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Connecting SQL Tables and data in Excel spreadsheets

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For more videos on technology, visit http://www.Techytube.com By [email protected] SQL server is a powerful database platform, this means that it can also be complex to understand and work with. However the major users of the data in the database are still a non-technical business user. A key problem that most business users face when it comes to working with SQL Server is the dependency on an IT professional to query and return the data in a CSV format or Excel sheet. With the ability of MS Excel to be able to connect to SQL Server via the ODBC Drivers allows users to work with SQL tables within the familiar Excel User interface. This approach allows users to be productive with SQL Server without having to know Transact SQL. The feature set provided with MS Excel and newer versions of SQL allow business users to do much more than just query the database. These include the ability to query and view data in pivot format for large data sets using power pivot. Perform ad hoc calculations to underlying data and create models that are specific to their business case using the powerful DAX language. Embedding reports in SharePoint services using PowerPivot. Working with Excel is one of the most powerful ways that end users can work with MS SQL Server to deliver results faster and improve productivity.
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nancy bergen (2 months ago)
Because my Excel Table has 85 columns, and I can't make structure manually.I found very fast and elegance decision Search - ( excel2mysql es ) - online very useful tool. Converts .xsls , xls , csv files to SQL code for easy import in database.
TabletSchool (3 months ago)
Wow! So nice !
Bernardo Magana (8 months ago)
Thank you so much!
sajid sidi (8 months ago)
Can we fetch data using ready made query which contains multiple joins ?
Michael Zeng (1 year ago)
how to find the server name from my MySQl workbench?
james pruett (2 years ago)
SELECT * from blah where date between a and b; How can I feed "a", "b" into it?
Pradeep Chauhan (2 years ago)
poor vdo quality
Devart (3 years ago)
If you need to connect SQL Server tables with Excel and edit\update them like Excel tables you may use this Excell add-in for SQL Server https://www.devart.com/excel-addins/sql-server.html
Jayanth Kurup (3 years ago)
You can't move data from Excel to SQL
MaximGhost (9 months ago)
You can with VBA.
Thotozieck (1 year ago)
have tutorial bout export file xcel to sql..?
Deep Learning (1 year ago)
Within Excel, you can export the file as .csv ( or other delimited file), then use the SQL Server Import and Export Data Wizard to push to your SQL database (select 'flat file' as source)
George Santana (4 years ago)
If data is saved in the excel, will it reflect in the SQL? or this is a one way only?  thanks
High5Software (5 years ago)
This is a great way to use Excel as a business analytic tool for reporting applications running on Microsoft SQL Server

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