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Reiki with Jessica Miller PART 2- www.ReikiMastery.com

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More info at http://www.ReikiMastery.com Jessica demonstrates the uses of Reiki and sound healing (chanting and overtoning / throat singing). Reiki is a form of holistic healing that originated in Japan. It is a way of magnifying the healing "ki" energy of the hands. Reiki uses the same kind of non-physical "ki" energy martial artists use to nourish the body's health and vitality. Reiki is safe, gentle and amazingly effective on many kinds of physical and emotional issues, and is rapidly becoming the most popular healing modality on the planet. It is very easy to learn the basics, yet new ways to use it constantly suggest themselves. Jessica Miller is a Reiki Master/ Teacher. She has been teaching Reiki since 1992. She is a licensed teacher for the International Center for Reiki Training. She regularly teaches classes in Pasadena, CA (Sierra Madre). She also conducts classes in Kyoto Japan, Sacramento CA (Roseville), and Massachusetts. If you can't make it to her classes or seminars in California or the east coast, she also does online classes. For more information, email Jessica at [email protected] or go to her website at http://www.ReikiMastery.com Directed by Mo Abersheid at http://www.MyFavoriteFilm.com
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