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Black sand beach near Vik Iceland 2

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Black sand beach near Vik Iceland 2
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Gene Kelly (4 days ago)
No lifeguards? No swimming?
Faisal العنزي (6 months ago)
this my dream 😭😭😭 iam from jordan desert #wadirum
Just me . (8 months ago)
I dream of traveling to this place
Faisal العنزي (6 months ago)
the onely place I dreamed about ❤❤❤
Guillermo Vaccarezza (10 months ago)
Granted, Iceland became the most hipster location to visit, but it sure is beautiful regardless. I was there a year ago and it blew my mind.
bala rock (10 months ago)
Looks like haunted
Clément Pellequer (1 year ago)
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Sara X (1 year ago)
Alfred Ackerman (1 year ago)
Death Stranding trailer beach
A Wells (1 year ago)
I went there in 2014 to see the puffins.
Somya Maheshwari (1 year ago)
Dilwale - Gerua brought me here
Kelvin Wong (2 years ago)
Don't walk so close to the beach, those waves get crazy!
J Daily (2 years ago)
Kojima brought me here
Mau Santana (2 years ago)
J Daily Lool me 2
Nashuha Audrey (2 years ago)
look scary a little bit
Wakesho Connie (3 years ago)
it's beautiful
Dian X (3 years ago)
Where is this located
on the other side of the mountain in vik
Hassan Elhaddad (3 years ago)
beautiful black sand beache
Infinite Sky (3 years ago)
Gorgeous, perfectly gothic!

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