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Metro Boomin - 10 Freaky Girls (with 21 Savage) [OFFICIAL AUDIO]

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Text Comments (3130)
Carter Johnson (11 hours ago)
21 Savage is not a blood he’s a Red Coat
That one bored kid (15 hours ago)
Top 10 UK rappers
Garrett Stockwell (15 hours ago)
This song makes me a happy angry, like a feeling to get revenge on someone.
Karol Soboń (16 hours ago)
Metro: wassup 21 21 Savage: that's sir savage the 21st for you
Space Falcon (16 hours ago)
Hanging on my earlobes is a rock (rock) Hanging on my waistline is a block (pop pop)
Space Falcon (16 hours ago)
Jessica Solimine (17 hours ago)
I curved Tiffany for Jess 🤷 Course you did 😘
dd-goku gold (17 hours ago)
I heard the uk accent
Steph&Tommy Espinoza (22 hours ago)
Who is that
Jay Kabembo Maishal (1 day ago)
I swear this is the first time i have heard 21 sound lyrical ❄❄ metro producing sounds like a MJ and Whitney Houston song 🔥🔥
Jasmine Hernandez (1 day ago)
He said RIP Harriet Tubman 😂 ayyyyeeee
Melvin Flores (1 day ago)
Dope ass song
Jenna T (1 day ago)
I got 10 freaky lasses in my flat
Jay Garcia (1 day ago)
Like for sir 21 savage keep scrolling for trump
Andre Andre (1 day ago)
Body slam a nigga like I’m randy 😂🤣
Oshea Richardson (1 day ago)
Alot of years 21 spent in the USA
Zac Mac (2 days ago)
Try this freestyle I wrote at 0:43 Once apon a time there was a pope. Comin wit a trench gun and a rope. Drinking off the whiskey smoking dope, cleaning up these bums with some soap, put some in their mouth just so they can cope. Preaching his testimony talking about hope, there was one man that he shot that had lotsa hope. He want to feed his family up in his home, it got shot up nothin left for him no more. But then he told another story bout his goons thou. Talking bout how they want to bury his grave thou, they were paying names just so he can be in vain thou. He want to go to college to get a job bro, but they kicked him out because he was too black thou. Got arrested three times the and went back four, that some three quarters mile got his land owned. Picking up the cotton from his own field thou, he need that cotton-back cause he got no tee thou. Cause he died in my arms crying to me so, I said my final prayers for him there was no need fo, him to die on his knees and then bleed slow. So I’ll have to go to church to go confess, bout me killing this man who had no vest, and always saying that I always was the best. Hope y’all like that👍
sahime Roebuck (2 days ago)
“I happened to see a nigga I robbed back in the day....and u kno what? He was happy to see me🥶😈🔥
Atlas Duball (2 days ago)
Sjj Lemon (2 days ago)
This song doo doo
HELLA BANDZ (2 days ago)
glad 21 back home for an hopefully 4L
Moo Moo (2 days ago)
Did he just say Vajayjay?😂💀
Bleach (2 days ago)
Hanging out my pocket is a flintlock lol
ToxicCordYT (3 days ago)
Nicholas Torres (3 days ago)
Is it just me or at 0:43 when the beats come in you just can't stop yourself from moving
A Wet bagel (3 days ago)
Don’t like how talked about dead cops
aj nev (3 days ago)
fav uk rapper no cap,only uk rapper with no peppa pig accent
slender squirrel (4 days ago)
He’s getting deported 😭
DankAsianMan (4 days ago)
"Issa Bayonet"
Yikes Its Mike (4 days ago)
The Americans dropped our tea off the dock
Out her Space (1 day ago)
FLVCKO (4 days ago)
Free 21
Sam Langston (4 days ago)
Kieran judge (4 days ago)
hangin off my waist is a flint lock
Mims PopTart Martsxz (5 days ago)
when 21 said "metro worth a lot of M me too" he meant metro .co .uk
TDL_FLASH (5 days ago)
Is it just me or the lyrics said I want sea food but I have Uber eats so I order Kikou?😂
Joe Clakely (5 days ago)
TheRealLondon Boy (5 days ago)
"The Body in that Casket was a Opp"😂🤣😅🤷‍♂️
even tho america did him dirty he made uk proud
xxBallinTrentxx (5 days ago)
Anyone else notice he raps at 21 sec.
Jon Biando (5 days ago)
;-D :-| :-O :E :-O :-O :O
fede master (5 days ago)
Mi Vida Loka (5 days ago)
wat da bomboclaat shotta 💥🔥🇯🇲
The Nation (5 days ago)
Mi Vida Loka 🙌🏿
XoTic WasTe (5 days ago)
Thats no longer 21 savage thats sir savage the 21st.
TN Tenacious (1 day ago)
Thegamemasters 3 (6 days ago)
The body in the casket was a British op
Joseph Lewis (6 days ago)
that brass at the end was lit
Cesar Avila (6 days ago)
Wtf is this trash
LittleYachtLit (6 days ago)
this go fire
chris hightower (6 days ago)
free 21
Carlos Maffei (6 days ago)
Good song G
IvsSixxTheOne (7 days ago)
Long live Great Britain
JB Jones (7 days ago)
This masterpiece is simply exquisite.
Isaeah Espiritu (7 days ago)
Ooh No, no, no No, no In peace (in peace), may you rest (may you rest) Never ever shoot below the neck (never ever) You a rookie (you a rookie), I'm a vet (I'm a vet) That's why I got a Glock, you got a TEC (got a TEC) Not checkers (not checkers), this chess (it is chess) I flooded out my Patek with baguettes I curve Tiffany, yeah, for Jess (for who?) Need to get myself together, I'm a mess (straight up) In Bikini Bottom, I'm with Sandy (Sandy) Moesha keep on drinkin' all the brandy (brandy) Keisha eat the molly like it's candy (yah, yah) Bodyslam a nigga like I'm Randy (yah, yah) Yeah, I'm a hot hitter (straight up) I'm a guap getter (straight up) Leave a thot bitter (straight up) Get your block hit up Oh, you think you in a group? Get that shit split up (on God) Tryna suck me layin' down, I make that bitch sit up (straight up) Yeah, hot box, dirty stick, case closed (case closed) We grill beef, nigga, charcoal (uh oh) Sellin' pussy, her vajay-jay got a barcode (uh oh) These broke ass niggas need Jobco (21) Used to use EBT to get seafood (what?) Now I Uber Eats when I want Kiku (straight up) She wanna hang out and let the gang G you (facts) Metro worth a lot of M's, nigga, me too (racks) Hangin' off my earlobes is a rock (a rock) Hangin' off my waistline is a Glock (pop, pop) The body in that casket was a opp (21) I don't throw no bottles, I throw shots (21) All this drip on me, I need a mop (21) Balenciaga boxers and the socks (on God) I got ten freaky girls on a yacht (yacht) Finna drown in 'em, dawg, finna drown in 'em (21) Last altercation, got a hundred rounds in him (on my mama) All my spots got a lot of bloodhounds in 'em (on your mama) Ain't no furniture, it's just a lot of pounds in 'em (straight up) Percs, soft, hard, and I got the brown in 'em (on God) Word to bombaclaat, shotta, we don't ramp in 'em (21) Edgewood, Glenwood, Bouldercrest and the Hamp with 'em (six) Got a lot of sticks, you can get stamped with 'em (on God) Tryna mediate the beef, you get found with 'em (straight up) All these chains, rest in peace to Harriet Tubman (Harriet Tubman) Niggas broke 'cause they doin' too much clubbin' (too much clubbin') Cashed out on all my cards 'cause I'm stubborn ('cause I'm stubborn) Zone 6 against the world, that's how I'm comin' (how I'm comin') I came out the womb, I was thuggin' (straight up) Ain't no fistfights, niggas uppin' (straight up) Rappers say they want smoke, but they bluffin' (on God) When you see 'em face-to-face, it ain't nothin' (straight up) Hangin' off my earlobes is a rock (a rock) Hangin' off my waistline is a Glock (pop, pop) The body in that casket was a opp (21) I don't throw no bottles, I throw shots (21) All this drip on me, I need a mop (21) Balenciaga boxers and the socks (on God) I got ten freaky girls on a yacht (yacht) I got ten freaky girls on a yacht You know, I was racin' down the highway earlier today, ridin' down 20 I happened to see a nigga I robbed back in the day You know what? He was happy to see me
Nuzzi (7 days ago)
Wtf am I listening to this song is ass wait you a rookie I’m a vet wait Tiffany ?🥩 sandy? Brandy? Candy? 🔥 🔥 🔥
Quayzek Poe (7 days ago)
Hanging off my earlobe is ahh rock ayyye
Ethan Nguyen (7 days ago)
Fire song
any body knows that evil laugh FX if you do can you email me it please [email protected] please tell me when u do.
wTRY Prodigy (7 days ago)
Y’all heard that leprechaun laugh? 1:35
Jesse Cisneros (8 days ago)
Bloddy 21 savage
Matthew Riggins (7 days ago)
Willy WonK.O. (8 days ago)
Who listen from UK?
Anyone 2019?
Brazy W (8 days ago)
FMU92 (8 days ago)
In bikini bottom I'm with Sandy.
Kevin Gamez (9 days ago)
Free veinte-uno
Kaotic Gaming (9 days ago)
2:30 he said noting like a uk person 😂
dj archee (7 days ago)
I remember catching that like wtf? um ok
Drew Peacock (9 days ago)
Play at 1.25 speed
Angel Ledezma (9 days ago)
Funny how he said use to use ebt to get sea food bruh nv got foodstams 😂😂😂
komahina smut (9 days ago)
My mom liked the beginning of the song then he started singing and she got mad at me
Rosalind Sellers (1 day ago)
komahina smut LMAO
jay colab (9 days ago)
Its not zone 6 its zone uk
patrick arthur (9 days ago)
Chronic Issa (9 days ago)
Make this button blue if you aren't gay 👇
Tray〽 901 (9 days ago)
UK against the world thats how im coming 😂😂😭😭😭
___ (9 days ago)
When 21 said he has 10 freaky girls on a yacht, he really meant 0 teabags on his ship
U Crzy (9 days ago)
0:00-0:19 what's tht song
All the 21 jokes lame
Tziggie Redd (9 days ago)
Matt Hayes (9 days ago)
If you don’t like this your mom is going to die the next day in a car accident...👩
Kejuan Wade (9 days ago)
Hangin off my earlobe is a rock💎, off my waistline is a glock🔫, the body in the casket was a opp 🧟‍♂️
Big Racks (9 days ago)
Yall act like being born in the UK is a bad thing lol yall some dumb motherfuccers
Jeremiah Shubert (9 days ago)
yall ni***ers need to chill on my dog he still raw so yall need to shut th fu*k up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yung Simpson (10 days ago)
You a rookie, im a Brit
"I got ten Freak Girls in a Yacht"
The best part 1:28
Allan Pilapil (10 days ago)
XO Ryan (10 days ago)
Action Shorts (10 days ago)
Free 21
Purppxan and Lil ram (10 days ago)
Free 21
Bestien (10 days ago)
nobody : 21 savage : ow helo govner ,spit shine your shoe sir?
Axept (10 days ago)
“he was happy to see me”💀
SaticP1tch (10 days ago)
10 Freaky Girls on the *Mayflower*
Rap Tunes (7 days ago)
SaticP1tch 10 pilgrim girls on the mayflower**
tree Google (8 days ago)
Nigga shut up bro😂😂
Savage Reziez (10 days ago)
He pure royalty Nigga
Tesa Alexander (10 days ago)
Where does the singing at the beginning come from ??
DarCé Jr (10 days ago)
santana sega (11 days ago)
Eisenwerks (11 days ago)
smh he should've followed the proper route to becoming a real American-Marry an ugly old billionaire 50 years his senior. He might even be first lady by now.
Eisenwerks (11 days ago)
How did I never notice that strong cockney accent?
Bella Rasta (11 days ago)
21 21 🥰
Korean_Cush (11 days ago)
No wonder he always worked with London On Da Track
Will (11 days ago)
The beat is the star of this song.
Nate Franklin (11 days ago)
Da Savage
Kaiser Soze (11 days ago)
My Patna/LilBruh..Lake Tree Stone Mountain Juliette Rd./East Ponce De Leon.. Eastside..05'.. Upstairs neighbor..13 years..14 yrs..On God! old..Facts!..#Release lil bruh💪
curly headed dan (11 days ago)
Boston LEAN party
Gekyume Onfroy (11 days ago)

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