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Taking Into Account, Ep. 12 - Apple Repairs, Microsoft Patents, GNOME Menus, Flatpak Security

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This weeks topics include: 0:42 Apple kills independent repair of MacBooks. Also reports of Apple Store price gouging. 8:54 Microsoft joins the OIN and open sources 60,000 patents. 17:58 GNOME to no longer use application menus starting in GNOME 3.32. 22:57 New website claims Flatpak is a "security nightmare." 31:21 Here are ten educational applications for children available on Linux. 35:08 I read viewer question. Also discuss the possibility of no episode next week. REFERENCED IN THE VIDEO: https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/yw9qk7/macbook-pro-software-locks-prevent-independent-repair https://appleinsider.com/articles/18/10/09/cbc-video-claims-apples-repair-policies-are-abusive-but-proof-falls-far-short https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelho/2018/10/11/microsoft-just-open-sourced-60000-patents-proving-it-really-does-love-linux/#10c3a9b43807 https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2018/10/10/1619375/0/en/Microsoft-Joins-the-Open-Invention-Network-Community.html https://www.fsf.org/news/fsf-statement-on-microsoft-joining-the-open-invention-network https://blogs.gnome.org/aday/2018/10/09/farewell-application-menus/ https://flatkill.org/ https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2018/10/new-website-claims-flatpak-is-a-security-nightmare https://www.fossmint.com/best-linux-educational-software-for-kids/ WANT TO SUPPORT THE CHANNEL? Please like, share and subscribe. For those that wish to donate to the channel, you can do so through Patreon, Liberapay or PayPal: https://www.patreon.com/distrotube https://en.liberapay.com/DistroTube/ https://bit.ly/2uTBqXX (PayPal) BUY SHIRTS AND MUGS: Help support this channel by purchasing these fine t-shirts, hoodies and mugs. https://teespring.com/stores/distrotube JOIN ME ON DIASPORA AND MASTODON: https://diasp.org/people/792034802a050136980b047d7b62795e https://mastodon.technology/@distrotube Your support is very much appreciated. Thanks, guys!
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Text Comments (86)
Brian Karsten (1 day ago)
Don't worry Rossmann will get the software
Damian Zaręba (6 days ago)
Those patent's aren't open source, they're only for OIN members, not for everyone.
Morality124 (9 days ago)
Well, I suppose the Gnome 3 team only knows what's better for us than the rest of us or any other desktop environment project out there... the problem is that the GTK 3 toolkit is so associated with the Gnome project these days is that even non-Gnome GTK-built applications get affected by these (apparently unilateral) Gnome decisions. And I can think of PLENTY of use cases where this change makes no sense.
Morality124 (9 days ago)
I read a comment somewhere that I think summarizes Microsoft's actions well... this is akin to a country revealing their nuclear weapon arsenal as a show of strength; the big stick Microsoft has never full revealed (and had been used to threaten companies extensively over the years). The fact that OIN membership can be revoked at any time and plus the fact that we've been only given vague answers as to patents that AREN'T covered, makes me think this is nothing more than a tactile decision, and certainly not some act of virtue.
Joe Johnson (10 days ago)
Microsoft = Embrace, Extend, and Extinguish!
SeasonedGuy (10 days ago)
I hope you will get a relaxing weekend. Thank you for another interesting video.
NARWA (10 days ago)
SEARCH /WATCH: Global Internet Outages In Next 48hrs To Happen 2018 WATCH:Microsoft Windows 10 Update deletes your files! Who needs ransomware?
Loopesther PP (10 days ago)
OMG!!! My post on Mastodon <3 @distrotube Just wondering.. please don't overwork yourself :) If you don't post We'll miss, but definitely understand
DistroTube (10 days ago)
Thanks, Loopesther. I read your message while I was recording this video. Thought I'd add it to the show. ;)
Kenneth Florek (10 days ago)
No way Microsoft gives up billions of dollars. The only thing they would do is a trade-off, so the benefit for them would be greater. I admit, I don't see what Microsoft has to gain. Big corporations often have patent-sharing agreements that come about as the result of patent suits. So GM-Ford have rights to each others patents. Intel-AMD have rights to each others patents (after years of Intel suing AMD and only later nearly losing a big one.) What happens is that the lawyers realize the only working strategy to protect yourself against a richer company constantly bleeding you by suing is to sue the Jesus back out of them. But generally that still keeps other competitors out in the cold. Maybe Microsoft has some strategy to overtake ARM+Android (or something else not Windows) in devices (phones, TV's) that now dominate in numbers over desktops/laptops, and is only getting worse (for Microsoft) as ARM designs get more capable. ARM (which does no manufacturing) is not an open-source company, but quantity licenses are cheap. Every one of these ARM SOCs has an impediment to linux (and Windows) insofar as they use drivers only available as so-called blobs, so they can only work with one linux kernel, if any, and also can't be fixed for bugs and security risks, or improved. There are some open-source projects to create drivers, however, although they have been very, very slow, and they don't cover many SOC's thoroughly.
Richard Addison (11 days ago)
13:14 I still don't trust 'em. Never will.
Peter Jansen (11 days ago)
I disagree with blaming the people who pack formats like Flatpak, the developer of those formats could have locked it down, couldn't they? If you allow people to screw up then some people will screw up. Not that I am worried about security holes due to that, I just find it a bit too easy to not take responsibility because the packagers can lock it down themselves.
Peter Jansen (11 days ago)
I still don't trust Microsoft! If they keep it up for 10-20 years then I will consider believing that they don't have bad intentions (embrace, extend, extinguish). I like Jason Evangelho, even though he works for Forbes. Of course MS needs to work with Linux given the cloud so it makes sense that they try to be friends with the Linux community. Once MS opensources all their APIs (DX9, DX11, DX12, Havoc...) and Office related stuff like fonts and allows the Linux community to port it to Linux then I might start to trust Microsoft. Putting it simple, I want MS to tell the users: "you use whatever operating system which you like, we won't lock any third party software to our OS, we want you to use Windows, MS Office and other software because we make it better than the competing software. not because you are forced to use it". We all know that MS will never do that.
Peter Jansen (11 days ago)
Distrotube, do you follow Louis Rossmann his channel? I recommend it if you want to know how bad Apple is. I have been following him for years (like many of your viewers which I learned from the chat), he is a good guy (even though he is a libertarian ;)). He is good at what he does. Maybe a topic for a next time, the price increase of Intel CPUs due to a shortage of supply. In the USA it is not that bad yet (though a big increase!), in Europe the prices have increased with 50-100%.
Jack Russell (11 days ago)
https://venturebeat.com/2018/07/19/microsoft-reports-30-1-billion-in-q4-2018-revenue-azure-up-89-surface-up-25-and-windows-up-7/amp/ "Intelligent Cloud: Up 23 percent to $9.6 billion. Server products and cloud services revenue grew 26 percent, while Enterprise Services revenue increased 8 percent. The big number as always was Azure revenue, which took off by 89 percent."
Jack Russell (11 days ago)
DT - why do you keep repeating the same incorrect "fact" in your vids that Microsoft is looking to get into the cloud business! They already are, dammit! In a big way, 2nd only to Amazon, at worst - namely Microsoft Azure. You did so in this vid just after the 10 min 30 sec mark. I'm not a fan of theirs at all, but you need to stop saying the same wrong thing over & over. I'll post a link with quote in my follow up post to this.
Firejail can be used to sandbox AppImages.
GhostMirror3567 (11 days ago)
I was wondering now that Microsoft released all those patents do you think they could potentially Open Source or do some kind of release of Direct3D for Linux so the kernel can get official DX support not just use OpenGL or Vulkan
I would like to see Microsoft open source all versions of Directx though.
HewBiePie (10 days ago)
This is way you never trust proprietary software like Microsoft and wall-off garden like Apple company has a very bad habit for their customers. And what do you know? It looks like we need Free/Libre Hardware or open source hardware to respect our freedom and it's happening and god knows what will happen like this in the future. Looks technology makes it possible even if it was an illusion that was made from magic. Luckily System76 and Purism are working on that.
Dvizz zzivD (11 days ago)
Bottomline: MICROSOFT is creating #illusion.
Dvizz zzivD (11 days ago)
Is opensource (linux, gimp, python etc) becoming a subset of MICROSOFT? 😶
We need AppImage Package Manager and website that works like Google's Play Store and uses Firejail for sandboxing AppImages.
diamened (11 days ago)
How long until the first Microsoft Linux Distro? Anyway, I still would like to see a Linux port of MS-Office (doesn't need to be open source, just run natively). Every time I try to use Gnome I end up running back to Cinnamon really fast
St. Raphael (11 days ago)
DT, great video , i agree Apple is taking customer money . And owning them . I got burnt on the Apple II GS and i wont ever buy another Apple computer again. Peace Brother, St. R
Aurthor Thing (11 days ago)
KDE makes a boatload of cool stuff that works well.
KAIZOKU LUFFY (11 days ago)
Flakpak is also a storage demanding nightmare.. not everyone has a terabyte of SSD...
PizzaLovingNerd (11 days ago)
Didn't get notified
Bad Wolf Plays (11 days ago)
So, Microsoft releasing all of these patents is a good deal. Buuuuuuut, with Microsoft, there's an endgame for them. Something Biiiiiigggggg is on the horizon for them. You just wait. I'm calling it now.
Tyler (11 days ago)
Not even authorized service providers are allowed to do repairs. For example if you break the mb on your Mac book when you take it to a authorized service provider they ship it to Apple where it is replaced NOT repaired. This is why it can take weeks for a simple mb repair.
Elvis Contreras (11 days ago)
Solution.. Stop buying apple products
Ron Lee (11 days ago)
Yeah love Linux...right. Give me a break. Weasels. I'll never trust Microuummm. (sorry clearing my throat). :-) Hope you enjoyed some time away. Thanks Derek!
DistroTube (11 days ago)
Thanks, Ron!
Chris (11 days ago)
Hey DT - I have an idea, why not allow some of your Patrons to do up a "Taking into account: Guest Addition" - wouldn't that help you out with your time issues? It may attract more users also.
Nicegy019 (11 days ago)
1) What frustrates me most is that even with Apple's recent antics I don't see many customers leaving Apple over this, hopefully I'm wrong though. It's a shame that many people don't look at alternatives (ie. virtual machines, Hackintosh, portable OS's, etc.) that won't hurt your wallet. 2) While good, it doesn't come close to outweighing Microsoft's awful actions, especially what they've done with Windows 10.
Nicegy019 (11 days ago)
+bigpodgure True, and I do understand that mentality. However, I can't say I feel pity for those folks when they're outraged at the lack of privacy, but don't do anything about it besides complain for Microsoft to change it.
bigpodgurc (11 days ago)
about 2 correct but tell that to the normie they look for something that works and well windows is tried and true, also many normie people think linux is hard since most linux influencers like to point out how linux is in servers space station and crap and yes that is fine but to normie that is scary. thats why even tho MS done bad with windows i still recomend it because it works.
Paul Cyr (11 days ago)
Sorry Derek, but I still don't trust Microsoft. They have something up their sleeve.
bigpodgurc (11 days ago)
almost any company (at least good and successfull comanys do) has an escape plan always because in reality companys role in the world is to have positive numbers at the end of each quater
Nilz (11 days ago)
they always do.
Faustino HD (11 days ago)
I agree, a global menu at the top panel would've been amazing. I actually have more screen state there and not a useless panel. Greetings.
Dave Leitz (8 days ago)
i used 'pixel saver' and 'global menu' extensions in ubuntu budgie to achieve that. that was before i went to kubuntu, where i use a modified unity-like theme with 'active window control' and 'global menu' panel add-ons.
RetroGamePlus (11 days ago)
Also remember that Microsoft submarine patented exFAT file system.
Morality124 (9 days ago)
Let's also not forget that Microsoft have given patents to various patent trolls like Intellectual Ventures to sue Linux-related companies by proxy. Methinks those are probably not part of this deal.
bigpodgurc (11 days ago)
TIME FOR BIGPODGURC COMMENTARY OF DTs COMMENTING: SO HERE WE GO: ok here i gotta say i hate apple(apple had a lot of problems well i aways hated their phones since they are piece of crap for 1000€ and well they make a mistake and blame that customer uses feature(mistake) wrong) but truth be told most people (and i in some cases) dont care if company respects them companys are there to make profit people care if the product works and if they are willing to pay the amount of money company says their product is worth. tthats the way most consumers think
bigpodgurc (11 days ago)
PS. DT when its slow at work(and you are at home) make video before and upload it to youtube and use the schechuling to make them available on specific time. that way you can make all UBUNTU videos and just schechul them one day each thats how big youtubers do
bigpodgurc (11 days ago)
and the final topic is where i stop today since i dont have comment on them. BUT HERE IS MY FINAL COMMENT: i guess i should make my own videos like commenting on taking into account, just got the idea for "amaizing show" taking out of context where i take taking into account out of context LOLOLOL Thanks for reading my stupid commenting and i am realy sorry to DT for this commenting you can yell on me on sunday if there will be steam LOLOLOLOLOL
bigpodgurc (11 days ago)
Now thats a good way to enter the market, controversial story, like all software repositories oe just software delivery in general is security nightmare in most cases. and sandboxing is well hard to do if you want to manage files outside of its own sandbox, well all those Apps are all managing files aoutside its own box barriers, if developer doest put new pack onto flatpak repositorys, it cant have update.and sandboxing isnt foolproff anyway. AS DT SAID awareness should be raised and flatkill does it controversial or not
bigpodgurc (11 days ago)
ok on gnome menus i dont have any real comment since im not realy caring for it since i never used the feature LOL.
bigpodgurc (11 days ago)
Microsoft has others revenue streams like Office365, M365 and Azure. plus we should all be aware that when leadership changes many things in company change it apears satya nadel is either more open to opensource or he listenes to employes a lot where we know they have quite few big opensource fans among them, microsoft will still make a crap ton of money android mostly from Office365, and on FSF part i just wish linux community would start going away from Anything related to FSF and GNU because of many issues that are with both groups.
Clive (11 days ago)
Cool, Gernome 3.3.2 will suck up 2GB of memory instead of 1.5GB.
SimGunther (11 days ago)
8:48 bold claim right there, but that's nothing compared to Nestle and their horrific price gauging of water & baby formula in 3rd world countries
bigpodgurc (11 days ago)
at leastim not first LOL Finaly
bigpodgurc (11 days ago)
DT i could watch in 1080p i was so happy thats more of a victory then being first
DistroTube (11 days ago)
Can't win 'em all.
Stacey Luster (11 days ago)
So staying on KDE. Gnome changes too much. Love your taking into account series though, Derek. Keep up the great work.
Stacey Luster (9 days ago)
Awesome, vodchev! :) Glad you fixed it. I went back to GNOME 3. It had a few features that KDE didn't (like moving windows between monitors while in Activities Overview. (Expo in KDE). GNOME and KDE are both good, but GNOME has two features KDE lacks (1. Moving windows between monitors while in Activities Overview 2. Emoji Selector extension that correctly copies emotes to the clipboard.
vdochev (9 days ago)
Fixed it! Compositor -> scale method change from accurate to smooth. It may be an anomaly only with AMD driver, I can't say for sure, but if someone has this problem, here's how :)
Stacey Luster (11 days ago)
Oh...I see.
vdochev (11 days ago)
Nope, I'm on one monitor with 4 desktops.
Stacey Luster (11 days ago)
vdochev I dunno how to move windows between monitors in Expo view myself...I just move them with keyboard shortcuts...sad that only GNOME 3 has that function.
Tom Ormiston (11 days ago)
Just in the process of getting my iMac fixed in the UK. I'm 99.9% Linux but I'd love just to be 100%, but I've some FCPX files and may be forced to use Adobe products someday so I like to keep a MacOS partition handy. Such locking down must on a global level be made illegal. Repairing, tinkering and recycling must be built in by design. System76 with it's upcoming open sourced machine, they must be leaping with joy, Apple is handing them a golden egg.
Tom Ormiston (11 days ago)
+bigpodgurc sorry I don't understand what your getting at ?
bigpodgurc (11 days ago)
@Tom use what works for you and dont follow some philosophy that hinders ease of work, and hopocricy of what i just wrote is that what i say is also a philosophy
Tom Ormiston (11 days ago)
+DistroTube The right to repair idea is also grabbing the EUs attention too https://www.economist.com/business/2017/09/30/a-right-to-repair-movement-tools-up I'm hoping the UK follows suit post Brexit... (sigh)...don't get me started! 🤔🤪🙄😉 Also in the EU products must be from the design onwards be made recyclable, to assist with the WEEE directive ( https://www.electronicsweekly.com/blogs/directive-decoder/weee-directive/impact-on-design-weee-directiv-2007-07/ ).
DistroTube (11 days ago)
There are "right to repair" movements that aim to get laws passed outlawing this kind of lockout from third party repairs...not just with computers, but it also common in electronics and with automobiles.
Red Phoenix (11 days ago)
@0:01 The best part of Apple is IMHO the Mac OSX design but since you can get as close as you want to that particular design in Linux, I am already pleased. :)
Terminal Linux (11 days ago)
*A couple of months from now* Taking Into Account, Ep. 24: Apple decides to remove screens from MacBooks so that users can buy mini portable monitors instead. GNOME plans on removing the desktop because who needs a desktop environment? Microsoft now owns Linux. :D I'm just joking everyone, don't take any of this seriously.
Peter Jansen (10 days ago)
Do you realize the irony in what you say? Gnome without a desktop, Gnome being the heaviest desktop on Linux, window managers being the lightest, not having a desktop pretty much being the core aspect of a window manager...
Phil Ledru (11 days ago)
*A couple years from now* Taking into account, Ep. 829: Apple decides to remove computers from MacBooks. Starting at $9,999 with no terabytes, InfiniteBattery™ and fully touchable design. GNOME now owns Microsoft and filed a patent for "Desktop-on-a-sticker" on the new MacBooks Pro ($999 for the monochrome print with 2 icons). RISC-V and Linux had a baby: it solves all of the above.
DrivableJonatan (11 days ago)
You can go to shell! You ain't my gnomie.
Кропоткин (11 days ago)
Flatpak not secure? Boy who would have guessed that. :O
e4r (11 days ago)
Microsoft 1998 : "Linux is cancer" Microsoft 2018: "I'll defend and protect Linux with my collection of 60 000 patents" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Joe Johnson (10 days ago)
e4r Microsoft = Embrace, Extend, and Extinguish!
Steven Anderson (11 days ago)
20 years is a long time to hold a grudge.
Mr GFY (11 days ago)
First wooooooooo, lol
bigpodgurc (11 days ago)
nice congratz
Mr GFY (11 days ago)
+Clive lol, i did i did
Clive (11 days ago)
Well done, now watch the video.
Mr GFY (11 days ago)
DistroTube (11 days ago)
I sometimes wonder if GFY is a bot! :D

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