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SQL Linked Server Tutorial - Access one sql server to other sql server

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SQL Linked Server Tutorial Complete step by step with result And how to access Table and Tables Data.... If you have any Que about Linked server please Comment... For more Useful video like n subscribe..
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Corporal Killjoy (15 days ago)
All Is Here (15 days ago)
Are They (two serves) in the same network or not? Because i need to conect one server to outher in diferents network. And where do i see the ip to put in the textbox?
All Is Here (3 months ago)
you put 'IP' from under New linked server->General-> Data source by the way yo have IP?
All Is Here (3 months ago)
Luiz Fernando Quintanilha Both are in different networks
Franklyn De Jesus (4 months ago)
It worked for me. Thank you!
All Is Here (3 months ago)
Welcome frankly.

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