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lil peep ft. horsehead - girls

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Listen to COME OVER WHEN YOU'RE SOBER (Pt. 1) here: http://lilpeep.lnk.to/sober TOUR TIX: http://www.lilpeep.party/tour Directed by Ramez Silyan http://getmezzy.com HELLBOY on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/lil_peep/sets/hellboy Get tickets to The Peep Show Tour here: http://www.lilpeep.party/tour http://www.lilpeep.party/ http://twitter.com/lilpeep http://instagram.com/lilpeep http://soundcloud.com/lil_peep http://facebook.com/lilpeepmusic
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Just A Prank (2 hours ago)
Was he with too poor in this video?
Hulkor FR (3 hours ago)
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mmax chapp (7 hours ago)
Наверное это один-единственный не рэппер, а музыкант. Именно музыкант. 1. Музыка со смыслом 2. Звучание 3. Припевы без GUCCI GANG сккрррррррррррррр и иной хуйни. Он выходил за рамки, он не пел про средства, шлюх, а про разбитое сердечко, более разнообразное мышление, он не повторял за всеми, он творил СВОЁ, делал всё по собственному. Но к огорчению мир конфискует наилучших и это не поменять. Мы небольшой пип в наших сердцах покамест мы слушаем его треки
Clay P (16 hours ago)
FreshlyCutGrass (16 hours ago)
miss you peep
Xan Ax (17 hours ago)
THE RANDOMSTUDIO (18 hours ago)
I miss u peep. 💔😒
mr hacker 786 (20 hours ago)
This song has only one problem, That it ends. I love this song so much. Why are there 3.7k dislikes on mlm this video? So now the world has 3.7k fools who dislike such a great song
Madafaker Yo (1 day ago)
where i can get this ushanka
cam fuentes (1 day ago)
too poor
Burt Gaming (1 day ago)
*Flamingo.Exe has Stopped Working*
Gruzio ! (1 day ago)
Brittany Ramirez (1 day ago)
I love this one
Karen G.P.K. (1 day ago)
Toopoor <3
Cody Nadeau (1 day ago)
This is seriously the best music video I’ve ever fuckin seen, it’s just soo perfect. Like I love the fact that there’s a transsexual chick in it, both of there outfits are perfect lol plus the song is amazing... rip peep
terrible Love (1 day ago)
0:34 вхвх ЛСП
xavier doucet (1 day ago)
anybody know where that scream at 2:24 is from?
So hard 💔🥀🖤
J Fool (2 days ago)
W0lf (2 days ago)
Every decision you made in your life made you read this comment.
coven tv (2 days ago)
Aga beee
CHARLIE PLAYZ (2 days ago)
I don’t like horse heads part on this song
JJ Gonzalez (2 days ago)
Love u lots and lots peep I'll catch up to u one day homie
Canal do Jhow Br (2 days ago)
Ali Hammoud (2 days ago)
lotion for the face : (3 days ago)
Чо за Олег ЛСП?
materialismo (3 days ago)
что там делает Олег ЛСП?
Naydelin Peguero (3 days ago)
Rest easy Gus
unibidcoffee 32 (3 days ago)
so is nobody gonna say anything about the bad ass flamingos
Lixandra Velasquez (3 days ago)
Gucci SuShi (3 days ago)
Someone told me I was a try hard because I like This type of music
Bleona Kreku (3 days ago)
[Lil Peep] Girl Girl, make me drink Girl, make me think Girls, like it on my dick Now girls, girls, uh Girl Beat Fiends [Lil Peep] Girls Girls, make me drink Girls, make me think Girls, like it on my dick Now girls They try to get me mad I try to make them sad So they fall in love with me, yeah girls I can read 'em like a book Couple minutes that it took just to get her In my room Goddamn, she said I'm the man Girl I'm still a kid gettin' money like your dad Aw, girl Girl Girl Yeah Girl Girls, make me drink Girls, make me think Girls, like it on my dick Now girls They try to get me mad I try to make them sad So they fall in love with me, yeah, girls I can read 'em like a book Couple minutes that it took just to get her in my room Goddamn, she said I'm the man Girl, I'm still a kid gettin' money like your dad Aw, girl Girl Aw, Girl Girl Girl [Horsehead] From the top I'm not gonna worry about last night again You just wanna see me fall again That's alright, I know you'll be back again for the last time You know my pain and you know my life You are the dark and you are the light I steal the look when you're not with me I wrote the book on feeling empty Why did I ever take a chance on you? I made you feel empty like the drugs that you do You told me that you love me that's not easy to do But girl, don't tell me that you love me If you're just gonna leave Don't tell me that you love me It means nothing to me No, no REST IN PEACE MY SWEET BABY😢😢💖💟..Almost one year...
Houston 911 (4 days ago)
там ЛСП что ли?
ARINV (4 days ago)
Caleb Hayes (4 days ago)
#COWYS2 November 9th Can’t wait peep😢
Marlx (4 days ago)
1:08 sorry but she looks like a guy :D
XXISSA XXKNIFE (4 days ago)
Miss you♥
Ana Marie (4 days ago)
Am I the only one obsessed with his mouth
James Good (4 days ago)
Listen to No Love by DELIC #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/delic-jf/no-love
James Good (4 days ago)
Girlfriend said James you're not the same / I take drugs to forget the pain / DMT is inside my brain / What I feel man I can't explain
Yung Purge (4 days ago)
Its sad what they do to the drugs these days, the weed is even more potent than ever before cause they spray it with all these chemicals to make it stronger, weed isnt even safe these days...I firmly believe peep would still be here if his xans were not shaved down and laced with fentanyl...We have an epidemic here in Philadelphia as well where fentanyl is filled in the streets due to a shortage of the real drugs they have to shave pills down and put sleeping pills/fentanyl in heroin and other drugs to make money. We are killing eachother and it breaks my heart.
Israel Rodríguez (4 days ago)
we miss you Peep. ):
G X J X (5 days ago)
love u bruh
Raihan Sungkar (5 days ago)
ARINV (5 days ago)
Ksenia KoL (5 days ago)
My Love ❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘💞😍💞😍💞😍❤️😘💞😍❤️😘💞😍💞😍💞😍💞😍❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘💞😍❤️😘❤️😘💞😍💞😍💞😍💞😍❤️😘❤️😘💞😍💞😍💞😍❤️😘💞😍
2018 17.10.2018?
doug cheedie (5 days ago)
Suena cabron, pero horsehead la caga con su voz cagada
iceinmyear (5 days ago)
Probably one of the best songs ive ever heard in my life
Имя Фамилия (5 days ago)
Бля там чё лсп был
Rodrigues Rodrigues (5 days ago)
Toopoor in this clip?
Land Creature (6 days ago)
Anyone who has an issue with the lyrical content needs to recognize artists make music that reflects their life. There is absolutely no escaping that.
Jimothy (6 days ago)
He was literally an angel on earth
Davis Jr (6 days ago)
girlll :v💔
Kimmy Castro (6 days ago)
missing you always :-(
リーンLean (6 days ago)
I just love his songs and his hairstyle in this video so much, gonna get myself the same haircut on the 15.11, you get it
little shit (8 days ago)
miss you
denry alfat (8 days ago)
I Hate Toopoor
Mary Jane (8 days ago)
Legends never die
Shuteye (8 days ago)
anyone know where i can cop that hat
A.U.Z - A.U.Z (8 days ago)
I only wish to hear another song from you. You are awesome. R.I.P.
Sofia Mur_alieva (9 days ago)
Federica Souto (9 days ago)
Porque es tan lindo?
sp00kybaby (9 days ago)
is this toopoor??
Zampolo (9 days ago)
*girls make me dreamm...*
Tanner Jordan (9 days ago)
Black lady looks like a man
Joe Eyre (9 days ago)
Where can I get his orange hat from lmao
Fire Flow (9 days ago)
Love to all the people who feel peep's music <3
DEATH NOTE (10 days ago)
ValentinezSKATES (10 days ago)
Is that toopoor
Ashley Barthel (10 days ago)
I love his smile
Karina Balint (11 days ago)
R.i.p Lil Peep R.i.p Xxxtentacion R.i.p Mac Miller
Diego Maradona (11 days ago)
Saturnalia Ailanrutas (11 days ago)
Remains my fav song by Peep since Hellboy mixtape came out. Never gets old, r.i.p <3
Raymundo Gonzalez (11 days ago)
what the brand of the colorful shirt peeps wearing??!!
Raymundo Gonzalez (3 days ago)
i found it the brand is kenzo +Peebz™
Peebz™ (11 days ago)
looks like gucci
Ozla Tube (11 days ago)
A Rico (12 days ago)
Bruh horsehead ruined this song for me. Sounding off key af my guy
Jacky Sieras (12 days ago)
Me mama ésta canción:)
GreY SHeep BEATS (12 days ago)
Manly ass girls😂
Hank Two Moons (12 days ago)
Flamingos, flamingos make me drink Flamingos make me think Flamingos like it on my dick.
Mariam Jung (12 days ago)
נעה כהן צמח (12 days ago)
lil peep lil peep lil peep lil peep lil peep lil peep
Deuz (13 days ago)
Putas leyendas siempre mueren.!! Por qué carajos.!!?:c
Graigs (13 days ago)
Wish peep never died and stayed lowkey cause now every comment I read gives me a headache, his fanbase turned into shit smh
Kalina Millano (13 days ago)
miss you
Tyiler Thompson (13 days ago)
do i spot a TooPoor?
Amine g bax (14 days ago)
Girls, make me dream 🙌
Зачем умерал
Austin Vlogs (14 days ago)
Rip daddy
Jose Salazar (14 days ago)
El chavo del 8
kevin Arreguin (14 days ago)
Lil peep had 1Friends it was lil Tracy rip lil peep good Night core
No One (14 days ago)
I was actually thinking who is this dumb corny fuck with the curly mullet on the side of his face and then he had the second half of the song 😂 wtf. Terrible.
На 0:35 кент из ЛСП
Svm Pride (15 days ago)
Never die. ❤
PEDRO CAMACHO (15 days ago)
Creo que 1 millon de views son solo mias :v
Akira Kitano (15 days ago)
Sexy black women boy :-)
TrueLegendGamer (16 days ago)
Horsehead is so good of course peep is good but let's give horsehead compliments as well
trevor jenkins (16 days ago)
This song and video is a masterpiece
r.i.p legends (16 days ago)
We still love you 😭💔
SpeedyIrving (16 days ago)
Lil Peep had a really big heart. He had a lot of feelings. Love and the world kill him. Love broke him and the world fail to understand him and the struggle he was facing. He clearly was telling us threw his music. 😞😞

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