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BRAIN TIME► https://goo.gl/tTWgH2 Have you heard someone saying that if a cat can put its head in somewhere, it means the rest of its body will pass through too? Well, unfortunately, that doesn't usually work with humans. At least, not always. We hope you don't suffer from claustrophobia, because we are gonna show you 7 incredible places where people got trapped.
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Calleigh Brake (5 hours ago)
I got my knees stuck in the railing on the deck when I was five and we had to call the fire department to bend the rails on the deck open so I can get out
nita morris (10 hours ago)
I been trapped in a baby swing it took me two hours to get out
Catly Madness (12 hours ago)
Lmao I climbed into a claw machine before
alex pratt (21 hours ago)
I was trapped in a vagina for 9 months
Rachel Nash (1 day ago)
I got stuck in a flipping door
Minh Tran (1 day ago)
In a frij
Iron Boy (1 day ago)
I got stuck in the floor stupid hole
Nathan Lombard (1 day ago)
I got stuck in a basketball net
I was stuck in a tree for 2 hours it was 3 meters up 😂
Lincoln A. Caillouet (2 days ago)
Got stuck I friend's bathroom, door was mest up
Henry Cotrone (2 days ago)
I got stuck in a toybox and my little brother locked me in and I yelled for help😨
Seba Caliente (2 days ago)
I was trapped on a chair yea 100% legit
Brittany Walker (2 days ago)
My name is Ian and I got stuck in a garage
Harry Liston (2 days ago)
I used a excuse that I was stuck in bed when I wasn’t ☺️☺️☺️
Nicholas Henry (3 days ago)
I got stuck in a rabbits cage
Joe Gonzales (3 days ago)
Hello everybody
LaToya Cuthrell (3 days ago)
I was trapped in the bathroom before
тarts (3 days ago)
тarts (3 days ago)
тarts (3 days ago)
No a. Small. One. Ashly I. Was. There. For. 3 houses
тarts (3 days ago)
I. Got. Stuck. In. A. Huge. Hole. It. Was. F ing Bad
Austin Lawrence (3 days ago)
One time I got stuck in between the cushions in the couch
Ayobami Ore (3 days ago)
Trapped in your YouTube channel, your so amazing
Ayobami Ore (3 days ago)
I got trapped also in a top of a bunk bed because there was a bug on the ceiling and I was scared to get off i was scared if the bug will hop on my head.
Ayobami Ore (3 days ago)
I got trapped on the most place worst than hell called school. For eight hours
Bailey Benes (3 days ago)
I've been trapped in a baby swing
Pam Rodriguez (3 days ago)
I stuck in room
shahad alabsi (3 days ago)
I got stuck on a car for 1 day i didnt breath but good that the a little of the window was open
Bless phat (3 days ago)
What's the name of the movie @ 0:10
ABCDE GT (3 days ago)
99% of this people says in the comment section is i got stuck And 1%of people says 0:00(anytime) a guy that say traffic can
Doc Tweeter (3 days ago)
I got stuck watching this shitty video.
Patsy Evans (3 days ago)
I was once got into a metal box but then someone shut it with a melting stick and got stuck for 2 days .
Shadow Arya Mukherjee (4 days ago)
I was once stuck in a sewer for 1hr
Jaster Mendoza (4 days ago)
im trap in her heart
BaytubeHD (4 days ago)
I was trapped in a batroom because the lock was jammed and I had to wait about 30 minutes
stunt bros 101 (4 days ago)
How is your crush kid
I’ve Ben trappwd under water
I saw hop
Nadun piris (4 days ago)
Zach mac (4 days ago)
I don’t wanna go into it but i got stuck in the bathroom
Terri Poremba (4 days ago)
Terri Poremba (4 days ago)
I got stuck in the current and then I went under water and almost suffocated from a chain
Ashton Hamilton (4 days ago)
I got stuck in a basket ball hoop
One of the Most Stupid videos Ever I Have Watched In Youtube, Yak Waste Of Time
Anna Dudek (4 days ago)
My dog 🐕 got suck under my bed because he is so big
Leah Verriea (4 days ago)
I've been stuck in washing machine inside of the wires
I got stuck in the worst place ever Under the bed when my mom try to hit me
Gerald E (4 days ago)
I have been trapped in the park on the swing my brother tied me up
Josiah Swinson (4 days ago)
I got trapped in a jump house because they deflated it when I was still in there.
You Fanfest (4 days ago)
One time when I was playing hide & seek with my brother and cousins I hid and I was trapped and I was panicking then they got me out when I was screaming for help and crying I’m never playing hide & seek again because I got trapped and this is a true story and my brothers name is Dylan and my cousins names Darren,Ethan and my name is Morgan me and my brothers name are kind of the same because at the end there is a an so...bye.
Dolores Ghee (4 days ago)
I got stuck in a desk before and I don't wanna talk about it
KallraDude22 (4 days ago)
I was once stuck in my bedroom for 10 minutes becuase the door was so stiff 😂
Latenci YT (4 days ago)
I’ve been stuck is school for life...
Phoenix Woolford (4 days ago)
in the bathroom for about 10 mins
Poke Beast (4 days ago)
I got my head stuck in a chair once
Patris Venskus (4 days ago)
Under a bead
Spencer Guttormsen (4 days ago)
I AM a child
TheBeast101 (4 days ago)
I got stuck in a car
Jaiden (4 days ago)
I got traped in my blacket
Samuel Goodman (4 days ago)
vayne hunter (4 days ago)
I got trapped in school toilt
alfie904 flint (4 days ago)
I got stuck on the house roof
Natasha Rahman (4 days ago)
I got stuck nowhere
claire galvin (4 days ago)
I got trapped in my cover sheet like whaaaaat I was suffocating
Bahram Soleinani (4 days ago)
I got suck in a haunted house for 2 hours until the police arrived D:
Randolph Hinkle (4 days ago)
In bathroom
dino huso (4 days ago)
i got trapt onder e flour
Roblox kid (4 days ago)
U got stuck down the side of my bed I was sleeping then I fell and coudent get out of my dovet
nate Hulton (4 days ago)
I was trapped for 9 months, untill my mon delivered me.
AvexVurb (3 days ago)
nate Hulton 😂
Idiris Yusuf (4 days ago)
A carpet???!!
Jason Fox (4 days ago)
I got stuck in my bathroom and I thought I would miss school but my dad heard me scream and I got out awkward
Elizabeth Rush (4 days ago)
I got stuck in a washing machine when I was 2 for 2hrs at home
aericah (4 days ago)
My leg got trapped under my furniture for 65 hours
Tracy Vander Kooi (4 days ago)
My sister got stuck in the deck
ROBLOX TIME (4 days ago)
i got stuck in a jail cell for 2hrs the jail is called school.
Dean Mucaj (4 days ago)
I got trapped in a place called prison for 40 years idk why
Amy McNamara (4 days ago)
I have got my head stuck in barsq
jesse dierksheide (4 days ago)
Hey I was Jack in the washing machine from crying and doing laundry
gamer LV TV (4 days ago)
I stuck in foooooooooooortnite
Shark_ Puggy (4 days ago)
Yes the swing happened on a field trip lol
serena pardoe (4 days ago)
i got stuck in a race car before and i was there for 48 hrs
Masonnater 13 (4 days ago)
I got stuck in a tire swing
Terrius Lisenby (4 days ago)
I’ve been trapped in a car
Cricket Lovers (4 days ago)
Trapped in lift for 30 minutes
Unknown shadow (4 days ago)
I get stuck in odd places all the time adults say school i say hell or Six Cruel Hours Of Our Lives
Theo Hanley (4 days ago)
I’ve got trapped in a horrible place: SCHOOL
Sue Williams (4 days ago)
I axsedently got stuck in a tollett when I was 3
I was trapped in a toilet block for two hours when I was three
The Trender (5 days ago)
Umm... I got trapped at sea? Does that count? 🙃
cheryl gunn (5 days ago)
Once I got stuck under ice for 15 minutes while my girlfriend tried to help
I got stuck in a cabinet for 13 hours
nate Hulton (4 days ago)
Awkward clap
Brenda Johnson (5 days ago)
I was in an abondon traler for 3 hours
CiCi (5 days ago)
I got trapped in a seacret room
Ginger Bread (5 days ago)
I was stuck inside my hose, as the doors required electricity to open, but apparently there was a problem and it was unavailable for 5 hours. Missed all my lectures that day...
Rubydee Ohanlon (5 days ago)
I got stuck in the game fortnite🤣🤣🤣
The Bomb (5 days ago)
I got stuck in a cave a friend dared me to go in but I fell all the way down
Shawn T-Dog (5 days ago)
My sister got trapped in a bathroom
Noah_PlaysYt (5 days ago)
i got trapped on a bathroom at a Train
chase bvc Rezendes (5 days ago)
I got stuck with my ex girl this is what happened i heard her say I going over my ex house so I rushed out the school I rushed home and I hid in a closet until she came and my mom was going out so I told her I was going to my friends house and then I forgot to go over my friends house then my crush came and my mom let her In but i didnt no because i was still in my closet and my ex told my mom to lock the door so when she came up I scared her and then i said what i thought u were my mom and lied but she didn't know and we both sat down on my bed and 4 hours later we kissed and my mom came and that was awkward then me and my girlfriend got back together best day ever of 9th grade
FORNITE DEFAULT (5 days ago)
I was in school I didn’t here the bell and the get stuck in school with my crush😍😍😍

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