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Smoking a slim cigarette

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A beautiful woman smokes a slim cigarette, filmed in black and white. Sorry for the lack of audio, it's the only copy I have.
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Text Comments (15)
Yusuf Yiğit Gültekin (1 month ago)
SEAKPhotog (6 months ago)
maksim61ful (6 months ago)
the choice of smoker is sexy fantasy incredible !
Jan Stiewe (7 months ago)
Sieht das rauchen gut bei ihr aus😍
Steven Reubens (8 months ago)
I want her kissing me.
yabol428 (9 months ago)
Very natural, very sexy!
Frank Gallacher (11 months ago)
mickie christensen (1 year ago)
The black and white fotage is amazing
x5885637 (1 year ago)
Ho Lee Sheet is Full O Sheet.
Ho Lee Sheet (1 year ago)
I am 100% fully in love with her! Holyfuck what a gorgeous chick, and what a smoker! Edit: and please nobody go and say, "that's not a chick that's a man..." WAS. I know. Actually that's the sexiest part!)
Ho Lee Sheet (1 year ago)
Upon even further scrutinization, I am still convinced that she is biologically male. So many clues, facial structure, hands, mouth, brow, subtle, but def male. Maybe she had surgery to reduce the adams apple, or maybe HRT caused it to dimminish? Still totally hot, but iduuno....
Ho Lee Sheet (1 year ago)
Really? Damn, I can usually spot a t-girl a mile away. Still sexy as hell, either way!
Clive St John (1 year ago)
Lack of a prominent adam's apple confirms a woman
Breath Taker 01 (1 year ago)
Ho Lee Sheet That's a tgirl? Yeah still really fucking sexy. Love how she teases and plays with the smoke.
bbaker23 (1 year ago)

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