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Girls Can't Take a Hint!

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Text Comments (1913)
xaxa (5 hours ago)
A girl ALWAYS gets the hint😏 She just doesn't like you🤷‍♀️
Dandelions Dandelions (12 days ago)
So what if a person, like I myself have done a couple of weeks ago, tells a guy flat out, straight up, no wishy-washyness, no sugar-coating, that they are not interested and wants nothing to do with love, dating or anything remotely related to that. Then the other person proceeds to tell you that they are a gift of God and does not understand why you would reject them. Then offer to send you shirtless pics. AND asks you what it is that they have to mold themselves into, to make them be appealing to the person they won't stop pursuing. Yes, I'm talking about one of my experiences here. I wish it were as easy as one simply moving on then and there, the very moment I reject a person. To continuously try to persuade me is one fantastic way to irritate me even more, to the point where I can't even stand the person's presence. I don't care if that makes me seem like I have an ugly personality. I told the person I appreciated their liking to me, and that I was immediately honest so as to not lead them on. "No" was just such a difficult response to accept.
mermaltim68 (13 days ago)
The white guy drove an Evo X... nice ride bro👍
cobister (13 days ago)
why do asians only make videos with asians?
Denise Pascua (19 days ago)
Harry Shum Jr. 😍
CrazedMedusa (23 days ago)
Lol I’ve been in this situation so many times ahaha I just play dumb !
Sophia Medina (1 month ago)
We know flirting when we see it happening. Lol
All Night Cats (1 month ago)
Yes, to all of this.
Madhuri (1 month ago)
4.05 .. I see Harry Shum Jr. , I like the video🖤🖤
Dna Drewzy (1 month ago)
2:35 my dawg drives a evo
Mark was actually super awesome...
Lukas Le Desma (1 month ago)
The fifth Friday. Of the month...😶
Cande Hg (1 month ago)
I totally agree with this, boys can make us feel so awkward.
Waffles (1 month ago)
Mark cant get girls cuz he has an evo
A.B anne (1 month ago)
I'm a girl and I'm gonna have to agree with you sometimrs we can't take a hint but sometimes neither can you guys
Georgian Matei (1 month ago)
It would be easier if they would be dorect
MrHoppers002 (1 month ago)
I wonder why as a species we can't all be more blunt with each other and state our true objections and intentions. All this hint dropping or guess work leads to a lot of confusion, misunderstanding, and awkwardness. I'd rather people tell me to my face what they truly want or want from me that way we're all on the same page. I don't know why people like this he said she said bullshit
Annie Wang (1 month ago)
taylor's always sippin' the tea hahah
Francys Zeledón (1 month ago)
Hey!! I love your videos, ALLL OF THEM. But with subtitle would be cool jajaja
Jejuan Haywood (1 month ago)
Just say “not interested “ 😂 don’t say u gone bring a friend 😂
Austin Wilwayco (2 months ago)
Honestly btw I think it’s more mean to not be direct with people who genuinely like you
Austin Wilwayco (2 months ago)
Maybe girls should be more direct cause their coming off as mean and that causes guy to come off as dumb and ignorant
shannon clark (2 months ago)
I’m naturally very affectionate, cuddly and “flirty” so this assumption of me liking someone happens all the time when I’m really just being myself
Yellow Asian Banana (2 months ago)
"Yeah, it's nothing." *sips tea*
Skippy19812 (2 months ago)
Girl - Drops hint. Guy - Takes hint and leaves girl alone. Girl - "Why has he stopped chasing me? Aren't I worth it? Bah! Men are all the same." Guy - Takes new hint and tries again. Girl - "Like, OMG, stop stalking me you weirdo." ... and so on.
GISTutorialsAnd (2 months ago)
Siri Yadla (2 months ago)
that awkward moment when ur at the game the ur bff and her boyfriend and the kiss cam lands on you and your best friends boyfriend.......
Ren (2 months ago)
What if the girl is introverted and has no friends :/
Pichoudom Chou (2 months ago)
I used to that
Dwayne Quashie (2 months ago)
Wicked white evo
Gilga345 (3 months ago)
Because it would be to hard to just say that they are not interested, i dont understand girls
roman kalinchuk (3 months ago)
Men are direct, girls and boys use hints. If you're a guy trying to get a girl with hints, then you should wait till you become manly enough to not be afraid to just say things straight up.
Lina Abou-Zeid (3 months ago)
Heyyyy Mark...:))
Sonam Pelden (3 months ago)
I actually did that thing of pretending to fall for those handsome hunks online n showing their pictures to the guy(who I knew had a crush on me) so that he will get the hint and stop expecting me to like him back, without me having to say No on his face(which may eventually ruin our friendship).
HEY KYU (3 months ago)
I would give very highkey signs to show that I am not interested if I feel like a guy is interested in me but honestly even if a guy Friend ask me out for dinner I would be doubtful like okay maybe he’s just asking as a Friend and if I were to just tell him no I’m not interested, it would be weird and sound like I’m so full of myself to think he likes me. But giving very highkey signs to show I’m definitely not interested hopefully he can pick up on it. However, if he still doesn’t get it after a while I would tell him straight but honestly if u just like me just tell me so I can give you an answer straight. I don’t want to lead you on either but I can never be 100% sure you like me if you don’t tell me first
Super Nova (3 months ago)
'Wanna grab dinner with me tomorrow ' 'No' 'K'
forseth11 (3 months ago)
Guys need to stop acting like girls and giving hints!! Just be direct and say “I’d like to take you out on a date? You you available X day at X time?” Then take any hints the girls give.
roman kalinchuk (3 months ago)
Exactly! We need more men to act like men.
Malcolm austin (3 months ago)
Mark drives an Evo. This is clearly acting, because Mark get's all the bitches.
Catsu Surname u (3 months ago)
Maybe everyone should justbe straight at what they feel because being honest with someone is better than giving them hope then crushing it also men cant take a hint because we are stupid, if girls could take the hint they should just be honest
Rico Suave (3 months ago)
Shout-out to Ashley to be the voice of the short ❤️
savage pebbles (3 months ago)
Nice evo
Céline Getaire (3 months ago)
I prefer ppl plucking up their courage to talk things out, and noooo hinting as it’s also illustrated in the video that hinting doesn’t work so well. But, when comes to ppl who don’t wanna hurt me directly and see me cry to their face. I thanked for your kindness. But it just made me being stupid. I felt you being dishonest. I don’t know whether we could talk anymore.
alexkg1 (3 months ago)
4:07 That's some amazing spill-proof shirt there!
Cajan Rössler (3 months ago)
2:32 guys is he steping out ov an Evo??
__ (3 months ago)
If you really want to give a guy a hint just say you have a boyfriend or you aren't intrested. It will keep all the normal people away. Creeps will stay creeps, if you give them some crappy hint or just tell the truth.
Vanshika Chaudhary (3 months ago)
Lol these guys are so overconfident
BELLE (3 months ago)
😂😂😂 true I like it
Karan Bhardwaj (3 months ago)
umm then dont try being friends with them after rejecting them, you stupid cunts. you want the cake and eat it too.
Andrea Mata (3 months ago)
LOVE THESE VIDEOS!!!! It's true, it's scary to assume because it can get awkward fast XD
Leo Darnell (3 months ago)
Its easy to say "Women should just be more honest with men." But when I've noticed women are attracted to me... I have never shot them down... Even if they are 0% attractive... People typically only straight-up reject someone when they are really forced to (or they are drunk/candid)...
NK (3 months ago)
Oh damn. The guy has an Evo 😁🙌🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
REINER .J CONOR (3 months ago)
*Bitch rape her and cry*
Daniel Whyatt (3 months ago)
Giiiirls. They meeean.😢😩
Oh then ... I think I'm gonna be single for awhile... hehehehe this will be fun... I will just stay home/go to work/meet my friends/sleep and repeat until I'm dead... best way to die just die alone and they will discover my body after a couple of days until it smells like dog shit and nobody will get hurt bcz nobody will like me... shit I just made myself cry knowing that this is probably what's gonna happen 😅😪
AI 2.0 (3 months ago)
Damn I just realized what we’re going to
Anthea Roshan (3 months ago)
we love harry shum jr
Taw Taw (3 months ago)
That dude looks kinda like john cena😂😂
kylejiahsmith (3 months ago)
Don't drop hints. Be honest
Andrew Johnson (3 months ago)
This is the exact reason why some people are gay or all alone.
Enrico Stimpson (3 months ago)
Some folks will get awkward when the kiss cam is on them
AlexThePro (3 months ago)
1:34 Girls can be so *thicc* sometimes😂
Forever Gaming (4 months ago)
I think both sides can't take a hint sometimes
Krown Zee (4 months ago)
5th Friday of the month. Hmm
Kris (4 months ago)
Jensen Huang
Lyrical (4 months ago)
Why can’t we all just be more direct? This just seems cruel ;P
Mind over Mindfuck (4 months ago)
One of my male friends had a talk with me about how he felt sorry for me for being so dense about this. He really had no clue and it's both hilarious and sad
Bobby Stills (4 months ago)
All this shit is possible of any sex, but I’m a guy and we’re the ones that “can’t take a hint” lol. Girls just want to see what you do. Fucking sucks lol.
lemonadeshards (4 months ago)
victorious can agree
Chanson Ching (4 months ago)
Maybe stop leading people on
Cronin93ofssd (4 months ago)
Very simple, say no.
XV9Genesis (4 months ago)
Mark is cool, he's rocking an evo x. hjaha
Edward Tang (4 months ago)
That ‘How you doin’” sounds too much like Joey Tribbiani😆
Bidhan Roy (4 months ago)
hey!! u just can't make videos so relatable 😖😖 it hurts man 😥😥
That Guy From Africa (4 months ago)
I even told the girl I like still got friend zoned
idan smart (4 months ago)
Too bad girls cant say there not interested from the beginning before you pay for dinner oh wait they can!!!
Huff (4 months ago)
Circle=360Degrees,Square=4 corners, 1 corner=90Degrees,90x4=360, So does a Square=Circle?
Muhammad Abdullah (4 months ago)
Negative Ives (4 months ago)
I had that happen once.... A chick who I was being overly nice with, and had somewhat decent chemistry with tried to set me up with her friend. Glad I didn't deal with her for much longer turns out she was batshit crazy. She kept trying to hook up to my roommate, who had a steady girlfriend at the time, that she knew.
Piggy Cuber (4 months ago)
Maybe they BOTH can’t take a hint like Jesus it’s not just one side 😂
TryingToCode (4 months ago)
2:31 He drives an evo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Leon (4 months ago)
*Girls are confusing*
Kevin Chen (4 months ago)
5th Friday of the month
Mvusi Ngundu (4 months ago)
😂😂 " every fifth friday of the month " yho either i'm dumb or damn💀
rogerina (4 months ago)
You mean, *boys* can't take a hint.
Michael Aguirre (4 months ago)
The friend zone doesnt exist. If she's not interested leave her alone and start looking other places. You don't need more friends.
Juba Aliu (4 months ago)
Girls are evil...
Johnny's Parrot (4 months ago)
The difference is, when a girl likes a guy, guys cant take the hint. While when a guy likes a girl, the girl knows it but it might seem like she doesnt take the hint cuz she aint interested 😂
Pluttskutt (4 months ago)
I know from the second I see a person if there is more there than possible friendship. The more time I spend around this person and learn about them the feeling grows. I have never developed feelings out of nowhere for someone. I started a new school this semester and made friends with a guy in another class. Now that our winterbreak is here he wrote to me saying I have melted his frozen heart or something like so, pretty yes because he's a writer but I am not interested. I told him my friends say they can trust me and I am glad I make him feel better.
HAIBA LEVS WAIFU (5 months ago)
Oh we know when you are trying we just don't care and pretend like we don't know 💀
Kookie_Sprite (5 months ago)
Girls take the hint It’s you guys who don’t take the hint that they arE NOT INTERESTED
Chu_OW (5 months ago)
Oh shit... This is accurate
Simply Because (5 months ago)
Soo so soo true!!! I'm having this problem with one of my friends right now, but i was straight and completely honest with him. I told him that i don't see him more than a friend and this is not ganna work and he's just making this awkward. And if he can't stop flirting and act like a friend, it's better if we just stop talking. Should i feel guilty...?! 🙁
JKK (1 month ago)
Guilty??? For what?! You did him a huge favour and yourself too. You know how many girls out there string men along for their own ego boost knowing full well (but just pretending not to know) that the guys like them? I am very proud you were direct and honest. Pat on the back to you!
Itsrud (5 months ago)
Girls know where the conversation is going from the way you start the topic and all so it's just she Doesn't like you like that but wanna be friends with you. So if you'll give a girl a hint and think she didn't get it actually she did but she doesn't want it
insxide (5 months ago)
"Girls can't take a hint" *WELL NO DUH, WE THINK YOUR BEING FRIENDLY XD*
Jack Bruce (5 months ago)
$#!t this is the opposite way around for me. Ha I don’t even like her! I friend zoned her I hope I dident give her depression
Naniya Mernando (5 months ago)
N get rejected....
Acaciah . (5 months ago)
5 Fridays in a month?
Jennifer Tran (5 months ago)
Just realised when that guy insisted on paying for the bill he was holding a 1 dollar bill...
Nana Finn (5 months ago)
Guys are soo dumb.
CutenessOverloaded (5 months ago)
Every 5th friday of the month!!!... i am dead 😂😂😂

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