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#11 - Chevreuil Motors - Honda - Drift (ENG SUB) [SIMON'S GARAGE]

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Welcome to Chevreuil Motors! This month, we'll focus on Dude. For Simon, a motorcycle serves only to ride. Simon likes to tinker his motorcycle to have fun in the fields where the surrounding forests. In his garage, there are not only motorcycles. Simon also has cars and especially to ride on circuit and drift. We let you discover! ► http://chevreuilmotors.fr ► [email protected] ----------------------------------------------------------- Music Archi Deep - "Ballad of Love" ► http://www.archideep.com ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfHhYpgoc_9T3BBcxM0TUug ► https://www.facebook.com/archideep ► https://www.instagram.com/archideep ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to my new show, Simon's Garage! Throughout the show, I will interview big fans of classic and vintage motorcycles. Let's go visit their place and find out more about their styles and their motorcycles. Subscribe to my channel and follow my adventures! ► FACEBOOK -- https://www.facebook.com/SimonsGarage62 ► INSTAGRAM -- https://www.instagram.com/simons_garage_motorcycle ► WEB SITE -- https://simons-garage.com ----------------------------------------------------------- ♦ SIMON'S GARAGE ♦ Based on the original idea of Simon and Martin Peterolff Produced by Khulan Agency production ► http://www.khulan-agency.com -------------------------------------------------------------------- #SIMONSGARAGE #MOTORCYCLE #CAFERACER
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Text Comments (4)
Paul Duthoit (9 months ago)
Il est barré ce Simon là! C'est cool ^^
SIMON'S GARAGE (9 months ago)
Paul Duthoit (9 months ago)
Disons que ca donne envie. ;)
SIMON'S GARAGE (9 months ago)
Yep, grave ! Toi aussi tu es prêt à partir avec des vieilles brêles dans la forêt ?

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