRElvfE?t=3472
mirrormundo (1 month ago)
Yma Sumac - Ataypura: https://youtu.be/20TAGRElvfE?t=5721
mirrormundo (1 month ago)
Yma Sumac - Tumpa (earthquake): https://youtu.be/20TAGRElvfE?t=4396
mirrormundo (1 month ago)
Yma Sumac - Taita Inty: https://youtu.be/20TAGRElvfE?t=3472
Robb K (1 month ago)
Great movie...i dont like the scetching/singing parts tho.
Leonard Sanders (1 month ago)
Its and era thing...how they did big movies back then. Totally a precursor to Indiana Jones for
Jack Booted Hug (1 month ago)
inca screeching rules dude
Robb K (1 month ago)
+Guldar Heel Not at all. 😂
Guldar Heel (1 month ago)
What? You don't like that traditional Inca song? LOL
Arthur Trauer (1 month ago)
This is fantastic. Wow, being in Peru in 1954, living off your whits, the language and a deep knowledge of the culture. I’m so jealous. What a great adventure. Charleston Heston was great as hairy steel, I mean Harry Steele and Nicole Maurey is as beautiful as a human being can be. It’s a fairly short movie at 1:37, but very well done. Enjoy.
david broussard (1 month ago)
these old movies are fun. there is a certain innocence about them. I could have done without all the singing though
frank brennan (1 month ago)
That was great movie, and I never even heard of it. That guy playing Murcu is Leon Askin who played General Burkhalter on Hogen's Heroes
Robert Jackson (1 month ago)
Richard Scanlan (1 month ago)
at 4.45,that's a young Marion Ross aka Miss Cunningham out of "Happy Days".
Marshalsify (1 month ago)
Still better than Raiders and the Last Crusade.
Terrence Peter Ritchie (1 month ago)
Scenic. Spectacular vistas - and voice. Doesn't disappoint. Precursor to "Raiders".
John W 1711 Stock (1 month ago)
He stole (Leon Askin) General Burkhalter's plane! How will he get to Stalag 13?
John W 1711 Stock (1 month ago)
Mr. Kimball from Green Acres! LOL!!!
John W 1711 Stock (1 month ago)
Jeez Spielberg! Why didn't you just remake this movie, and put your name on it? Marion Ross is in this, so he stole her first name for the female character in Raiders of the Lost Ark! LOL!!
Rod 1984 (1 month ago)
Awwww the poor Inca just want to sacrifice children again...
Phil Boardman (1 month ago)
Excellent film, great actors who don’t need cgi to woo and are all of the public watching it. Charlton Heston was one of the greatest actors that spanned over his lifetime. A great guy....
J A (1 month ago)
Vw hoodcap :-)
Susan May Gudge (1 month ago)
weird hats lol
فتحي رمان (1 month ago)
بعد عمــــين بدأت أحس بضعف في الإنتصاب و قلة في شــهوة و جربت أكثر من وصفة تخليطية حتى وجدت طبيب الملكي المصطفى الوصفة تساعد دم في الوصول إلى الأنسجة ٍ دمــــوية و الان حمدالله أحس بقضيبي يتنفخ في كل يوم تواصل معاه عبر الوتساب *00212621577701*
mxylpx (2 months ago)
Alot of talk and no action...whattabore!
Gerry (2 months ago)
1:26:12 Nobody guarding the tomb?
chris malcomson (2 months ago)
No one seems overly impressed with that extraordinary singer.. Common as much down there in Incaland I guess?
Lynn Whitney (2 months ago)
Well paced action adventure. Who knew Charlton Heston could be such a louse?
MuseDuCafe (2 months ago)
The U.S. Hollywood version of exotic 'Inca' music is crazy absurd corn musical trash, but a fun laugh riot. Ha! Yma Sumac 'exotic Peruvian singer' = Amy Camus, a nice Jewish girl from Brooklyn.
Donald Grant (2 months ago)
Well I know where Indiana Jones got his out fit for "Raiders."
lynn bond (2 months ago)
These older movies show how the older mature man wants a Young thang..🤔
old fan (2 months ago)
Somebody's Lying on Rotten Tomatoes"Charlton Heston is a Yankee adventurer overseas (down Peru way) strictly to make his fortune, looking for lost Inca gold, romancing lonely tourist wives and only a little above all around asshole until he meet Nicole Maurey." Or was it "Harry Steele an idealistic archaeologist determined to return an ancient Incan mask to the society from which it came. A greedy con-artist (Robert Young) has other ideas, though, and the two men race to fund an expedition to find the treasure, which has reportedly been buried by Spanish conquistadores somewhere in Machu Picchu. The con-artist (Young) seduces a beautiful tourist in order to reach his goal, leaving Steele (Heston) to locate the site..." https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/secret_of_the_incas
old fan (2 months ago)
59:01 - That is not a voice. THAT'S a theramin!
old fan (2 months ago)
53:22 - What is this? "Forbidden Planet?"
old fan (2 months ago)
31:32 - It's General Burkhalter!
old fan (2 months ago)
Harry Steele!?! Why not just "Steely Dan?"
old fan (2 months ago)
28:48 - "Take your filthy  hands off her, you dirty stinking ape!"
jeffwads (2 months ago)
7:00. How this got by the censors is beyond me. Haha.
Robert Jackson (1 month ago)
people were aware of sex prior to the release of this film
The Joker (2 months ago)
For all of you who say Spielberg stole his idea for Raiders from this film well he did use some elements from it as well as from other films such as the cliff hanger serials of the 1940s. The Fedora, leather jacket look of Indy was also worn my Ronald Reagan and Alan Ladd before this film so did Secret of the Incas steal from them? George Lucas used several films that influenced Star Wars such as the Trench scene from 633 Squadron. So you people need to get a life and just enjoy the films for what they are. Next you all will be bitching Cecil B. DeMille stole his idea for the Ten Commandments from the Bible.
Al Swann (2 months ago)
General Burkhalter!!
Alan Noorkoiv (2 months ago)
Ah!!... the original Indiana Jones!/
Don Rajah (2 months ago)
Nicole Maurey was a fine piece of ass
joe v (2 months ago)
The world sure is lucky. After that stink-bomb I'm surprised they let him have "Planet of the Apes"! Man that sucked!
adam diamond (2 months ago)
1.00 onwards - nice look at Machu Picchu
channelsiskart (2 months ago)
Does anyone else get a "LUKE and LEIA THEME" vibe from the main title music?????????????
Sharon TOUSSAINT (3 months ago)
Charlton Heston so handsome
Toosiya Brandt (3 months ago)
HI Ben Hur when he was indiana Jones! LOL.
Anthony Fox (3 months ago)
Charlton Heston is one of my favorite people of all time!
NAGPUR FIGHT CLUB (3 months ago)
Indiana jones was inspired harry steele's character
Stefania Giustini (3 months ago)
Mi spiace ma non è in italiano.
Alain Archambault (3 months ago)
Mighty strong woman to be walking on uneven pavement in heels, carrying large luggage and a coat all day.
Zamri Bin sattah (4 months ago)
Please upload "the ten commandment 1956"
bill hester (4 months ago)
Atrocious choreography...embarrassing to watch.
tim tuautu (4 months ago)
the music pieces in this film is to die for Yma Sumac has the voice of an angle they just dont make movies like these anymore beautiful sound track
Tim McGee (4 months ago)
So THIS is when Charlton Heston began overacting...
GummedUpTheWorks (4 months ago)
He began overacting when the doctor first smacked him on the bum.
Dennis Mckown (4 months ago)
even though, by todays standards, the Inca Empire was cruel in some respects, destroying a nation out of greed and ignorance, was in my opinion, the act of Barbarism. What the Spanish accused the Inca's of.
Dennis Mckown (4 months ago)
love this movie, and also the songs, even though i can't understand the words.
Andreas Mannal (5 months ago)
Great movie, except for this horrendously embarrassing 'native' singing scene! Hollywood at its VERY worst. And they were so proud of it, they kept intercutting the plotline with this disastrous representation of a native ritual. I wanted to laugh at the unwanted comedy of her singing her heart out in operatic style, but I could not. This is a very sad memento of 'creative licence' -absolutely tasteless and tactless. It destroys the whole idea and reality of shooting the movie on location in Cusco, and throws one back into the bubble gum culture of Hollywood. In fact, I would just cut this whole scene from the movie, because it is so absolutely inauthentic...
LANCELOT (5 months ago)
Ya sabemos donde se inspiró Indiana Jones. Nada nuevo bajo el sol...jajaja
B Brunson (5 months ago)
The US should do everything it can to preserve our movie heritage. Thanks for this channels efforts, it’s very hard to find these gems. Thanks again.
Fayze Mourie (5 months ago)
B. B. (5 months ago)
I can't get enough of these movies. Great entertainment!
Roger Borroel (5 months ago)
Yep, this is where Lucas & Speilberg got the ideal for Indiana Jones, no doubt about it! Even to the line, "Trust me'! It's sad that Heston turned out to be a crazy ole GOPer at the end of his life, and gun nut! BUT, when he did this film, he was a good Democrat; the poor fool, if alive today, he probably would have voted for trump!!!!! UGH!

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