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Text Comments (483)
4LADYSWEET (2 years ago)
Ashley you spoke from my own heart. I left a job after 3 years that I thought was my dream position. I had the pay I wanted and the job requirements were great. But like you stated, if direction and purpose are NOT clear, an easy job can become difficult due to poor management. THAT IS EXACTLY WHY I QUIT .. POOR LEADERSHIP AND UNNECESSARY DECISIONS MADE BY MY BOSS.. OR THE MANY DIFFERENT BOSSES THAT I HAD ..I'm currrently in the process of starting my own business but it is much more less stressful and more rewarding knowing that I'm following MY dreams with purpose and vision. Ashley YOU are a BOSS you DO NOT need a position at a corporation to validate you. If your powerpoint presentation allowed God to open up a MANAGEMENT position your 1st week out of college he is certainly showing you have the drive to build your own business. Just imagine with your passion the doors and opportunites you can open not only yourself but for others as well. Keep believing in yourself and your dreams and GOD will take you as far as your faith will allow. ** SIDE NOTE** To any body who is reading this..follow YOUR dreams and your passion and your drive to succeed will open up so many opportunities!! 💕
Promise Smithee (1 year ago)
Same reason I quit today!
Tyesha Hall (2 years ago)
4LADYSWEET Very well stated ♥️
Viv - (3 months ago)
Thank you for sharing.
Jimniece Lyons (8 months ago)
I could relate completely to this video . Had to recently leave a job because of similar issues.
Ambria Paul (11 months ago)
I’ve been working at my corporate job for almost 3 years now and I am feeling exactly like this right now smh.
Promise Smithee (1 year ago)
had the exact same experience. 5 bosses. all ready to pounce on u. i quit today.
Samara Duncan (1 year ago)
What you're describing is bureaucracy in the workplace. Been there #frustrating
Helen Enang (1 year ago)
You should start your own business. You have it all together. You have that young CEO look. You are classy.
wen blue (1 year ago)
I've had the opportunity to work for 4 people as well - never had the luxury (if I may call that) of all 4 agreeing. Figuratively speaking, in that car I had turn left, another stay, another turn right, another go straight - many occasions where I had to email all 4, outline what each wants and which direction I need to take. When two of them had conflicting instead, then I was the go between middle person passing on messages. Stayed for 2 years and left to a new role - now working for one person. Thank God!
Tuesday April (1 year ago)
That sounds like every job.
Jeneé Murphy (1 year ago)
Amen!! Money isn’t everything. I’m transitioning now for that same reason
Sippin Wid Sharlele (1 year ago)
Omg.that " no amount of money should make you stay " that part yes! I just honestly want to quit my jobs so badly and do youtube full time I can't do it anymore
Fat Ray (1 year ago)
I'd love to see you make a video on topics about what attracts a woman to man, black Republicans, gambling addiction, the law of attracting anything you want, interracial dating, nice guy=ugly or bad boys=handsome, saving money/reducing debt, improving credit score, or even street harassment.
Kiara Brown (1 year ago)
😔 sounds like my job😕
Leanne Ncube (1 year ago)
Yes girl we get it you are using a metaphor 😂
Kortnie Smith (1 year ago)
I've had a job JUST, I mean exactly like this! I had great pay, but wasn't respected at all.
Asya Galinsky (1 year ago)
I would love to hear your interview story time! I also did business & marketing and had the same issues like you for a year working there, until few days ago I decided to quit! I couldn't even wait until I find a new job because it was really difficult! I better work in a random job while I look for a place that values me as a person and a professional!
I quit my 80k government job, last week. I feel free and on the grind! Great video!
Itzel Rodriguez (1 year ago)
i just quit my job yesterday... i was bullied and there was too much drama and no one was professional.. . i am scared but i feel so free... i got paid really well for the now 21 year old i am.. i pray that i made the right choice and find something since the clock is ticking. thank you for this video.
Claes Lundin (1 year ago)
You live in Texas but you do not have an accent! WTF!? Are you not supposed to have an accent when you live in Texas? Where are you cowboy/cowgirl hat??? I would like to see your job interviews/jobhunt. What company would be your top five list? How old are you 19? I would like to see you go on 5 dates and give us grades, does and dont´s when dating you. I want to see you ride and do some shooting, Miss texas.
HotSundaytv (1 year ago)
I'm so glad I watched this vid Ashley! I'm currently at a job that isn't fulfilling/isn't what I expected it would be once I started after graduation and I feel like I need to explore other careeer paths right now but I have no clue how to begin. How would you recommend cutting ties with a company amicably so that it might be possible to work with them in the future? How would that conversation even start??
Domonique Clinton (1 year ago)
Jiara Love (1 year ago)
Why did you say stay away from marketing firms?
Adaisha Adaisha (1 year ago)
Hey, I'm a sophomore in college right now, and I was wondering if you could talk about how it was to be a black woman in the business world. I just changed my major to business, and my mom is really concerned about if I could even be successful in this field.
SHELA Forever (1 year ago)
Hey Ashley I would say to use your time wisely. If you Feel that You should be writing a book or be starting your own business then you should. Why? Because it is vital to listen to your inner voice that's what makes you unique but not just unique but You. You need a mentor to bring out or awake the giant within you. You are more then what you think Ashley. YouTube and work can make you a living which is great. But once you awaken that giant from within it will make you a fortune. Yes your young, But, don't make that an excuse from being phenomenal. Go to Eric Thomas website for assistance, listen to his videos. And invest in YOURSELF. Take the time to go to his seminars or just go to one where you see him personally to help when your feeling like you are worth more then whats around. I believe that your life will never be the same. I hope to see more of your greatness. and I know you will if you only invest in YOURrself. -Shela
SHELA Forever (1 year ago)
why do you say ? I want to know
Manifesting Moni (1 year ago)
you're so articulate. I wish that I had the ability to express how I feel and what I think so fluidly on the spot like you. I'm good at writing it out but having the words come to me so fluidly is so hard for me. It's like my brain freezes and lots of ummm's and uhhhh's come out. I could hear you talk all day! Good luck with your job hunt. I'm on the same journey and I know exactly what you're talking about.
Dionne Foster (1 year ago)
Yes more story times please!
onbeingtshego (1 year ago)
Lol are we the same person? I'm also a recent Business Management graduate but my career focus is on marketing and communications. I quit my job in December in the middle of a project (which I 100% attribute to my boss - she was heavily pregnant, engaged in so many other activities like sitting on boards and chairing associations, and highly autocratic and when you mix all those with her being self-employed and choosing your own hours very little work can be done). There were so many things I saw that were wrong for myself and kind of person I am in that organisation that I finally had to cut my ties - there was very little room for career progression (she's a consultant and I was her assistant and I think that's all it ever would've been), my eagerness to learn and drive could never be nurtured and developed there because of how autocratic the environment was (I don't blame her though, it's a very lone wolf occupation to have so accommodating for others may be difficult but nonetheless I felt like a machine waiting for a command) and there was very little progress on the client work. I had briefly interned there before but I don't think it gave me a full glimpse of an organisation on top of the fact that I was still learning how to navigate the workplace. That was honestly my dream job on paper but in reality it wasn't for me and with the unemployment rate here I always feel judged explaining that to people but when you know your worth you can't ignore it. I've been looking to straight up apply to marketing consulting firms but your warning has me weary now, I'd really like to know now.
onbeingtshego (1 year ago)
Are we still going to get the video ideas you mentioned in this video? I'm actually in the process of applying to a consulting firm's marketing internship programme right and I feel it would be a great fit in my career but I'd like to know why you advise otherwise. Also the makeup and outfit ideas would be appreciated! Thank you for speaking up on this!
Beverly J (1 year ago)
A lot of These companies will set You up to fail if they really don't want you there.
Shakira Wharton (1 year ago)
how long did you have to stay in school to get your degree? Just asking because that is the career path I want to follow.
Bri Bolden (1 year ago)
Yesssss - definitely interested in your Business GRWM/Interview Looks. I'm aiming to start interviewing for career opportunities in the near future and am a bit stuck on what to wear - I've only really interviewed for retail jobs where a pair of nice pants and a cute blouse was enough. Thank you in advance! Wishing you the best on your post-grad journey!
Delon Turner Jr. (1 year ago)
proud of you sweetie and everything your doing keep it up
Synn Stylist (1 year ago)
Smart girl. Use the platform but be wise about it.
Expat Lifestyle (1 year ago)
I appreciate this video so much. Can you make a video about your transition from high school to university?
SolelyVanessa (1 year ago)
This is unfortunate but I'm glad you're in a position where you're able to quit your job and not hold on. So many people don't have that option and it's so sad.
PJ H (1 year ago)
Bravo!!! You are still young enough to find the perfect position if you choose or start your own company ...the possibilities are endless explore all of them until you find something that brings you fulfillment and purpose.
Chocolate Divine (1 year ago)
you gave them free consulting lol
MSladeezoe (1 year ago)
Seems like a lot of people are feeling the same way. Thanks for sharing. Please give job interview tips.
MsMusicLurrver (1 year ago)
Ashley ❤️ Like so many others are saying in the comments - I felt this in my soul too. You are so strong and so wise, thank you for sharing your words and experiences with us. I truly wish you the best in all your endeavours, thank you x
LexGetsFit (1 year ago)
I love being a millenial! 👏👏👏
LexGetsFit (1 year ago)
I love being a millenial! 👏👏👏
Daph Tv (1 year ago)
if she needed the job she wouldn't have left ijs. many people are in jobs they hate..esp if its good money.
Life With Alexander (1 year ago)
While watching this I'm currently at work ... ready to type up my two week notice .
Lena James (1 year ago)
Tristan and Mandy 😂😂😂😂
itsCJolie (1 year ago)
I've been in a similar situation and also a marketing grad, that was my lesson on not accepting a job within a day of interviewing without weighing out my options.
Candice Jackson (1 year ago)
And yes we would LOVE to see more of @ashleydbeauty . You deserve to take this time for yourself and meditate room listen to whatever calling you feel.
Candice Jackson (1 year ago)
Yes please make a interview GRWM!
mpenny226 (1 year ago)
Well done Ashley! I commend you for being smart enough to know that you CAN go somewhere else.
Elease Williams (1 year ago)
Yes Ashley! I'm a senior at The University of Mississippi majoring in Business Administration as well and I would love see more videos focusing on the business professional side. You portray a great deal of class and professionalism and who would be better to make a video on such. I am currently going through the exact same situation where I have been there for 2 yrs while in school but the experience was awesome but it is definitely time for me to move forward. I am so happy for you and thanks for the encouragement 😘
Gemma Belle (1 year ago)
I see you as an entrepreneur. Follow your own dreams and goals. You will never feel completely satisfied working for someone else. I recommend that if you choose to work for a company, use that experience and income to build your own empire. Best of luck in everything you do beautiful!
Destaney Imari (1 year ago)
Start the business!
QueenAfro (1 year ago)
yes do the video. i graduated in Communications, last december
Melanie Edwardscarter (1 year ago)
Ashley you did the right thing.... Im praying that you get another job soon and its a job where your greatly appreciated. So sorry you dealt with some ignorant ppl. Stay positive and the right people will find you. Im so glad you had the courage to walk away. please do the job make up and clothing to help other ladies. Thanks for sharing with us your private and personal business.
epiphanyloa (1 year ago)
I've been out of the job market/hunt for three years. I am ready to get back to work so I would like to know your interview experience. What are some of the questions they are asking these days and how did you respond? I feel like I am out of the loop so I would appreciate hearing what you are getting.
Rachel Lewis (1 year ago)
Business/professional oriented GRWMs, job hunt and interview tips and tricks (where do you look for jobs, what sites, LinkedIn, Indeed, etc., what questions to ask, when to discuss pay and hours)
Kisha Renee' (1 year ago)
This is where a lot of companies will mess up w\ millennials. Had this same issue with the company I was working for; it was aggravating. Like you invested in yourself and gained an expertise of a subject and then someone tells you, you basically don't know how to make professional business decisions. I commend you for standing ground Ashley! Best of luck with your job search beautiful!!
Melissa L (1 year ago)
michelle jenkins (1 year ago)
yesssss STAY AWAY FROM MARKETING FIRMS , they are like moths to a flame, and insurance company's stay away from them too.
MRSQTBROWN (1 year ago)
I would like to see more get ready with me/ look books and hear about your boyfriend. 😊😉I love watching a well spoken, educated, beautiful black woman speak. Best wishes on whatever you decide to do!
Adanma Nwachukwu (1 year ago)
Finally subscribed to you! This video resonates.. good luck on all your future endeavors ❤️❤️
Aaliyah Thompson (1 year ago)
I would like to hear your story pertaining to interviews with marketing firms ! I am a business marketing major as well
Essence Iman (1 year ago)
Do the marketing firm story ! Im interested
SuperFoxylady23 (1 year ago)
Yay for you Ashley! I would much rather see you happy and fulfilled than miserable and regretful! Happy for you! I will be praying for your success!
Krystal Miller (1 year ago)
It's good that you want to start a business! Do you have any idea of what type of business you want to start?
AllThingsPey (1 year ago)
New Subbie 💕 Ashley , I'm a college student majoring in Marketing with a minor in communications so a business series would be amazing and so helpful to someone like me who hasn't learned much about those thing .
UNRULY MARSHA (2 years ago)
I remembered when you told us that you got that job ,I said to myself that it wouldn't last. I don't know what it was. I see you having your own company maybe hair and makeup . Everything happens for a reason god has other plans for you.
The McConners (2 years ago)
So encouraging, I needed to hear this! Thank you!
gaptoofgawdess (2 years ago)
U got some pretty brown eyes <3
ImOphelia (2 years ago)
They say when you have a feeling about something and you can't get rid of the feeling/thought then it's meant to be, you just have to go for it! I'm currently trying to do the same, good luck girl! You're smart and ambitious so I'm sure everything will work out
myblacqisbeauty (2 years ago)
Yes, I would love a interview/job look book.
Joscelynn Pantoja (2 years ago)
God bless you hunny ❤️
rasheba (2 years ago)
I wish you the best of luck on your job hunt. I can almost relate being a soon to be grad, you will find it just be still and pray.
Rahkayla Thomas (2 years ago)
I want the story time 🙏🏾
Dorian Johnson (2 years ago)
Yesssss to the storytime!!
TheMusicalFeeling (2 years ago)
Can we bring back As told by ashley? or something like it?
Ashley Devonna (1 year ago)
TheMusicalFeeling I brought it back and the response was lackluster so I don't think that's what the majority of viewers want from me
Ayam Empress (2 years ago)
yes to interview storytime. very yes to start your own "thing". you would be wasted working for someone else when you could be the opportunity for more brilliant ones coming through offering your own internships that lead to jobs. by all means get a job for now if it comes back to that, but ultimately, start your business. we need a better callibre of ceo's coming through for so many reasons
IF (2 years ago)
girl i hate apple maps!!!
whynot2662 (2 years ago)
I have a scary interview tomorrow 😩 I wish those vids were up!
Janisha Travels (2 years ago)
I would love to hear why you say to stay away from marketing firms. I went on an interview with one recently and would to compare lolol. So yes please for the job interview video! :)
Majea Fong (2 years ago)
Love that you're so well spoken it doesn't make it difficult to comprehend what you're discussing and you have a good head on your shoulders so whether or not you're looking for a job, things happen for a reason and when a door closes, another one opens! Bless xoxo
Majea Fong (2 years ago)
Also think you should record and resume tips, how to introduce yourself to companies and internships for people in the business, marketing, and communications (me major) industry
MrsMr . MPERFECT (2 years ago)
Invest in yourself! You can do it!!!! ✊🏾❤️
Da Life of Kei (2 years ago)
Start your own marketing management firm. I would hire you.
Da Life of Kei (1 year ago)
Esther I want her to start her own marketing business so I can hire her to market me.
Straight Up (1 year ago)
Esther stop being a troll
Esther (1 year ago)
Keitha223 did you start or you want her to start?
Alondra Land (2 years ago)
I think I'm the only one who LOVES apple maps lol
Mariah K. Moon (2 years ago)
So proud to see the woman you are becoming I'm proud of you and its a blessing for you to be able to have TIME to find out and do what you want to do in life!!!!
Kristal Jones (2 years ago)
Tomorrow I'm starting a job in my career field and my major in school, a vlog on business attire would be great. I believe I have a general ideal on my clothing but I'm not huge on makeup but would like to start wearing it more because I will be in a professional setting! Thanks Best of wishes on your search ❤️
TheLoveleemee (2 years ago)
Omg I thought I was the ONLY one who did not trust iPhone gps 😩 I use google maps too !
Stephanie Sherell (2 years ago)
So happy for you and so proud of you. Corporate America can be brutal and crazy! I can not wait til I can leave it forever. I know God has so much in store for me and that I will be my own BOSS!
Truely DeVine (2 years ago)
CrystaJLove (2 years ago)
Your In Texas!! We Should Totally Link Up!!!
Sydnee Love (2 years ago)
If you're not happy at a place whether it be work or school it is always good to take a stand a leave. I can relate I have been feeling the same way about school so I'm transferring next semester and I honestly feel my horizons will broaden even more! Good luck on your future endeavors girl!
CandiceForeverEver (2 years ago)
Yes Ashley, please do more videos about business related stuff. Thanks. I love your channel!
Booking Jourdan (2 years ago)
Yes for story time on interviews
Whitney Adams (2 years ago)
I want to hear your story time
Queen Christabell (2 years ago)
yassss sis! I'm looking forward to seeing the business get ready with me and the story time
Shanna's Journey (2 years ago)
love your make up, your should a well spoken lady!!
Nay Kazoo (2 years ago)
I'm trying to quit too but job searching is tougher 😩
Justin White (2 years ago)
Story Time!!!
I Am Chaadae (2 years ago)
Ashley! Your words are ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS, right on time! At the end of the day, you have to do what is best for you. I strongly believe you were meant to be an entrepreneur.
THE DENDY FAMILY (2 years ago)
God works in mysterious ways! I feel everything happens for a reason & it might be a sign. I feel that you can expand your own brand now until you can find your next move. I enjoyed this makeup tutorial.
cozi2020 (2 years ago)
Hi Ashley yes create the professional grwm video

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