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Kid Rock - Po-Dunk [Official Video]

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The New Album 'Sweet Southern Sugar' Available November 3rd. Pre-Order Now: https://kidrock.lnk.to/sweetsouthernsugar –––––––––– Video directed by: Marc Klasfeld Produced by: Nicole Acacio –––––––––– Website: https://kidrock.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kidrock Twitter: https://twitter.com/kidrock Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kidrock/
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Text Comments (8435)
Hardcore badass anthem
Lexi Johnson (3 hours ago)
I may be raised in the outskirts of the city but I hold on to my redneck ways. My family is from the swaps of Louisiana I am the most hillbilly backwoods girl of my high school and city. I will get back to my roots one day. I'm moving back to the swamps where confederate flags are respected, country music comes from every house, and rednecks never die!
Donald Baxter (4 hours ago)
Wtf is all the hate on Kid Rock about? If you don't like it don't fuckin watch it.
goldrush730 (23 hours ago)
Luvin KIDROCK #americanbadass
Jack Keller (1 day ago)
LOL..... That kid in this video had a shotgun shell in his mouth and it was primed. Idiocracy at it's best here!
Soldier SKI (1 day ago)
Liberal kind hate him, I could like him just for that alone.
Sheena D’Arcangelo (2 days ago)
Definitely don’t need this hack to tell me where I came from. His music sucks balls. This is not how southerners live, like for real. He Glamorizes stupidness.
Angela Thomas (2 days ago)
i only like the tune
Tammy Sellards (2 days ago)
Kid Rock is THE best😍
Nate Nance (3 days ago)
This song is so white it pawned my meth.
Tiger Tigerovich (3 days ago)
0:13 suzuki grand vitara
Dillon Vaughn (3 days ago)
Fucking embarrassment to white people.
Cody Crysel (3 days ago)
You are an embarrassment to the human race.
Baw saQ (3 days ago)
Only thing missing is the wild and wonderful whites!
Mary B Rose (4 days ago)
Raiders....Po ....hear me yet. Bloody porn 4 da ears
Geo Mondiale (5 days ago)
Wish I was down there! 👍😁🍻
David Enrique White (5 days ago)
jonathon helfrich (5 days ago)
I vote for him ya mother fuckers!
Vivian Hollifield (6 days ago)
This Detroit motherfucker is making fun of Southern people - what the fuck??? How the fuck did this get popular?? He ain't no Southerner. One of his songs says he has he blood of Hank running thru his veins - I think not - ask Hank III what he has to about this - fucking poser. He should have kept on with his original music - I liked him then. Not now.....
Jaaackhammer (6 days ago)
Is that kids mother with the horse?
K M (7 days ago)
Far Cry 5
Jeremy Mettler (7 days ago)
If you think there is a free press you don't know wtf it is or why is a must have for America to not be gone . Don't matter if vote who president is it gone one way or another gone if you want a country you best de free press is partly unbios unopionated facted checked news not all this fake bullshit on whatever channel . We fucked without and without and it will go quick with out wake uo or its over vote don't rep dem nothing it gone without . You won't be Americans at all you be only fucked without free press
Leandro Machado (8 days ago)
2:10 brass metal Henry/Winchester...man that is a work of art , when I was a kid my uncle had the baddest fully engraved with leather engraved horse holster 45 Winchester...man it got stolen but it was the most beautiful riffle I’ve ever seen , my uncle passed away few years ago , he was a true cowboy, he had also a metallic blue 72 F-350 dually that was crazy about it and he had this hand made in Texas full on with silver conchos horse saddle , he was my greatest influence.
RogerD Whiteowl (8 days ago)
Sign me bruh
BigTilt Media (9 days ago)
Dope video. Check our channel out!!! www.bigtiltmedia.com
Giorno'sMusic (9 days ago)
John Doe (9 days ago)
Little rich boy born with a silver spoon in his mouth. KR is nothing but a media illusion just like his cocksucking buddy Trump.
Matt Keeton (9 days ago)
1pookie2 (10 days ago)
Rednecks are the best ! They can work hard all day, and party all night long !
harrington3651 (10 days ago)
I come from being homeless and living in the trailer and now I’m living in a basement. I put gorilla tape on just about everything and I don’t give two shits about owning a fancy place. This is a way of life
Andy Powell (11 days ago)
Pretty much sums america up right there
Ewen Trafford (11 days ago)
Kid Rock grew up in rich luxury and lives in multi-million pound homes. He's scamming all of you
Dogo Woof (11 days ago)
I hope no one from other countries see this video and think all Americans are like this....
Joseph Dunn (12 days ago)
Celebrating being white trash. SMH
Dan Murphy (13 days ago)
I hear liberals in my head.....;
corvetteronz52 (13 days ago)
One of these days I'll go to his concert
William Hardy (13 days ago)
beats city life ! LOL
Alan Mešanović (15 days ago)
Bible by the bed... *A*
Kristopher Hasenbuhler (15 days ago)
Hey guys let's sub each other
samuel bean (15 days ago)
po dunk since fuck I can't remember
GOD ? (15 days ago)
For the haters..... go on down there ya your scared to, they’d drag your ass behind a pick up truck!
Poundland Barbie (15 days ago)
Love this
johnboots41 (16 days ago)
gotta love stephanie
Ron Keefer (16 days ago)
Love this tune!! Thanks Rock
Jessica Flowers (16 days ago)
soulcaliberlink t1k (16 days ago)
64Dasani (17 days ago)
Somehow this yell my my life story,!
Sondra Peters (17 days ago)
Looooooooooooove Him
Ab Renos (18 days ago)
its funny to see all the actors trying to look tough with their guns, try using real people it would look more authentic.
Frank Ricard (19 days ago)
Kid Rock has really found his niche.
Travis Mathes (19 days ago)
them girls trigger discipline is cringe worthy
dimes brother smith (19 days ago)
I don't give a flying hillbilly fuck!! Love it!!!😀😀😀
Shyann Blake (19 days ago)
Like the majority of the video just maybe don't smoke cigarettes while your pregnant
John Lock (19 days ago)
Ебаные уродцы, привет из России
northernnorm65 (20 days ago)
That doorbell 🤣🤣🤣 one can only hope the head is mounted on the other side of the wall
Bubba Julian (20 days ago)
Je Baker (20 days ago)
He worked hard for what he has you morons. That is what America is all about. Sold millions of records, American sucses story.Make America great again. Kid Rock for for prez.
Craig Marlow (20 days ago)
This is why alcohol could never be banned. Its not an addiction its a lifestyle. Gets us thru. Keep ya heads up and just keep swimming
Andrea Ra (21 days ago)
Like si viniste por que eres soldado 😎
burkey426 (22 days ago)
Cool video, but why are 2 dudes jumping in the mud pit when you got chicks around... actually it’s never ok.
Elijah Tramel (23 days ago)
What a pandering prick
Gavin (23 days ago)
Only good in this video is the gmc truck... And the ladies
Amy Moore (24 days ago)
I L❤️VE It!! KR covers my Southern roots to my Hippie Soul-He’s a mad Genius🤙Rock On Brother❌⭕️❌⭕️❌⭕️
Tina Maddox (25 days ago)
Is Kid Rock from my state Tennessee or somethin? He sings about TN alot.. just wonderin. im bipolar, they wont let me have a gun damnit lol
james buckmaster (25 days ago)
The Bar scenes are from Santas Pub just about 1 1/2 miles from where I live, nice fun place. I'm not big on Karaoke but at Santas Pub it is actually quite fun, I've sang there several times, there's an unusual comraderie with the crowd there.
Charles Huffman (25 days ago)
I got two cousins that moved to Germany when they were kids both have their own band never heard Nick but big mo is blue's he cut a CD with a piece of fried bologna on it delicousy
Charles Huffman (25 days ago)
Every one in my tribe r rich dad was adecorted marine corps heavy weight champ. Got pics of his people everywere all of my. Kin dad and Jeff died in vein. Forced to kill someone but they believe in Jesus and confessed amen. Now peace be unto you all. 💪😂💉💊🔣
Charles Huffman (25 days ago)
I just made my last the rest is gonna music by dope rhyma🐵🐒😂😂😈😈🐯🐯🐗🐗🐳🐳🔣
The Unholy Messiah (25 days ago)
A millionaire singer rapping about how good it is to be in poverty. Get that shit outta here.
Erico Nieto (26 days ago)
There is a such a beauty in a decadence country
Bob Taylor (26 days ago)
You gotta love kid rock
Charles Huffman (26 days ago)
Gonna have me a 7 piece band 1guitar 1 bass 1fiddle 1dobro 1 drummer 1harmonica 1drunk lead singer called the seven Spanish angels came to see Jesus the beast and false profet home🐵🔣💊💉🐒💪🐳😂😈😈
J L (28 days ago)
We carry our teeth in one rear pocket, and our snuff in the other. If any northern city folk want to see what southern living is about, let me know. I’m in Arkansas.
Kelli Andrews (29 days ago)
Oh my ...after reading comments all i have to say is this . ....Bless your hearts! Or my aren't y'all precious! ..if ya get it it Ain't for ya!!! Lol
Kelli Andrews (29 days ago)
Holler ifya is!!!
mark mcelheney (17 days ago)
My. Red neck God. Kid rock. 4. President
Larry Hawkins (29 days ago)
3:40 3:41 useless white chick
TheLonelyWolf87 (1 month ago)
I hope i get a southern girl i love there accent is sexy asf :)
Larry Hawkins (1 month ago)
Just wondering if anyone else out there in YouTube land remembers the Issaquah pig frig?
Don (1 month ago)
I like Kid's music but I think this video is a rip off of Moccasin Creeks vids. Check them out. Pretty cool stuff.
Dioni Deivid Dors (1 month ago)
BR Hereeeeeeeeeeeeeee , FUCK !
Ronald Summers (1 month ago)
I just hope its not an act...This trashy fuck is my hero#TRASHYBYCHOICE
James Smith (1 month ago)
The chick with the rifle is hot and the only reason I clicked on this.
Matthew Tyler (1 month ago)
Bryan Scherer (1 month ago)
Po dunk
breck livingston (1 month ago)
Giovanni Genovese (1 month ago)
So I guess they couldn't afford to pay to ship some pretty women in there
Bean Boi (1 month ago)
Giovanni Genovese No they just wanted to make it authentic. Like we really were in texas.
mike martin (1 month ago)
he need to come back to rock
Van Allen (1 month ago)
20k people with a college degree disliked this video 😂
no body (1 month ago)
Trump plays this at all a his rallys
Thomas Gorre (1 month ago)
i now have cancer.
crkafton (1 month ago)
And when they wind up in the hospital with diabetic comas and gunshot wounds, they’re gonna thank Trump for getting rid of their coverage. Beautiful.
Matt Mohs Outdoors (27 days ago)
crkafton trump is the greatest thing that has ever happened to America. Look at the African American unemployment rate. It’s the lowest it has ever been? Can’t thank Obummer for that.
Kaitlynn George (1 month ago)
Thats me on the join deer
KRACKERJACK6913 (1 month ago)
Tom Cullen (1 month ago)
Bobby is a fucking imposter I'd bet my left nut that guy has never gotten his boots dirty
Rob Ellison (1 month ago)
The song of my people.
Denis Salmon (1 month ago)
Derek Worrell (1 month ago)
Baker doing what he does
Dreamers Rock (1 month ago)
Trouble wide
po iu
william mansfield (1 month ago)
Grew up with grandma scooping fat out of a coffee can to cook fruit pies in. and just so ya know i consider myself a snowflake in these parts. God bless America!

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