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Funny Smart Cute Sea Lion Show

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Text Comments (509)
fly away (8 days ago)
My friend was raped by a dolphin lol
fly away (8 days ago)
This is abuse.
Lone MonK (9 days ago)
Fish doggo!
Hassan Sheikh (9 days ago)
Proto (9 days ago)
*Sea lions dance to sicko mode*
Hasnain Abbas (12 days ago)
Great circus
Ahmet Seloğlu (13 days ago)
Sanki yagdan yapılmış bi madde..cok şirin jelibon gibi
Lalita Mukherjee (18 days ago)
Nice... also watch "SEA LION SHOW, SINGAPORE ZOO, LATIKAS WORLD" https://youtu.be/kf6kY_udWoU
T K (29 days ago)
Sea lions are great!
Satvik Chaturvedi (1 month ago)
Seals are like water dogs😀😀😀
Meli (1 month ago)
i want a job like that
Raven Baxter (1 month ago)
Shut that baby up😤
poor sea lion
login2ak (1 month ago)
Smother that baby ... some one please....
Bad Cornflakes (1 month ago)
Native to the western part of north America 😎 god, I love California
TheClubsound4 (1 month ago)
Great vid pity about the baby though,hard to hear !
Esme of the Sea (1 month ago)
Does the baby get on your nerves?
TC (2 months ago)
These must be Orca lions because they go "Orca!  Orca!  Orca!".
Mitchell Durden (2 months ago)
Mitchell Lynn Durden 2018
Lydia Daniels (2 months ago)
Anime_Potato 15 (3 months ago)
Seals are just water sausages...
by mustafa (3 months ago)
Micoal (3 months ago)
These fucking babies mad loud
Breana swint (3 months ago)
This is so cool
Poopity Scoop (3 months ago)
They might be known as Sea Lions, but I like to call them Fish Doggos.
Krishnaveni Deepu (3 months ago)
Iooking nice
gede rivandy (4 months ago)
but how ???
kiran Sharma (4 months ago)
better than cats
Kawaii Jems (4 months ago)
Stunt that baby up or edit it out
Krishna Kumar (4 months ago)
Good job
shahid islam (4 months ago)
Yeah, the baby is crying
Savage Dude (4 months ago)
should have throw that annoying baby onto the water
Team Toxic (4 months ago)
i love sealion......
Mukut Biharee (4 months ago)
Is it possible to buy couple of sea lions for India?
Jyannah Maria (4 months ago)
I came to watch this amazing sea lion..that baby was so annoying...this makes me not wanna have kids. EVER ! D:
Alana Gee (4 months ago)
Best job in the world
Miss D.K (4 months ago)
Srabani Dutta (4 months ago)
I strongly feel that sealions require lots of efforts to move..
Bunny Cottonback (5 months ago)
Whoever had the fucking baby was stupid...
Sanjeev Jonganavar (5 months ago)
that seal is nice
Catherine Eichelbaum (5 months ago)
Anyone 2018?
Shaital Dive (5 months ago)
Kasla bhari rao
RADIOTHEFATGUY (5 months ago)
I wish i have a pet sealion
Chloroxite (5 months ago)
The baby ruined it.
Bluejet 22 (5 months ago)
I love babies but... JESUS KID. SHUT UP.
tribec _ (5 months ago)
*Aqua doggo*
Midnight456 (3 days ago)
*Aqua **_doge_*
Drunken Hedgeie (5 months ago)
Let’s not encourage him * throws him a fish*
lovely animal. bigger than i thought they were.
arindam dutta (6 months ago)
This sea lion is the best friend of her.😊😊😊😊😊
Kryzha Shanne (6 months ago)
where did I apply that Work sea lion and etc. I want one Because I think sea lion is a best friend man and woman and so The pet and dog
Kaiden Brooks (6 months ago)
That baby literally sounds like it’s trying to annoy you like it actually sounds like it’s not crying and it’s just pretending.
Teen Kareem (6 months ago)
nilpoint (6 months ago)
Simply incredible!
Crystaleen Vasquez (7 months ago)
I actually been here before few years ago as a field trip and the seal lion show was my favorite
Chadani Rai (7 months ago)
vYouCantHang (7 months ago)
Did that nigga just dab on me
Triple Scar (7 months ago)
Can someone shut the baby up i want to see this all day 😂😂😂 (did not mean anything not nice like oki)
Nwoo Banks (7 months ago)
Alison Querns (7 months ago)
Heartbreaking. What a damaged world we live in where we think that it’s acceptable to train these beautiful intelligent animals to behave like dogs for a paying audience. In the wild these animals swim for miles. They have complex social structures and here they are jumping and twirling and all the “cute” stuff they’ve been forced to learn in return for food.
Panchshil Jadhav (7 months ago)
that fucking kid who was crying all the time. man why the fuck parents take kids to these shows when they can't fucking shut stupid kid
maximum void (7 months ago)
Can you teach a sea lion sign language like an ape (or at least how to understand it)
love yadav (7 months ago)
Very sweet video
Mr Koka (7 months ago)
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Md Yousufali (7 months ago)
oh so nice
Salina Chan (7 months ago)
Deepmala Paul (7 months ago)
it a lovely natural animals sea fish,it so cute
mxrider0489 (7 months ago)
Onyx (7 months ago)
bitchass baby
Idania Ramos (7 months ago)
No comentario video
Idania Ramos (7 months ago)
Hello el castigador. Repetitivo abusador. Hello
Tinsley Rich (7 months ago)
Amari whisnant
abdelhafid el ghazy (7 months ago)
سبحان الله
Selena channel (7 months ago)
Animals are not meant for show, I hate that!
Most Beautiful (7 months ago)
Hahahaha this is a real show
Ben Vitel (7 months ago)
Lol Animals would totally trade their grandmas for food
Ребенку это я вно не нравится
Raosaheb Gadhave (8 months ago)
nice sea lion
Raosaheb Gadhave (8 months ago)
nice sea lion
celeena deena (8 months ago)
animal abuse 😒
Raida Heron (8 months ago)
Soooooooo cute
Q Q (8 months ago)
So cute 😭❤️👏
Methuni Dulathma (8 months ago)
I don't like the crying of the baby
gaytari kushwaha (8 months ago)
I bet you could teach them how to dab
Francois Le Moan (8 months ago)
I can't even remember half of the hand signs. This seal is soooo smart!!
Henna maria (8 months ago)
Wtf is this children broblem gry this video i dont like this little baby👿
Afshan Mohsin (8 months ago)
ankit sen (8 months ago)
Charldon Rilometo (8 months ago)
Wow man sort
Shelby Pate (8 months ago)
By far my favorite animal now
Tara Rocks (8 months ago)
im not sure the sea lions were enjoying it than much! :(
Technical Club (8 months ago)
Thunder strike in floating river 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 https://youtu.be/Q-Qk0L6ding
Donald Hawse (8 months ago)
2:25 he kisses her and instantly regrets it lmaoo!!
Smokey Bear (8 months ago)
6:23 that was sick! lol
Earthnutzz (8 months ago)
this is cute and all but this isnt natural for a sea lion at all, he probably lives a boring ass life with training everyday
Chunky Monkey (8 months ago)
feel sad its made to do ticksx
Japan4 (8 months ago)
God I want to punt that baby
- (8 months ago)
For everyone saying they should be let out ln the wild, Have you even tought of all the ways they can die? And would you like a dying specie to be in the wild where hunters can shoot it or any other wild animal can kill it? With other words they have smallee chance to survive in the wild. Same with cows,chicken,pigs and goats, all the animals at farms where do you think they would go if they were set free?
Elliot Gorham (8 months ago)
this is fucked up
lyrics_love _bird (8 months ago)
I want ittttt so cuteeeee
mooky (8 months ago)

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