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Jimi Hendrix Live in Sweden '69 - Spanish Castle Magic

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Jimi Hendrix plays Spanish Castle Magic (and has some fun with the crowd) in Sweden, 1969
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RazielNR (1 day ago)
this might be the first hard&heavy song! regards
Leon Bogon (6 days ago)
little bit of daydream here and there
Yogi Bear (1 month ago)
Yes back in nam
Michael Etheridge (1 month ago)
bet that strat was feeling that the next day
Chris Connor (1 month ago)
jimmy! The mannnnnn!!!!! what can be said that hasn’t been said already??? I want to rock with you in the afterworld !!!! I’ll play keys and teach you how to use ableton and make weird sounds with your amp! Let’s goooo
Mr. Spock (1 month ago)
Look at that concentration and finger work, and the relaxation
Mr. Spock (1 month ago)
Jimi flows with the guitar, there is no separation
Mr. Spock (1 month ago)
Another true Hippie
Eldritch Enigma (2 months ago)
2:42 Jimi recoils like those videogame characters that just failed a QTE.
stringsnare (2 months ago)
People dont realize he had a great sense of humour. Counting those frets bahahaha
Johann Frisij (3 months ago)
The solo is awesome but first they sound drunk. Out of key most of the time
Endless Bliss (17 days ago)
That's probably what they were going for to convey that they were tired
Twobarpsi (3 months ago)
Oh hell yeah!
Michael Clyburn (3 months ago)
Man. Unbelievable.
Lance Bowman (3 months ago)
50th Anniversary of the closing of The Spanish Castle ballroom! http://b-townblog.com/2018/10/01/celebrate-the-50th-anniversary-of-closing-of-spanish-castle-this-coming-weekend/
joseph bvr (3 months ago)
This song and version is the best, so amazing! Jimi was so much better than the world combined
IeatNuggz (3 months ago)
Damn even on a bad day the amount heart and soul he lays into the guitar is amazing
ChevKen (4 months ago)
Noel Redding kind of looks like Geddy Lee of Rush here.
Joseph Singer (4 months ago)
Phillip Riggins (4 months ago)
Great video footage, thanks for posting this video
Arthur F. Scaltrito (4 months ago)
He was one of the best. Glad I saw him live.
Pinocchio the real boy (5 months ago)
If the base guitarist wasn't there they would go way too far
Bruce Ryan (5 months ago)
My friend Ron & I went to Jimi's triumphant return to his home town in Seattle. The Colosseum was packed. Massive. Totally sold out. Years later my middle son called me into his room... played a Jimi song. Told me he wanted to play guitar like that. ("Too bad he's dead." I said. "When did he die? : "Long before you were born.") I said, if you DO, I will buy you a STACK of Marshalls. ...to this day, NO ONE has equaled Jimi's touch. Close, but not quite.
Jumpin' JAKE Flash (6 months ago)
This performance in Stockholm was far from his best show, but I still like this a lot!
agostini15times (6 months ago)
I hate to say this, but this performance was a reason Noel had a clock ticking on his time with Jimi. He should have come in, but he doesn't and Jimi looks bummed.
shugr (6 months ago)
Wow! 🤗 TY 4 posting, and thanx to The One who directed me here! 🎶💜🎶
JuanGamer640 (7 months ago)
The Spongebob walk
岡部義樹 (8 months ago)
jimi, u and leonardo da' vinci made me so crazy... it has been artistic.
Brad Nelson (8 months ago)
Imagine Hendrix with Jack Bruce or John Paul Jones on bass.
bob friedman (8 months ago)
Alan Zabinski (8 months ago)
Always imitated, never duplicated. He had the heart, the soul, and the deep emotion. Great talented guitarists came after who were incredible but lacked the human God given gift that came to Jimi naturally. Without naming names those of you who understand do understand.
Long live Hendrix (9 months ago)
We need to put Jimi Hendrix music back too life, it's all I play........ no bar I go too jams out too jimi, no one has class anyone these days. Also very few people even recognize his Great music
Earmuff Hugger (9 months ago)
Upside and downside of R&R.
Albert W. Moore (9 months ago)
He forgot to come in with the Chorus...LOL,,,still awesome.
grasshopper (9 months ago)
cool beans https://youtu.be/8JTkub577g8?list=PLcic5R9Onp8fRBg156UINYdSwP1cbT5xh
вован А (9 months ago)
I never hear a beter guitar player than Jimi Easy, amazing, magic. Big talent !
Jeffery Evrard (9 months ago)
"It's Jimi Honey"
henrik h (10 months ago)
Hendrix should have kept on playing w/ Mitch and Noel.
lisanders11 (10 months ago)
Mr Hendrix swirvels a mighty glance at mr Mitchell in the beginning. Mitch was eager to start, so he just started playing, a bit too early! But when they all come together it is the heaviest freightship our universe has seen and layed ears upon! Formidable! And the performance of M. Mitchell is unique and one of purest heaven like EXPERIENCES ever!
Jeffery Evrard (10 months ago)
Spanish Castle Magic
Ramon Gamboa (10 months ago)
Who is the guy playing the bass? Very much alike Geddy Lee
marcio leonel (10 months ago)
quase pirei de ver os solos de guitarra de jimi hendrix, ele ainda é o maior guitarrista do mundo , mesmo que esteja morto a quase 50 anos. ouvi muito jimi hendrix quando morei por um 1 ano no bairro da faisqueira em pouso alegre m.g em 1982. eu sou de são paulo e os mineiros da vizinhança me perguantavam quem tocava aquela guitarra fora do comum e eu dizia jimi hendrix. fantastico.
alterdestiny (10 months ago)
Looks horrible actually
Rhythmicons (11 months ago)
Pretty rare to get this live.
clarkewi (11 months ago)
Brilliant performance.
VHS Movies (11 months ago)
what he say?
Howard Acquistapace (11 months ago)
thanksvgor thr recommendatiom
Dee Ram (11 months ago)
Why he's walking like he's gay?? Was he gay?
Endless Bliss (25 days ago)
No he was not gay. He had a ton of girlfriends
Shaurik Mishra (11 months ago)
Guys if you dig this, please check out my guitar cover of this song in my channel. I assure you that you won't be disappointed. Also, I would appreciate your thoughts on my playing. Thanks!
Chris Goodrich (11 months ago)
4:35 I honestly thought he would use a lot more pedals
UnlimitedGrub (3 months ago)
He does, guess they just don't show up in the shot
Rainbow Bridge (1 year ago)
0:57 hahaha yo mitch we arent starting yet
Emerald Wood Archives (1 year ago)
He may have been pissed off and thought it sounded shit, but that solo tells another tale.
Papa M (1 year ago)
Jimi opened with Spanish Castle Magic the three times we saw him. He was great all three times. The last time he said, "we'll come back when we're more better rested up". He never returned and I'm still sad but glad he graced us with his presence.
rob farnsworth (1 year ago)
uhhh yaaaa anybody want to try and top that?
Aaron Levine (1 year ago)
Had to play that begining 5 times
Enzo Costanza (1 year ago)
5:20 Jimi could really make his sound feel like a monster
Personenausweis (1 year ago)
What a Genious. RIP, today i s your birthday man.
Stephen Lyons (1 year ago)
HAHAH he's barely hanging on! He's so high he has to count the frets! RIP the greatest of all time
Andres Castillo (1 year ago)
That bend at 3:29 !!!!
Nicholas Willig (1 year ago)
God DAMN the bass line
Paulo Acedo (1 year ago)
Hendrix did so much so intense and great in an era that equipment quality was starting to try to crowl. This video shows a typical performance struggling with his stratocaster tune all music long
Matthew Taylor (1 year ago)
There are a lot of these recordings in swden Tivoli 1967 was recorded same as this. he liked the Tivoli gardens so I read
Twotontessie (1 year ago)
If Hendrix were alive you just know at some point he'd have had Vinnie Colauita on drums with him- would have been too much. Total brain fry.
Algurion Games (1 year ago)
that drummer is sick too!!!
Fender Blues (1 year ago)
It's a real shame that the drummer and bassist had to play so loud. Some say it was to pee Jimmy off. When they should have been proud to have the opportunity to play with such a brilliant guitar player that Jimmy was. Come back Jimmy we miss you.
dywall parera (1 year ago)
....recorded on Benjamin Franklin studio in 1733... WTF hahaha
Elvis Prestley (1 year ago)
to Jimi Hendrix you have inspired us and we miss you you are the universe Master of the guitar there was no one else that compared you in that era with the guitar of rock and roll era of the 60s and who has lived the sixties those days of heroin and dropping acid smoking pot those were the days of hippie and today we still live in that era no matter how or where we go it's in everybody's mind who has lived in this era but still feels it today rock and roll will live on you in infamy it will never die rock and roll is here to stay and what always stay here forever it will live in infamy TCB Elvis Presley That's it man rock and roll will never die
RICHARD BONDY (1 year ago)
The Late James Marshal Hendrix...100% Amazing ; "Master of the Stratocaster!"
Michael Oconnor (1 year ago)
I had this on a bootleg album back in the early 80's I bought in Milwaukee from a store called Record Head, 30 years went by to see this on YouTube -- you newbies are lucky!!!
Jeffery Evrard (10 months ago)
Michael Oconnor I know I'm lucky thank God for jimi hendrix
Fabiano William (1 year ago)
they were basically burnt out from constantly touring. The Experience was the highest paid act in 1969 but their music was played out. Jimi was looking for a change or other artists. if you listen to "cry of love tour" you'll see how much his music was evolving. way ahead of the competition.
Jeff Tate II (1 year ago)
The boys don't really seem to be into it do they? Jimi especially, he doesn't even finish singing the chorus before the solo. Redding played the same 3 or 4 notes over and over during the solo. No wonder Jimi loved cream. He was probably imagining what he could do with bass player like Jack. Stange performance to say the least.
Daniel Roberts (1 year ago)
This was September 5th, 1967 by the way
Ken Mills (8 months ago)
1969, he looked nothing like that in 67, the other 2 had kinky afro styles and Hendrix had virtually straightened hair in 67.
John McClain (1 year ago)
Around 7:35 Hendrix is just freestyling he looked like oh boy what to do next and just stopped and went into another key
infidel heretic (1 year ago)
Raw. I was listening to Jimi's albums when this was made. Thought I'd see him sometime but it didn't happen. Thank you for publishing these videos and thank you Youtube.
Dave .Sti (1 year ago)
dat delicious bass
ScOtTsCoRpiO : (1 year ago)
Hang On.......
Colin Hess (1 year ago)
I don't know why but every time I see this show I think he just looks so dead inside
Matthew Wilson (1 year ago)
After that first wild solo when you could tell he didn't seem pleased with wrapping it up, then halfway through the verse just plays the main riff again, that was trippy.
Mad Lucas (1 year ago)
Insano. Monstro sagrado.
indiablackwell (1 year ago)
pretty sure Noel missed what Jimi was trying to lay down when he was scratching out the rhythm. Jimi looked pissed cause he probably thought that could have went somewhere like a nice build up to something
Joe F (1 year ago)
you must be a fellow musician.
George Candreva (2 years ago)
Jimi Hendrix: The Screamin' (M.F.) Eagle from Outer Space! Master Of The Electrified Universe. No contest! Case closed.
rmh3283 (2 years ago)
great extended guitar solo
Keigirl (2 years ago)
Like he saying I got this laid back with my eyes close mfs
Marko Barrows (2 years ago)
Thank you for this rock70ca; seriously...thanks for one of the best. This is a historic masterpiece no one can fuck with; ever.
dbige23 (2 years ago)
I'm 1,376,333,106 btw
dbige23 (2 years ago)
Just....what the fuck.?! How can a human be capable of that?
Marko Barrows (2 years ago)
Human? He was a guitar God and he lives on.
rrguitar1 (2 years ago)
He was fighting with the tuning.
dncnlv (2 years ago)
Marko Barrows (2 years ago)
Midnight was recorded on a profoundly out of tune Strat; it may be his best though. Jimi knew where the notes...
selwyn page (2 years ago)
This is in the same league as Red House from randalls island, the song that was filmed but got away, cept we got to see this, wicked solo
selwyn page (2 years ago)
Hate it when he makes it look so easy
SAINT 65 (2 years ago)
w/his eyes closed!! hahaha
Dee Red (2 years ago)
Perfection....guitar was to brother Jim like a member of his body ...he was playing it like someone would whistle.
gustav haglund (2 years ago)
wow, look at noels face smiling around 3:25 when he does the thing with the whammy bar. I think he was impressed even though they were fighting before this show.
thinlizzy44 (2 years ago)
Neil Young said, when asked who the top guitar players were, "There's Hendrix. And there's everybody else. There wasn't anyone even close to that guy." Man, i cannot even imagine what it would've been like to see this cat. He's a one time only artist. I mean, it must have been like an out of body experience to see shit like this. He absolutely had a god like aura about him, even beyond his playing. It's as if the guitar was a part of him or something. The world will never see anything like that again.
richard mayers (4 months ago)
Agree completely. Hendrix was in his own category; I think that people forget what a great WRITER he was too...
Jake the Snake (8 months ago)
As much as I love SRV he doesn't come close to Hendrix when it comes to originality in my opinion.
Carl Smith (9 months ago)
alterdestiny (10 months ago)
thinlizzy44 and I totally , TOTALLY disagree.....in what genres? Rock ? Ok...not true but I can dig....... Original as hell...but let's get it together with stupid statement
rawdogg696 (2 years ago)
best part starts at 630 til end...fuck man I wish he kept playing that end sequence longer
Marc Levy (2 years ago)
the strat is in tune wow
Nikola85ZgCRO (2 years ago)
There is a moment here that is magical to me. For most of the song Jimi had been kinda uninterested and absent, the beginning especially. He went into the solo and tried to get into it, played brilliantly for mortal standards, but for Jimi it looked and sounded like he just wasn't feeling it. Then at 3:15 he takes two steps forward and the stars align. He's calm, collected, inspired and brutal. Pure magic.
richard mayers (4 months ago)
Agree. If you read the bios, Hendrix was getting tired of playing with the Experience by this time, and wanted to move on. He was great, but you can tell by his affect that he is kind of bored, or not totally engaged at times.
Odi et Amo The Essene (9 months ago)
Yeah i picked up on that flow also, have only done so lately just yt.never fails to musically force some inspiration in how Jimi's putting it down in different levels of energy.& let me check myself in the use of Mr. Hendrix name as if I knew him casually.
John Smith (1 year ago)
I agree with Nikola's assessment. It looks like at about 3:15 Jimmy totally begins improvising, which is what made him amazing. Most musicians would work their whole career to come up with "licks" like that, but he does it on the spot. And he did it all the time -- he never plays his solos the same way twice live.
Twotontessie (1 year ago)
Great post. Some of the most mesmerizing footage of any musician, anywhere, anytime.
Nikola85ZgCRO (2 years ago)
And you can hear my playing on my channel
Kelly14UK (2 years ago)
There were issues with the band EARLY '69 and that night's whole performance, but this song here, however, is something ELSE
Jose Assunção (2 years ago)
Garry hanford (2 years ago)
I channel Jimi, I don't try, it just happens when the Gods are happy... sometimes on stage I tune in to his realm, probably Mars harmonic...any way I just travel. I remember waking up in a dream sitting in an auditorium, Jimi was on stage playing Hear my Train, teaching us how to play it... Stevie Ray was there along with around 3 hundred others. I didn't want to wake up.
Endless Bliss (17 days ago)
Far out man. I'm a bass player and I channel him too
CannibaLouiST (3 years ago)
When will we have holographic shows with Jimi on stage?
Darrin Robinson (7 months ago)
CannibaLouiST DR.DRE SAID THAT HE WOULD LOVE TO SEE A HOLOGRAM OF JIMI HENDRIX. I MADE THE COMMENT IT'S BEST TO LEAVE THAT idea alone. I can remember meeting someone years ago who knew Jimi Hendrix this Brother said Jimi Hendrix is still alive and he said that he's afraid of that Brother. He never told me why? I never asked why either? I'm older now and I have grew in awareness & I know why?
Carl Smith (9 months ago)
Fuck no
komjong (3 years ago)
robin2012ism (3 years ago)
Clearly perturbed =D

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