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YNW Melly - Butter Pecan (Music Video) Shot By @DrewFilmedit

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YNW Melly - Butter Pecan (Music Video) Shot By @DrewFilmedit Spotify Link https://open.spotify.com/album/1gcNF6yEXpq2Ov8ZRXBPhC?si=-sdPhqnHRYGZ9gkI-Fw_Sw Apple Music Link https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/butter-pecan/1429716743?i=1429718409 Stream "I Am You" Now https://ffm.to/ymimy Directed By DrewFilmedit: https://www.instagram.com/drewfilmedit/?hl=en Follow YNW Melly: https://www.instagram.com/ynwmelly/ https://www.twitter.com/ynwmelly/ https://soundcloud.com/ynwmelly/ https://www.facebook.com/ynwmelly772/
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Text Comments (14457)
Zaid Ahmad (1 hour ago)
*Nobody:* *Me (when I see a girl):* 1:50
Nyadoni Chany (1 hour ago)
Thumbs up and Free melly
Baby Gurl (1 hour ago)
JARED GRAY (1 hour ago)
Thumbs up to free melly
Manman Williams (1 hour ago)
owen canfield (2 hours ago)
The beginning is the best part
Ray Cosby (2 hours ago)
He look like the twins momma off ATL
Dick Tracy (2 hours ago)
Thugger is that you??
Tyson YNW4L (3 hours ago)
I guess you can say " Only bring about one friend".
Dick Gozinya (3 hours ago)
2:30 ain’t that the dude he killed ?
Bella Womack (4 hours ago)
1:16 is it just me or does he look like his head got bigger
Jungle Man (5 hours ago)
This nigga look like a B'More hood chick. #618SHIT
Jacob Clontz (5 hours ago)
Witch ones. Better Murder on my mind or Butter pecan like for murder on my mind comments forButter Pecan
Notorious Cozy (5 hours ago)
Those 2 other Bros the one who melly allegedly killed? 😥 I don't believe it. He said: "ynw like family" there's no way he did that.
Kenny Killed (5 hours ago)
He reminds me of that rapper Dave Chapelle played on half baked
FlashGamming 28 (5 hours ago)
2:04 that sounds like young thug
zPoWeRxMySelF - (6 hours ago)
Butter Pecan
amour maddy (10 hours ago)
Pecan Or Pecon
DIGGIN' SPORTS (11 hours ago)
Nigga you fucked up y’all could be getting paid heavy but they gone and so are you
Will Pico (13 hours ago)
YNW is family yet you killed two of them makes sense🙄 Still like the songs tho
Royce Muzic (14 hours ago)
That dragonball sample tho
Fantastic Gamer (14 hours ago)
On me
margot liebrecht (14 hours ago)
''im creepin in a jeep but i am not jeeper crepers'' FREE MELLY
Christian Gonzalez (15 hours ago)
Rip Sacc x Juvy why did this had to happen
bella beal (15 hours ago)
bella beal (15 hours ago)
Melly your rapping makes me happy😊😊😁😁
Christine Baker (15 hours ago)
Love this song it is the best so is mired on my mind
Trey Baby (16 hours ago)
Ain’t no way he killed them smh , they look happy and having to much fun #FreeMelly
Amber Leyva (16 hours ago)
#FREE MELLY I hope he don’t end up in jail ima be prayin for it
Dawn Thomas (16 hours ago)
I didn't know that that those kids on tik tok got this from
Ray Quinlan (17 hours ago)
Jarazay paris (18 hours ago)
He got a lil sugar in his tank
Marilyn Ludy (19 hours ago)
Cool Rapping
Black Gohan (19 hours ago)
If Cole didn’t film it then it ain’t filmed right
Steph Los (19 hours ago)
Free melly till it’s backwards
Steph Los (19 hours ago)
Free melly till it’s backwards #❤️
Camryn Rae (20 hours ago)
the two friends he killed in this music video 😪
alannah haynes (20 hours ago)
I wish i could go to California for the weeek end but i have schoo😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥
alannah haynes (20 hours ago)
Omg i love this song i hear this song every day
Super Saiyan Goku (21 hours ago)
I’m sorry but Sak ugly bruh
speedy cat (23 hours ago)
Voice is too cracky bruh?
Darius Alston (23 hours ago)
this shit crank free my man melly
NeeNee Hunter (23 hours ago)
Super Kidd (23 hours ago)
Max Resolution (1 day ago)
This is him https://youtu.be/E1BkoHQ3NEE
Klevo (1 day ago)
Young thug should of been on this song👍👍
Aaroniece Bluford (1 day ago)
I just noticed that the two men he was with were the people he so called murdered
Andy Cedillo (1 day ago)
Andy Cedillo (1 day ago)
Zavian Childs (1 day ago)
1:29 when u fart in class an u embarrassed 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kesha Soper (1 day ago)
He my favorite rapper y'all like murder on my mind
thuglifezeem716 (1 day ago)
This nigga is the devil. Just in a niggas body I’m convinced he is possessed
savageren209 (1 day ago)
To be honest is he better than NBA youngboy I'm confused
caleb young (14 hours ago)
No but he is very nice
Ariel Goodwin (1 day ago)
All of them look happy True partners ... I can’t believe this man did them boys like that 😔😔
KLac Quack (1 day ago)
Crazy that he allegedly killed both of his friends in the video
nasir Williams (1 day ago)
Xzv Nation (1 day ago)
When your girl say her parents gone for the weekend 1:32
I like beanz (1 day ago)
is it just me or at 1:14 his face has a type of filter and zooms in?
Angelo Avila (1 day ago)
Fake melly fans only listen to "murder on my mind"🤦‍♂🤦‍♂🤦‍♂🤦‍♂🤦‍♂ like if you agree
Presto Boi (1 day ago)
R.i.p juvy much love like if u like this song and miss these guys
ttolit t (1 day ago)
These the two boys he killed
Derp Machine (1 day ago)
Goat melly joined the chat
Daysi Rosario (1 day ago)
DABOSS_Fadez (1 day ago)
R.I.P YNW Family, y’all songs was fire 🔥 1:40 ik you didn’t do it Melly
Javius McCurty Jr. (1 day ago)
Destini McKnight (1 day ago)
LCLG 109 (1 day ago)
Dog was just bout to blow up
YaBoiEl (1 day ago)
King Karma#2 (1 day ago)
I still like this in 2019
Patrick Carty (1 day ago)
The sub in class let us listen to this
Jamorific 2 (1 day ago)
he really a reaper lol
YaBoiEl (1 day ago)
littlesavagelokz Yt (1 day ago)
Ynw stands for young nigga winning
Jt T (1 day ago)
Shit trash...
Jake Paul (1 day ago)
Lmao YNW aint the family😂
Eaven Duhon (1 day ago)
I like this song💰💸💵💴✌️👍👍👍👍👍👍
NeeNee Hunter (1 day ago)
Adds becbc93be
I like yo
shandon belnavis (1 day ago)
1:49 omg creassing
Nayda Carmona (1 day ago)
he sounded like a sheep in the beginning
Mariah Peiry (1 day ago)
My favorite
SENSEI (1 day ago)
2:46 if you play Super Smash Bros. you'd know why I time-stamped this
Torrence Lee (1 day ago)
Young thug knock off lol
Jamorific 2 (1 day ago)
forever famous for killin' sak and juvy smh but the song is awesome
Lil Swavy (1 day ago)
He’s short
ActiveGamePlay (1 day ago)
Song fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥💥💥💥💥💥🔴🔴🔥
William Perry (2 days ago)
She say that I'm Mandy, like Billy and Mandy, but bitch I'm the reaper 😈 she ain't a keeper
Cody Hendrik (2 days ago)
Hell yeah
jaydyn ketchum (2 days ago)
My oldest sister loves this song
NeeNee Hunter (2 days ago)
Wood queen size got 1zecrx c check c1b.s.2 Wow
NeeNee Hunter (2 days ago)
Wrwzqzwzw x armband q 1ew
jonhson so cool (2 days ago)
I love his music
Kool 4evA_YT (2 days ago)
Man they were so happy man rip
Kool 4evA_YT (2 days ago)
wait these the two dudes that melly got accused of killing right?
THE 8TRIKYFAM (2 days ago)
They were the best brothers ever no cap but the mum broke it with beefen wid sak that's y. But no matter what they still mellys brothers 4L. YNW4L RIP SAK JUVY MA BROTHERS
warme (3 hours ago)
THE 8TRIKYFAM who are you?
SW4GK1D3X Gaming (2 days ago)
Like=Ynw melly Reply=lil baby
Albert Rodriguez (2 days ago)
That's the sauce I guess or just me or you're drip watch how they try take my Glocks away nah happened pulled up you're won't that's sauce aww some smokes gotta dust ass that's just once
Albert Rodriguez (2 days ago)
Hell yeah it's like this I got di almonds in my name that's why you're lame and to me only thing is too you're shit too own it
RSN MO (2 days ago)
Goldie Lucciano (2 days ago)
This is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 they got this song on tic tok
Fw Jasmeann (2 days ago)
ynw's a family💯😈💗
Saint Dre'ko (2 days ago)
Wow . I can't believe he killed the niggas closest to him , 😭

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