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MISHKA (short film about teen pregnancy)

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11% of the births worldwide come from a teen mother. 31 000 children have a baby every year in Canada. Nearly 820, 000 teens are pregnant each year in USA. More than 16 million teen girls become pregnant each year in the world. MISHKA tells the story of a conflicted 13-year-old and her grim secrets. In the face of an unsettling reality, Mishka makes an alarming decision in a desperate attempt to revert her childhood self. Using again similar themes from my first short film “The Silence”, MISHKA portrays with disarming honesty the reality of millions of girls in this world. Starring Matia Jackett, Ray Galletti, Devyn Nekoda, Kiki Hammill, Nicolas Ballarini, Alexandra Bacci & Katie Uhlmann. Directed and written by Cleo Tellier. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4327456/ MISHKA'S SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS (the series: part 2) https://instagram.com/mishka.theseries/ https://www.facebook.com/MISHKA.theseries/ MISHKA'S THEME SONG (Budapest by Paul Novotny & Robi Botos): https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/look-ahead/1113854143 https://open.spotify.com/album/0xFaHrVq41CJwWGhDYEaLE ALL YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED ABOUT THE FILM HERE: https://youtu.be/1HZL-xDvKSc MISHKA PART 2 ANNOUNCEMENT: https://youtu.be/LJI8I4IRQew Q&A WITH MATIA JACKETT (MAIN ACTRESS / MISHKA) ANSWERING YOUR QUESTIONS: https://youtu.be/aNZaw7Qi0B8 If you're a child and need help, please call: Kids Help Phone (Canada): 1-800-668-6868 Kids Helpline (Australia): 1-800-55-1800 Childline (UK): 0-800-1111 Your Life Your Voice (USA): 1-800-448-3000
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Text Comments (92048)
Cleo Tellier (3 months ago)
Hey guys! We are making a sequel to MISHKA as a series! Follow the series on Instagram and Facebook!😍 https://instagram.com/mishka.theseries/ https://www.facebook.com/MISHKA.theseries
Cleo Tellier your a awesome actor! Wish you luck!
TeAhumairangi Ryder (2 days ago)
Life of Phoenix (6 days ago)
When will it come out???
Atara Anderson (6 days ago)
Cleo Tellier who was the baby daddy?
Farhan Khan (16 minutes ago)
Kelvin Larrimore (36 minutes ago)
This isn't about teen pregnancy it's more about child rape
Potatoe The Potatoe (3 hours ago)
I couldn’t understand well
Palmen Alma (3 hours ago)
I wish I didn’t read the comments before watching the video..
Elen Edwolf (5 hours ago)
I was shocked at the truth that the guy who did it was her dad but not the teenager boy !!!
Paul Ziolo (8 hours ago)
Terrific girl. Hope she has a great career. As for the dad (the character) - he should undergo a punishment taken from the legal canons of early 14th century France. It’s too horrific to describe here.
Coco Blue (8 hours ago)
Wait from the end saying I killed our baby and she is in bed with her dad does that mean he had Six with her but she was forced (idk if a rapist can get you pregnant) ?????
Aalliyah Hardy (8 hours ago)
I don’t understand who Mishka’s dad was And who her baby daddy was Help me out😫
YT-Beast (8 hours ago)
Every time I would look at the dad I would say in my head hmmm this has to have something with him
Katelyn Playz (9 hours ago)
Tiny Adventures (10 hours ago)
For the people who dont understand: Her dad r*ped her and made her fall pregnant, so yeah 1 like=1 year in prison for her dad 👇👇👇
Luna wolf Worldwide (11 hours ago)
I cried when she was taking the pills
So did the dad abuse the child?
gatcha lena (12 hours ago)
Did the dad make her Prego?
Ai Rahayu (13 hours ago)
Ada yg bisa jelasin ke gua pke Bahasa Indonesia?
lisa Jeon (15 hours ago)
well its kinda weird that you have a baby and the father is your father do I make sense???
Simply Jordyn (16 hours ago)
I would subject the dad to life in Azkaban.The dementors would make you go insane and it would be hard to escape(kinda).1 like =10 years in azkaban.
Nic 2751 (17 hours ago)
S W E E T H O M E A L A B A M A I’m sorry have a cookie 🍪...
MLV (17 hours ago)
Nic 2751 lololol but this is seriously serious 😂
Nikki,Casey & Carly (18 hours ago)
Ep3 dagoat (19 hours ago)
As a 13 year old boy I find myself saying these kids are crazy knowing I'm a kid
Samzter (21 hours ago)
Can’t even meme this, damn...
B501M (22 hours ago)
Teachers should really be showing THESE videos in school, instead of pushing abstinence. People are kept in the dark. People do stuff. People are ashamed. SH*T happens. And people are kept in the dark... At least, these videos shed a little light onto relationships and, unfortuanely, how unhealthy they are. Thanks again! Keep creating/posting videos.
Anneke van Staden (22 hours ago)
Thoughts while watching the short film: A short, spoiler-free list. Oh honey, you're so young, what's wrong :( (first few minutes) OH my word, she needs a hug (finding out that she's pregnant) Wait wait wait, SHE'S THIRTEEN?! (at friend's birthday party) Ladies, use protection if you're going to be sexually active (throughout the entire thing) WAIT WHAT NONONONONONONONO (the ending) Overall, really well produced and had me on the edge of my seat
faris king (23 hours ago)
It’s me Jamelia (1 day ago)
I hate the ending 😭 Why did she kill the baby 😭
Juliett M (1 day ago)
It would be better if it was her boyfriend...🤯😖poor her...😢
Chinny Sevilla (1 day ago)
She is actually pretty
Aphea Dixon (1 day ago)
I never thought mishka talked until she kissed that boy
Ameria Mootoosammy (1 day ago)
Does anyone else see that she never washes her hands after using the bathroom. I know that’s not the main point but I can’t stop thinking about that
Chad Gilmore (18 hours ago)
Ameria Mootoosammy I know she didn’t put some clean undies on or shower or was her hands and she was touching the toilet bowl and her bum🤭🤫💩
Pretty Universe (1 day ago)
just scrolling to see her dad is the real culprit or not. seems like he is
toothless lover (1 day ago)
Wait she is 12 or 13
Kailey Kail (18 hours ago)
ETM ind. (1 day ago)
Нихуя не сообразил,растолкуйте пж
Rich Romily Oultram (1 day ago)
Why would a father get a girl pregnant? It’s not fair on these young women and this man should be sentenced for life in prison
graceunionmissions (1 day ago)
1 like equals 10 years in jail but did the dad sexually abuse her until she was pregnat?
Grayden Bland (1 day ago)
That little bitch killed a baby
Kim Boyce (1 day ago)
WAIT AM I THE ONLY THE ONE WHO DOESNT GET THIS 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
Chad Gilmore (17 hours ago)
Kim Boyce No the comments are mostly from a bunch of twitts
Sierra Dudek (22 hours ago)
The dad abused her. The baby was his
Kim Boyce (1 day ago)
Others: BAD stuff, drugs, alcohol, teen pregnancy, parties and like boys/girls Me:Fortnite, ROBLOX, friends, parties, soft drink, talking (definitely no doubt), shopping, family, life, food, hearing aids, water, animals, school, phones, iPads,computers, Xbox’s and Music WELP HAVE FUN OTHERS IN EATING PRINGLES IN MY PJ’S WATCHING RIVERDALE CRYING AND PLAYING ROBLOXS
diana (1 day ago)
can I just say wow this girl is so pretty I’m jealous
Jacquelyn Basurto (1 day ago)
Her dad raped her I'm scared now why would he do that 😡😡😡
Jacquelyn Basurto (1 day ago)
So she fucked her dad I don't get it
Chad Gilmore (6 hours ago)
Jacquelyn Basurto That was a very intelligent comment it made you sound like a complete moron
Tiki A (1 day ago)
Tbh instead of killing the baby I’d rather give birth.... :|
Tiki A (12 hours ago)
scary chat stories and gaming with e To be honest
TBH means?
JC The Bean (1 day ago)
i’m not a girl but even if i was i don’t even have a dad to make me worry about this stuff happening to me😂😂👌👌👌👌😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Charmaine Kearney (1 day ago)
i know teen pregnacy is a big deal but it doesnt meet u kill a baby
Chad Gilmore (1 day ago)
Charmaine Kearney Top comment 👍👏👏👏
BTS Memes (1 day ago)
I thought it was always the uncles
EMAN 09 (1 day ago)
It was the dad that got her pregnant right?
Alpha Clan (1 day ago)
14:16 WOW! Plot Twist!
Chimmy Chonga (1 day ago)
Omg fuck the dad
Chad Gilmore (18 hours ago)
Chimmy Chonga No thanks you can f*** the dad if you want too
M3RdUrS 1 (1 day ago)
ps we got a glimpse of the girls toilet ho=w disgusting lol\
M3RdUrS 1 (1 day ago)
im sorry mishka mooshka.mickey mouse.
She wasn’t really pregnant, when ur pregnant you don’t get periods.
R Schwalboss (1 hour ago)
It was the baby some women give birth in water and then the water changes brown or red while she killed it with the pills and this is the rest or the baby.
Maddy Menter (1 day ago)
How did the baby die
I love the scene when she went with the boy walking home 😊 then she kissed her 😍 But, The Dad should have his whole life in prison or should be killed wanted 🤬😡
Let's do Everything (1 day ago)
wait why would she have the baby with the dad?
Chad Gilmore (18 hours ago)
Ask your mom or dad they will tell you🤔
Nerdy Unicon (1 day ago)
Her dad seems like a rapist
Chad Gilmore (6 hours ago)
Nerdy Unicon And what do all rapists look like ?
ZZQ ARK (1 day ago)
Yo wtf
Fluffpup 567 (1 day ago)
I am confused on many things: 1. Did she agree to have a child 2. Did she get an abortion (why did it say she “killed it) 3. Why would she keep the pregnancy thing in her pencil case 4. Why on earth would you think of taking a pregnancy test in a school bathroom 5. I thought you don’t have periods while you are pregnant 6. Was she even pregnant??????? I have no common sense and I don’t understand this what so ever.
Bethany Nottingham (1 day ago)
Omg! I thought the baby was the bfs BUT ITS THE DADS?! Wtf that dad should die smh but not in real life he’s prolly a good person irl
I’m confused as hell hbu
PinkCrazyLady563 (21 hours ago)
Ohhhhh I thought the boyfriend got her Prego oh😶 1 like 2 yrs in HELL for her dad
Rowan’s Room (1 day ago)
Rape and teen pregnancy are two different things One like = 2 years in prison for the dad
Cat Adams (8 hours ago)
It's more common then u think..
shooting star (1 day ago)
[alabama noise intensifies]
HH Gaming (1 day ago)
Finn Bies (1 day ago)
wait so let me get this straight..... She is cheating on her dad?
Northern Lights SSO (1 day ago)
Finn Bies no, it was most likely forced sex (in other words, rape)
Mia Ramirez (1 day ago)
I'm so confused?? Anyone care to explain
Naila Khalil (19 hours ago)
Even im confused. Plz tell us wat the dad did. Did he rape her?
SuperG4w (1 day ago)
her dad fucked her
Chad Gilmore (1 day ago)
SuperG4w Shut up you moron...That comment shows how stupid you must sound or think...Grow up🥴
Benioboy (1 day ago)
Oh shoot who else is seeing this exactly a year after it was posted April 22 2019 it was posted April 22 2018 lol
SPPS Logic (1 day ago)
Benioboy dang bruh same
Maeve McConnell (1 day ago)
I started fricken crying at the end I never cry above it movies
Sens fan 86 (1 day ago)
Exactly a year ago from today April 22 2019
Chad Gilmore (6 hours ago)
Sens fan 86 Is that how long this annoying video has been here
Tfue (1 day ago)
It's weird when I go on here I see it's exactly a year ago
shooting star (1 day ago)
So, when is the next part coming out?
Elaine Chambers (1 day ago)
Life sentence that dad should get
Olivia Smith (1 day ago)
Her:I feel like sitting alone Boy:*sits down*
mindless Magyar (1 day ago)
😯😑😐😮😔😖🙃 Me during the whole video
Dagi Gize (1 day ago)
Drowsyfish 8388 (1 day ago)
5:39-5:58 is the most awkward thing I’ve seen since I walked in on my parents
Chad Gilmore (17 hours ago)
Drowsyfish 8388 Ewwww you saw your Parents getting down and dirty...Did you get in trouble
Miggy 7264 (1 day ago)
? the dad did it?
NEW York City (2 days ago)
What is the madicine?
Amanda Tynell (2 days ago)
That was so sad but who was the dad
capecobra 23 (1 day ago)
Amanda Tynell the dad was her dad
Connor 64 (2 days ago)
Why was she crying in the bathroom
Connor :D (2 days ago)
Wtf was this ending?
RKT Ghoul (2 days ago)
Nice misscariage
hi (2 days ago)
how can u fuck your oWn child??
Chad Gilmore (17 hours ago)
hi Very we’ll put comment you just made yourself sound like a brain less moron🤥
TheGachaEditor (2 days ago)
Wait.. she’s thirteen and has a boyfriend?! TF
LS (1 day ago)
Thats what bothers you out of everything?
Mac Lat (2 days ago)
What the. ....... So your telling me her dad raped her or she just had s** with her father.
0H YEAH YEAH (2 days ago)
MISHKA MUSHKA MICKEY MOUSE that’s all I thought about the whole video
Brandi Gillentine (2 days ago)
Wait is it the dads baby or her boyfriends
DeadInside Covers (2 days ago)
and THIS is why voting 'no' on abortions won't end them! it will just make them more dangerous and unsafe
radiohead tv (1 day ago)
4:01 this man drives correct👏🏻👏🏻 I can imagine the pain when you poop it out and flush it I couldn’t see it I just don’t look I just reach to flush
dragon loveRR (2 days ago)
One like. life in prison for her dad
Eren Jaeger (2 days ago)
Everybody is commenting about the dad... But I'm wondering why she didn't buy the Legos!
Let's do Everything (1 day ago)
No duh, he got his own f****** daughter pregnant like who the F*** does that?
Hobisaur (2 days ago)
I laughed when she flushed the baby
HYP3R_ K1NGZ (2 days ago)
1 like=one year of hell for the girl the boyfriend and the dad
WSL 401 (2 days ago)
I don't think normal teen pregnancy is the issue here.
Kelvin Larrimore (41 minutes ago)
Yea it's not
Zeyda Lynn (2 hours ago)
Cat Adams her father sexually abused her...that’s more of the main issue
Cat Adams (8 hours ago)
You be more surprised then you think...
Chase Rijk (2 days ago)
The fuck
Capi iseli Iseli (2 days ago)
So it was A incest story
So...she aborted? I didn't get the story that much...someone plz explain
Aidan Clark (2 days ago)
Short film- goes to 18 minutes
Abby Bradley (2 days ago)
I'm 16 and pregnant with a boy me and the dad desided to name him Tucker Lynn Whigham Whigham is the dads last name

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