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A Challenge to Anita Sarkeesian: Listen and Believe #GamerGate

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Had to speak and be heard on this one. I believe in Feminist Frequency's right to speak. I do not believe in this nonsense that we should convict based on an accusation. So I challenge Anita Sarkeesian to practice what she preaches and listen and believe MY words, improve her product, and stop denying the gentler, more victimized men that have real stories.
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Kuwabatake Sanjurō (10 months ago)
Well said.
Kuwabatake Sanjurō (10 months ago)
Zelda is also a key central figure in most Zelda games to seal away Ganon. She thinks it's just sexist.
Delta Jhurman (11 months ago)
it's not feminine. it's humanity. we all have emotions and feelings. it's not gendered
Bart De Bock (1 year ago)
i'd argue elizabeth is actually the main character in bioshock infinite, booker is almost just a blank slate
redratcrawford (1 year ago)
so listen and think critically should be the new montra for everyone?
Dennis Taylor (1 year ago)
Liana, Pro, Anti, or Fence Sitter?
FoetusInYourNoodles (1 year ago)
Feminism is cancer... Absolutely detrimental to our society at large... Until you admit this fact you are nothing but a worthless coward with a victim complex.
Jordan DeBortoli (2 years ago)
Anita doesnt actually play the games she talks about (with minor exceptions *cough* cherrypicking Hitman/GTA). She is basically a hack. She has actually lied about being a "hardcore" gamer, when in 2010 she specifically said she was not a fan of video games for a college project she did. She has lied so that her rhetoric of critiqueing video games seems validated. Unlike someone as yourself who has no doubt played the games you talk about. In example: you knew that what Anita called a "background decoration" in BioShock was actually a focal point of the story. Anita had no knowledge of this because she had not played the game, but decided to talk about it anyway. She probably looked at a summary of the story or a character list and made her presumptions of the game based off of that. She has also used gameplay from other youtube channels as if it were own, when called out on it, femfreq posted disclaimers about how everything is under free use. But in my opinion, this does not justify this kind of reusing gameplay because that means she was talking about these games as if she had played them. If she had played them, then she would have used her own gameplay. Also, if she were a true gamer, there would be at least one; just one title that she has enjoyed. But there is never a positive review of any game that is done by her. Im sure that you could name multiple titles that you have enjoyed. I just find the desparity of positive comments in Anita's videos pretty damning that she is not a gamer at all. I am still waiting for her to have a reaction to Horizon, which should be positive, but I already know that will not be the case.
James McCaffrey (2 years ago)
Emotion isn't a FEMALE trait. It's a HUMAN trait. Men can be sad, cry, and feel without it being defined as feminine. Society just likes to kick the ever living shit out of men constantly.
Amereek Singh (2 years ago)
Men are equally as likely to be sexually assulted as woman - FACT. There is NO VICTIM than the victim themselves. A word to Feminists - dont make a universal situation revolve around you and just you and that doesnt just go to sexism but it goes to racism, homophobia, xenophobia we are ans should be treated equal. Everyone is special, we all have wants, fears, likes, dislikes and ideas which are different to our next door neighbours. If feminists want to be equal they need to stand up and take all the negative aspects that men go through as well positive aspects.
peter gates (2 years ago)
I don't understand this "listen and believe". Listen and believe is a very bad idea, is it not? Maybe I just don't understand the term. To me Listen and investigate would be better. Otherwise, how does this work, you listen to the accusation and believe then listen to the defence and believe? Have I totally misunderstood?
David Eberbach (2 years ago)
I don't know if this the phrase "critical thinking" is what you were trying to think of when you said "internal BS detector", but I've seen more and more that it's necessary when trying to see if something is "fair or not". If you can take a statement/idea, and just change the gender/race/religion, and it's then not acceptable or now bias against you, then it was probably a bad one to begin with. I found your videos after watching Troy Leavitt on Gamergate and similar video's, and I've been a lifelong video game player. When watching your 5 part series you mentioned this, so I thought I'd listen to know what you were referencing.
Alfred Thérien (2 years ago)
You are one intelligent and articulate woman. Well done!
Marco Antonio Aravena (2 years ago)
What about men in prision?
El-ahrairah (2 years ago)
Its almost impossible to get an accurate number on this. But im sure the accurate numbers are absolutely horrifying.
iAmCodeMonkey (2 years ago)
Your opinion on this is amazingly well-thought out. Two thumbs up from this fellow Canuck.
david smith (2 years ago)
finally a feminist with a brain & sense :) its refreshing to see especially all these extreme feminists out there
MrMagickStar (2 years ago)
01.05 I adore the way you think and I agree 110% with what you say in the video, but you're maybe the worst liar I've ever seen in my life...
Scroat Worx (2 years ago)
liana-anita has no idea of equality, common sense or ability to not be a complete hypocrite! as for her videos, $150,000 for a promised 12 vids in 12 months, yet 6 delivered in 2 years? she lied to misappropriate funds!
Leland Lewis (3 years ago)
Well said.
smilertoo (3 years ago)
Anita Sarkeesian is all about the money, feminism is just her platform for getting it.
Juan Aragon (3 years ago)
Unfortunately Anita uses the feminism monacle without living the essence. A good example is her debate with Wendy McElroy. Wendy a feminist I highly respect gave a thought provoking in depth analysis about rape culture. She was objective, provided stats, info, anecdotes, and her own personal experience. Anita on the other hand only used abstract generalizations and assertions based on as far as can tell pure personal opinion. I highly recommend you watch the debate on youtube and I would appreciate any thoughts on the matter.
Leland Lewis (3 years ago)
OK, things happen.  I'll look that one up, thanks.
Juan Aragon (3 years ago)
Oh wow egg on my face. See all whiney wanna be feminists blend in to the same mess so people like Anita Sarkeesian and Jessica Valenti tend to be interchangeable to me. My mistake sorry it's actually Wendy McElroy vs Jessica Valenti.
Leland Lewis (3 years ago)
+Juan Aragon, can you post the link?  I can't seem to find it or it is named in such a way that I don't recognize it.
just my opinion (3 years ago)
people like Anita Sarkeesian want to rule the world for themselves, there not intrested in equality or working with men to make things better, it`s Anita`s way or no way .......... the selfishness of 3rd wave feminism shows to because these idiots are attacking the western world, why aren`t they fighting for women`s rights globaly? is that to hard for the modern feminist? these feminist love the protection the western world gives them but won`t do anything to difficult like actualy stand up for women around the world
markusredfield (3 years ago)
anita is only a fraud you semes normal.anita try to make a cult to raise money thats what i see
Frozenstorm Lee (3 years ago)
good point wish there are more like you than Anita Sarkeesian
JMVASON1 (3 years ago)
I love you for this, Liana. You're smart and logical, and you have the ability to see both sides without favor. Thank you!
TheAntitheocrat (3 years ago)
We differ a little on our thinking but on this one we differ a lot. I hate dishonesty with a passion. Embellishment I am fine with but I can't take a person who is dishonest. Its a negative measure of human nature I learned to trust long ago.
Potato Chips (3 years ago)
I really want to believe Anita knows most, if not all, of what she says is wrong, but is doing it anyway to amass a lot of money. She has to put food on the table, and keep the roof over her head somehow, I suppose. It's not the best way to go about things, but she's definitely made more money than the average college/university graduate (I think). Honestly, she really should stop. She's proven her point, a lot of people are mindless sheep who will believe anything, but she's gone too far as it is.
Edithae (3 years ago)
Anita Sarkeesian does not 'Listen and Believe'. She 'Blocks and Misrepresents'.
nastythomashobbs (3 years ago)
A fellow gen x gal who made my life a misery at Uni is now realizing the BS she advocated complaining about the Gen X male is now BS....Enjoy the cats.
Ocean Redux (3 years ago)
D'awwwww That kitty is sooooooo cute!
Brian Lawson (3 years ago)
You are utterly brilliant. More strong women like you who are articulate and informed is what we need. Anita is very damaging to women for two major reasons- 1) she perpetuates the idea that women should be infantilized and kept on a pedestal and 2) her obvious bigotry is sabotaging respect for women in men. All she does is antagonize and offer no solutions. After seeing a few of her videos I'm pretty sure she doesn't even play these games, just reports her opinions as fact.
tom payne (3 years ago)
Your kind and wise words are wasted on Anita but well worth hearing for their own sake. Please keep up the good work.
She never hear you
Cannibal Xerox (3 years ago)
The treatment of aboriginal is an even BIGGER issue. Feminism using indigenous issues is disgusting opportunism to me.
Rochester Swift (3 years ago)
Feminism is an abject failure. Social class trumps gender.
delirium tremens (3 years ago)
Wow, I'm all for feminism but the notion that a man should be prosecuted for lying to someone to get them in bed seems to be anti feminist because it assumes the women in question have no ability to use their own common sense. I'm also quite liberal but if you extrapolate out from this logic it leads straight into nanny state thinking and all the sudden you're living in a George Orwell novel.
LareBear (3 years ago)
Listen and believe is stupid, I believe evidence. When that guy was harassing you, if you wanted people to see you were telling the truth give them evidence, otherwise nobody owes you anything, not even trust.
wakcedout (3 years ago)
your first few statements about men in the video made me think of "no russian" in CoD which got me to feel a range of emotions about the character i played, what i had to do and what was done to the character i played having been used as an object to further a destructive war.
Tim Bayliss (4 years ago)
I'm sorry to say this, Liana, but if you were in Canada when you recorded this there isn't an absolute freedom of speech. There is a defamatory libel criminal statute, that shockingly, is the only crime in Canada with reverse onus. There is only a few reasons to actually get police attention, one of the is the chastity of women.
yatta chandler (4 years ago)
If Anita could just listen to these words of wisdom, o my God I would be so fucking happy
yatta chandler (4 years ago)
Ayatron34 (4 years ago)
To Anita, everything women go through is "unique" because she believes to strongly and blindly in patriarchy theory and male privilege. Mention male suffering to people like her and you'll get denials and lies. In a way I want her to carry on, as she makes more MGTOWS.
Anton Slavik (4 years ago)
I think the jury is in on whether Sarkesian is a charlatan, ideologue, and doesn't listen to *_anyone_* unless they're parroting her precise victim-mentality narrative. When will the good women wake up to realise this is just another industry like most other social movements?
Crash Zone (4 years ago)
Lieing to have sex isn't rape, if that was the case every woman would be a rapist with the use of make up or a padded bra, not to mention cosmetic surgery....
Mr_No_One (4 years ago)
You are under the impression that men need help. You are wrong. If men aren't strong enough to survive alone then they deserve to die or have a mental breakdown. They do everyone a favor by removing themselves from the gene pool. Men are not feminine. That is what makes them men.
GamersOnGames (4 years ago)
Can't love this enough!!
bezdomnyj82 (4 years ago)
is there any way to add more than a like to the same video? :D
Fernando G (3 years ago)
+bezdomnyj82 Sadly no ... :( ... :D
Bruce Thommen (4 years ago)
WOW... I like you, made me think. A friend sent me a link to this vid, and I'm GLAD he did. :) Just wanted to let you know it gave me alot to think about.
Manifoldhope (4 years ago)
I feel like there are Great solo female characters in video games that are not just eye candy, why don't we were to look at games that we do have like Tomb Raider, Heavenly sword, mirrors edge, great games that have a strong female character. I am male That love a strong female character, Actually my favorite female character is on The Walking Dead series Clementine she is a strong, smart, female-character that need NO ONE and she just a little girl out there zombie apocalypse. Lets supports Game we do have now then trying to change everything about video games, Lets show more love and support to games like the walking dead series and others that have great solo female cast because if we can do that, then more gamer developers would consider doing the same.
crackcrock (4 years ago)
like a true Canadian starting the video off with apologizing :)
Prometheus (4 years ago)
I think it's kinda sad that every single time an issue like this comes up, the radical elements on both sides show their appalling numbers, and in this case they're BOTH willing to use the opportunity to blather on about how "all feminists" are bad or how "all men are bad" and jump on anyone who has a true feminist (i.e. gender equality) viewpoint. It's nuts. I feel like we're still in the fricken 14th Century here.
Milwaukee Atheists (4 years ago)
the thing i love about you, is that you WANT to have this discussion. So many, especially Anita, just want to say that any man who disagrees with a certain claim is a misogynist and any woman who doesn't accept a certain claim is just brainwashed by the patriarchy. They are clearly cop-outs. they want a change but they don't want to have the discussion and evaluate the evidence. I'm a feminist because feminism has a definition, and i follow that ideology. But i always have trouble associating myself as one because this third wave feminism is turning into a religion that says ,"you're either with us, or against us." Keep in mind, i'm not talking about every feminist, that would be a generalization and I don't like doing that. But there are many that don't want a discussion.
Wander von der Seele (4 years ago)
Anita has no interest in social justice, she is interested in a career in feminism, everything she does is in pursuit of money and money alone, she will do or say anything to that end. Nothing she says has any credibility behind it.
MotherNatureisBiased (4 years ago)
You know that you're going to be branded as "brainwashed by the patriarchy" now, right?
Firstname Lastname (4 years ago)
What a truly refreshing opinion. A real feminist, that all women can be proud of.
dustin gray (4 years ago)
Liana I like you but bullshit compassion and nurturing are not female attributes, they are human attributes. Sure it may be displayed different between women and men but it dosn't mean it's a female attribute.
wildshape (4 years ago)
hahaha an appeal to the sisterhood? You are lowering yourself to their standards. The sisterhood is what IS destroying your precious feminism. All have to work together to be happy.  No room for opposing opinions. People like anita sarkisian are never going to have an open and honest conversation. If you want to join the great sisterhood then you have to drop your thoughts of freedom and repeat after them: man bad, woman good.
imwithstupid086 (4 years ago)
Lying *can be* a crime. In fact, it's three separate crimes: perjury, libel, and obstruction of justice.
ㅤㅤ (3 years ago)
+andrew james Your lack of intellect drives my OCD crazy.
imwithstupid086 (4 years ago)
Right, well, all of that pedantry doesn't really invalidate my point, especially within the context of this video. In fact, you kind of reinforced my point that the consideration of actions as crimes is context-sensitive, hence lying can be a crime. But whatever, this is all as needlessly trivial as how you say lying being a crime is. I'm not even sure what all this is supposed to be achieving.
AJ (4 years ago)
Talking can be a crime too if you happen to be committing perjury. Walking can be a crime if you are on private property. Anything can be a crime in certain circumstances.  You may get sick of correcting anyone who says a certain behavior isn't a crime.  Lying is not a crime the fact it can be is needlessly trivial.
imwithstupid086 (4 years ago)
Do you mind elaborating?
AJ (4 years ago)
@imwithstupid086 The lack of logic in your comment irritates me. Lying isn't a crime.
Torey Davis (4 years ago)
This is awesome! Thank you!
rastatute42 (4 years ago)
Your ire is impressively persuasive...preachin' to the choir here...but, well done...
Qwertie asdf (4 years ago)
Men don't need to be "feminine" express there emotions. Men and Women are different and express them selves differently.Men need to become secure in that fact we are different then women. Mens feelings are commonly minimized, with no male role models around to enplane to them it's ok to feel the way they do and how to do something productive with that feeling. I am sorry to tell you after having kids and my brothers having kids and raising them there is a gender binary.
AussieGriffin (4 years ago)
I've seen both sides of the "listen and believe" thing. I think "Listen and Investigate" is the better policy. This is a fair challenge and it takes aim at the idea of equality being better than special treatment. A.G.
Uhh Sam (4 years ago)
uhmmmm men are more likely to be sexually assaulted studies show men get raped more than women just in jail alone not even including the sexual harrasment they expierence in life.
Banhammer72 (4 years ago)
and did she?
Xanrn (4 years ago)
let me guess no replies...
Krump (4 years ago)
Feminist Frequency...if they really wanted to be taken seriously then they would allow comments in their videos...until then I will never venture there.
Ryan Sylvester (4 years ago)
Actually, in all likelihood, it would give her nothing. She's already claiming harassment and death threats even though no credible threat has been levied at her. So she could play the victim for a discussion, but that's not needed since she's already "fearing for her life". A discussion wouldn't provide talking points, since she already makes shit up whenever and however she pleases. And we know that nothing could actually change her mind since 1) it's not her mind to make up in the first place, hashtagFullMcIntosh and 2) she's making bank from masses of gullible bandwagoners. So a real discussion and exchange of ideas neither interests nor benefits her. Nothing would change. And any permitted discussion over there would take away the false pretense of persecution that her puppeteer relies on her to have while she does her mouthpiece schtick.
mrdoolio (4 years ago)
It would be literally the same as it is now. It might even give her more ammo, so she could play victim and blame game with one more "proof" of patriarchy/misogyny/whatever term she decides to skew - because, as we all know, when a person makes a bullshit unfounded claim and is being called upon it, it's not because of that person's bullshit claims, it's because the person is a woman and we apparently suffer from internalized misogyny which we can't even detect because it's deeply ingrained. And all that mantra. Which actually seems to work. That's why it might give her more fuel actually if she was confronted with discussion.
Sarkeesian's brand of feminism admit a (apparently unworthy and insignificant) amount of men are victim of things like (sexual) violence and harassment but it's not worthy of their attention, genuine empathy and can be almost entirely left out of discussions (and don't dare bringing up their one-sided callous attitudes or you're 'undermining feminism' and not 'listening to women's voices').
wildshape (4 years ago)
Sarkeesian's brand of feminism is 3th wave feminism. That's why people readily believe her. They have been hearing this all their live.
Coyote9Tnine (4 years ago)
sorry... I appreciate the fact that you are realising men have a rough time.. but I have no time for you if you say you are feminist instead of egalitarian.. that said fancy a date? :)
braden7180 (4 years ago)
Why come when feminists call out other feminists for being ridiculous, we never hear about it and all we see are the ridiculous feminists, unchallenged? Also for what it's worth I think masculinity is what's really being disallowed in men at the mainstream level, and I think that's largely because over the last few decades we've let women and the feminine have the loudest voices in shaping social interaction and behavior. But boy oh boy is that a longer conversation than what I can put in a comment.
FeralSpirit (4 years ago)
I'd love to see a debate between you and that charlatan. 
Fatty Daddy (4 years ago)
Believe that Anita is bat shit crazy
FreeHomeBrew (4 years ago)
I'm in favour of listening and believing. Do you know what we do with people who's story we hear, believe them to hold as truth and which doesn't correspond to reality? We put them in an insane asylum.
FreeHomeBrew (4 years ago)
Anita is way smarter than people give her credit for. She's a great con artist. The fact that she's scamming the sjw's who do believe and support the retarded ideologies could make one consider her an unlawful ally to the anti-feminists lol. That's twisted.
OrangeXenon54 (4 years ago)
Love this beyond words and agree sooooooooooooooo much.  You've articulated my beliefs perfectly.  Thank you.
Todd Starbuck (4 years ago)
Anita can't listen and believe AND be a professional victim.
Yuki Terumi (4 years ago)
Great video if you are a feminist you are a real one. Anita is a con artist who just wants money. Several youtubers have actually made various videos to counter her assenien points. She takes things out of context and uses only what she finds useful to her agenda. That isn't feminism that is outright manipulation of inform. That's blatant exploitation of the stupidity and ignorance of the masses.
Kainlarsen (4 years ago)
The very idea that someone should just "listen and believe", without any shred of evidence, is abhorrent. What we are seeing here is a cult that feeds on the underdog sensationalism people like Sarkeesian and Alexander propagate. I'm not even sure how people are so ready to fall for their narrative. It confounds me.
MisterHeroman (3 years ago)
+neocomp92 In some schools of thought. Others believe faith and reason go hand in hand. And so on, since having faith (religious or not, it can be either) have so many levels, from absolute loyalty/delusion to incredible doubt/barely hanging on to their belief.
Kainlarsen (4 years ago)
I don't believe in god, so what does that have to do with anything?
neocomp92 (4 years ago)
@Kainlarsen Isn't that the concept of faith, usually found in religion?
wildshape (4 years ago)
Because all these people have an inner hatred for man. It gives them a sense of purpose. Witch in turn frees dopamine in their brain.  They don't want to objectively look at facts. It will brake their addiction.
badazzmaro (4 years ago)
Actually more liked "listen and believe the possibility that it is true, and then verify as objectively and honestly ss possible."
badazzmaro (4 years ago)
It should be "listen and consider, then investigate"
Alex Bauer (4 years ago)
Thank you for making this video. It meant a lot to me.
Alex Bauer (4 years ago)
HI momo
R B (4 years ago)
Anita Sarkeesian states she doesn't like video games and it's hard to believe she even plays any games. She doesn't debate so this challenge is useless.
we are eight (4 years ago)
To me I think me don't say nothing because they are men they think that they won't me macho u are right they such it up men receive violence the same as women they get rapped to I don't find men to be pushy if they tell I have seen alot of this in Toronto and it's sad
FraxTech (4 years ago)
Bravo, well said.
NorrinRadd22 (4 years ago)
Great point at the end, on femininity existing in all of us (and masculinity as well). Empathy for the win. Annnnnnd subbed :)
Isaac Chay (4 years ago)
Hey Liana, have you heard  CBC radio for the last three days? "The Q", and "By Design" , have been talking about Anita , GamerGate and how gamers are just a bunch of misogynists, they even had Brianna Wu on today to talk about how Anita's life is in danger. Good video by the way
LGtBT (4 years ago)
Congrats on the new gig.
firstatheist (4 years ago)
I have to say (and I've said  it before on other videos) Liana K has the most level headed and rational approach to this entire field of discussion.  She's been an industry insider for years and knows her shit.  She does not particularly endorse #GamerGate  but also does not buy into the more sensational claims concerning it.  And yet, The SJWs completely ignore her very salient and reasonable critiques.
Voeris (4 years ago)
Thank God for intelligent people like you.
ZombieTech (4 years ago)
Think another thing that should be noted, is the downplay of the "masculine" in females.  Grew up witnessing my mother kicking the crap out of my father regularly (including shoving him down the stairs, going after him with kitchen knives and cleavers, etc).  Then grew up to have my son's mother also hit me a few times... not nearly as much as my mother did my father... but issues like punching downward into my back while upset to where it actually slid a disc... or another time when upset splashing boiling-hot water meant to sterilize a baby-bottle all over my chest; and yes, I was even sexually and psychologically abused by my son's mother once... all the way up to the point where the last words out of her mouth before she took off with our son were, "if you want to commit suicide, go ahead... nobody's going to stop you".  Get tired of hearing that rage and aggression are only male traits... granted it doesn't happen as often in women, but it does happen. Then on the point on "believing all women because they're women"... my own sister faked having cancer to my father and myself to scam the family out of money (proven to be fake); also faked being raped to cover for screwing around on her first husband (proved to be fake).  Even tried faking allegations against both her first husband and her second husband that were proven to be fake.  So yeah, too true on the many different types of women... just because women claim it, doesn't necessarily make it 100% true straight out of the gate. (PS - Disabled comments on this post, only for the fact that I'm pretty certain at least some internet trolls will run rampant with it... feel free to PM.)
Toxically Masculine (4 years ago)
men actually are more likely to be sexually assaulted than women if you factor in prison rape. if you don't count prison rape, the CDC study shows that 1.27 million men are sexually assaulted, compared to 1.3 million women. you can look it up yourself. look up "CDC partner violence" and you can go through the entire study. if you factor in prison rape and rape outside of prison together, WAY more men are raped than women. men make up more than 95% of prisoners... so of course men make up more than 95% of prison rape. add that to the fact that, outside of prison, men and women are raped at almost equal rates, and you see men are generally more likely to end up getting raped. sorry that doesn't fit the special narrative, but facts don't care about opinions. facts aren't sexist or racist. facts don't care about offending people. facts just care about the truth.
4W4YYY (4 years ago)
@wildshape Don't worry I'm against feminism. I didn't think the number would be useful but I was wrong. My mistake.
wildshape (4 years ago)
@4W4YYY That's not such a big difference. Not big enough to demonize on gender over the other.  
James Jarrait (4 years ago)
@4W4YYY "if you don't count prison rape" reading comprehension is a necessary skill if you don't want to look silly when you reply to a body of text.
4W4YYY (4 years ago)
@Toxically Masculine Um. 1.27 million is smaller than 1.3 million.
wildshape (4 years ago)
all true. And don't believe the myth that woman cant be violent. studies show woman are just as violent. Also of the 3 kind of sexes relationship homosexual (man with man) relationships have the least domestic violence while lesbian relationships have the most domestic violence.
Maus Merryjest (4 years ago)
Thank you for such a well thought-out response.
Draven Flores-Rios (4 years ago)
You lost me on the femininity part. That was a huge stereotype against both sides.
itsinmyvein (4 years ago)
@Draven Flores Actually aggression is not negative. Neither is strength. Neither is rationality. Aggression is about taking risks not about being violent.
Draven Flores-Rios (4 years ago)
Weird description of the situation, but glad I continued watching.
Draven Flores-Rios (4 years ago)
My problem was not that such things are typically associated to a gender with MANY exceptions. My problem was that every single "masculine" trait you brought up was negative. Even the playing field, no feminism please I am an egalitarian.
dr manchu (4 years ago)
Your awesome!
thenewkidd (4 years ago)
There are a billion and a half reasons why I am not feminist, but this was a pretty good video, and very SANE!. IF I had to respond to it in video.. I would first tell you to give up on Anita, she is insane... and second, There are no feminine traits, no masculine traits... they are just Human traits and emotions.. emotions are not gender specific. And the fact that feminists like to say "I think you should be able to cry" is demeaning to me as a man... when I don't need a woman's permission nor societies permission to act and feel the way they feel a "Man" should feel. (not an attack.. just an expression of my feelings). 
thenewkidd (4 years ago)
@Briar Foley Then feminism doesn't exist... I trash feminism because the majority of what I see is "Manspreading" and "ban bossy" and  so on and so on... There are no rights a woman lacks in the first world that requires feminism any longer. Hence why if there is any feminism in the first world... it is already extreme... It skews statistics (1 in 5 women will be raped.. FALSE) and Continues to skew statistics (women get paid less than men.. FALSE.. woman EARN less than men because they work less on aggregate)... I see no reason for feminism but to spout patriarchy and rape culture.. and that is why I'm an egalitarian and not a feminist... nothing feminism says is truth full (even the non radicals lie)
thenewkidd (4 years ago)
@Happy Bird Sorry, I was just reinforcing what you were saying, It was more or less agreeing with your post.
Happy Bird (4 years ago)
@Briar Foley I disagree, BriarFoley.  I think that feminism deserves most of the criticisms that people are delivering to it.  Feminism is in the wrong, not us, because feminism is a divisive, vitriolic, dishonest, victim-playing, agenda-driven, sexist ideology.  Egalitarianism is not.
Briar Foley (4 years ago)
muting this post, as long as you aren't confusing honest to goodness feminists to fucking retarded feminazis aka extremists. who believe feminism means women get special privilege. Feminism = Equal rights for women Egalitarianism= equality for all. i know my shit. But people who trash feminism are in the wrong, it is only the extremists who are in the wrong.  
Happy Bird (4 years ago)
@thenewkidd I'm not sure I see what you're getting at.  I'm the guy who just posted that to those of us concerned with the real world, feminism is whatever feminists do while invoking the word. 
Rusty Shackelford (4 years ago)
You wasted your time lady. Anita doesn't listen to anyone who doesn't agree with her. You all realize you're making her more popular by acknowledging her existence?
Vordox (4 years ago)
We avoided her for 4 months. Media fucked it up.
Lorne Morley (4 years ago)
Anita Sarkeesian just got $400 k . She could not give a fuck what you have to say about fairness and equality. 
oneshotki11 (4 years ago)
I hate modern feminism. If only they were all like you.
perydwyn (4 years ago)
If feminists like yourself were the voices we actually heard, I would still self identify as a feminist (as I formerly did for all of my adult life). Instead we get the ever increasing masses of crazies, and they get propped up in the media, and hailed as THE voice of feminism. Nope. Instead, I will self identify as an Egalitarian. 
Bonnie Bot (2 years ago)
I am an individualist and for individual rights. Covers everything including women! :)
perydwyn (2 years ago)
@Fleegsta Like Egalitarianism
Auddity (3 years ago)
+perydwyn someone should start a new equality organization that emphasizes both genders equally.
Duerst The Wuerst (4 years ago)
so you're saying that "the feminine" is "expressing emotions?"

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