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BRAIN TIME► https://goo.gl/tTWgH2 Have you heard someone saying that if a cat can put its head in somewhere, it means the rest of its body will pass through too? Well, unfortunately, that doesn't usually work with humans. At least, not always. We hope you don't suffer from claustrophobia, because we are gonna show you 7 incredible places where people got trapped.
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Text Comments (16887)
sidney pardillo (13 hours ago)
I got stuck in a tall box for 24 hrs
Tyree Clark (15 hours ago)
I once got my leg stuck between a stair railing
angry (16 hours ago)
I got stuck and couldn't pull out. now i have twins
Shannon Coscia (16 hours ago)
I locked my self in a 🚽
MIGGY T.E.P. (17 hours ago)
I got stuck in dahilayan boot camp playplace but i got out
DexterPie Peoples (22 hours ago)
9 yrs ago... Me: GET ME OUT OF HERE!!! mom: lol in 1 yr There
once I got trapped in my mom's car. It was the trunk in the car and I didn't get out until the next day. When she found me she was taking my little brother Liam to school.
Neoneffex (1 day ago)
I got my arm stuck in a gap between my bed and a wall. It was 3 AM, I woke up and I realized that my phone is under my bed. I nearly picked it up in the gap. And my arm got stuck for 20 minutes. I couldn't call for help since my mom is in the other room.
Tyriqk heta-tetomo (1 day ago)
there was these wood things like two planks and my leg got stuck in between
Sl Lindagaming Lin (1 day ago)
I got stuck inside a horrible place School
Dave Munoz (1 day ago)
I got stuck the meddle of the nigth
boss carter (1 day ago)
Behind a couch, I could not craul backwards🤤😠😭 I was like 3 or 4
Booger T (1 day ago)
I got stuck in a bathroom once
I'm stuck on Earth with no wear to turn but the Rhodes I walk down can't even jump off but if I could I'm sure somebody would pay me to do it...
I was walking on a sewer Talking to my friend and my leg slipped in between the bars and it took my friends dad and 5 minutes to get my leg out
Sister Shook (3 days ago)
I got stuck in my Landryshot😕😑😳
Jacob Miller (3 days ago)
I got trapped in a car
Mohamed Alsuwaidi (3 days ago)
I got stuck in my bathroom
Nina Soelseth (3 days ago)
I and my friend got stuck in a baby swing together
Bryan Yahuger (3 days ago)
I got trap out of home for 2days and no food until they opened it
Quan Tran (3 days ago)
Been trapped on earth since the day i was born
jeesan tomas (3 days ago)
Thats not true
fazebanana_ (3 days ago)
Stuck in a buss seat for 3 hours
B Mack (3 days ago)
I once got my head stuck in the boards where you put your head through to take pictures. 😂
Serenity Key (3 days ago)
I got trapped in my home
Aydin Huseyin (3 days ago)
I got my head stuck under the couch
Aydin Huseyin (3 days ago)
I got stuck in school Like if you got stuck there to
wanda Ramirez (3 days ago)
It's cherry plays (3 days ago)
I got stuck in a baby swing and in a a toilet seat
RedMatthew Ayers (3 days ago)
I was stuck in a sewer
zakia Smith (3 days ago)
I got stuck on a swing with a buckel and it flipped nobody was thar I saved my self
Kayla James (4 days ago)
Toy bin
Matukka _ (4 days ago)
I got stuck my WC becouse my mom kill me
military julio (4 days ago)
I got stuck in a box
ricky reyes Francisco (4 days ago)
Im stuck in boat lead
double r3 (4 days ago)
When I was a baby, I got stuck on the side of our old lil couch and what side? The left side where we had our bookcase there a long time ago.
Bennett Nalli (5 days ago)
I got stuck on the bed after not sleeping for two days. [Please like]
Jude Patterson (5 days ago)
In the wider
İ got stuck at outside (door) of my mothers house and i stayed there for like idk 1 min or something i cant remember
lendra leman 5758 (5 days ago)
2:39 its jimmy like in the game bully
DudeZombie (4 days ago)
They look similar but nah dude
Scp 173 (5 days ago)
i got stuck from a McDonald C.R because i pee and wash my hand i open the door it didnt open xD i realize my hand was wet and i dry my hands and im out xD
Tiny rainbow Gacha (5 days ago)
Who came because of the thumbnail?
zakia Smith (3 days ago)
No oun
Kandy Todd (5 days ago)
I got stuck reading all these comments
Loga Cro (5 days ago)
I almost died In a dam
DDW (5 days ago)
Vector from despicable me got stuck on the moon
Sinead Nicholls (5 days ago)
I was stuck in my nanny’s bathroom
Veeren Dhomse (6 days ago)
In a toilet
Riki. (6 days ago)
i come for thubnail:/
AaronC1978 (6 days ago)
I got stuck in my room for 24 hours Because I was grounded. I wasn't allowed out Until I said sorry for what I did 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Galaxy Gamer (6 days ago)
Mila Langiu (6 days ago)
every day i get stuck in my bed for 10 hours
NotHuman :0 (6 days ago)
I have claustriphobia and I have regrets.
Marie Marie (7 days ago)
I got stuck in a baby swing for 80 sec
GreenCheese (8 days ago)
Between two type wars know
Iren Royter (8 days ago)
I got stuck in a ball pit for 3 hours
Jurassic Jack (9 days ago)
A tiyer stak
Hailey roses (9 days ago)
I got stuck in a classroom for 13 hours
Kelly McKinnon (9 days ago)
I got stuck under a dresser
Audrey Timmons (9 days ago)
some of these comments are scary but some of them are very very STUPID
EvanThe Gamer 2.0 (9 days ago)
I got stuck in the lady's locker room ;)
Ashley Eurell (9 days ago)
I got stuck in a pitch black room for one hour with nothing
Ashley Eurell (9 days ago)
This will creep you out but.....
SayanDevil_666 (10 days ago)
got stuck in quick sand head under but surived
Illidan Reaper (10 days ago)
Sienna Brown (10 days ago)
I got stuck in a well
JAIROTHEOOFBOY (10 days ago)
I was in a bathroom and I almost almost got stuck my dad said not to lock it and I locked it and I don't know how to open it agian but today I listen now
Dennis Kompel (10 days ago)
My elbow got stuck next to a will near the stair railing.
ZekeTdHeroGuy (10 days ago)
I have been trapped in school for years and have been forced to so work please help
Blocked2172 (11 days ago)
I bet I’m the only one that knows the cat in the intro was from Stuart Little
Cristina W (12 days ago)
Romeo Carlos Laynesa (12 days ago)
My feet got stuck in a furniture
Mr. Soldier (12 days ago)
0:32 I watch that movie if you are gonna ask its Hop
wangzhen wang (13 days ago)
i got stuck by a baby car
wangzhen wang (13 days ago)
i got stuck in the garbage bin
Lima and Monie Vlogs (14 days ago)
I was playing with this Cabinet in my garage.Because there’s interesting stuff on in there I stepped on it cause there was something up there I couldn’t reach and it fell on me and I was trapped in there dead ass I was screaming for my mom!😂
Jayce (14 days ago)
I once tried to lick frost off of a shelf in the fridge, and got my tongue stuck on the metal.
martian j. wendy (14 days ago)
martian j. wendy (14 days ago)
ALL TYPES OF VIDEOS (15 days ago)
I Got stuck in the comment sections
Skinny Raptor (16 days ago)
I was stuck under my covers. In my bed. Until I woke up.
KABOOM SHAZAM (16 days ago)
Car seat belt
Snappy Dragon (17 days ago)
I got stuck watching this video
Stone Jennings (17 days ago)
Izzobel hughes (17 days ago)
I got my head stuck in a stair rail.. It was a week ago and I am 14...😐
Face up, Lol (18 days ago)
I got stuck in the toilet but my mom got me out so I was relieved
Aries Mariano (18 days ago)
Igot my feet and hands stuck in a sement for 3hours
nomadic gamer007 (19 days ago)
Got stuck in my uncle
Del Picsla (21 days ago)
once I was taking m two little brothers to the park (ones a baby and ones a teen), so my little teen brother bet me a cheeseburger with onions and mustard that I couldn’t fit into a baby swing so I decided to try and prove him wrong but I couldn’t fit in the swing with my jeans, so I ran home, got a pair of shorts and buttered my legs so they’d be slippery and squeezed into the swing and I fit! But then I got really stuck in the swings, and I couldn’t get out so we had to somehow dissatach it from the swing railing and I walked around with a swing attatched to my bottom for two days. I really had to go to the bathroom also, I didn’t want my parents to find out. I put on a pair of my moms fuzzy pregnancy pants to cover it, but I think she realized I had a seat on because of that, and also maybe because my butt looked huge and it made a jingle noise whenever I walked because of the chains. So I know the feeling. I started thinking of that meme “Charlie bit my finger” while stuck in the park swing, and I was like, wish me good luck Charlie hahah bc I will need it to get out of this swing! XD
Mahmoud Ceesay (22 days ago)
My tuong got stuck in the fridge
I got stuck in a dream where I got a girlfriend...It was horrible
Sharad gautam (23 days ago)
I got stuck in a hole for 0SEC
jayden Johnson (24 days ago)
Me and my cousin got stuck in her bedroom
Maria Sosa (24 days ago)
I got my arm stuck under my Sofa
Harry Robinson (24 days ago)
My name is harry
Leah Ramirez (24 days ago)
I got stuck in the elevator
Cheese Sticks (25 days ago)
I’ve been trap in a deep deep deep lake and almost died
Zain Mckinney (25 days ago)
My stepcousin he got in the dryer and he got stuck in there kind of I mean he was hiding in there but he got he couldn't open the door. I thought it was pretty cool that you could fit in there LOL
Kylie xoxo (25 days ago)
I got suck in a toilet😂😂 I think we all have!
Cool Gamer by Hunter (25 days ago)
My mum has eaten me until I was born
Jono Summers (25 days ago)
I was trapped in embarrassment when I pooped my pants

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